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Can I Transfer Money Between Banks

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How To Transfer Money Between Banks: Popular Transfer Methods Explained

How much money can I transfer between banks?

If you don’t know how to transfer money between banks, you may have to jump through several hoopsor, with our help, you may not.

Your money may be spread across several accounts at different banks, but what if you need to move the money from one account to another?

Or when it comes to paying off your debts, paying bills and rent, or just to your friends bank account, how do you go about it?

You cant just call up your bank out of the blue and ask them to transfer the cash right away, without giving them any info .

If you don’t know how to transfer money between banks, you may have to jump through several hoops – or you may not, with our help.

We want to help you know all about how to transfer money from bank to bank, so weve spelled out some of the popular bank transfer methods below, as well as how much theyll cost you, how long it will take, and how easy the process will be for you and your recipient.

What Happens To My Funds During The Transfer

What youre currently invested in will determine what happens to your funds when you request a transfer. Lets say youre currently invested in ETFs widely available to the public, such as Vanguard ones. When doing the transfer, you could ask for a transfer in kind which would port everything you have right to your new financial institution.

For most people, things arent that simple. If youre looking to transfer your TFSA to somewhere else, youre likely not happy with what youre invested in now or with your financial advisor. Theres a good chance that your portfolio consists of mutual funds exclusive to your old financial institution. If those funds arent available for purchase within your new TFSA, your old TFSA would be sold, and then the cash would be transferred to you.

This can be a problem for some people as they might be forced to sell at a loss when they dont want to. There may also be deferred sales charges that would cost you a few percentage points of your portfolios current value. You also need to consider any missed opportunities since it may take a few weeks for your money to arrive.

Online Bank Transfer Apps

Thereâs an ever-growing list of money-transfer apps, including Zelle, Venmo, Popmoney, Square Cash, WorldRemit, Azimo, PayPal and many others. They all tout unique features, so visiting their websites may help you pick one that best meets your needs.

Apps can be a good idea if youâre looking for low fees, convenience or an alternative to carrying cash. Essentially, they give you a fairly quick and easy way to send money to someone elseâs bank account using your mobile device.

With Zelle, for example, youâd download the app to your device, follow enrollment instructions and enter information such as the email address or mobile number of the person youâre paying and the amount youâd like to send.

According to Zelle, if you and the recipient are both enrolled, sending or receiving money should take just minutes.1

When using apps to transfer money online to a bank account, always be sure that youâre paying the person you intended, as transactions canât usually be reversed. On the flip side, only accept payments from people you know and trust. While problems are rare, hackers and scammers are always on the prowl for weak spots. So anytime youâre sending money online, slow down, double check your digits and keep your apps up-to-date.

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Bank To Bank Transfer

If you own multiple bank accounts, then a bank-to-bank transfer is an excellent idea. You can set up the transfer using either the sending or receiving bank with the funds arriving at its destination within 48 hours to 72 hours.

The time of arrival varies from bank to bank, but its often quicker domestically than internationally. Many banks provide free transfers between linked accounts, but its always good to err on the side of caution, so check to make sure.

Before you consider bank-to-bank transfer, ensure you link both accounts. Doing this can take seven days, so ensure it is done before attempting a transfer.

How to link your bank accounts

  • Log into your sender bank account dashboard and find the feature add account or add external account or link account. You might see these options or something similar in your banks transaction menu.
  • You need to enter the recipient banks routing number, including your account number at the bank. If the number is inaccessible, you can get it from a check, bank rep, or online account.
  • Once you submit the information, youd likely have to verify that the external account is yours. Provide the username and password for that account or by testing a transfer between both banks. The latter is easier if the two bank accounts are in your name. However, transferring money to another person may require the use of third-party apps like PayPal or transfer by wire. Consult your bank for the most viable solution.

Tips For Maximizing Your Savings

OFX V World First  Smart American Money Transfers
  • One of the best ways to save money is to spend less. This isnt always easy but you can help yourself by making a budget. At the very least, a budget will show you where your money is going. That knowledge will help you align your spending with your goals.
  • A simple way to boost your savings is to have a savings account with a high-interest rate. Most large banks charge very low interest rates that earn you almost nothing. If you have a high interest over 1.75%, like at Ally or Synchrony, your money is working for you.

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Transferring Money Between Different Banks

  • 1Confirm you are not being scammed. If you have bank accounts in two different banks, then you can transfer money between your accounts with peace of mind. However, if you are sending money to someone else, then confirm their identity and why you are transferring money. Many scams involve electronically transferring or wiring money.
  • For example, you shouldnt send money to a family member in distress unless you have spoken to them and can confirm their identity. If you are elderly and dont hear that well, then ask another person to speak to your family member.
  • Never send money to someone claiming to be with the IRS. The government will never ask that you pay in this way.XTrustworthy SourceFederal Trade CommissionWebsite with up-to-date information for consumers from the Federal Trade CommissonGo to source
  • Avoid sending money to people you have only met online, no matter how close you feel to them. This is a common scam.
  • Dont give out your account information to someone you dont know. They can use that information to access your bank account. If someone asks for your routing and account numbers, say No.
  • Dont pay for goods or services by transferring money directly into someones bank account. Instead, insist on paying with a credit card or with PayPal.
  • Get the recipient banks routing number and account number, which you can find on a check.
  • Check with your bank about whether you are a charged a fee to send money this way.
  • You might also be able to use a mobile check.
  • How Can You Transfer Money Between Banks

    Bank-to-bank transfers within the United States traditionally operate using the ACH system. One of the fastest ways to transfer money between bank accounts is with an ACH debit, provided both accounts are linked. To link accounts and set up a transfer, youll need to know basic details including your routing number and account number.

    Processing times will vary depending on your bank and destination. Typically, ACH bank transfers take between two and three business days for processing. However, same-day processing is now available for a fee, provided your transaction is domestic and under $25,000.

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    What Is The Best Way To Transfer Money From One Bank To Another

    The transfer method youd want to use depends on the following factors:-


    For nearly all the transfer methods weve discussed above, youll have to contact your bank some way or the other, within a particular time period. But when using online money transfer, you initiate the transfer, and at any moment, too.

    Money transfer speed

    Usually, the clearance time for money transfers between banks is a few seconds to 5 business days, but Xe can process transfers faster than banks can.


    The cost of moving money from one bank account to another differs from bank to bank, but can be quite expensive, especially if you use bank wires. In the case of online and app-based money transfer, though, you can send money to another bank account at a very low cost.

    Considering the cost, speed, and convenience of moving money, wed say the best way to transfer money between banks is through online money transfer apps and services.

    By the way, did you know weve got an app and a website that not only lets you move money to another bank account easily and cost-efficiently, but also allows you to convert currencies at a very competitive rate while transferring money internationally?

    For smooth and hassle-free money transfers between banks, or download the app right now.

    Set Up A Wire Transfer

    LBCDirect 105 – How do I transfer funds between banks?

    For sending a large amount of money, wire transfers can be a solution. Keep in mind that theres typically a fee for wire transfers. To make a wire transfer, you can call, visit or go online with your bank or a wire transfer company. Regardless, make sure you use a trusted source.

    • Fees vary based on the institution, though it could be free based on the type of account a customer has. Companies may charge a fee for sending as well as receiving wire transfers, and rates may increase if youre sending the money to someone outside the U.S.
    • Delivery time is generally one day or less.

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    How Can I Transfer Money To Another Bank Account Quickly

  • The Zelle mobile app and participating banks online banking platforms allow you to use Zelle online, through the Zelle mobile app, or through participating banks online banking platforms.
  • You can send money, request money, or collect money using PayPal. PayPal is available online or in the PayPal app.
  • You can use Venmo to pay for things.
  • The Western Union company.
  • Why We Love Tangerine

    In the interest of full disclosure, we have long been a customer of Tangerine.

    We love that you actually earn interest with a savings account. Not to mention these accounts are free to open without monthly fees.For international transfers, all you need to do to save a bunch of money and bypass the banks is set up an account with a great money transfer service!

    Heres are the banking services offered by Tangerine:

    • No-fee, high-interest savings bank accounts
    • No-fee checking accounts
    • Business Accounts in Canadian and US Dollars
    • Home Equity Line of Credit
    • Penalty-free Mortgage
    • Guaranteed Investment Certificates

    While Tangerine is a digital bank they also are a subsidiary of Scotiabank, which makes them a reliable and safe option. And while their services are mostly online, you can visit their physical locations called Tangerine Cafés should you have any questions about your account.

    These physical locations set them apart from other digital banks. Hopefully this does not add to the fees in the future.

    Overall, Tangerine is a great option for your day-to-day banking needs because theyre focused on ensuring savings for their customers. Their savings account earns interest and there are a number of cashback options when you use their checking account or cards .And when it comes to money transfer overseas just like having a big bank account you have to use a specialist money transfer service to save a small fortune and get the better services they offer.

    Happy Transfers!

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    How Long Does A Wire Transfer Take

    For domestic wire transfers, money generally gets processed the same day the wire goes out usually within a few hours. International transfers can involve intermediary banks and can take more than a day.

    Wire transfer times vary because your money doesnt go straight from one bank or provider to another. Instead, a real-time wire processing system like FedWire acts as an intermediary and clears the payments, similar to the way the Automated Clearing House processes ACH transfers like direct deposits and bill payments.

    Transferring Money Online Between 2 Accounts At Different Banks

    How to Transfer Money Between Bank Accounts: 10 Steps



    WalnutCrunch wrote: If the banks themselves don’t support online transfers to each other, you can use an internet bank like ING or Ally to link to each of the two banks. Then use it as an intermediary for internet transfers.

    saitojohn wrote: That’s a great idea. Would ING be the best choice for this purpose and charges the least amount of fees?

    saitojohn wrote: That’s a great idea. Would ING be the best choice for this purpose and charges the least amount of fees?


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    Why Does It Take Long To Transfer Money Between Banks

    The speed of money transfer between banks depends on many factors, like the bank youre using to move the money, the amount of money youre sending, the transfer method youre using, and whether youre making domestic transfers or international ones. Like, if you want to send large amounts of money to another bank, it takes longer than usual.

    For example, in the case of ACH transfers, banks cant process high-value transactions above $250,000 USD on the same day. Banks usually process ACH transactions in batches, which is why these take at least 2 business days to clear. Also, they dont make instant transfers because they ensure that your bank account has the required amount of money, before moving it to another account.

    Ready to learn about the different methods that are available to you? Here are some of the most popular ways to send money from bank to bank.

    Can You Cancel A Wire Transfer

    A wire transfer generally can’t be canceled once it’s been received, so make sure you know the person youre sending money to.

    There are some exceptions. For example, you can cancel an international transfer within a half-hour of initiating it, assuming the wire hasnt been picked up or deposited yet. This is one of several federal protections you have when sending international money transfers.

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    Watch Out For Fees And Limitations

    As you compare options, consider fees and limitations.

    For example, although direct bank-to-bank online transfers can be the simplest choice once you set up the connection, some banks and credit unions charge a fee each time you initiate an electronic transfer, particularly between two different financial institutions. The bank-transfer fee is generally only a few dollars, but it can add up if you repeatedly transfer money between banks, and there may be higher fees for expedited transfers.

    Theres no fee for writing a check or sending money from a bank account using a payment app, but some apps do charge a fee if you try to send money using a credit card. Additionally, you may run into transfer limits with all of the electronic options.

    Banks generally have a daily and monthly limit for how much money you can electronically transfer, and a separate limit for how much you can deposit using the mobile check deposit feature.

    Payment apps also place a limit on how much you can send each week or month, although you may be able to increase this by verifying your identity in the app.

    If youre looking to transfer a large amount of money, your best option may be to write a personal check and physically deposit it into the receiving account. A wire transfer could be a fast electronic option, although there may be fees to send and receive wires.

    Write A Personal Check

    How to Transfer Money Between Accounts

    Another method to move money around is to write yourself a personal check. Write your name as the recipient, fill in the amount, the date, sign it then deposit the check into your new account. Since many traditional and online banks offer mobile check deposits, the process is actually easier than linking your accounts above. However, if your bank doesnt allow mobile check deposits, you can also opt for direct mail. Keep in mind that transit time will likely delay the funds for several days.

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    Can I Transfer Money To Another Bank From My Bank

    Transferring Money Between Your Own Accounts: Bank-to-Bank Transfers Many banks offer free bank-to-bank transfers if you are transferring money between your own account and another. You can then easily transfer money between the two banks once you have created the link. Bank-to-bank transfers can take a few days to complete, so please be aware of this.

    Confirm The New Account

    After you enter the required information, the first bank will typically want to verify that you have access to the second banks account. You might be asked to enter your username and password, which the first bank would then verify. Another way the first bank could verify the account is to make a small deposit or two and ask you to confirm the amounts. This process could take a couple of days to complete.

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    Can You Use Another Banks Atm

    You can use another banks ATM, but you will be charged a fee for the transaction. Banks will use an ATM network, which allows you to use different banks ATMs that are a part of the same network. ATMs of the same network may allow you to deposit cash and checks, transfer between accounts, withdraw cash, check balances, and make payments.

    For example, Bank of America says you can use your ATM or debit card anywhere you see a CIRRUS symbol. You can also use your cards on an ATM with a Visa or Mastercard symbol, depending on which your card is.

    If you dont know which ATMs are in your banks network, Google your bank and which atms can I use?

    Typically, using your own banks ATM is free. However, using another banks atm will typically have different ATM usage fees. The ATM usage fee will typically range between $2 and $5.

    Other fees may be charged for using another banks ATM, such as:

    • Operator fee
    • Fee for withdrawal, transfer, or balance inquiries
    • Other fees which should be disclosed when using the ATM

    Most of the time, using another banks ATM isnt a problem when located in the United States. However, you will run into more issues if you try to use another banks ATM when in a foreign country.

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