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Do I Need Business Bank Account For Llc

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Dont Be Confused If They Ask For Your Dba

THE FIVE BANK ACCOUNTS you need for your LLC

A lot of people who work at banks are clueless when it comes to LLCs. Hopefully you dont get one of these reps, but if you do, they may ask for your DBA documentation.

You dont need a DBA for your LLC, since your LLC operates under its own name. But often the reps get confused and think that the LLC needs one.

We can assure you, it does not, and the account will just go in the name of the LLC.

Having said that, if your LLC needs to operate under a name different than the one you registered with the state , make sure to bring its approval.

And So When You Create An Llc The Llcs Money Needs To Be In The Llcs Name

And most banks, if its going to be in the LLCs name, are going to require you to have a business bank account.

So just putting the LLCs money in an account underneath your own name and knowing that its just the LLCs money, isnt making sure you have a strong fence.

Its punching holes in that fence. And you are saying youre not treating your LLC like an LLC.

So this is one really important task that you need to do once you have your LLC. Or if you already have an LLC youre going to go ahead and do it today. And thats making sure that the LLCs money is in the LLCs name.

Curious what other tasks you should be doing for your LLC? Then grab the checklist below. It takes you through the one-time and ongoing tasks you are going to need to complete in order to keep your LLCs fence really strong.

Reasons To Open A Business Bank Account

Here are a few reasons why you should have a separate bank account for your business:

  • even if your business is a sole proprietorship, a separate bank account makes it easier for you to keep your business expenses separate from your personal expensesand, by extension, easier for an accountant to assist you, should you choose to work with one
  • if your business is structured as a limited liability company or corporation, a separate bank account is necessary because your business is legally distinct from any individualssuch as LLC members and managers or corporation shareholders, officers, and directorsand the business’s accounts must be kept separate from people’s personal accounts
  • a separate bank account makes it easier to compute and pay taxes for your businessincluding quarterly estimated taxes and
  • a separate bank account makes you look more like a real, professional business as opposed to a small and potentially unreliable operation.

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Opening A Business Bank Account In India

Does my LLC need a real business bank account?

One of the first step taken by all Entrepreneurs after starting a business is to open a bank account in the name of the business. Having a bank account in the name of the business allows the business to undertake commercial transactions and also serves as a way of establishing a businesses credibility in the marketplace. In this article, we look at the procedures for opening a bank account and the documents required.

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What Is An Llc Bank Account

An LLC relieves stakeholders of the companys liabilities and debts. An LLC bank account helps to prove the business and the owner/owners are separate entities. This is particularly important if a legal suit arises. None of us wants to think about our business being involved in a legal suit, however, its smart to be prepared just in case. For small businesses, opening an LLC bank account can be particularly advantageous as it can provide added financial protection.

Unlike a regular personal business account, opening an LLC bank account will require you to provide an EIN and other business documentation.

Set Healthy Savings Habits

A business savings account is a good idea for a number of reasons:

  • Youll be better prepared for emergencies or cash flow challenges.
  • Youll earn interest on the funds you save.
  • Your business can be healthier financially, which lenders may notice.

But building a business savings of three to six months worth of expenses can be intimidating. Closely monitoring your business spending can help. When you can see where you spend every penny, you’re less likely to indulge in unhealthy spending. Do your bookkeeping weekly so that you always have the most up-to-date information about your finances. Finally, prioritize your savings before you deduct other expenses. Building a savings account takes time and budgeting, but youll be glad to have it.

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Do Your Research And Prepare Your Documents

Some banks offer better terms than others, so shop around for the best business account. Some banks periodically offer promotions, such as cash incentives to set up direct deposit or free checking with a minimum balance. Look into the details and pursue the options that appeal to you and offer value.

Documentation requirements for a business bank account vary depending on the type of business. A sole proprietor will usually be able to open a business bank account with a tax ID number and a social security number. An LLC will have to present the bank with their tax ID number, as well as an operating agreement. Corporations, however, will have more stringent standards and require proof of articles of incorporation and a certificate of good standing.

Prepare all the materials you need and bring them to your meeting with the bank. It may also make sense to bring your business plan and current financial information, which may be useful for opening your business line of credit.

Business Banking Vs Personal Banking

Opening a Business Bank Account Free LLC Loophole

So youre definitely going to open a separate bank account for your business now. But maybe youre wondering if it has to be a business-specific bank account. And again, the answer is yes.

Sure, you might not see a huge difference when you compare a business bank account vs. a personal bank account. After all, theyre both transaction accounts that let you make and receive payments.

But there are a couple of differences. Unfortunately, business bank accounts often come with more fees and charges . Fortunately, they also often come with extra perks , plus all the benefits weve outlined above.

While business bank accounts are often more expensive than their personal counterparts, thats not always the case. Just check out our list of free checking accounts for business to find no-fee banking.

Setting all that aside, heres the main reason you should open a business bank account: weve read plenty of stories from business owners who used a personal bank account for their businessesuntil the bank found out, got mad, froze their assets, and closed their accounts.

If you dont want to lose access to your moneyeven temporarilythen open a business bank account.

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Requirements To Open A Business Bank Account

Once youâve chosen a bank and the type of account you want for your LLC, the next step is filling out the paperwork to open the account. Banks have different requirements for documentation. Therefore, consider making a call and asking them to list for you the type of documentation youâll need to avail. Generally, here are the most common documents that banks often request for before opening a business bank account for LLC:

As mentioned, the exact requirements for opening a bank account for an LLC will vary from one institution to another. Therefore, make sure to call your bank first and ask them whether they need additional documentation. If your LLC is not yet registered already, you will need to register it yourself or use a tool like Sprout to help you do it faster.

Bank Of America: Low Requirements

Bank of America is another traditional bank, but it stands out with its built-in tools to help you manage your business.

The Business Advantage Banking account has 2 settings that you can switch between at any time. This lets you be totally flexible as your business needs fluctuate.

  • 500 free transactions per month
  • $20,000 in cash deposits per month
  • Waive the $29.95 monthly fee by maintaining a $15,000 combined average monthly balance
  • Minimum Deposit to Open:$100
  • Balance Requirement:$15,000 combined average monthly balance to waive the monthly fee
  • Monthly Fee:$29.95

Why we like Bank of America:The basic tier business checking account lets you waive the monthly fee when you spend $250 on your debit card each month. As long as you can do that, you don’t need to worry about keeping a minimum balance.

You can connect your checking account with apps like QuickBooks, Google Analytics, Expensify, and more. This lets you get a clear view of how you’re doing, so you can make smarter business decisions.

Bank of America also has a team of Small Business Specialists to support you during your business journey, no matter how large or small your business is.

Downsides:Bank of America charges many other banking fees like overdrafts, stop payments, and wires.

  • Perks:2 free checkbooks No non-sufficient funds fee

Downsides:Bluevine has poor app ratings, which may be a problem if you usually rely on mobile banking.

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Azlo Business Checking Account

  • Doesnt accept cash deposit
  • No branch location
  • No ATM reimbursement for out of network ATMs

With Azlo, you will never pay for nearly everything: No transaction fees no minimum balance requirements / monthly maintenance fee no monthly service charges, no minimum opening deposit, and no ATM charges. For that reason, it is one of the best business checking accounts options for small business owners.

The best part is, they offer 55,000 ATMs across the country. You can process the transactions online and make a withdrawal in any of the in-network ATMs nationwide for free. However, unlike some online banks, you should not expect an ATM repayment for out-of-network ATMs.

Apply For The Account

Does My Llc Need A Business Bank Account

Many banks enable you to apply for a business bank account online, though a few may require you to visit a branch in person to do so. Applying shouldn’t take too long as long as you have all your paperwork in order.

If you run into any problems when applying online or you have any questions about the application process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the bank. You want to make sure everything’s done correctly so you don’t run into issues with your bank or the IRS later.

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How To Open A Business Bank Account

Opening a business bank account is a critical step for all business owners. Here is our guide for every business structure.

Opening a business bank account is a critical beginning step for all new business owners. Its recommended for both tax purposes and debt liability that small business owners maintain clear delineation of personal finances and business finances. Business bank accounts allow you to do that with ease.

A separate business account will also make daily transactions simple to document, and allow you to build credit in the name of your business.

First, you must get organized and put together some materials for the bank. Heres what you need to get started and open your new business bank account.

Traveling To The Us And Opening An Llc Bank Account In Person

You can open a U.S. bank account for your LLC by traveling to the U.S.

You will need to open an LLC bank account in the same state where you formed your LLC.

The bank that is the most foreigner-friendly is Wells Fargo. They are used to opening accounts with non-US residents who dont have an SSN or ITIN. And you can usually use your LLCs Registered Agent address as your LLCs office address.

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Digital Federal Credit Union: Best Credit Union

If you don’t like the idea of a big bank, consider a credit union. Credit unions often have less fees and offer more personalized service. Plus, they strive to help local communities.

Digital Federal Credit Union lets anyone join by becoming a member of one of their participating organizations. The membership fee starts from just $10.

Why we like Digital Federal:It offers a Free Business Checking account with no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. It’s ideal for small LLCs with low activity.

You can get up to 4 business debit cards per account and unlimited free check-writing.

DCU also has a very wide ATM network, making it convenient wherever you live. You get fee-free access to 80,000+ DCU, Allpoint, SUM or CO-OP ATMs.

If you’re switching from another account, there’s a handy free ClickSWITCH feature. DCU helps you contact all your current billers, so you can quickly switch over payments without going through the hassle yourself.

Downsides:Digital Federal is a small credit union, so it has limited services compared to the big banks. It only has physical branches in MA and NH, though anyone can apply online.

Choosing The Right Business Checking Account

How Many Bank Accounts Do You Need For Your LLC?

Many banks have business checking account limitations and benefits that can affect your businesss financial health. Its important to understand these variables when choosing the right checking account for your business:

  • Cash deposit limits. Your bank may limit the amount of cash you can deposit fee-free into your business checking account each billing cycle. After you have reached the limit, youll have to pay a cash-handling fee for any further cash deposits. If your business primarily deals in cash, youll need to find a business checking account with a sufficiently high cash deposit limit.
  • Transaction limits. Banks may limit the number of transactions you can process each billing cycletypically around 200 per month. After you hit the limit, you may have to pay a fee per transaction. Monthly transactions may include teller deposits, ATM deposits, checks and electronic debits and credits.
  • Fees. As mentioned above, business checking accounts are likely to have monthly maintenance fees. Its important to know the specific minimum balance and transaction requirements to avoid your accounts fees.
  • Bundled services. Some banks offer business checking account fee waivers if you sign up for their merchant services or business credit cards.
  • Interest. Some business checking accounts pay interest on your balance, although its important to crunch the numbers to see if the interest rate is worth any fees you may have to pay.

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What Is A Business Credit Score

When you open a separate account for your LLC and link a business credit card to that account, you are developing a business credit score just like your own individual FICO score. This score numerically represents your company’s creditworthiness.

Unlike a personal FICO score, which ranges from 300 to 850, business credit scores range from zero to 100. Different bureaus report the scorethe same as with a personal FICO scorebut there is no standard algorithm used to determine a business’ creditworthiness, and each credit bureau will arrive at the score differently.

Nor can you just see a business credit score the way you are able to see your FICO score, which many credit card companies provide and update for free to their clients each month. You have to pay to see your business’ credit report, ordering it from either Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, or Equifaxthe three major business credit bureaus.

Whats The Difference Between Personal And Business Bank Accounts

A business bank account helps small business owners hold and manage money made within a business. Personal bank accounts are not for business use. They help individuals hold and manage their personal funds. Your business may operate under a DBA name or as an LLC or a corporation. In those cases, you will need a business bank account thats separate from your personal account.

A business bank account typically includes a business checking account and a business savings account. A business checking account allows you to make payments from the account, transfer money electronically, and use a business debit card.

A business savings account helps you separate savings from working capital. Some savings accounts may require a minimum deposit. Others come with balance requirements and monthly fees. Look for a business savings account with low fees and FDIC insurance.

Even if you have a perfectly good personal bank account, its important to open a dedicated bank account for your business. A dedicated business bank account:

  • May help safeguard your business funds by separating your personal finances
  • Makes it easier to monitor your business spending and create more realistic budgets
  • Promotes better bookkeeping habits that keep your business finances organized
  • May help you get a business loan, line of credit, or a business credit card when you need one

In short, even if a separate account isnt required for your business, its still a good idea to get one.

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Best Small Business Bank Accounts For An Llc

The best business bank accounts for LLCs vary greatly depending on the amount of money you plan on moving through the account and how many deposits you need to make. Most are free but some, especially traditional options, require transaction fees that youll need to pay attention to. Heres a detailed look at the best small business account options for LLCs below and how they stack up.

  • High minimum balance to waive fees
  • Unclear APY on savings accounts

Why we chose it:

Chase business complete banking is a good option for a small business looking for some heavyweight banking options. Read our in-depth review on Chase business to learn more about its services.

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