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How Can I Send Money To Another Bank Account

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If Youre Paying Someone New

How to send money online to bank accounts with Western Union

Remember if you send money to someone, we canât always get it back for you. Thatâs why itâs important to do everything you can to protect yourself from fraud.

To complete the payment youâll need:

  • to know whether the account you are paying is a personal or business account
  • the first and last name of the person, or the name of business you’re paying
  • their 8-digit account number
  • their 6-digit sort code
  • the payment reference.

We will need to check that the payment request has come from you. We do this by asking for a combination of your security details such as fingerprint, card reader, your mobile device and any security codes. You will need to check and confirm the details are correct to authorise the payment.

Transfer Money From One Bank To Another Bank Account Via Upi

Unified Payment Interface is a popular mobile payment method that allows you to transfer funds from one bank account to the other, instantly and free of charge. Transferring money through UPI requires each user to have an ID, termed as the UPI ID. The UPI ID is a unique identification for a bank account that is used to send and receive funds from one bank to another. The UPI PIN is a 4-digit personal identification number required to transfer money through UPI. Every account holder has the option to choose his/her UPI PIN.

Heres how you can transfer money from one bank to another through UPI-

Paytm Mobile payment application has made it further easy to perform UPI transactions at the comfort of your home. In UPI payment applications such as Paytm, you dont need to enter the receivers UPI ID. You can simply select the receivers contact from your phone book or enter the receivers contact number to send money via UPI.

Transferring Money To Someone Elses Bank Account: Wire Transfers

If youre transferring money to someone elses account and you want to do it quickly, a wire transfer is probably the best option. Depending on when you send it, the funds will arrive at the other bank on the same day or within one business day. As mentioned above you will need the account and routing numbers for your bank and the bank where youre sending the money.

Wire transfers are also an easy way to send money internationally. To make an international wire transfer, you will need the same information plus a SWIFT code, National ID or IBAN number of the receiving bank. If you are sending the wire transfer online, you should be able to find this number by searching with the receiving banks name and address.

The drawback to a wire transfer is that you will have to pay a fee. The fee typically ranges from about $10 up to $40, though at most places it will be on the higher end of that range.

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Choosing The Best Option

Each method of transferring money has its own pros and cons, so the best one depends on your situation. That’s why it’s important to answer these questions before sending money.

  • Are you transferring a large amount, or is the transfer for a significant purchase? A traditional wire transfer may be the best approach when security and verification are paramount.
  • Are you transferring a small amount to a friend, and do you want to send money quickly while you’re on the go? A peer-to-peer mobile payment app may be the most convenient option to pay a friend back for a cup of coffee or give them money for a movie ticket.
  • Are you making an everyday payment that doesn’t need to be instantaneous? For utility bills, insurance payments and other routine expenses, you may want to set up a transfer in an online banking platform.

Given how much of life takes place in the digital sphere, it’s worth knowing how to transfer money from one bank to another online. If you have questions about wire transfers or other payment methods, stop by your bank to learn more.

How Do I Transfer Money To Someone Else’s Bank Account

Can I send money from PhonePe to another person

You would have to link their bank account information like you would with your bank account information. If you live in the United States, you can go to to add the person’s bank account to your PayPal account. When you are done, I would strongly recommend removing the bank account from your PayPal account unless the person tells you otherwise. To do that, and if you live in the United States, you can go to to follow those steps.

If you live outside of the United States, please contact PayPal’s customer service by phone at or by email at .

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Send Money To A Bank Account Directly

The most convenient option for your recipient is likely to be sending money to their bank account directly. Youll usually be able to do this through your regular bank or using a specialist third party provider. Each bank and service provider has slightly different processes and costs for sending payments, so youll need to check how to deposit money to someone through your chosen service before you get started.

How Long Does It Take For The Money To Be Transferred

Payments made using Faster Payments will sometimes be received immediately after leaving your account. But can take up to two hours.

This option is free, available 24 hours a day and typically used in online banking, mobile apps, over the phone or in branch.

Most banks let you transfer at least £10,000, but some have much higher limits.

You can check your banks limit on the Faster Payments website

You could also use:

  • Bacs payments. These take up to three working days to clear. Find out more on the UK Finance website
  • CHAPS . Payments will go through on the same day, as long the transfer is made by a certain time. CHAPS payments often charge a fee. Find out more on the Bank of England website
  • E-Payments.You can use providers such as PayPal or Google Pay to send money online if youre uncomfortable sharing your bank details. Find out more in our guide E-payments why, when and how to use them.

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How Long Does It Take To Transfer The Money

Depending on what method you choose, transfer times vary from immediate with some e-transfers to as long as 30 days.

The easiest, quickest and most cost-efficient way inside Canada to send up to $10,000 is through Interac e-Transfer. If you are sending money internationally, using Scotia International Money Transfer or Western Union are both speedy and cost-effective options. For sending larger sums of money within Canada or Internationally, you may consider sending a wire transfer. While this option may be a little more costly, it is a secure and fast way to send money in any currency. If those options dont work for you you can use the traditional way and send a cheque.

Ultimately which transfer method is right for you will therefore depend on who you’re sending the money to, where they’re located, how much you’re sending, what currency you’re sending the money in, what account details you have, and how much you’re willing to pay to transfer the money.

Td Bank Money Transfer To Another Bank

How to Transfer Money with the Mobile Banking App

TD Bank enables customers to transfer funds using Easyweb and provides a simple step by step guide as seen below:

  • Login to the EasyWeb platform and go to the Transfers page.
  • Select the Transfers option from the Accounts Screen
  • Select the account you want to send funds from using the dropdown menu and choosing Select From Account
  • Select the account you want to send funds to using the dropdown menu and choose Select To Account
  • Enter the amount of funds you want to transfer.
  • Review all the information to ensure correctness and select the Finish button.

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Bmo Money Transfer To Another Bank

Transferring funds just got easier with BMO, enabling you tomove your funds seamlessly between Canadian and US dollar accounts. BMOprovides three ways to transfer funds interbank. They are mobile, computer,and ATM. Follow the steps below to sendor receive funds using BMO:


  • Log into your BMO online portal and search for the Pay & Transfer menu located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Enter your transfer information, provide the bank account where you want the money to go, how much youre sending, and how frequent youll be sending it
  • Review all the information and select Confirm TRANSFER to complete the transaction


  • Log in to your online banking and select the Payments & Transfer icon from the menu at the top of your dashboard.
  • Enter your transfer information, provide the bank account where you want the money to go, how much youre sending, and how frequently youll be sending it.
  • Review all the information and select Confirm TRANSFER to complete the transaction.
  • Insert your card and PIN, and select Other Banking. Find Transfers at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your transfer information, provide the bank account where you want the money to go, how much youre sending, and how frequently youll be sending it.
  • Review all the information and select Confirm TRANSFER to complete the transaction.

How To Transfer Money Within The Same Bank

Estimated time: Immediate or less than 1 business day

Fee: None

Whether youre transferring money between your own accounts or sending money to someone else with the same bank, its easy and usually free to make transfers to other accounts within the same bank. The transaction is made on the banks internal network and servers.

Since transfers within the same bank dont require much by way of external resources, theyre usually free and quick. Transactions are usually completed immediately or overnight but in the meantime, your account will be debited for the amount you send and the recipient will be credited for that amount.

Ways to make transfers within the same bank:

  • Mobile banking app
  • Online banking portal
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Bank or wire transfer in person or by phone

Information you might need:

  • Recipients email address
  • Recipients bank account number
  • Transfer amount

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How Does A Bank Transfer Work

Bank transfers have three moving parts: the sender, the recipient and the transfer method . Heres the typical process to transfer money from one bank account to another:

  • Choose the transfer method to transfer the money.
  • Designate the recipient and confirm the required information.
  • Select the amount of money to send.
  • Send the money.
  • The information youll need for your recipient varies by transfer method.

    The More You Send The More You Save

    Can I send money from PhonePe to another person

    Many banks add 3% or more in hidden fees to the exchange rate and it quickly adds up on large transfers. Worst of all, this fee is hard to spot unless you know to look.

    With Wise, the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees. We lower our percentage fee on large transfers too so the more you send, the more you save.

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    How To Transfer Money Between Banks

    The best way to transfer money from one bank to another really depends on your needs at the moment. You may need to transfer money quickly and be willing to jump through a few hoops to get it done. Alternatively, you may be fine waiting a few days.

    You may also feel more comfortable with one method of transferring money over another. For example, some people prefer to do everything via their smartphone, while others may prefer a more old-fashioned approach, such as moving money via a check or money order.

    Depending on what you need at the time, you can choose from the following methods that work for your circumstance.

    Sending Money To Someone Else: Apps

    Today, there are a number of apps with the sole purpose of helping you to transfer money. Also called P2P payment services, these apps have become a very popular way to send small amounts of money quickly. Two of the biggest services are PayPal and Venmo. Many banks have also started offering P2P services, like Zelle and Popmoney.

    If your bank offers one of these services, you may not need to create an account. Its included with your bank account. For the most part, though, you will need to create an account and link it to your bank account. The person receiving your payment will also need to have an account in most cases.

    Apps may give you the option to send payments by linking a credit card instead of a bank account. However, this usually comes with a fee.

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    Tips For Maximizing Your Savings

    • One of the best ways to save money is to spend less. This isnt always easy but you can help yourself by making a budget. At the very least, a budget will show you where your money is going. That knowledge will help you align your spending with your goals.
    • A simple way to boost your savings is to have a savings account with a high-interest rate. Most large banks charge very low interest rates that earn you almost nothing. If you have a high interest over 1.75%, like at Ally or Synchrony, your money is working for you.

    Eq Bank Savings Plus Account

    How to Send Money with Your PayPal Account
    • Earn 1.65% interest

    Banks have long since entered the digital age and are creating more ways to connect to your cash. Between Interac e-Transfers and mobile apps, you have more access to your finances than ever. Heres how you can transfer money to any bank account easily from the comfort of your own home.

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    Transfer Money By Cheque Or Draft

    We don’t often think about cheques as a kind of money transfer but that’s essentially what they are. By writing a cheque to a friend, family member, or business, you are giving your bank permission to transfer that amount of money on your behalf.

    Cheques are an easy way to transfer money, but they take more time to both send and to clear. For example, you might need to mail a cheque to a friend across the country which could take a week to arrive. Once they deposit the cheque, which they must do at a bank branch or via a mobile app, it may also take a while to clear the money. Domestic cheques can take 5 or more business days to clear while international cheques make take up to 30 business days to clear.

    Different banks have different policies and if the cheque doesn’t clear, the recipient will be responsible for paying back the money including any overdraft fees they might have incurred. Make sure to watch out for cheque fraud and scams, which are a common reason for cheques not clearing. Read more about cheque fraud and scams here.

    Many financial institutions offer customers the ability to purchase a draft , instead of cheques. Purchasing a draft means that your bank debits your account for the funds immediately.

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    What Is The Fastest Way To Transfer Money From One Bank To Another

  • Interac e-Transfer This is the fastest way to move money from one account to another. Transfers are usually completed instantly, although they make take longer if the recipient does not approve the transfer.
  • Bank Transfer A bank transfer is usually completed within a few hours. The time may vary depending on whether you transfer from your debit card or credit card.
  • Wire Transfers Wire transfers are one of the transfer options that take the longest amount of time. This could be because they typically involve transferring larger amounts of money. Wire transfers can take 2-5 business days, but will usually be faster.
  • Transfer apps such as PayPal -Using third-party apps can be a quick way of transferring cash. Same-day deposits are typical, although they can take up to 3-5 business days.
  • Popular Transfer Methods Explained

    How To Transfer Money From One Bank Account to Another

    As you can see, the methods for transferring money within the same bank and transferring money to another bank in Canada are relatively the same. Heres a breakdown of how some of these more popular methods work.

    Bank or wire transfer

    In the past, bank or wire transfers were among the most common ways of sending money domestically, although email transfers such as Interac e-Transfer have since become very popular. Wire transfers can be done at a branch, by phone or online and will generally require the recipients name and address as well as his/her bank account number, financial institution number and branch transit number.

    Sending money with this method is easy and often takes less than 24 hours to complete but can often come with hefty fees.

    Mobile banking app & online banking portal

    You can make transfers through your mobile banking app or through your online banking portal. In most cases, youll open the app on your phone or log on to your account online and select the transfers or bill pay option. From there, youll select the type of payment youd like to make and enter all the necessary information. Depending on the method you use, heres what you might need for the initial setup: recipients name, bank account number, financial institution number and branch transit number.

    Interac e-Transfer

    • TD Canada Trust

    To send an Interac e-transfer simply:

    1. Login to your online banking service or mobile banking app

    2. Navigate to the link for transferring money

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