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How Do I Get My Bank Routing Number

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How to find PNC Bank Account number and routing number?

It is necessary to have an ABA routing number in order to properly identify any financial institutions that are based in the United States. Even while you probably wont need this number on a daily basis, it is essential information to have on hand in the event that you need to spend big sums of money through an ACH or wire transfer.

If you wish to move money from your domestic bank to a bank that is either located across international boundaries or overseas, you will need to use a different kind of code. When transferring money overseas, there are a few more codes that you should be familiar with, including the following:

SWIFT codes: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication codes, or SWIFT codes, are one-of-a-kind identifiers that contain eight or eleven characters and allow banks to recognize each other throughout the majority of transactions involving currencies from other countries.

International Bank Account Numbers, or IBANs, are utilized for the purpose of international money transfers in a number of nations across Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. The purpose of these codes is to identify a certain financial institution and bank account, and each one can have up to 34 characters.

Look For It On Your Checkbook

If youâve been to your bank and opened an account recently, then youâve no doubt noticed that the banker has given you a checkbook.

Since these checkbooks are specifically made for your bank, they have their routing number on them.

The routing number is often found on the bottom left corner of your check, where all those numbers are.

The routing number is the first nine digits on the bottom left of the check, and it will be the same on every single check from your bank.

Just have those nine digits handy, and you will be good to go!

The number next to your routing number is typically your account number, which will be talked about in a bit.

Where Is The Routing Number Located On A Check

The first set of numbers on the lower left corner of a check is the routing number. Keep in mind the routing numbers are 9-digit codes and the character symbol surrounding the numbers is not part of the routing number on a check. Routing numbers, sometimes called transit numbers, are public and may vary based on the region where you opened your account.

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Things You May Not Know About Bank Routing Numbers

  • The bank routing number was first developed in 1910 by the American Bankers Association.
  • Each bank may have up to four additional routing numbers beyond the principal office number.
  • The ABAs Routing Number Administrative Board manages the assignment of routing numbers.
  • Each nine-digit routing number has three components:
  • Federal Reserve routing symbol. These are the first four digits of the routing number. If the first two numbers of a routing number are 00, that means the routing number is for a check or draft from the U.S. Government. Banks use routing numbers that start with the first digits of 01-12. Travelers checks have routing numbers that begin with 80. Most of the other first two-digit series are reserved for future use, to be determined by the ABA Routing Number Administrative Board.
  • ABA institution identifier. The next four digits are the unique identifier of the particular bank/financial institution.
  • Check digit. The last number is the check digit, which helps banks avoid transaction errors.

Protecting Your Bank Information

How to Find Your Check Routing Number

It is imperative that you secure your banking account information against fraudulent activities, just as it is imperative that you protect any other financial information that is yours. Your bank routing number and other sensitive financial information can be protected in the following ways:

Check the other institutions routing number and make sure its correct. It is important to double-check the bank routing numbers before beginning a transfer to guarantee that the money will be sent to the correct institution. If a con artist gives you a routing number that is erroneous, it signifies that your money will be sent somewhere it is not supposed to go. Processing times can be extended as a result of incorrect routing numbers, and fines may even be assessed.

Implement a two-step authentication process. It is highly recommended that you configure this feature for your online banking account. Your initial password is required, in addition to a separate code that is sent to you by your bank through email or text message as part of a two-step verification process. The implementation of this additional authentication step serves to protect you from fraudulent transactions that are carried out under your name.

Its time to change your password. If you change your password on a regular basis, it will be much more difficult for unauthorized users to access your account.

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Where Can I Find My Routing Number

Your ABA routing number can be found on the bottom of any personal check issued by your bank. You can also log onto your bankâs website. The routing number may be listed on the page itself, or you may need to locate it on your bank statement. You can also call or email your financial institution to get that information.

The routing number on checks may be surrounded by other numbers, so itâs important to differentiate between them. In addition to the routing number, you may see some of the following:

  • Your bank account number, usually following the account number on the same line. It will be written in the same typeface as the routing number, which is for electronic scanners to read.

  • The check number, which identifies a specific check in the checkbook. The check number is three or four digits and may be listed both in the corner of the check and the bottom of check on the same line as the account and routing numbers. A check number can help you track a payment by recording whether a check with that number was received by the payee.

What Is Netspend Bank Routing Number

Youll need the ACH routing number 273970116 to send a domestic ACH transfer. When submitting an ACH transfer to any MetaBank account, you must include the ACH routing number.

The majority of route numbers now include nine digits. The routing number is used by NetSpend to handle electronic fund transfers including bill payments and direct deposits.

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How Can I Protect My Bank Account

Protect Your Bank Account From Fraud in 6 Steps

  • Use unique passwords for every account. You probably know that having a strong password is important. …
  • Leverage two-factor authentication. …
  • Be cautious of public Wi-Fi. …
  • Update and patch your software regularly. …
  • Install ad blockers. …
  • Utilize features and tools provided by your bank.
  • What Is A Bank Routing Number And Where Is It Found

    How to find Bank Routing Number Online – For Free

    A routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify a financial institution in the United States. Banks use routing numbers to direct the exchange of funds to and from one another. You can typically find the routing number on the bottom left corner of most personal checks.

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    Whats The Difference Between Aba And Ach Routing Numbers

    Technically speaking, ABA routing numbers apply to paper checks while ACH routing numbers apply to electronic transfers and withdrawals. Most major banks today use the same routing number for both. However, its not uncommon to see separate ABA and ACH routing numbers for regional lending institutions.

    ABA routing numbers are sometimes referred to as the “check routing number,” and the ACH routing number as the “electronic routing number” or “number for electronic transfers.” If only one number is cited, its likely that the ABA and ACH routing numbers are the same, but it doesnt hurt to contact your bank to make sure.

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    Where Is The Bank Routing Number Located On A Check


    Your bank’s routing number is usually the first set of numbers located in the lower-left corner at the bottom of your check. It consists of nine digits altogether â the symbols surrounding the numbers are not part of the routing number.

    And remember, the routing number isn’t the only number found on your checks. You’ll also find your bank account number and the check number.

    Your account number usually follows the routing number on the same line and is written in the same typeface for electronic scanners.

    The check number comprises three or four digits and identifies each check in your checkbook. It may also be at the bottom of the check on the same line as the account and routing numbers. Check numbers help track payments.

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    What Is A Routing Number Used For

    Your routing number is often used the first time you make a purchase, or if you are making a purchase or payment by phone or online.

    Youâll need to provide both numbers, so the money knows where it needs to go.

    Additionally, you will need a routing number if you are processing checks or handling international payments.

    Again, a routing number is common knowledge, and you are just giving directions to people.

    No need to feel compromised giving it out.

    Most routing numbers are used in conjunction with your account numbers whenever you make purchases, and if you can find one you can very easily find the other.

    A bank routing number is easy to find if you know where to look, and now that you have it, you can understand exactly what it is used for whenever you are asked for it.

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    Are Routing Numbers The Same As A Swift Code

    A routing number and a SWIFT code are not the same, although they serve a similar purpose.

    Routing numbers are used by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions within the United States to transfer funds domestically.

    On the other hand:

    SWIFT codes are usually eight to 11 alphanumeric identifiers that facilitate international wire transfers.

    If you send funds across international borders, youll need a financial institutions SWIFT code to complete the transaction.

    How Do I Get A Netspend Card

    Bank Of America Routing Number – Where To Find it?

    You may also get the account and routing number by entering into your NetSpend account and selecting Add or Transfer Money. When you tap on Add Money from a bank account, the account number, routing number, and issuing bank are all shown.

    Read our related article,How Can I Track My Netspend Card? If youve ordered a card, but havent received it, this guide may help!

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    Does Prepaid Card Have An Account Number And Routing Number

    Some prepaid cards, such as those provided by TransCard, Metabank, and FamZoo, are linked to banking wiring and account numbers. This means you can receive paychecks from your company, transactions from some other bank account, IRS refunds, and more all of which will be sent directly into your prepaid card.

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    Pay Your Bills Online

    The ability to pay bills online or set up automatic payments can simplify personal finance management. The good news is that many lenders and creditors offer online payments.

    Some creditors allow account holders to set up automatic payments using a credit card or a bank debit card.

    You can set up ACH payments and have funds automatically drafted from your bank account. For the latter, you must provide your bank routing number and account number.

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    Finding Your Ach Routing Number

    In order to withdraw funds from your U.S. account using the Federal ACH network, you will need to have two account details at hand your ACH routing number and account number. These help Wise withdraw funds from the right account.

    Option 1: Look at your checkbook

    If you have your checkbook at hand, have a look at the illustration above for how to locate these details.

    Option 2: Find the routing number on your bank’s website

    Your routing number is associated with your bank and it’s location. One bank may have many different routing numbers for different locations, so here’s a guide on how to find the correct number.

    Please select the bank of your choice:

    Bank of America routing number

    Bank of America offers a guide online simply visit the guide, select your State and locate the number called “Electronic “.

    Please note – The routing number, 026009593, is a wire routing number, and will not work for ACH payments from BoA.

    SunTrust routing number

    SunTrust has a new “universal ACH Routing Transit number”, which you can find on this FAQ page.

    For Checking accounts U.S. Bank offers a list online, simply visit this FAQ page, scroll down the page and look up the number for the region where you opened the account.

    For Savings accounts please contact the U.S. Bank support team, as no list is available online.

    Wells Fargo routing number

    Wells Fargo offers a guide online simply visit the guide and answer the questions about your account to find your routing number.

    Other banks

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    Will I Get My Stimulus Check On My Direct Express

    Federal benefits are usually distributed via Direct Express card accounts and most recipients will generally get their stimulus funds in the same way that they receive their regular benefits, the IRS said Tuesday.

    Where is my Comerica Bank routing number?

    At the bottom of your checks, you will see a line of printed numbers. Those numbers indicate the banks routing number, your account number and the individual check number.

    Can I get an advance on my Direct Express?

    As we discussed earlier, you cannot advance future government benefits payments with a Direct Express card. This is because they are prepaid cards rather than credit cards. You can only use them to get access to funds that have been given to you in previous payments.

    Aba Key To Routing Numbers

    In addition to its Registrar duties, Accuity publishes the American Bankers Association’s Key to Routing Numbers. Since 1911, this Directory has been providing the industry with the official routing number information. The ABA Key to Routing Numbers is published semi-annually to keep pace with the rapid changes in the industry.

    Inaccurate, incomplete, or missing routing number information can cost you thousands of dollars every month. With the latest ABA Key to Routing Numbers, you will always have the accurate data right at your fingertips. Each new edition covers thousands of updates, including title changes and newly assigned or retired routing numbers.

    This invaluable resource can help you process checks and return items, initiate wire transfers, pre-authorize drafts, and handle collections. In addition to listings of every active nine-digit routing number , you also get five years of retired routing number information for research purposes.

    Accuity offers a full line of payment solutions that includes routing numbers, in print, web-based look-up & electronic formats, to facilitate payment processing as well. To order the ABA Key to Routing Numbers publication and other valuable banking products, contact:


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    Where To Find Bank Routing Numbers Without A Check

    If you dont have your checkbook handy or dont use paper checks, there are a few other ways to get your bank routing number:

    • Bank statements. Look at your latest bank statement. Most banks will list the ABA routing number as part of your account information that they send each month via mail or paperless electronic statements.
    • Bank website. Many banks list their ABA routing numbers prominently on their website. Be aware that some banks have more than one routing number. Some banks may have different routing numbers for wire transfers or ACH transactions, so make sure you understand what type of transaction you are making before you get the routing number. Some big national banks may also have different routing numbers for different states.
    • If you have any uncertainty about your banks routing number, you can also call your bank and ask the staff to confirm the correct ABA routing number for you.
    • Use the ABA online lookup tool. The ABA website has a free ABA Routing Number Lookup tool to look up routing numbers for banks. However, be aware that you can only use this tool to look up two ABA routing numbers per day and up to 10 per month.

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