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How Do Sperm Banks Work

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What Are The Requirements For Sperm Donors

How Do Sperm Banks Work? | #spermbanter | Dr Fertility

If you want to donate your sperm or youre looking for a sperm donor, its important to know that most sperm banks thoroughly select their donors. They all have a long list of requirements.In most cases, sperm banks look for candidates who:are aged between 18 to 44. Some banks only select donors aged between 19-38 were not adopted dont have a family history of genetic conditions can produce at least 4 to 8 samples per month can donate for at least 6 months are healthy.Some banks have even stricter criteria and only accept donors who have been to the most prestigious universities, have a high degree or a respected profession.

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Home Insemination With Donor Sperm Faqs

Do I need to work with a doctor to do home insemination with donor sperm?

Fairfax Cryobank recommends that you do consult with a medical provider who can advise you as you begin this journey. You may choose to work with a physician, your gynecologist, or a midwife, whatever choice feels right for you. Before investing in the home insemination process, it is best to ensure that you are healthy and ready for pregnancy. Your provider will assess your overall health and lifestyle, be able to make recommendations to prime your body for pregnancy and may recommend some initial fertility testing depending on your age and medical history.

Starting this journey with a medical providers assessment and advice is the best way to ensure that you are making informed and healthy choices.

What are the success rates?

For individuals with no fertility concerns, home insemination success rates are approximately 10-15% per cycle, which is similar to fertilization rates through intercourse. It can take several inseminations attempts to achieve pregnancy. If you are not pregnant after several home insemination attempts, it is best to speak with your medical provider about having a fertility assessment.

How does at-home insemination with donor sperm work?

On the day of your ovulation, you will thaw the frozen sperm sample, following the thaw instructions that accompany the shipment of your donor sperm vial. While the sperm is thawing, you will get everything ready.

Home Insemination versus IUI

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Sperm Bank Process: How Does It Work

Every year, thousands of American singles and couples start their family thanks to sperm donation. Although some prefer to opt for a private donor in order to have a baby, many choose to purchase sperm from sperm banks. Some do so because they think its a safer option, others simply because they feel more comfortable with the anonymity that a sperm bank provides.If you are planning to select a sperm donor from a sperm bank, here is what you should know about the sperm bank process.

How Much Youll Get Paid To Donate Sperm

How does a sperm bank work?

Compensation varies by bank, but most banks pay between $100 and $125 per donation, which equates to about $1,000 per month, Brown says.

You usually wont see the cash right away, though. Some sperm banks withhold part of that monthly payment until youre completely finished donatingwhich takes about a year, Ilowite says.

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Coping With Donor Sperm

Using donor sperm when married is perfectly possible, and it is the case of many opposite-sex couples suffering from male infertility. The main obstacle to conceiving is usually related to the grief of knowing that the child will not share his father’s genes.

While the woman might feel uncomfortable or even disloyal with the idea of using a stranger’s sperm, most men experience a deep feeling of loss and guilt associated with the fact that his child will not be sharing his genes with his.

Sperm mixing is an option in these cases: it involves mixing the husband’s or partner’s sperm with the donor sperm, so that they can hang on to the hope that their baby might be genetically linked to the father.

Will My Sperm Donation Kids Contact Me

Even if you fathered 150 kids, they wont be able to track you down without your consent.

If you choose to be an anonymous donor, the only information out there would be your donor profile on the sperm banks website, Ilowite says. And there would be no way to ID you based on the info there.

On the other hand, you can opt to give the bank permission to release your contact information to any future children who request itusually after they turn 18 or 21, Brown says.

But the parents arent given that information when they pick out your sperm, he says.

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It Might Be A Little Like Online Dating

As far as actually finding a sperm donor, you basically have a choice between a known donor and a sperm bank donor. If youre going the sperm bank route, exactly how up-close-and-personal youll get with your donors identity/medical history depends on the bank and donor.

For example:

  • Some donors want to remain anonymous, while others are open to being identified in the event that any future children want to get in touch as they grow up.
  • Some banks offer extensive ways to search the donor database , while others are more limited in their search functions.
  • Some banks screen for genetic conditions and mental health issues, but others do the bare minimum of health screenings required by the FDA .

Selecting a donor can be a pretty overwhelming process, says Dr. Michael Grossman, reproductive endocrinologist at CNY Fertility in New York. He advises applying narrow filters to shrink the field of possibilities and not overthinking it too much .

Introduction To How Sperm Banks Work

The Disturbing Truth About Sperm Banks

There are thousands of couples every year who need to look towards the services of a sperm bank to help them conceive a child. With one in every seven couples having fertility complications it is easy to see why thousands are looking for alternative solutions. Sperm banks collect and store sperm that is collected from healthy males who agree to allow couples and individuals to use their sperm to conceive a child. The use of a sperm bank can be very beneficial because you will be allowed to have some say on how your child may look and can increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

Some couples and individuals select a known donor who is a person that they already know and who is willing to donate his sperm to help them conceive. Yet others whether by choice or necessity select to use a sperm bank to help them with their conception. Sperm banks are regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority who create the rules and regulations that registered sperm banks must adhere to. These rules are created to protect both the donor and the recipient. If you are considering using a sperm bank your first question will likely be how does a sperm bank work.

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Get Started Towards Home Insemination Today


The information in this article is provided as a resource for your information only. It is not intended to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Fairfax Cryobank does not specifically endorse any test, treatment, procedure, or device mentioned on our website. The information provided on our website should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and/or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any decisions related to your healthcare and family building plans. You may also wish to consult an attorney regarding issues of legal parentage in your state. Fairfax Cryobank expressly disclaims responsibility and shall have no liability for any loss, injury, or other damages incurred as a result of your reliance on the information provided on our website.

You Might Not Be Super Excited About It At Firstbut It Could Be Awesome

Look, we know that using a sperm donor was probably not your Plan A, and having to adjust expectations can be disappointing and frustrating. Dr. Leondires stresses that these feelings are totally normal and its okay to seek out some mental health assistance if youre really struggling to come around to the idea of using a sperm donorthere are professionals who can help you through the emotional aspects of the process, too.

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The Donor Insemination Cycle

What your donor insemination will look like depends on the type you are planning to have. There are three types of donor insemination used and there are advantages and disadvantages to every option.

  • Intra-cervical or intra-vaginal insemination
  • Intrauterine insemination

Generally speaking, IUI is the most common method used because the success rate is slightly higher than intra-vaginal or intra-cervical insemination. IVF with donor sperm is only chosen if there are fertility challenges with the woman carrying the baby.

You may have a natural cycle or a cycle with fertility drugs. A natural cycle just means that you wont be taking any fertility drugs to stimulate or boost ovulation. You only need fertility drugs with insemination if there are ovulation concerns in the woman who will carry the pregnancy.

Genetic Or Hereditary Disease Concerns On Male Partners Side

How Does Sperm Donation Work?

IVF with PGDa method of screening for genetic diseasescan be used in some cases. However, some couples would prefer to use a sperm donor.

In rare cases, couples that are Rh incompatible may consider donor sperm. This can usually be resolved with treatment, but if the female partner cant have the Rhogam shot, due to an allergy, for example, a sperm donor may be another option.

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How Do They Collect Sperm At A Sperm Bank

Sperm banks have a vital part to play in the fertility process for many individuals and couples who are struggling to conceive. But there is still some taboo around the idea of donating and collecting sperm. Men who donate worry about what the process will involve and how it will make them feel. While couples or individuals who access donor sperm want to feel confident that the sperm has been properly collected, tested, and prepared. The truth is that sperm banks around the world are tightly regulated and controlled, with rigorous quality procedures in place. The best way to break down taboos around sperm banks is to learn more about how they operate and how sperm is collected.

We have brought together everything you need to know about sperm banks, below.

Why Do Men Donate Sperm

Donated sperm is in high demand. As a result, men can earn money by donating sperm, which is then sold to infertile couples undergoing ART. While sperm banks have different qualifications and requirements, becoming a sperm donor typically requires health screenings and tests, all of which are performed by the facility at no cost to the potential donor.Donated sperm is then cryopreserved until it is sold, again at no cost to the donor. In most cases, the sperm donor has the option of donating anonymously, or he can choose to release his personal information to couples interested in purchasing donated sperm. In addition to earning money, some men feel good about donating sperm because it helps others achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

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Using Donor Sperm At Home

Another option for carrying out an IUI with donor sperm is doing it at home, a process commonly known as self-insemination or DIY artificial insemination. Although many women use the popular “turkey baster method”, using an insemination kit properly prepared for this purpose is the most advisable.

As for the sperm, women undergoing this procedure have two options: on the one hand, they can get it from a sperm bank and have it shipped to their residence. On the other hand, they can have someone they know to be their donor. See also At-home artificial insemination to learn more.

There is another type of donation known as sperm donation through natural insemination, in which a pregnancy is achieved through sexual intercourse, that is, as a natural pregnancy. This practice is totally unadvisable as it may lack some of the safety precautions and screenings donors should usually undergo.

If You Can’t Get A Sample

What is Sperm Banking?-Part Three of Sperm Banking: Preparing for the Future

Occasionally, men can’t produce a sample. In this situation you may be able to have some fluid or tissue taken from your testicle. If you’re making sperm, they will be in the fluid or tissue, and that can be frozen for later use. This treatment takes time, so if you need cancer treatment quickly this might not be suitable for you.

If you have started treatment you usually can’t bank sperm. This is because some treatments, such as cancer drugs or radiotherapy, may damage sperm temporarily.

Research is looking at collecting tissue from the testes in young boys who havent been through puberty. This may mean they are able to father children in the future. None of the people with stored tissue have yet reached an age when they wish to start a family.

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Is Sperm Donation Right For Me

So how do you know if sperm donation is something that could help you achieve your pregnancy and family building goals? Sperm donation is usually used in conjunction with some of the the following procedures:

Navigating the issues that come with sperm donation can sound daunting, but the expert staff at Oregon Reproductive Medicine can prepare you to make an informed decision to pursue your familys desires.

Are There Any Special Considerations For Lgbtq+ Couples Using Sperm Banks

After having one child through donor sperm and IUI, Amanda and her wife have this advice to share: The biggest thing I would recommend is thinking long and hard whether you want a donor who is open to being found in the future or not,” she explains. “Otherwise, the good news is that, in general, these kinds of places are very accustomed to all kinds of families and individuals and to people who have struggled to get pregnant. So, they tend to be very kind, open, and wish you well.”

Amanda adds that finding a community of other LGBTQ+ parents can help you feel a lot less alone during the process. “Inevitably, you will get invasive questions from people who do not realize how rude they are being and it can start to wear you down. Have people you can vent to about that,” she says.

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Emotional Stress With Sperm Donation

If you passed the physical bridges, the next one is the emotional side of it.

You will explicitly revoke any parental rights on a child. That means, you need to be okay with one or many more kids out in the world that you never know!

Ask yourself if you are comfortable knowing your future children could one day just pop up and meet you?

A lot of times, sperm donors are rejected without a reason. Will you be okay not knowing the reason why you werent allowed to donate your sperm

There is a lot of emotional distress that comes along if you are donating sperm for money.

What Are The Risks Or Downsides Of Using A Sperm Donor

My Trip to the Sperm Bank was Anticlimactic

There are no significant health risks that are linked to sperm donation as long as the donor has been screened according to FDA guidelines, but using a donor can have some downsides.

Its up to you or you and your partner to determine whether the pros outweigh the possible cons.

For women:

For men who are sperm donors:

  • Youll have to abstain from ejaculation for at least two to three days before making the sperm donation.
  • You may never meet your biological child. Or, on the other hand, your biological child may want to develop a relationship with you in the future.
  • You may want to disclose that information later on. For example, youll have to decide whether you want to tell your future partner or children about your sperm donations.
  • You’ll want to undergo psychological counseling before becoming a sperm donor.

If you do decide to become a sperm donor or use a sperm donor to conceive, as long as you know what you’re getting into and talk to the appropriate practitioners and counselors, there’s a good chance all will go smoothly and it will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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Choosing A Sperm Donor

The process of choosing a sperm donor is a personal one. Theres really no right or wrong way to decide, but there are some basic things to know before you start your search.

Sperm bank databases carry various amounts of information. Youll likely find at least one picture , and some personal details like their profession. Some donor databases will also give you likes and dislikes, personality, and IQ testing results.

Keep in mind is that your donor-conceived child isnt destined to have the exact likes and dislikes as their donor. Think about how much you have in common with your genetic mother and father, assuming you know them. You may have some things in common, but in other ways, you are likely very different.

Some factors you may consider when choosing a donor include:

  • Appearance. For example, you might want a donor with the same hair and eye color as your partner.
  • Blood Type. This is especially important if the woman who will be carrying the baby is Rh negative.
  • Medical and Psychological History. Information about a donor’s health and their family health history can help assess the risk for genetic and health conditions.
  • Personality. While you can’t know for sure, you may be able to guess based on a donor’s answers to questions found in the database.

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