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How Good Is Pnc Bank

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What Is Pnc Bank Stand For

PNC Bank Business Credit Cards – Startups and New Businesses Okay – High Limits

Pittsburgh National CorporationPNC is the product of a merger of two distinguished Pennsylvania banks in 1983: Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation based in Philadelphia. Each of these institutions had served diverse markets so that merger creating PNC also became the largest bank in Pennsylvania.

Pnc Bank Pros And Cons

  • Access to 2,600+ branches and 18,000+ fee-free ATMs. PNC certainly falls short in offering branches in all 50 states, but they do still have a good amount of locations and an overwhelming number of no-fee ATMs. This is especially important for anyone banking outside of PNCs designated service areas.
  • No minimum deposit requirements. Another benefit PNC offers is no minimum deposit requirements for many of their accounts. This is especially great if youre opening your first checking account while waiting to receive your first paycheck.
  • Money transferring services. If you need to transfer money to friends and family, or to pay your rent, PNC offers different money transfer options. Members have access to Zelle, where they can send money for free. You also have the option to send money through PNC PopMoney, which allows you to deposit directly into another persons bank account.
  • Cutting edge digital and mobile app features. Every major bank has a mobile app and digital presence now, but PNCs mobile app and digital features offer more than most competitors. I find their digital interface to be extremely intuitive, visually easy to read, and I love the robust tools they offer members.

Is Pnc A Stable Bank

YES! There is no exaggeration in saying that PNC is a stable and secure bank with solid and precise security measures such as advanced encryption technology, security questions, latest designed firewalls like many other financial institutions or online banks. The account holders are entirely safe and will get the maximum advantage from this money market account.

You can effectively reach customer support within seconds if any security issue arises as the bank is also available on weekends YES! The plus point is that FDIC provides insurance to the bank, and all the accounts are secure up to $250,000 per depositor if bank failure occurs.

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Has Pnc Bank Been Hacked

Pittsburgh, PA-based PNC Financial Services says that only former National City Bank debit accounts were compromised in a system wide breach. Bank officials were made aware of the data breach last week, says Solomon, who wouldnt say how many customer accounts were compromised or how much money was taken.

Pnc Bank ‘s’ Is For Savings Account

PNC Bank Personal Loans &  Lines of Credit: How to apply ...

The ‘S’ is for Savings account is a bank account for children. It doesn’t offer much interest, but that’s not the goal. It provides an interactive online banking experience and budgeting tools to help young children learn to manage money and save for their financial goals.

There is no monthly fee if the account holder is under 18, so it’s a cost-effective way to teach kids good financial habits. But as they get older, they’ll probably want to graduate to a savings account with a better APY.

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They Lose Highly Confidential Data

I went to a branch, in person, to apply for a HELOC. I brought along the required IRS tax statements, brokerage statements, bank statements, and pay stubs. The woman there copied all of it electronically to include with my application, and supposedly sent it in.One week later, I got a letter in the mail from PNC telling me to provide that same data–they had not received it with the application submission. There was no trace of it.Somewhere, who knows where, my highly sensitive data is floating around and PNC has no idea where it is or who has access to it. I complained to the manager of the branch. and a MONTH later, I heard from their “executive client relations” office with contact info on who to follow up with.Both the email and phone # they provided were useless. Email was returned as Undeliverable, and the phone number was some poor medical office in PA who had been getting barraged with these calls. Inexcusable.PNC cannot find their butts with both hands and a flashlight. But more critically, they cannot find, and have no idea where they have sent, highly personal information.This bank is DANGEROUS. Stay the ‘bleep’ away.

Can 15 Year Olds Get A Debit Card

While many debit cards are only available for teens 13 or older, many kid-focused debit cards are available to kids as young as six years old. No matter what the age limit is for the child debit card, in the U.S., a child under age 18 must have a parent or guardian on the account who is 18 years old.

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Where Can You Get A Mortgage With Pnc

NMLS ID: 446303

PNC Mortgage has a very good online presence. Its Home Insight planner and tracker are first-class and can be genuinely useful tools.

That goes for all borrowers, but especially first-time homebuyers who will appreciate a little bit of extra guidance along the way.

PNC bank locations are concentrated in the Eastern U.S. Image: PNC

However, not everyone is comfortable making online applications.

If you prefer an in-person experience, and you live in on the eastern side of the country, you may well have easy access to one of PNCs 2,600 branches. It should be simple for you to set up a face-to-face meeting with a specialist advisor.

Borrowers in the gray-colored states above will have to apply for a PNC mortgage online or over the phone.

Tiaa Bank Best Investment Bank

Food bank Philabundance surprised with $20K check, live on ‘GMA’ l GMA

Some people want more from their bank than just a place to stash money. If you want to invest some of the money in your bank, TIAA, formerly Everbank, has got you covered. They have some of the best CD rates on the market.

They have three different CDs, a Basic CD, Bump Rate CD, and their Yield Pledge CD.

Each of them is slightly different in the way they operate and their benefits. Their basic CD can be opened with $1,000, while their premier Yield Pledge CD requires a $5,000 initial deposit. Bump rate CDs, one of their standout investment offerings, allows you to bump up your interest rate one time when TIAAs interest increases.

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Pnc Bank Savings Account: Pnc S Is For Savings

Key Features
$5 monthly fee, waivable with one of the following

  • If you’re under the age of 18
  • Maintaining a minimum monthly balance of $300
  • Establish an automatic transfer of at least $25 each month
Current Terms and Rates Rates based on SmartAsset’s NYC location: 0.01% APY

This is PNC Banks savings account for kids. Like most childrens savings accounts, this account can help you teach your children about finances and money management. However, PNC Bank offers these tips and resources with characters from Sesame Street®, hopefully making it more enjoyable and useful for your child. You, your child and Sesame Street® can work through activities to build basic money concepts like sharing and saving. You can also set specific savings goals with your child that they can tangibly achieve.

Pnc Bank Reserve Account

The PNC Bank Reserve account is also part of the Virtual Wallet account. It’s an interest-bearing checking account intended for short-term savings. All tiers of the Virtual Wallet account include this, and all offer the same fairly low interest rate. Some interest is better than none when it comes to a checking account, but the PNC Bank Virtual Wallet’s Growth account is where you should stash the money you want to earn the most interest on.

The key advantage of the Reserve account is that it’s a checking account, not a savings account, so there are no monthly limitations on withdrawals. If you anticipate needing to take money out more than six times per month, the Reserve account is a good place to keep these funds.

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More Information About Pnc High

Like the Growth portion of the Virtual Wallet Checking Pro, the PNC High-Yield Savings account currently boasts a 0.40% interest rate.

PNC Mobile App

Because this is a savings account only, many of the features that youd use for personal finance are not applicable. However, you can use the mobile app for account transfers , mobile check deposit and an automatic savings plan.

Funding the Account

You can fund your High-Yield Savings account through wire transfer, direct deposit or an external transfer from a linked bank account.

Other PNC Savings Options

While the High-Yield Savings account is the flagship option, PNC does offer other deposit accounts that accrue interest:

  • The PNC Standard Savings account
  • The PNC Premiere Money Market account
  • PNC CD accounts

PNC Standard Savings requires a minimum deposit of $25, carries monthly maintenance fees that can be waived and is FDIC insured. To waive the fee, maintain an average monthly balance of $300, link your account to a Virtual Wallet or set up an auto savings transfer of $25 or more each month. The fee is automatically waived if you are under 18 years old.

The PNC Premiere Money Market account rewards you for investing more. The more money in the account, the higher the interest rate. However, there are monthly fees that are only waived if you have at least $5,000 in the account or if you have a linked Virtual Wallet account.

There Ought To Be A Law

What Is the PNC Cashier

Like other reviews I’ve seen for this Bank. They are in the business of taking customers money. My daughter recently passed away in another state. Her account was opened in the state I live in. I presented documentation of my being the administrator of her affairs as well as a death certificate to a branch in my area. These are documents that all other companies and institutions except. They will not close her account and release the small balance expecting me to travel to the state where she died, to get a piece of paper. Since they are in the business of keeping people’s money from other reviews I’ve seen, I’m sure me telling them to keep hers accomplished their goals. By the way they are not accredited. Is there a ZERO rating?

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What Can You Do Online With Pnc Bank

You can do a ton online with PNC Bank. For starters, you can explore all the banks financial offerings, from banking accounts to home refinancing to wealth management all right from the homepage . Then when you find the account or product you want to open, you can easily apply online, too.

Once youre a customer, youll be able to access your account by logging in through the website. There, youll find your balances, transactions, money management tools and more. You can also access these features on mobile.

Pnc Mortgage Review For 2022

PNC is a century-old bank with a strong presence both online and off. Is this the right mortgage lender for you? Learn about the pros and cons here.

Advertising Disclosure

Our #1 priority is that our readers make great financial decisions. That’s something we don’t compromise on even if we make less money because of it. While we are compensated by our lending partners, and it may influence which lenders we review, it does not affect the outcome. It’s our mission to give you accurate, transparent information so you can make the best choice of lender or service on or off our site.


  • Online tools are better than most, especially the Home Insight planner and application tracker
  • Strong branch network on the eastern side of the country


  • Mid-range customer service scores compared to other lenders
  • Likely need to apply for a loan estimate to see all offer details

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Pnc Bank Spend Account

The PNC Spend account is part of the Virtual Wallet account, which also includes a savings account. Those who choose the basic Virtual Wallet or the Virtual Wallet Student account won’t earn interest on their Spend account funds, though they can quickly transfer money to their interest-bearing Reserve or Growth accounts.

The Spend account is interest-bearing if you choose the Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend or Virtual Wallet with Performance Select. But the APY is pretty low, so you should keep the bulk of your funds in your Growth account if you want the most interest.

All Spend accounts include a PNC Bank debit card that you can use for free at PNC Bank ATMs. The bank will also reimburse you for a few out-of-network ATM fees per month. All of these accounts have maintenance fees, so check the requirements to waive them before you sign up.

Mortgage Loan Products At Pnc

PNC Bank To Pay $2.4M For Failing To Protect Black Employees From Customer

PNC has an especially broad range of mortgage options. It offers conventional mortgages and all the government-backed mortgages .

PNC even has a couple special mortgage programs, for medical professionals and lower-income home buyers.

PNC also says its mortgages typically come with fees and costs totaling between 3 and 5 percent of the loan value.

The $1,500 closing cost grant from PNC

If youre getting a mortgage from PNC, you might be eligible for a $1,500 grant to help with your closing costs. PNC closing cost grants are available on 15- and 30-year loans with fixed or adjustable rates. To qualify, you must either live in a designated low- to moderate-income census tract, or have an income that does not exceed 80% of the local median.

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What Is Pnc Bank

PNC Bank has been around for over 160 years. It is a full-service bank offering savings, checking, retirement, mortgages, loans, and service for both personal and business customers.

In June 2021, PNC Bank closed its acquisition of BBVA USA. After completing the merger, PNC Bank became the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States with over $560 billion in assets. It also now has a branch presence in 29 of the top 30 U.S. markets.

Who Is Pnc Bank Best For

PNC should appeal to customers who want a full range of services under a single financial institution. It could be a particularly strong fit for those who want:

  • To open both a savings and checking account with a single bank
  • A one-stop shop for banking and financial services
  • To step into a brick-and-mortar location and talk to a human
  • To bank with a long-standing, established institution

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Whats The Process For Opening An Account With Pnc Bank

You can open just about any PNC Bank account that you would like on the banks website. Its as simple as clicking an APPLY NOW button for the account you would like to open and finding yourself on the first page, shown here. You will need to enter your zip code on the website to find the most accurate list of accounts available to you depending on your location. You may have to call the bank at 1-800-762-5684 to open certain accounts.

The application process will typically take around 10 minutes to complete. To apply, youll need to provide personal information like your government issued photo ID, Social Security number, date of birth and addresses. Youll also need to provide existing account information in order to make your initial account deposit.

To apply for a Fixed-Rate CD or Ready Access CD, you will need to print out the contact forms provided on the website to send to the bank. With IRAs, it may also be easier to visit a branch. That way, you can have all the paperwork and terms and conditions in front of you and explained to you.

Pnc Money Market Rates

58 Best Pictures Pnc Bank Application

Account-holders in PNCs traditional market can get a Premiere Money Market Account with tiered interest rates.

It will cost you $100 for opening this account. But if you put at least $5,000 in this account, there will be no fees.

The Premiere Money Market account comes with a PNC Banking card that you cant use for purchases.

Customers with higher balances can get the best interest rate. They need to meet certain requirements, like having a balance of at least $100,000 or making at least 5 transactions with their Performance Select Checking account.

Minimum Balance
  • You only need to put a $100 deposit into an account to open it.
  • This account comes with a free PNC bank card.

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Pnc Customer Service Reviews

PNC Mortgage was ranked 8th out of 17 lenders in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study.

It scored 838 out of a possible 1,000, which was a bit below the industry average. J.D. Powers top spot went to Quicken Loans, with a score of 883 out of 1,000.

Mortgage-related complaints at major lenders

0.36 860/1,000

Along with PNCs satisfaction scores, we checked its customer complaints using the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau online database, where borrowers can file complaints against lenders.

For PNC, the results in the database look good. It has fewer than one official complaint filed per 1,000 mortgage customers.

Pnc Bank Account Features

PNC Bank offers a number of savings accounts from four different certificates of deposit to a Premiere Money Market account. While each account doesnt earn the highest rates at the start, you do have some opportunities to get a rate boost, especially when you have higher account balances.

Plus, PNC Bank offers its Virtual Wallet® product which makes banking even more accessible and convenient. Your Virtual Wallet® will include various tools to help you pay bills, budget, save and more.

Banking with this institution gives you free and easy access to online and mobile banking. You also have thousands of ATMs and locations to choose from, depending on where you live.

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