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How Long Can My Bank Account Be Negative Chase

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How Long Can An Account Be Overdrawn

Why CHASE Is The Best National Bank

Time Varies. As a matter of policy, banks vary the time they take to close negative accounts based on the size of the overdraft and the banking history with the consumer. This is where banking loyalty works in your favor. Many typically wait 30 to 60 days before doing so, while others may wait four months.

My Bank Account Is Overdrawn And I Have No Money

If you find that your entire paycheck is being swallowed up by your overdraft and youre struggling to bring your checking account back into a positive balance, the first step is to speak to your bank to tell them about the problems youre experiencing.

They may be able to help you by arranging an affordable repayment plan. However, if you still cant pay off your overdraft, your bank may decide to close your account and then report you to ChexSystems. If this happens, you could have problems opening a checking account elsewhere.

It can be challenging to pay off your overdraft if you dont have any spare cash lying around. However, its not impossible. If your bank will give you a little breathing space to raise some funds, the best thing to do is try to earn some extra money to clear your negative balance. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Sell old items that you no longer need on eBay.
  • Host a yard sale.
  • Do small jobs for cash. Check out Fiverr where you can make $5 plus for quick gigs or Upwork, a freelancing platform where you can carry out a range of jobs online.
  • See if you can pick up extra hours at your existing job.
  • Cash in your loose change collection coins can add up, and you may have more stashed away than you think.

What Is A Frozen Account

It can be a nasty surprise to find out that your checking account is frozen. When a bank freezes your account, it means there may be something wrong with your account or that someone has a judgment against you to collect on an unpaid debt. An account freeze essentially means the bank suspends you from conducting certain transactions. You can still access your account, but there are limits to what you can do.

You can still monitor your account and can receive deposits including your paycheck. But the freeze stops any withdrawals or transfers from going through. So whatever is deposited into the account during this time stays put. This includes any preauthorized payments you may have scheduled to go through your checking account. So if you have a rent or mortgage payment, a car loan payment, or a monthly charge for your gym membership, there’s a good chance they won’t go through.

Preauthorized payments scheduled from your account will bounce when your account is frozen.

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What A Negative Balance Is And Where It Comes From

A negative balance is, like the example shown in the image above, a situation with your credit card account where you do not owe any money. In fact, you are owed money by your card issuer. Attaining a negative balance doesnt usually mean that you did anything wrong or made a mistake with your account, although it could sometimes be the result of a mistake, such as an incorrect refund amount or fees being canceled in error.;

There are several valid reasons why you might have a negative balance on your card:;

Can You Go To Jail For Overdrafting Your Bank Account

How Long Can Your Bank Account Be In The Negative

Can they send me to jail over this? Nope, they can t send you to jail. Talk to your bank and they should be able to work with you. If you are doing this constantly they might close your account and send you to collections if you dont pay back the overdrawn balance, though.

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Bank Overdraft Fees: What Are They And How Much Do Banks Charge

Overdraft fees are incurred when you spend more money than you have available in your bank account, and banks typically charge around $35 per instance, meaning that you can be charged multiple overdraft fees in a single day. You can overdraw your account by writing checks, swiping debit cards, withdrawing cash at ATMs and setting up automatic debit card or ACH payments. When these many modes of spending draw money from a single account, you can quickly lose track of your balance and end up facing an annoying and even dangerous amount of fees.

Have You Unwittingly Opted In

Many consumers have unwittingly opted into overdraft coverage. If you aren’t sure if you have overdraft protection, call your bank and ask. If you have opted in, you can immediately opt out. Then send a written letter to the bank, confirming your request to opt out of overdraft protection. If your bank won’t cooperate and you’ve lost a significant amount of money due to the unlawful charges, consider contacting a lawyer to resolve the issue.

And remember, the bank can automatically enroll you in overdraft coverage for checks and regularly occurring automatic debts. If your bank won’t allow you to keep an account without this coverage, you’ll need to keep careful track of how much money you have in your account to avoid incurring fees.

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Get A Copy Of Your Chexsystems Report

ChexSystems is the company that banks report negative account information to and having a black mark on your record can seriously hurt your chances of opening a new account.

Negative information stays on your file for five years unless the bank updates it or requests to have it removed.

Getting a copy of your ChexSystems report won’t cost you anything and it’s a good way to see what your bank and previous financial institutions you’ve done business with are saying about you.

If you see something that’s inaccurate or incorrect, you have the right initiate a dispute to have the matter reinvestigated.

Do You Even Want Overdraft Protection

Chase Bank Review | $200 Checking Account Bonus

Oddly enough, not everyone will be able to get overdraft protection. Chase, for example, will enable the service or continue the service based on your account history. Banks want to make sure you are making enough income by checking all direct deposits on the account.

If you are a new customer, Chase may use your social security number to determine your past history. Once you are approved for an account, standard overdraft protection is often enabled by default.

This means when signing up for Chase, you may already have the service and not be aware of it. There’s a good chance you doing even want the service. If you do not want to have overdraft protection in the first place, you should read the terms and conditions when creating your account online.

Look to see if there is a “yes” or checkmark next to overdraft protection and remove it. If you’re signing up at a branch, a team member will ask you if you want the service.

Chase overdraft protection is available for all Chase checking accounts with the exception of Chase Secure Checking, Chase First Checking, and Chase High School Checking accounts.

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Account Closure For Long

Your bank can and will close your account if it’s negative for too long. It can also close your account if you repeatedly go negative. The only way to know what your bank will do, and when it will do, it is to ask someone at the bank or to read the disclosure that you got when you opened the account.

Once your account gets closed, you’ll still owe the money to your bank, too. Having your account closed by your bank could be the least of your problems, though. Banks have their own set of reporting bureaus, just like the credit bureaus. Once your bank reports you to their bureau, it will likely be difficult for you to open a bank account anywhere else for years, especially if you haven’t paid off what you owe.

What Can Banks Do

Ketharaman Swaminathan of GTM360 captured an importance nuance in this discussion when he asked in the Twitter discussion:

Does eliminate overdraft fees mean eliminate overdraft itself or free overdraft?

The banks dont actually have to eliminate overdraft altogetherthey could offer a Chime-like Spot Me feature which enables some customers to overdraw by up to $200 with no fees.

Banking Dive reported that Huntington Bank has taken a stab at curbing overdraft fees with a line of credit product:

Huntington Bank on Tuesday launched Standby Cash, a digital-only loan product the bank said will help customers avoid overdraft fees and build credit. Through Standby Cash, eligible customers are given immediate access to a line of credit up to $1,000 with no interest or fees if they sign up for automatic payments.

In the end, I stand by my tweet: Most banks and credit unions will sit and wait to see who else eliminates overdraft fees. I doubt anybody will blink. But Chase Bank should pull the plug on overdraft fees and force everybody elses hand on the matter.

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How Long Can Your Bank Account Be Overdrawn

Time Varies As a matter of policy, banks vary the time they take to close negative accounts based on the size of the overdraft and the banking history with the consumer. This is where banking loyalty works in your favor. Many typically wait 30 to 60 days before doing so, while others may wait four months.

When There Is A Will

How Long Can You Have A Negative Bank Balance

If there is no POD or TOD beneficiary listed on the bank account, then funds will be distributed according to the terms of the deceased personâs last will and testament.

The estateâs executor will have to present proof of death to the bank, and the money in the account will become part of the estateâs assets, to be distributed to the beneficiaries listed in the will.

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What To Do Before You Close Your Account

Before you close your Chase account, there are several things that you may want to do. Some of them are more obvious than others, but you may want to keep them in mind. Heres what youll need to do.

Make Sure You Have a New Account

This is one of the more obvious steps before you go and close your Chase account, make sure that you have another checking account to fall on. If youve already been using an account in parallel with the Chase one , stick to that account. However, if youve been using Chase exclusively and want to change your bank, make sure that you open a new one before you close the old one.

Transfer Remaining Balance

This is yet another obvious step, but if you have any remaining balance in your checking account, you should transfer it into the new account. You might want to do this a couple of days before closing your Chase account, as it might take a while until the transfer processes fully.

Review Recurrent Charges

You may want to review your monthly statement to see if you have any recurrent charges . You may want to transfer all of those charges to your new account at least 15 days before theyre due. This goes for any semi-annual recurring charges as well, which may not show up on your monthly statement.

Review Your Subscriptions

Do you have a Netflix, Spotify, or Apple Music subscription that automatically charges from your Chase account? If so, make sure that you transfer those charges to your new account.

Redirect Your Salary

The Verdict: Consider Switching To A Fee

Big banks such as PNC, Bank of America, Chase, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo may have some appeal but theyre lacking when it comes to low overdraft fees. Even if you only overdraft your bank account once in a blue moon, it makes no sense to pay a steep fee for a budgeting snafu or spending slip-up.;

Switching to a bank account that charges no overdraft fees, like the one offered by Chime, can help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars and cents. Its easy to make the switch online and say goodbye to fee hassles.;

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How Long Do You Stay In Chexsystems

According to ChexSystems current policy, each entry in your report will be deleted after five years unless noted otherwise in the table above.

ChexSystems isnt required to delete accurately reported information, but every bank is responsible for updating the payment status on a delinquent account thats been settled. So even if you pay off an outstanding debt, the status of listing can change, but it wont be removed from your record until five years have passed. However, ChexSystems can voluntarily wipe out a listing sooner at its discretion.

What Is An Overdraft Fee

Chase Savings Account: NEVER USE IT LONG-TERM!

An overdraft fee is a fee that is charged when you spend money you donât have in your checking account. For example, if you have $0 in your checking account and you spend $10, you will get charged a fee.

A Chase overdraft fee is $34 and is âa standard service that comes with most Chase checking accounts.â

Chase bank caps the amount in fees that can be charged on a daily basis at $102, which means that after three over-drafting transactions are processed, any further over-drafting transactions are automatically declined.

For example, if you buy a $3 cup of coffee with a $0 balance, then a $2 bagel with a -$37 balance, and then a $1 pack of gum with a -$73 balance, you wonât be able to run another transaction on the same day until you bring your account back to a positive balance.

Chase charges two kinds of overdraft fees: insufficient funds fees and returned item fees.

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Ive Been Already Been Charged An Overdraft Fee On My Debit Card How Can I Get A Refund

You can always reach out to Chase customer service to ask for fees back as they typically grant waivers for overdraft charges. Be direct and mention which fees you want refunded. This tends to speed up the fee refund process as it makes it easier for Chase to process the fees you want refunded. Simply asking for refunds will also work at most financial institutions including other major banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Discover, etc.

You wonât have to say a single word to Chase.

Once you sign up, weâll do the work.

So you can get on with your life.

Waive Your Overdraft Fees

You’re in better control of discovering if you have an overdraft fee on your account by checking your statements often. The best way to do this is online. Don’t panic if you notice the charges.

If you’re wondering how to get overdraft fees refunded, the answer is simple. Get in contact with a Chase representative. If you don’t have a lot of overdraft fees on your account or a long span of time passed from a previous incident, Chase will waive it.

The best number for Chase to get your overdraft fees removed is 1-800-935-9935. Be sure to provide your account information. You need to be prepared to state your case. Explain to Chase the reason you lacked sufficient fees in a polite, but firm manner.

You are in a better position if you have more deposits on your account that completed not long after the overdraft fees occurred. Chase representatives will look at your account and listen to you. Most people do not have issues getting the fee off their account.

You can also send a secure message to Chase if calling is not your favorite method of contact.

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Evaluate Your Options For A New Account

If your account hasn’t been reported to ChexSystems, you may not have much trouble getting a new one with another bank.

On the other hand, if it has, your options are likely to be more limited.

;or online banks are one alternative to consider, since they’re member-owned and tend to be more understanding when it comes to past banking mistakes.

Not only that, but they generally charge fewer fees and pay higher rates on interest-bearing accounts than what you’d get at a traditional bank, which is an additional plus.

Here are the top online banks that have highest savings accounts rates and free interest checking accounts:

If you’re not having any luck with an online bank credit union or smaller community bank, a second chance checking account may be the answer.

Second chance accounts are offered by a number of banks and they’re designed for people who have made mistakes in the past and need a fresh start.

These accounts tend to carry higher fees but in most cases, you can convert them to a regular checking account after a certain period of time.

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What Are The Chase Overdraft Fees And Policies

How to Find the Best Business Checking Account With No ...

Standard Chase Overdraft Fee: $34. Under Chases standard overdraft practices, Chase will charge you a $34 insufficient funds fee per item if it pays for you unless your Chase account balance is overdrawn by $5 or less at the end of the business day, or for items that are $5 or less.;

Chase Overdraft Fee Daily Maximum/Limit: $102. The daily maximum of Chase Insufficient Funds Fees charged is $102, as for three items per day.

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