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How Long Can My Bank Account Be Negative

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What Is A Negative Bank Account

My *bank account* is in the *negative* *over drawn*

You have a negative bank account, or overdraft, when your account balance is less than zero. This happens when you try to make a payment thats larger than the amount of money in your account. If the bank allows the payment to go through even though you dont have sufficient funds to cover it, your account becomes negative.

Lets say you have $100 in your checking account, and you write a check for $115. If the bank allows this payment, you end up with an account balance of minus $15 because thats the difference between how much money you had in the account and how much the bank paid the recipient of your check. Essentially, the bank is lending you money to make up the difference.

Can You Go To Jail For Overdrawn Bank Account

You can go to jail for a overdrawn bank account if the check is written on a closed account and/or if you fail to make good a bad check within 10 days of receiving overdraft notice. No, it is not against any law, just causes an overdraft charge on your account and another charge if your balance goes negative.

How Do I Get Out Of A Negative Bank Account

Get Your Account Out of the Red Transfer Money from a Savings Account. If you have a savings account with enough money to cover the negative in your checking account, then transfer funds immediately. Turn in Loose Change. Ask for a Salary Advance from Work. Sell Something. Borrow Money from Family or Friends.

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Will A Bank Close A Checking Account If It Is Negative For Too Long

Banks offer checking accounts to give you a place to keep your money between when you get it and when you need to use it. Your checking account lets you pay your bills, go to a movie, or even give money to a friend without having to carry cash around all of the time and keep it safe. Checking accounts aren’t designed to let you use more money than you have, though. When that happens, your bank can charge you fees, make you pay it back and even close your account.


  • When your account gets to a negative balance, your bank will probably charge you an overdraft fee that makes your account even more negative. Your bank can also close your account if it’s negative for too long, or if you repeatedly go negative. Be sure to check your balance regularly.

Can I Close My Account With A Negative Balance

How Long Can Your Bank Account Be In The Negative

No. You cannot close your bank account with a negative balance. You may only close it after bringing your balance to positive and paying the bank penalties. However, your bank can force closure of your account if you fail to satisfy your debt within the time your bank allows you to do so.

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Sign Up For Low Balance Alerts And Automatic Direct Deposit

If you cant keep track of your spending, signing up for low-balance alerts could be the solution for you. Here, you place automatic phone alerts that remind you when your accounts get to a certain balance. This enables you to add funds into the account or to avoid using it to make more payments.

Automatic direct deposits help you avoid overdrawing your account by depositing your paycheck into the account of choice.

The Following Chart Illustrates How Linking Your Savings2 Or Money Market Savings2 Account To Your Checking Account Works To Provide Overdraft Protection

Example: Your checking account balance is $450 and on the same day you have two transactions post to your account, one debit card transaction for $600 and an ACH payment for $700:


Balance in Business Checking Account

Balanced in Linked Savings Account

Initial Balance

Debit Card transaction of $600 is approved, overdrawing the account by $150

ACH payment of $700 is taken from the business checking Account

Available funds transferred from Linked Savings account


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Fees Associated With Overdrawing Your Account Footnote *fees Associated With Overdrawing Your Account Footnote *

Overdraft Fee: You will be charged a $36 fee for each item we pay when your account is overdrawn more than $50 after all items are posted to the account. We will charge a maximum combined total of three Overdraft Fees and/or Item Returned Fees per business day., footnote 5 This fee does not apply to ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you authorized us to pay them. This fee does not apply to bank fees and service charges that overdraw your account.

Item Returned Fee : You will be charged a $36 fee each time we return an item unpaid because your account does not have sufficient available funds to pay the item. This fee does not apply to declined ATM and everyday debit card transactions. We will charge a maximum combined total of three Overdraft Fees and/or Item Returned Fees per business day., footnote 5

Footnote * details, These fees do not apply to the BMO Harris Smart MoneyTM Account.

  • footnote 1 details If for certain reasons we are unable to return an item that overdraws your account, we will pay it and you will be charged any applicable fee associated with paying the item. If the item is an ATM or everyday debit card transaction, you will not be charged the Overdraft Fee if you have not authorized us to use our discretion to pay these types of transactions.
  • footnote 2 details Message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.
  • footnote 5 details Business days are Monday through Friday except federal holidays.
  • How Long Can Your Account Be Negative Before They Charge

    Should you settle or pay for delete when it comes to negative accounts?

    Time Varies

    As a matter of policy, banks vary the time they take to close negative accounts based on the size of the overdraft and the banking history with the consumer. This is where banking loyalty works in your favor. Many typically wait 30 to 60 days before doing so, while others may wait four months.

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    Evaluate Your Options For A New Account

    If your account hasn’t been reported to ChexSystems, you may not have much trouble getting a new one with another bank.

    On the other hand, if it has, your options are likely to be more limited.

    or online banks are one alternative to consider, since they’re member-owned and tend to be more understanding when it comes to past banking mistakes.

    Not only that, but they generally charge fewer fees and pay higher rates on interest-bearing accounts than what you’d get at a traditional bank, which is an additional plus.

    Here are the top online banks that have highest savings accounts rates and free interest checking accounts:

    If you’re not having any luck with an online bank credit union or smaller community bank, a second chance checking account may be the answer.

    Second chance accounts are offered by a number of banks and they’re designed for people who have made mistakes in the past and need a fresh start.

    These accounts tend to carry higher fees but in most cases, you can convert them to a regular checking account after a certain period of time.

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    What Is An Overdraft

    An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money available in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay the transaction as a courtesy for you. However, this means you may incur a fee. We can cover your overdrafts in two ways:

    • We have standard overdraft practices that come with your account
    • We also offer overdraft protection plans, such as a link to an M& T Savings Account, M& T Credit Card, or an Overdraft Line of Credit

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    How Old Do You Have To Be To Avoid Pnc Bank Fees

    Besides all the previously mentioned opportunities to save on the monthly banking fees, you can save money if youre a senior. PNC Bank will waive the $7 per month maintenance fee it charges on its Standard Checking account if youre 62 years old or older. Consider This: Banks Offering Free Checking With No Minimum Balance

    Why Do I Pay A Pnc Bank Wire Transfer Fee

    My Bank Overdrafted My Account By Putting Two Holds On One ...

    This fee is charged for the convenience of PNC Bank transferring money from your savings into your checking account. This fee is also paid on a per-item basis, so it can add up just as quickly as the overdraft fees. Wire transfers occur when money is electronically transferred from one bank account and deposited into another.

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    How Long Can Bank Account Be Negative

    4.8/5negativeaccount longbanks willchecking accountlong

    Hereof, how long can my bank account be negative before its close?

    As a matter of policy, banks vary the time they take to close negative accounts based on the size of the overdraft and the banking history with the consumer. This is where banking loyalty works in your favor. Many typically wait 30 to 60 days before doing so, while others may wait four months.

    Beside above, can you go to jail for a negative bank account? Overdrawing your bank account is rarely a criminal offense. It depends on your intentions and your state’s check fraud laws. According to the National Check Fraud Center, all states can impose jail time for overdrawing your account, but the reasons for overdrawing an account must support criminal prosecution.

    Keeping this in consideration, what happens if your bank account is negative for too long?

    When your account gets to a negative balance, your bank will probably charge you an overdraft fee that makes your account even more negative. Your bank can also close your account if it’s negative for too long, or if you repeatedly go negative. Be sure to check your balance regularly.

    What happens if you don’t pay a negative bank account?

    A bank account overdrawn by a few dollars can quickly see its negative balance accelerate thanks to bank fees for overdrafts and unpaid checks. If that amount is more than you can pay and you do nothing, the bank will eventually close the account and attempt to collect.

    Overdraft Program For Atm And Everyday Debit Card Transactions Footnote *overdraft Program For Atm And Everyday Debit Card Transactions Footnote *

    If you do opt-in, and we use our discretion to pay those transactions, the Overdraft Fee described on the Fees tab will apply to the transactions., footnote 6

    You can opt-in to the Overdraft Program for ATM and Everyday Debit Card Transactions or revoke your election at any time by calling 18883402265, coming in to any branch and talking with a BMO Harris Banker, or logging in to BMO Digital Banking and modifying the overdraft preferences on your account.

    Footnote * details, This Program is not available for the BMO Harris Smart MoneyTM Account.

    Fees Associated with Overdrawing Your Account

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    Investigate And Correct Errors

    All checking account reporting companies must investigate consumers disputes of inaccurate information on their reports and correct any inaccurate information. Banks and credit unions that report information to checking account reporting companies also have an obligation to investigate and correct disputed information.

    What Are Your Overdraft Services


    Overdraft Protection is a service that lets you link your Chase savings account to your checking account. If there isnt enough money in your checking account to cover a purchase, but you have enough in savings, well transfer the exact amount you need to checking. To set it up or for more information, go to our Overdraft Protection page.

    We also offer Debit Card Coverage so you can choose how we treat everyday debit card transactions, such as for groceries, gasoline or dining out. If youve chosen No and a transaction causes your account balance to go below zero, it’ll be declined and you wont be charged a fee. If youve chosen Yes, we may cover it and apply our standard overdraft practices. If we cover this transaction, it’ll be based on your account history, the deposits you make and the amount of the transaction. For more information, read about Chase Debit Card Coverage.

    Also, if you’re looking for an account that can help prevent overdrafts by only letting you spend the money you have available, check out Chase Secure Banking.

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    Suspicious Or Illegal Activity

    Banks have the authority and discretion to freeze accounts if they suspect account holders are conducting illegal activities. Banking regulations became stricter after events like the September 11 terrorist attacks in order to crack down on criminal enterprises that use financial institutions to conduct their business.

    Banks routinely monitor accounts for suspicious activity like money laundering, where large sums of money generated from criminal activity are deposited into bank accounts and moved around to make them seem as though they are from a legitimate source. Suspected terrorist financing is also another reason why banks often freeze accounts.

    Your bank may also freeze your account if you write and cash bad checks. You may it’s okay to try to cash a check you’ve written even if you don’t have enough money in your account. After all, it may take a few days for the check to clear, right? But the bank doesn’t think so. Knowingly writing checks on an account that doesn’t have enough moneyand doing so regularlyis actually considered fraud.

    In most cases, large and unusual deposits can flag your account, even if they’re legitimate. So if you win big at the casino, you’ll likely alert the bank when you try to deposit your windfall.

    What Exactly Is A Negative Bank Account Balance

    Also known as bank account overdraft, a negative bank account is when a persons bank account balance goes down below zero. Usually, this happens when you have an inadequate account balance, but you proceed to make payments. If the bank accepts the payment, your account incurs a debt, making your balance negative.

    For better understanding, consider the following scenario: Say you purchase goods worth $120 in a supermarket, and you write a check for the purchase. However, when the merchant deposits the check in the bank, your account has only $90, meaning you are $30 less of what is due for the check.

    In such an instance, there are two possible outcomes either the check bounces or your bank pays the merchant the full amount. If the second outcome unfolds, you will be charged for the $30 overdraft.

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    Why Is My Bank Account Balance Negative

    Your bank account may end up with a negative balance for various reasons. For instance, you may have a negative balance when you deposit a check and make the payment instantly before the money reflects in your account. Second, you may forget the amount of money you have in your account, and end up making payments for commodities worth more than your actual balance.

    In an instance where you own more than one account in the same bank, you might get confused about the account to use to make your payment. In such a scenario, your bank account may end up with negative funds even though your other account has enough money.

    Note: there are other ways you may end up with a negative bank account other than writing a check. Some of these include

    • Use of debit card
    • Direct withdrawal from the bank
    • Use of electronic modes of payments like scheduled payments
    • ATM transactions

    Special Considerations To Avoid Overdraft Fees

    How long can my bank account be negative Chase, bank ...

    Overdrawing your account can become extremely expensive. To avoid paying overdraft fees, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation recommends that you monitor your account balance regularly and link your checking and savings accounts, so a shortfall is covered through an overdraft-protection program.

    Bank apps make it convenient to keep tabs on your balance, and many banks offer notifications such as text reminders when your balance is low. If you do get hit with an overdraft or returned check fee, and it is the first time, it is worth calling your bank to ask to have it waived. Either way, add funds back to your account to cover the difference as soon as you can, which can help prevent fees from spiraling.

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    Why Is My Bank Account Negative

    You can end up with a negative bank account for many reasons. You may simply lose track of how much money is in an account and think you have a higher available balance than you actually do. Or you might deposit a check and then make a payment right away, before the funds are available in your account.

    What Are The Consequences Of Overdrawing A Checking Account

    Even if you regularly peek at your bank balances online, it is possible to accidentally let your account fall negative, otherwise known as overdrawing your account. For example, you may have written a check to a company or individual who did not deposit it immediately. A debit card transaction may not have cleared quickly, and your balance was larger than it should have been. Or, a deposit could have been delayed, leaving you with insufficient funds to cover your withdrawals.

    Whatever the reason, the consequences for having non-sufficient or insufficient funds or overdrawing your checking account will depend on your bank’s policies, whether or not you have a linked savings account, and if you have opted for overdraft protection.

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