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How Much To Offer On Bank Owned Property

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Get An Appraisal On Your Ideal Property

Buying foreclosures | Making an offer on a bank owned property

Some REO homes go for a great price, but buying a bank-owned home is not an automatic bargain. An REO property may be discounted based on an undesirable location or severe damage, or it can be overpriced based on comparable sales in the area or the lenderâs desire to recoup the money spent. Either way, itâs a good idea to consider getting an appraisal so you know how the true value compares to the asking price.

An appraisal will help you get an objective estimated value, which you can compare to the bankâs asking price to see if the price is fair. During the appraisal, a licensed appraiser will take inventory of major systems , the structural integrity of the home, and check the prices of comparable homes in the area.

Note: An appraisal, which tries to estimate true home value, is different from a home inspection, which tries to take inventory of current and potential issues. An appraisal will help you decide whether or not the asking price is fair an inspection will help you understand the repairs and renovations needed, which is critical for a bank-owned home.

Get Preapproved For A Mortgage

Getting preapproved for a mortgage is a smart move no matter what type of home you buy. In the preapproval process, a lender will run your credit and verify your income and debt at no charge. This lender will then determine how much of a mortgage it can approve you for.

Once you get a preapproval letter from a lender, youll know exactly how much you can spend on a home. If a bank approves you for a mortgage of $200,000, you wont waste time looking at homes that cost $300,000.

Having a preapproval letter also makes you an attractive buyer.

Sellers prefer working with buyers who they already know can qualify for a mortgage. They dont worry that you wont be able to get a loan, thus dashing their home sale. If multiple buyers put in bids on a home, sellers are more likely to work with buyers whove already been preapproved for a mortgage .

Banks and lenders can be particularly sensitive to credit issues in foreclosure situations, so a good will be especially important during the preapproval process.

The smart move is to shop around for mortgage lenders. Dont simply work with the first mortgage lender you find. Instead, search for the lender thatll give you the lowest interest rate and loan fees.

You might want to consider applying for a loan through Rocket Mortgage®. We have the staff and expertise necessary to help you navigate the foreclosure process. Were also fast, something that can be important during the often tedious process of buying a foreclosed home.

Renovate Repair And Move In

Once you finalize the logistics to buy a foreclosure, its time for the work to begin. Many foreclosed properties require extensive repairs to get up to code. The work can range from electrical upgrades and plumbing repairs to full-scale roof replacements and foundation work. Your inspection should uncover most of the work that needs to be done. Once youre finished with fixing up your foreclosed home, its time to move in.

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Get An Appraisal And Inspection

Be aware that REO properties are not automatically bargains. Banks are in business to make money, so they price their homes competitively. Some REOs are discounted because of severe damage or location, while others may not sell for much of a discount at all. Get an independent appraisal to determine a homes true market value.

Additionally, understand that REOs some of which have been vacant for months or even years generally are sold as-is with no warranties of any sort. Hire a professional to inspect the home before committing to purchase.

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How Much to Offer on Bank Owned Property

Maybe there are two schools of thought being portrayed here. One is to know how much $$ you will need to put into the house plus your profit and offer a price based on a formula you feel comfortable with following. The other is to try to get the house as cheap as possible assuming the purchase price is always negotiable and if there is a high DOM that the bank wants to dump it. The first scenario is more calculated. The second is more opportunistic.I usually use both depending on how much I like the property and the DOM. A new property with less than 30 DOM – if i want it- i would bid at or slightly above the list price.If the property has lingered for more than 40 days- i would start to take liberties with my bid price.

In my opinion, end of the year is the best time to buy. Banks want to get the turkeys off of the books. November and December is the time to submit a pile of low bids and see which sticks. Last Fall I submitted a bid of $280,000 on a $330,000 asking price. Was rejected. Late November they lowered the market price to $275,000. I offered $250,000 and got it in December.


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How Much Should I Offer For A Bank Owned Foreclosure Property

By | Submitted On July 23, 2010

Bank owned or REO properties depend on the particular lenderWhat is right amount to offer? First, lenders are all different. Some deal and others do not. You have to know in your market the various banks and mortgage companies each has its own personality. This is why you need an experienced agent. Larger banks generally will negotiate more, smaller ones will not. Investment companies are the best negotiators, they buy up quantities of properties, they are not conservative by nature, they like to deal.

Time on the marketAlso, it depends on the length of time a property is on the market. The longer it has been on the market, the more likely a bank or investment company will accept a lower offer.

How good is your agent?Whether you can get a good deal on a foreclosure property depends on how good your agent is. You want someone who knows the players in the foreclosure market, who knows how to get information, and who is very aggressive in negotiations. And someone who grasps an opportunity, some change in a situation that can give the buyer an advantage.

Low-ball offersAn agent will do a Comparable Market Analysis on a property. This provides you a good idea of the value of the home. A low-ball offer below the CMA range will not be considered by a bank, often they will not even call an agent back.

Pay Attention To The Title Review

While the lender should have cleared any liens before accepting your offer, its a really good idea to make sure! A title review will document who else has a legal claim to the property.

You should also purchase title insurance so that you are protected if someone later claims rights to the property or a defect is found in the title history. Because bank-owned properties are usually associated with a previous owner who defaulted on mortgage payments, this is especially important.

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Investigate Your Options For Financing

If you have good credit and do not already have numerous loans on other investment properties, your bank may be willing to loan you a large portion of the purchase price for the bank-owned property. Although you should expect the down payment on an investment property to be higher than it would be on an owner-occupied property, you still can try to discuss the interest rate and down payment with your bank. Sometimes credit unions or long-term private lenders will offer you good terms as well.

Overnight The Emd If Necessary

Best time to bid on Maine Bank Owned properties and foreclosures

If you’re concerned that a paper check won’t make it to the title or escrow company on time, consider sending the funds overnight for next-day delivery. Escrow companies will sometimes let you use their account to send funds, so ask about an overnight funds transfer service. You may need to find out where the closest overnight carrier is located. When you send the EMD overnight, get a receipt for tracking purposes in case the check doesn’t show up on time.

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How To Buy An Reo Property

Some REO properties are in very poor condition and require a cash-only sale. Others in decent or good condition allow the property to be financed. In most cases, the faster the buyer can close, the more likely the bank will be to accept the offer. It’s not uncommon for an offer with a short inspection period and cash closing to be accepted over an offer with financing and a standard closing timeline of 30 to 45 days, even if the cash offer is less than the financed offer.

If the REO property is a cash-only sale, the bank or agent may request proof of funds when the offer is submitted. This is a letter from your bank showing you have the cash available to close. If cash is required, the buyer can get a hard money loan, but these loans often have high interest rates and loan periods of two years or less. Some hard money lenders provide proof of funds to help you submit an offer. While hard money loans don’t make sense for everyone, they can be a good option for a real estate investor whose goal is to flip the house or refinance after improvements are done.

Being a good negotiator is helpful when buying REO properties. The property could be overpriced, there could be multiple offers on it, or it could be in worse condition than you expected. You need to set your offer apart from the rest and be able to show why your offer, even if it’s lower than the listing price, should be accepted.

Is An Reo Home The Right Fit For You

A bank-owned home can be a great opportunity for homebuyers or investors to find a good deal â but only if youâre willing to be patient and thorough. Dealing with a lender rather than an individual seller may mean slower response times and a more difficult negotiation, but it can lead to a potentially lower price from a motivated seller that has already handled outstanding taxes.

Browse PennyMac REO listings to see available bank-owned properties from PennyMac, or call a PennyMac Loan Officer to discuss your options today.

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Understanding Bank Owned Homes

Buying an investment property and making offers is all about negotiating. How can you negotiate for a bank owned property if you dont first understand what it is?

When a bank forecloses a house, they try to sell it at an auction. If the foreclosed property doesnt sell at auction, it stays under the banks ownership and is referred to as an REO foreclosure . Now because banks have no interest in the business of selling homes, they typically price these homes below market value so that they can sell quickly. Naturally, investors and non-investors alike will view this as a real estate deal they cant pass up. So youll probably find a lot of competing offers on the property youre after. But, of course, this doesnt mean that real estate investors should blindly be buying a bank owned home. Just because theyre cheap houses for sale, that doesnt necessarily mean the bank owned property is worth the bidding war.

But there are many success stories from savvy investors who swear by this real estate investment strategy and even specialize in buying bank owned homes. So whether you plan on buying multiple rental properties or just investing in one, bank owned properties can be a potential investment opportunity. But if you want to explore this segment of the real estate investing market, you need these tips on closing the deal.

Tips For Your Home Search

The Best Reasons to Buy a Bank
  • If youre planning to buy a foreclosure by using a specialized government loan, such as a VA loan, FHA loan or USDA loan, make sure you do your research before you dive into the foreclosure market. Government loans come with certain housing standards to meet. That means you wont be able to get just any foreclosed home. In general, itll have to be in relatively decent shape.
  • Before you even start the home hunt, its important to know how much house you can afford. Starting the house search with a number in mind can help keep your expectations tailored to what you can actually afford.
  • Buying a home is a massive investment, and a financial advisor can help you fit it into your long-term plans. To find a fiduciary financial advisor, stop by SmartAssets financial advisor matching tool and answer our short questionnaire. From here, youll be paired with up to three advisors in your area that are equipped to handle your needs.

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How To Make An Offer On A Bank

So, youre interested in buying a bank-owned or REO property either to flip or to fix it up for yourself. Navigating the complicated world of real estate can feel daunting, especially when determining how much to offer on a bank-owned property.

Hubzu makes the process easier for you, newbie or veteran, by offering a marketplace for auctions and traditional sales as well as a marketing platform for lenders and financial institutions to sell the properties in their portfolios, including REO properties.

How Much Should You Offer On A Bank

The first step to determining your REO property offer is learning about the propertys financial history. You will want to find out how much the property was originally purchased and how much its foreclosure was priced at auction.

You should also conduct your own market analysis to get an idea of how much similar homes in the area are valued at. Look at recent sales of similar homes within the last few months and active listings in the property market. This will help you determine how much the property is actually worth versus how much it is listed for by the bank.

Keep in mind that the bank will not make any repairs to the property, so you will need to account for the cost of any repairs and renovations the property may need before you can sell it. This should be accounted for in your evaluation of the propertys value.

Researching the listing agent may provide additional insight, as many agents specialize in bank-owned properties. Look up properties the listing agent has sold in the past several months with the help of your own agent. Compare the listing prices to the final sale prices, as this will provide more context to their experience and the market. This can help you decide if you need to make a higher or lower offer.

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How Long Does It Take For A Bank To Accept An Offer

Most banks will accept offers within 24 hours, but if theres a lot of competition, the process might drag on for a week or so while they evaluate all the offers and bidders.

If you want to make your offer stand out from the competition, youll want to make your negotiations as enticing as possible the first time around so the bank accepts your offer over those of other competing investors. You dont have to deal with the back and forth and/or trying to outbid the competition.

How To Handle Emds With Reos

Bob Norton shows how to make verbal offers on bank owned real estate

Banks generally don’t want to get to the end of the escrow period only to discover that a buyer wasn’t serious about buying the foreclosed property. They want to limit the fall-out/cancellation rate by protecting themselves during earlier stages of the contract, which can result in more stringent requirements for how EMDs are treated in a real estate transaction involving an REO property. Follow these tips to successfully navigate EMDs when buying a bank-owned home.

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How Does A Property Become Bank

Real estate becomes bank-owned property when borrowers become delinquent and default on their financial obligations. A bank effectively repossesses the property, and it is held classified as Other Real Estate Owned or Real Estate Owned .

The most obvious reason for a bank to repo a property is late mortgage payments. This can arise when a borrower becomes consistently late on monthly payments or when they miss maturity deadlines .

Lenders, banks, credit unions, and servicers may also seek repossession if it is necessary to preserve their investment from other claims or when there is another type of breach of contract. This might include due-on-sale clause provisions and discovery of mortgage fraud.

3 Ways Properties Become Bank-Owned:

  • Through foreclosure proceedings
  • Via deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
  • Time Your Home Inspections

    In some cases, the bank may want to make your EMD non-refundable for a real estate transaction involving an REO property. You might need to schedule your home inspections upon verbal acceptance of your offer, in which case you might have less than one day to conduct these inspections.

    Line up your inspectors ahead of time and be ready to act the minute your agent tells you the offer will be accepted. This way, you’ll have your inspections completed before you deliver that EMD for the real estate transaction, which can save you a lot of grief and worry if you know that you want to proceed with the transaction.

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