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How Safe Is Online Banking

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Choose A Bank With Top Security

Is Online Banking Safe?

The best online banks make your security their top priority. When selecting one, here are a few things you should look out for:

  • Multi-factor authentication: Make sure your bank verifies your identity in multiple ways whenever you log in. Though not foolproof, requiring this extra step can make your account more secure.
  • 128-bit AES encryption: We wont put you to sleep describing what this is just know that your bank should encrypt your data using a standard of 128-bit AES or higher.
  • Biometric scans: Some mobile banking apps require biometric data, such as a fingerprint or face scan, before letting you log in. Bonus points to banks that offer this!
  • FDIC insurance: Any bank you use should be backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation a government agency that guarantees your funds up to $250,000 in the case of bank failure. Since not all online banks have this insurance, check to be sure that yours does.

Lastly, keep an eye out for online banking services that take these security measures a step further. Chime, for instance, lets you toggle your debit card on and off from within the mobile app, offering complete control over when its available for use.

How Safe Is Online Banking

Over the last 10 years, online banking has become pretty much a standard part of peoples lives. However, older individuals, who arent as familiar with the internet, may not understand the risks associated with online banking and how to protect their privacy.

When helping seniors learn about online banking, there are some basic things you should be careful to teach them. In many cases, these are things you likely take for granted, but seniors may not be aware of them. Plus a lot of things nowadays are done online and they may not be too familiar with technology.

Make sure you take the time and really show them in simple steps how to go about this. Find out how they will absorb the information best. If they do better visually, show them a video. If they dont want to deal with technology quite yet, offer them some books. If you cant find a way to help them, find a class to enroll them in that will teach them.

Banking and knowing how to work online is going to be vital for them to know!

Online Banking Security From Bank Of America

Bank of America’s award-winning Online Banking service incorporates industry-leading safety features that give you greater security and peace of mind as you manage your money. Taking some common-sense steps to help protect yourself adds an extra layer of protection to your online experience.

  • Bank of America emails will never ask you to provide any personal information such as your Social Security number or ATM PIN
  • If you receive an email that appears to be from Bank of America and ends up in a junk folder, leave it there

Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee

We’re committed to making Online and Mobile Banking secure and protected. Our Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee helps provide protection against fraudulent Online Banking transactions, secures your financial information and covers the timely processing of your payments.

Using Zelle in our Mobile Banking app is a fast and efficient way to send money to family and friends. We verify your enrollment with a code and also provide transaction alerts for new payees, password changes and other potentially suspicious activities. Plus, youre not responsible for transfers you don’t authorize.

Choose paperless statements. Receiving paperless statements helps reduce the risk of identity theft posed by lost or stolen mail. You can securely access your statements in Online Banking and in our Mobile app. You won’t have any records stored on your computer or devices unless you choose to download them.

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Secure Your Online Banking Transactions With These Tips

The convenience offered by online banking is too good to pass by, so doing it safely is usually the best decision. The hackers never take a break and are always trying to hack into accounts to steal information and money, so you can never go easy on the safety side. Follow the above tips and make sure your online bank account is safe.

Pros Of Online Banking

4 Safe Internet Banking Tips You Should Never Forget ...
  • Higher interest rates. Online banks can afford to pay higher interest rates than traditional banks on your savings, CDs, and money market accounts.
  • Lower fees. Most online banks don’t charge monthly fees, though, and other fees tend to be lower, too.
  • Large ATM networks. Most online banks use a network, such as Allpoint or MoneyPass, which gives you free access to tens of thousands more ATMs around the US than if you used a traditional bank.

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Track Changes In Your Account

Thanks to online banking, it is very easy to keep track of changes in your account unlike before, when you had to wait for the bank statement. Simply login to your account and you will see a complete history of transactions made by you along with any changes. You should check out your bank statement frequently to keep a check and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Protection From Unauthorized Transactions When Online Banking

Most financial institutions have policies that protect you from transactions that you didnt make or approve using your institutions online banking service. These are called unauthorized transactions.

It’s your responsibility to always keep your banking and online banking details to yourself.

If you give your online banking information to anyone, including your spouse, partner, family member or friend, you may:

  • risk losing the protection against unauthorized transactions offered by your financial institution
  • be responsible for any unauthorized transactions on your account

Ask your financial institution about its online banking service commitments and policy on unauthorized transactions.

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Use The Official Banking App Not The Browser

The second biggest security threat concerns the banking app. If you arent careful, you could download a fake banking app created by scammers to break into your account.

Make sure your bank created or approves of the app you are downloading. Get it from their website. Moreover, do not use mobile browsers to log in to your bank account they are less secure than bank-sanctioned apps.

Finaly, before downloading any app to your phone, you should research the developer, read the reviews, check the app rating on Google Play or App Store. Poorly designed or malicious third-party apps could use your username and password to access your bank account and empty or monitor it.

Will I Still Receive Bank Statements

Is Online Banking Safe?

One of the benefits of online banking is that you can quickly and easily check past and upcoming transactions on your account.

You can still receive monthly bank statements in the post. Or you can opt to go ‘paperless’ and receive statements by email or download them from your online account.

There are adaptations available if you have a visual or hearing impairment.

“I check my bank statements to make sure none of my money is going anywhere I dont want it to.”

Brenda, 94

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How To Use Online Banking

Online banking allows you to access your accounts and make various financial transactions on the Internet. For example, you can use online banking to pay bills or transfer money to other accounts. You can bank online using either a computer or a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Generally, online banking transactions cost less than using in-branch teller services or ATMs.

Online banking lets you check your transactions online as they are processed. You dont have to wait for a monthly statement.

In most cases, youll need to do the following before you can use online banking services:

  • register for online banking with your financial institution
  • enter your debit card number
  • create a username and password
  • read and accept the terms and conditions

Avoid Using Public Devices

With your bank account, only trust your own devices that you have secured. Never use a public PC to access your bank account, as many public PCs are usually infected and never taken care of. This also holds true for borrowing a device from another person or friend, as they may not be following the security measures that you have taken to secure your device.

Even if you do use a public device, make sure you logout when you are done and delete generated data like we have mentioned later in the article. Furthermore, You should also make a habit of logging out of your account even on your PC to prevent session hijacking.

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How To Set Up Online Banking

Most banks in the UK provide an online banking service.

To find out if you can get online access to your account, check your banks website, give them a call, or pop into a branch.

For security reasons, the registration process often involves a few steps.

These might include:

  • visiting your local bank branch
  • having a set-up code texted to you on your mobile phone
  • having a password posted to you
  • being given a small security device youll need to log on.

However, in many cases youll be able to set up an online bank account without even leaving your home.

Bill Pay Automatic Transfers And Banking History

Safer Internet Day  Online Banking Edition  CNBconnect
Will my bill pay information convert with the new online and mobile banking?

Yes. All of your current Bill Pay information including payee information will convert. You will not have to import this information again or worry about recurring or scheduled payments not processing due to the conversion.

Will the accounts I have that are set up for automatic transfer convert to the new online banking system?

Example: A transfer from checking account to savings account each payday.

Yes. That information will carry over to the new platform so you will not have to add those accounts again. However, we encourage all members with scheduled transfers to check and make sure there are no issues.

What information will convert over?

The past twenty-four months of your online banking transaction history will be available.

For Bill Pay, your payees, payments, and history will convert as well. Also, any eBills you may have will convert along with any future-dated or recurring transfers.

I am experiencing difficulty with Bill Pay. My payees are not showing in the new digital banking platform.

If you are a previous Bill Pay user, and cannot access your payees in the digital platform, please contact our Member Service Center immediately.

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Avoid Saving Your Login Information

Some websites give you the option to save your login information for future use, but if someone uses your computer or mobile device after you, they could gain access to your bank accounts. To at least help prevent this from happening, many banking sites now time out after a certain number of minutes of inactivity, and do not save your information.

Are Online Banks Safe To Use

Yes, online banks are safe. As long as an online bank is insured by the FDIC, it will offer the same coverage as the FDIC-insured bank down the street. Use the FDICs BankFind tool to confirm the online bank is insured. This tool allows you to search a bank by its name or web address.

In some cases, the two financial institutions might actually share the same insurance. Take Citizens Access or Investors eAccess as an example:

  • Citizens Access is an online bank thats a division of Citizens Bank. The two are treated as the same entity, under the same FDIC certificate, when calculating FDIC insurance.
  • Investors eAccess is an online bank, and is a trade name of Investors Bank. Deposits at Investors eAccess are deposits of Investors Bank for FDIC purposes.

These banks are examples of a common trend: that the online bank youre considering for its high yield might be related to a familiar traditional bank. Keep in mind that since these banks are related, your FDIC insurance may be limited to $250,000 between the two banks. Always check with your bank and use the FDICs EDIE Estimator to make sure your money is all covered under FDIC insurance.

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Use A Unique Password

Ideally, every online account should have a different password. That way someone is not able to access all of your accounts should one of your passwords become compromised. Make sure you do not store your passwords somewhere they can be easily found such as your purse, wallet, etc. Make sure that you keep your passwords in a locked drawer or other place where the general public does not have access to.

Only Use Online Banking In Secure Locations

How Safe Is Online Banking On A Smartphone?

Most seniors wont access their online banking information any other place than their home, but with the rise of smartphones, many seniors are able to check and use online banking sites on the go.

However, using open networks like you would find in a coffee shop, library, or bookstore can be problematic for online banking customers, and people looking to do you harm or access your bank account are more likely to get your information in public places than in your home.

You should also avoid storing sensitive information on your mobile device, as its generally more susceptible to being stolen. Adding a screen lock to your mobile device can help protect sensitive information, but it isnt a failsafe option.

The world of online banking can add a lot of convenience to a seniors life, but it does come with considerable risks. Identity theft can be a major problem for seniors, and they are common targets. However, as long seniors use the internet and online banking safely with the tips above, the risks are minimized.

Guest Post by Tara Heath, Presidio Home Care

Tara Heath is a freelance writer in Southern California. As easy as online banking can make your life, she knows how important it is to make sure everything is secure and protected. She often contributes to the Presidio Home Care blog as a health writer as well as other health sites.

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What Is Strong Customer Authentication

Banks have been told to introduce a multi-layered approach to online banking login and online card payments, under new ‘strong customer authentication’ regulations.

This involves multiple ID checks such as providing a password plus a single-use passcode generated on a card reader or sent via text message to your mobile phone.

SCA rules for online banking have been enforced since 14 March 2020 and from 14 March 2022 the regulator will enforce requirements for online card payments.

Use Banks App On Your Smartphone

If you are banking from your smartphone, its a good idea to use an app provided by your bank instead of using the web portal. The apps are usually safer with activity encrypted communication, plus hackers rarely target apps. You will also have to follow less precautions while using the app as compared to a browser.

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How Do We Test Digital Banking Security

6 Tips to Stay Safe When Mobile Banking

All providers have processes that arent visible in the type of testing we carried out – we can only analyse security features available to the customer – but our tests compared banks on the following:


We looked at whether banks support outdated versions of Transport Layer Security , where data is scrambled so that only you and your bank can read it – or whether they have weak ciphers .

We checked too if best-practice security headers are in place to protect against a wide range of attacks.

And we noted where scripts were loaded from external sources. We prefer this to be kept to an absolute minimum because while banks have rigorous due-diligence processes, hackers might compromise third parties.

A banks mobile app needs to be able to detect whether it’s running in a safe environment or not. So we tested if apps block analysis tools such as Frida although these tools are useful to security researchers, hackers might also be able to use them to find vulnerabilities.

Banks were penalised if they didn’t meet the latest email security standards. These include DMARC, which stands for domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance, and helps your email provider block malicious messages that attempt to imitate your bank.

We also searched for bank domains or subdomains that shouldnt be accessible on the internet or that use outdated and therefore potentially vulnerable software.


Account management

Navigation and logout

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Bonus Tip: When In Doubt Call Your Bank

If you’re not certain that an email is legitimate or if you’ve noticed a questionable action in your account history, pick up the phone and call your bank’s 24-hour online banking service. They’ll be able to tell you if there are any items that require attention.

Additionally, closely monitor your online history for any unauthorized transactions. The sooner you can detect any possible compromises against your account, the quicker you can take action to remedy the situation.

As online banking becomes more commonplace, online scams that try to dupe you out of your login credentials are becoming more sophisticated. However, if you invest 20 minutes in these preventative measures, you can rest assured that your online accounts will remain safe.

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