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How To Bank Wire Transfer

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Send Or Receive Money Quickly And Securely Within Canada Or Internationally With A Wire Transfer

How do I wire transfer funds from my bank?

To receive a wire transfer to your CIBC bank account, you must give the sender the following information:

For guidance on locating information, please refer to our FAQ.

Required information

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Bank address

The complete branch address of your transit street, city, province, postal code, country


Canadian clearing code and format

//CC0010NNNNNNNNNNN = your 5 digit transit number

CIBC institution number

Your 5-digit branch transit, including all zeros

Beneficiary account number

Your complete name as it appears on your statement

Beneficiary address

Your complete address as it appears on your statement street, city, province or state, postal code or zip code, country

If you are receiving funds in USD currency from the U.S., please use Wells Fargo as an intermediary bank by including the additional details below:

Required information

Fedwire or ABA


How Long Does A Wire Transfer Take

Domestic wire transfers are often processed within 24 hours while international wire transfers can take between 1-5 business days. Wire transfer times may also vary depending on designated cut-off times, federal regulations, as well as weekends and bank holidays.

Since wire transfers do not require bank account holds, they may be completed quickly, but this can vary depending on processing and cut-off times. Cut-off times are designated by banks, credit unions, and wire transfer services so be sure to confirm this information when processing a transfer that is timely or urgent. If you are concerned with any delays you may be able to reach out to the bank or transfer service to see if they are able to trace the wire to find any updates on processing time.

Free International Wire Transfers

Finding a way to wire money for free when transferring money to a foreign account is going to be a little trickier. When you want to make a free wire transfer, there will almost always be a fee for sending your money abroad, and this is because of the additional processes involved in this type of international money transfer.

Fees you will need to pay can include:

  • Transfer fees
  • A markup on the exchange rate
  • A mix of the two

With that said, using a money transfer provider is our top recommendation for finding the cheapest way to send your money internationally. Our comparison tool helps you find the best service for your specific transfer needs, so that should be your first port of call. Our top providers known for a reliable service and low fees include:

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How To Track A Wire Transfer

Now that you know how long a wire transfer takes, what do you do when a transfer is delayed or lost?

Every wire transfer to or from a U.S. bank account passes through the Federal Reserve Bank where the transaction is assigned a unique IMAD/OMAD ID. IMAD/OMAD stands for input/output message accountability data. The ID includes a combination of the transaction date, an identifier for the source bank or destination bank , and a sequence number for the transaction.

If a wire transfer between U.S. bank accounts takes more than 24 hours, or a transfer between a U.S. and international account takes more than five days, ask your bank to trace the wire using the IMAD/OMAD ID assigned when the wire was sent.

The tracer will show how and when the transfer was processed between sending, receiving, and intermediary banks, and, most importantly, where it is now. In the unlikely event your wire goes to the wrong account, this is how you can find it.

How Long Can A Bank Hold A Wire Transfer

What is a Wire Transfer?

In most cases, recipients of wire transfers can access the funds as soon as the transactions reflect in their accounts. Some banks may place holds on these transfers, requiring recipients to wait for one or more business days. This is essentially done to safeguard their interests. Federal rules in the U.S. regulate how banks frame their funds availability policies. However, banks can be more lenient if they choose. For instance, a bank can make your funds available immediately.

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What Wire Transfer Information Is Required For Bank

Banks are one of the most secure methods of sending wire transfers. That said, they can be slower and more expensive than other money transfer services, especially if youre sending an international wire transfer. To send a wire transfer by bank, you will typically be asked to provide the following information:

  • Recipient full name
  • Recipient bank name and information
  • Recipient checking account information

You can fill out this information via a form online or in a local branch.

You will need both routing numbers and bank account numbers for domestic wire transfers within the United States. The ABA routing transit number is a nine-digit code printed on the bottom of checks which identifies the financial institution from which the funds are sent. Designed by the American Bankers Association , this system facilitates the sorting, bundling, and delivery of money to the senders bank for debit to the recipients account. Electronic payment methods rely on ABA RTNs to identify the paying bank or other financial institution for bank wires. And the Federal Reserve Bank uses ABA RTNs when processing funds transfers.

Can You Track A Wire Transfer

Yes. If the recipient does not receive the funds within the given time frame, contact your service provider and ask it to place a tracer on the transfer. This should give you an indication of its movement through correspondent banks as well as its existing location. Every wire transfer in the U.S. receives a reference number from the Federal Reserve, which you need to provide to your service provider. However, you cannot get in touch with the Federal Reserve directly to trace the transfer for you. In case the money gets lost during the process or ends up in a wrong account, your service provider might be able to recall the wire or initiate a stop payment.

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Transfer Money From One Bank Account To Another

If you need to transfer money between two of your own accounts at different banks, the process is typically free, and you can do it with your online banking account. But first youâll need to âlinkâ the accounts, which can take about a week. Every bank varies a bit, but these are generally the steps youâll need to go through:

  • Once youâre logged in, select “link accounts,” “add an account,” “add external accounts,” or something similar.

  • Youâll be asked to provide the routing number and your account number for the other bank. You can find these numbers on your bank account page online or on your checks the routing number has 9 digits and the account number is typically the longer number. If you donât have checks, your bank can help you locate both numbers.

  • From there, youâll have to prove that the other account is yours, usually by providing a username and password or by confirming small âtestâ transfers between the two banks. Each bank handles this process a little differently, so just follow the instructions as closely as you can.

  • Transferring money from a checking account to a prepaid card online is also usually free. The steps are similar to those above. In this case, youâd be asked to provide the bank name, account number and routing number of your prepaid card to create an external account.

    What Is The Fee To Wire Money

    How to Conduct a Wire Transfer

    The average cost of wiring money internationally by using the services of American banks is around $45. A typical incoming wire transfer from overseas would cost around $15. For domestic wire transfers within the U.S., the average cost of an outgoing transfer is $25, and it is $15 for incoming transfers.

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    How Much Does A Wire Transfer Cost

    The cost of a wire transfer in Canada will depend on your bank, financial institution or money service provider, the amount youre sending and whether you are sending money internationally or within Canada. A non-bank provider may offer free wire transfers.

    Generally, banks will charge you more to wire money internationally. Check your bank for domestic and international wire transfer charges.

    If you think a wire transfer might be the right option for you, learn more about how to do a wire transfer.

    What Is A Wire Transfer

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  • We can help
  • When you need to send a large sum of money for example, youre closing in on a new piece of real estate for your company and want to pay the deposit bank wire transfers can be ideal. Fast, secure, and reliable, wire transfers are an excellent tool for sending or receiving money safely. So, what is a wire transfer?

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    Bottom Line: Can You Wire Money For Free

    Overall, when wiring money domestically, there are ways of getting your money to friends and family without having to pay additional bank fees. Often, using a third party such as the companies listed in this article are a good way of keeping your transfers low-cost and safe.

    When sending money internationally, its hard to avoid paying any fees at all. However, you can certainly take the time to find the best provider for you. That means lower fees, more competitive exchange rates, and a rapid transfer time. Use our comparison tool to find the best money transfer operator for your specific transfer needs.

    To Send A Wire Transfer Please Visit Your Local Cibc Banking Centre Opens In A New Window

    How to Wire Transfer Money: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

    Please refer to our tutorial How to find your account information.

  • Select Search by Transit Number
  • Enter you transit number and search
  • 1 This fee will be deducted from the incoming amount and charged in the same currency for CAD and USD. For wires in other currencies, the Canadian equivalent fee will be determined using an exchange rate set by CIBC.

    2 Correspondent banks may levy additional charges.

    Need to meet?

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    Outgoing International Wire Transfer Instructions

    To send international wire transfer from your Bank of Montreal account, You need to know the following information about the person or company receiving the money:

    1. Your complete name and address.2. Your transit number and account number .3. The recipients complete name and address.4. The recipients complete bank name, address.5. The recipients SWIFT Business Identifier Code , if available6. The recipients complete bank account number.7. The recipients branch or transit number and national sort code number where the funds are to be deposited8. The recipients bank branch address and phone number.9. The recipients valid IBAN if sending to a participating country.10. The reason or purpose for the wire payment.

    Sending Money Online: How Does It Work

    While theres a lot of sophisticated technology behind online money transfer, the premise is this: instead of transferring paper money, youre transferring data. The data then translates into money leaving your account and entering the recipients account. However, because youre transferring data and not paper money, online money transfer is often instantaneous. And in many cases, all you need to complete the transfer is the recipients phone number or email address.

    Practically, in order to transfer money online, youll need to create an account with a money transfer service like XE, Azimo, or WorldRemit. Once you create an account, youll have different options for sending money. You can send online to a bank account or ewallet, or you can send paper money to a physical kiosk. In some cases, the recipient will need an account with the money transfer service in order to receive the funds.

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    No Matter How Far Be There When You Can’t

    Whether you’re sending money to family, have a home overseas that you need to pay for or are paying someone overseas, you can transfer money to almost anywhere in the world. These services are provided by Western Union.

    • It’s quick – send money in minutes to bank accounts or for cash pick-up from hundreds of thousands agent locations in 200+ countries and territories**
    • It’s convenient – pay the way you like – bank account, credit or debit card. Money can be sent for cash pick up, direct to bank account or to a mobile phone
    • It’s clear – our new rates are now live and you’ll know the rate you get when you transfer

    Where Youre Sending Or Receiving Funds

    How to make Wire Transfer from Bank Of America?
    • Domestic wire transfer: Due to EFAA regulations, most bank-to-bank wire transfers between accounts in the U.S. are completed within 24 hours. Some banks make wired funds available to recipients immediately, especially on transfers between accounts at the same institution.
    • International wire transfer: An international wire transfer between a U.S. bank account and an account in another country takes approximately one to five business days depending on differences in time zones, foreign currencies, and banking systems.
    • Slow-to-pay countries: Countries with a slow-to-pay designation may delay transfers up to three weeks or result in cancellation. When sending or receiving funds internationally, ask your bank for a current list of slow-to-pay countries so you know what to expect.

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    Incoming Wire Transfer Fees For Bank Of Montreal Canada

    International Incoming Wire Transfer Fees for Bank of Montreal is as follows:

    Payment type
    Maximum charge$125.00 each

    Apart from the wire transfer fees, if the transfer involves currency conversion, banks make money on currency conversion as well by giving retail conversion rates to you which is usually 1-2% lower than the market rate. We recommend using services like TransferWise for getting best conversion rates with lower wire transfer fees.

    Are Wire Transfers Safe

    Compared to putting a check in the mail, wire transfers are considered an extremely safe way to transfer money. They are secure transactions initiated by authorized personnel at your bank or nonbank wire transfer service. Once initiated, they cant be canceled. That means consumers should be hypervigilant about knowing the people who send funds.

    Many scam artists try to entice consumers to wire funds instead of mailing a check or using a credit card because bank wires cant be canceled or reversed once initiated. The only exception to this rule is for international wire transfers, which can be canceled within 30 minutes of initiation.

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    Who Are Wire Transfers For

    Money wire transfers are a convenient option for those who want to send a large amount as quickly as possible. For example, if you need to pay a down payment on a house within a tight timeframe or buy a new car outright. Family or friends living far away might also prefer to receive funds through a wire transfer if they need the money quickly.

    Alternatives to wire transfers include cheques or depositing cash at the bank. These options and often slower than a wire transfer though.

    Using A Third Party Money Transfer Provider For Free

    What Is a Wire Transfer?

    An alternative way to avoid fees when transferring money to another account is to use a transfer provider that facilitates domestic transfers. These include:


    PayPal is a popular service for sending money electronically to friends and family, although it can also be used to pay for goods and services online. When sending money in the same currency to family and friends, there is no fee provided you are sending via a PayPal balance or a linked bank account. Sending money via debit or credit card will incur a small fee.


    Zelle is only available in the US, but provides a safe and convenient way to send and receive money using an email address or US phone number. You should note that Zelle is free to use, but you should check with your bank in case they charge any fees for using this service.


    Venmo is one of the popular virtual bank accounts that makes sending and receiving money more accessible by phone. It is also only available if you have a US bank account and are sending within the US. Its ideal for sending money to friends and family and is mostly used for splitting expenses for nights out, meals etc. Venmo works by pulling funds from your linked account or Venmo balance and sends them directly to your recipient.

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    How Does A Wire Transfer Work In Canada

    There is no physical cash involved with a wire transfer in Canada, as money is sent via electronic networks that connect banks to each other. You can usually start a wire transfer in person or online with the receivers details and amount you want to send.

    The financial institution you use will contact the receivers bank with payment instructions, with the money taken from their own reserves. The banks or financial institutions settle the money later, so you dont wait too long for your transfer to complete.

    There are two main types of wire transfer:

    Is There A Cut

    Yes. For same-day domestic wire transfers, funds can only be sent on business days between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.CT. If you scheduled a wire transfer to be sent on a future date, you can make changes until 11:59 p.m. CT the day before its send date. In either case, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete the necessary information before the cut-off time.

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    What Do I Need To Make An International Wire Transfer

    Keen to make your first international transfer? Before you start, make sure you have the following details to hand

    • Your recipients name and address
    • Their bank account details and International Bank Account Number . Check the recipients IBAN number with our IBAN checker or calculate any RBS IBAN number here.
    • The Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT code of the recipients bank
    • The banks name and address.

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