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How To Check Bank Account Balance

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All Indian Bank Account Balance Check Ussd Codes List

How to check bank account balance on phone.
  • HDFC Bank *99*43#
  • Bank Of India *99*47#
  • Bank of Baroda *99*48#
  • Central Bank of India *99*51#
  • Allahbad Bank *99*54#
  • Union Bank of India *99*50#
  • India Overseas Bank *99*52#
  • Oriental Bank of commerce *99*53#
  • Uco Bank *99*56#
  • Bank of Maharashtra *99*61#
  • State Bank of Patiyala *99*62#
  • State Bank of Hyderabad *99*60#
  • united Bank of India *99*63#
  • Vijaya Bank *99*64#
  • State Bank of Travancore *99*67#
  • Dena Bank *99*65#
  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur *99*70#
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank *99*68#
  • Punjab & Sind Bank *99*71#
  • Federal Bank *99*72#
  • State Bank of Mysore *99*73#
  • Karur Vysya Bank *99*75#
  • South India Bank *99*74#
  • Karnatka Bank *99*76#
  • Tamilnad Mercantile Bank *99*77#
  • DCB Bank *99*78#
  • Janta Sahakari Bank *99*81#
  • Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank *99*82#
  • Saraswat Bank *99*84#
  • Why Balance Your Checkbook

    Even today, when much of your transaction information is available with the click of a button, its still a good idea to maintain a record of your transactions and regularly balance that record.

    Balancing your checkbook, which is also known as reconciling your account, is basically about making sure that the records you have kept for your financial transactions match those the bank lists on your statement. There are several reasons for keeping such a record and balancing it regularly:

    • Back when paper checks were more common, it could take quite some time for any one check to clear. Making sure you recorded checks as you wrote them and reconciled your account with the banks statement ensured that you were never caught flat-footed when an old check finally cleared.
    • Though rare, banks do sometimes make mistakes, and regularly balancing your checkbook allows you to catch such errors in a timely fashion.
    • You also can catch merchant errors more quickly if you reconcile regularly. If a vendor charges you the wrong amount for a purchase, you may not otherwise know if you dont balance your account at least once a month.
    • Keeping a record of your banking transactions can help you track your spending, making budgeting a simpler process.
    • It also is easier to identify problems, such as missed automatic payments, incorrectly assessed fees, fraudulent charges and even your own mathematical mistakes, when you have a regularly balanced checkbook.

    Kendall Morris Credit Cards Moderator

    There are several ways you can check your checking account balance. You can check it by logging in to your online banking account, through your mobile app, or by calling your bank. You can also check you balance at the ATM, or by going to a branch and asking a teller.

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    Your Balance Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

    There are times where your bank balance may not accurately represent how much cash you have in your account. While transactions that have been presented to your bank as payments are automatically deducted, other activity in your account may not be reflected in your balance.

    In the case of some transactions, such as renting a hotel room or refueling at some gas stations, a pre-authorization hold may be placed on your account to ensure its valid. This hold can be larger or smaller than the actual transaction itself, so you may need to factor it into your plans if you plan on making a purchase that could come close to emptying your account. Similarly, outstanding checks and auto-payments can leave you with less money than you expected. Plan accordingly so that you dont end up overdrawing your account.

    How Do I Check My Balance Via Text

    4 Ways to Check Your Bank Balance

    In order to set up text banking on your phone, you may have to activate it using your online bank account first.;

    Once set up, youll be able to check your bank account by texting their number or sending a specific text command for the balance .

    Checking your bank account balance via text messaging is usually free unless your mobile provider charges you for texts.

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    Ways To Check Bank Balance Using Aadhar Card

    Below we have explained possible ways to check bank account balance through Aadhar card.

    For this, you should have your own UPI Pin number and also your bank account should be linked with an Aadhar card. Lets know how to check a bank balance with an Aadhar card.

    1) Checking Bank Balance With Aadhar Card

    • To check the balance, you have to dial *99*99*1# on your mobile number.
    • Now enter your 12 digits Aadhaar card number via a keypad.
    • It will ask you again to enter your Aadhar card number for confirmation.
    • After this, if your Aadhar card is linked with the mobile number, then the bank balance details will be received, otherwise, it will not happen.

    2) Check Bank Account Balance via UPI PIN

    • First of all, you have to dial *99# on your mobile phone.
    • After this, some options will appear on the screen in front of you, Choose option number 3 for Check Balance.
    • Now enter your UPI PIN code and submit OK button.
    • Now your bank account balance will display on your screen in the form of a message.

    3) Check Bank Account Balance from USSD Code

    The third way is to check the bank balance by giving a USSD code. It is very easy to check a bank balance with USSD code.

    For this, you have to link your mobile number with your bank account. If your mobile number is not linked with the bank account then you cannot check the bank balance in this way.

    Sbi Account Balance Check

    SBI banks offer banking services to their customers through its app. One can check account balance, get a mini statement and also do transactions using its app, website and others. Below are the ways through which its customers can check their account balance.

    Balance through missed call

    For checking account balance SBI customers can give a missed call to this toll-free number 9223766666.

    Balance through SMS

    For checking account balance SBI customers can send an SMS BAL to 9223766666

    Mini statement

    For getting a mini statement, SBI customers can either call the toll-free number 9223866666 or SMS this MSTMT to the number 9223866666.


    One can also use SBI ATMs for finding out about the account balance. You just need to go to the SBI ATM and follow the steps below:-

    • Insert your card
    • Enter the PIN
    • Select the balance enquiry option

    The balance would be shown. One can also choose the mini statement option for checking transaction history up to 10 previous transactions. You can also use SBI ATM cards at ATMs of other banks.

    Net Banking for Account Balance

    Through the login ID and password, the SBI account holders can check their balance through the net banking option. One just needs to go to its website and enter the login id and username. One can also use net banking for money transfer, online shopping, pay EMIs, funds transfer and others.

    SBI SMS Service

    REG <Space> Account Number to 0922348888

    SBI Card Balance Enquiry

    SBI Passbook

    SBI Mobile Banking

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    How To Check Bank Balance In Pnb

    Punjab National bank account holders can use this facility with their registered mobile number on the bank. To check Account Balance just;give a missed call on a toll- free number 1800 180 2223 and tolled number 0120-2303090 to check the available account balance through an SMS. You can use this service free of cost and you can avail it by visiting the nearest branch of PNB. You can avail of this facility on your; Savings or Current bank account.

    How Can I Check My Bank Balance In Mobile Via Mobile Banking

    How to check all bank account balance online Tamil

    Devices like mobile phones, tablets make it easy to check on bank accounts anytime. In this digital generation, banks are providing apps and websites and other ways to check bank account balance. Also, there are different banking functions that you can avail of on mobile banking apps.; For example, some banks allow you to deposit cheques with your mobile device. Thus, mobile banking enables you to do more than you can do from your desktop.

    However, the phone banking facility is different from mobile banking. It offers similar services like mobile banking. But, it is not compulsory to have a smartphone to use phone banking services.;

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    How To Check My Bank Account Balance In Bank Of India

    Bank of India provides multiple banking services to facilitate its customers. You can check your account balance, open an account, make payments, and perform various bank transactions. It allows its customers to use mobile banking and SMS services. The following are the different ways to check your Bank of India account balance.;

    BOI Passbook

    When you open an account with Bank of India, it offers a passbook to every account holder. The passbook keeps a record of all the transactions from the day of account opening. However, you need to update your passbook each time by visiting the bank branch. Consequently, this method of account balance check is not in favor since the customer prefers checking their balance online.;

    BOI mPassbook

    BOI has a facility to generate electronic passbooks for your account statements. It allows you to download the statement in a PDF format on mobile.;


    Customers having an account with BOI can use an ATM card for checking account balance. You can do this by visiting the nearest BOI ATM or any other bank ATM. You need to follow the below steps to check your Bank of India bank account balance.

    • Swipe the BOI ATM card
    • Enter the 4 digit ATM pin
    • Select the Balance Enquiry Option.;
    • ATM will display the account balance on the screen
    • Complete the transaction

    In case you want to check the last few transactions, you can print a mini account statement. The ATM print receipt contains the previous ten account transactions.;

    BOI Net Banking

    BOI Mobile Banking

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    Fix Mistakes And Problems

    If the numbers don’t match, you’ll need to figure out why. If you find fraud or a bank error, contact the bank immediately to contest the problematic transactionotherwise, you might have to live with the problem.

    Most checking accounts offer protection;from fraudulent transactions. But if you wait more than two months to find and report a problem, you might have to absorb the loss.

    Fortunately, errors and fraud are relatively rare. In most cases, the numbers won’t match because:

    • You made an arithmetic mistake
    • You missed a fee or an interest payment
    • You listed an item twice
    • You transposed numbers

    Double-check that none of these common errors happened before you contact your bank.

    How To Check My Account Balance

    All Bank Balance Enquiry

    To check your bank account balance, you must keep in mind the following things.

    • ;Firstly, your mobile number should be registered with the bank.
    • ;The mobile number should be active to receive and send SMS and call.
    • ;Having a smartphone is preferable. The reason is, with an active internet connection, you can use different apps like banking apps or UPI apps.
    • You should also have your ATM or debit card activated with your bank account
    • Also, internet banking should be activated by your bank.

    Keeping these things in place, you can check your bank account balance anywhere and anytime. The various ways to check bank account balance are as follows

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    Account Balance And Available Balance

    As you check your account, be aware of the difference between the current account and available balance in your checking account.

    Account Balance: This is the total amount of money that is in your account.;

    Available Balance: This amount will typically be lower than your account balance. It reflects pending transactions, holds , or uncleared deposits. You can use your available balance, as long as you dont exceed the limit.

    Pending transactions are already deducted from the available balance though the transaction may take a few days to fully process.

    If you deposit a $1,000 check, it will show in your account balance, but some or all of it may not be in your available balance until it clears with the bank. Therefore, you can not spend the money in your current balance unless the available balance is the same.

    Axis Bank Account Balance Check

    Axis banks have a very large customer base. To satisfy the banking needs of the different products and services, Axis bank has launched a number of services for aiding its customers. Here are the ways through which one can check their Axis Bank account balance:-

    Balance through missed call

    For checking account balance Axis Bank customers can give a missed call to this toll-free number 18004195959 for English and 18004195858 for Hindi

    Balance through SMS

    For checking account balance Axis Bank customers can send a SMS through the registered mobile number:-

    BAL <space> Account number to 5676782

    Axis Bank has two types of SMS Banking services one for regular balanced related updates and another for non-transactional requests such as cheque status and others.

    Mini statement

    For getting a mini statement, Axis Bank customers can give a missed call to 18004196969 for English and 18004196868 for Hindi

    Mobile Recharge Service by Axis Bank

    Axis Bank also gives the facility of mobile recharge for its customers so that they can check their Axis Bank account balance.

    For fast mobile recharge, Axis Bank customers can send a missed call to 08049336262 . For activating this service send SMS tin the below-given format with your registered mobile number:-

    Type ACT and send it to 5676782.

    Axis Bank ATM

    One can also use Axis Bank ATMs for finding out about the account balance. You just need to go the Axis Bank ATM and follow the steps below:-

    Axis Bank Internet Banking

    Axis Bank Passbook

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    Through Mobile Banking On Sms

    • Visit the Bank of India website, click on Mobile Banking and then on Star Connect Mobile Banking link
    • Log in to your net banking or mobile banking account and provide your registered mobile number
    • Next click Set/Change SMS password and set or change your SMS password
    • Once the above steps are completed, you can send an SMS to 9810558585 in the following formats-
    • For Balance Enquiry – BAL

    How To Check Bank Balance In Icici Bank

    how to check your HDFC Bank account balance through missed call

    ICICI Bank also lets you check the bank balance by SMS service. You can keep an eye on your latest banking transactions like a cheque return, debit card or available balance on your savings account, etc. You will also get notified when your bank balance rises above the limit or falls below the limit, In case, you find any difficulty in the transaction just SMS IBAL>> last 6 digits of account to 9215676766 or login to the internet banking or call their customer care.

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    Balancing Your Checkbook Is Essential

    Though both parts of the word checkbook are quickly becoming meaningless, being able to reconcile your accounts will always be an important part of financial health. Plus, with the addition of digital banking services like automatic bill payments and mobile deposits, its critical to know when your money is in motion.

    Not only does tracking your transactions help ensure that you are aware of how money is flowing in and out of your account, but also it gives you the baseline you need to detect problems and plan ahead financially. It may be that only old-school account holders still record and reconcile paper checkbooks by hand. But there are a number of options available to help you record and balance your accounting in order to stay on top of your finances.

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    How To Check Bank Account Balance On The Phone

    You can find the phone number for your bank by looking it up online on the banks website, calling the number on the back of your debit/credit card, or the number on your paper statement.

    In order to receive your account balance on the phone, you will have to verify your identity with:

    • An ATM/ Debit card number, Credit card number, Account Number
    • Your Social security number or part of it
    • Your Pin

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