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How To Check Sbi Bank Balance

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Sbi Balance Enquiry Using Ussd

Check SBI Account Balance Through ATM

USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data allows users without a smartphone or data/internet connection to use mobile banking services. To know SBI Account Balance through USSD, follow these steps.

  • Register your number with your bank account.
  • Open phone dialer and Dial * 99 * 41 #.
  • Choose the language as per your convenience.
  • Enter the first three letters or IFSC code or 2 digit bank code followed by send.
  • Now follow the instructions and you can now check your account balance or get a mini statement etc.

Sbi Balance Check Through Missed Call Service

Missed call services allow an individual to perform various commands and check the status of different things related to their bank account. Account-holders can also use SMS services to send SMS to the bank and get accurate information.

With one missed call or SMS sending, one can avail of the SBI services such as SBI balance check, mini-statements, e-statements , and the education loan, TM configuration, ATM PIN, various personal loans, social security schemes, etc. However, these services are facilitated by the Reserve Bank of India in many banks across the country.

Further, as per bank policies, there are some applicable charges on sending or receiving the SMSs on registered mobile numbers. But, calling on a toll-free number is free from some banks. Missed call services and SMDS services are most beneficial to those having multiple accounts in the same bank. As every time a message comes, it will contain all the information about all the accounts of an individual.

Missed Call Banking Registration

  • All the customers have to index their registered mobile phone number for using this service.
  • It is a one-time process and an individual has to send the SMS in a format – “REG< SPACE> Account Number“. And, send it to “09223488888“.
  • Soon you will receive a verification and confirmation message from the SBI bank that will mention the name of the activated service.

How To Check Sbi Account Balance Via Yono Mobile Application

For those who prefer using an app to check balance, the Yono bank app is the way to go.

  • Login to Yono SBI app
  • Enter your 6 digit pin
  • Tap on the view balance button on top of the screen to check your balance
  • In case you have multiple accounts, you can tap on Accounts and check the balance for the respective account.

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    Balance Check Service Security

  • Your accounts can only be added in your phone because they are linked to your mobile number
  • After adding accounts you have to generate a banking PIN using your debit card
  • This PIN must be used for all banking transactions. Without this PIN transactions will not be carried out
  • App password can be created so that no one can even open the app without knowing your app password
  • PIN or pattern lock can be created for your phone so that no one can open your mobile
  • How To Check Balance Using Sbi Mobile Banking

    How to check sbi account balance

    SBI offers a few mobile apps like SBI YONO, SBI YONO Lite and SBI Quick to provide mobile banking services. Both SBI YONO and YONO Lite are similar apps. The only difference is that YONO Lite has limited features and it is a lighter version of SBI YONO.

    Users can register with their account details or internet banking account with YONO SBI and login with mPIN to access their bank details. YONO SBI provides a lot of facilities in one app. It is available for both Android and IOS. Some of the services available are account statement, funds transfer, balance enquiry, IMPS, NEFT, and others.

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    Significance Of Regular Sbi Balance Check

    Most public and private banks provide efficient and simple ways for customers to check their account balances from anywhere and anytime. Checking your bank balance regularly is a good way to remain on top of your finances.

    Balance inquiry is often one of the most popular services, as it is used for a variety of purposes

    • To verify that the account has enough funds for money transfers, check payments, and other transactions.
    • To determine whether the money sent by the receiver has been credited to the account.
    • To ensure that the amount debited for a failed transaction has been refunded.
    • Check to determine if the interest has been deposited on time by the bank.

    Here Are The Steps To Check Your Sbi Account Balance Through Missed Calls Or Sms

    The country’s largest banking sector, State Bank Of India , offers services to its customers via a toll-free number and SMS facility available on the SBI Quick app. SBI account holders can get SMS banking and mobile services, account balance details, and mini-statements by just giving a missed call or an SMS from the registered mobile number.

    The toll-free number is 9223766666, the one through which users can receive balance details by SMS or a call on their devices.

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    How To Register For Sbi Balance Enquiry Using Ussd

    Any account holder who wishes to register for the SBI Balance Enquiry using USSD service is required to send an SMS in the following format:

    < MBSREG>

    9223440000 or 567676

    SMS will be sent to SBI account holders with a User ID and a default MPIN.

    To register for SBI Balance Enquiry through USSD, the customer must first modify their MPIN and complete the registration process at their local ATM or bank. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Dial *595#
  • Enter old MPIN and Click Send.
  • Enter new MPIN and Click Send.
  • The users MPIN will be modified, and a validation message will be sent to them by SMS. The user must go to the nearest ATM or Bank Branch to complete the activation process.

    For activation at ATM, follow the given steps:

  • Choose the Mobile Registration option after swiping the debit card.
  • Choose Mobile Banking after entering your ATM PIN.
  • Select Registration and Enter Your Mobile Number from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Yes first, then Confirm.
  • Take the transaction slip with the message Mobile Registration Successful on it.
  • How Can I Request An E

    how to check SBI Bank Balance and Mini Statement by Missed Call or SMS

    To get e-statement through SBI Quick type ESTMT < space> Account Number< space> < 4 digit password to encrypt the PDF> and send to 09223588888. Customers can choose a 4 digit password of choice. The file received will be a password-protected file and will open using the 4 digit password provided in the message.

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    Steps To Check Balance Via Missed Call Or Sms

    How to check the balance

    Users can give a missed call on the toll-free number or send an SMS BAL to 9223766666.

    Get a mini-statement

    To receive a mini-statement that includes the last five transactions, customers can send SMS MSTMT to 9223866666.

    Checkbook request

    For requesting a checkbook with SBI SMS banking and mobile services, the user needs to follow some procedures. They are as follows:

    Step 1: CHQREQ to 09223588888

    Step 2: The customer will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number.

    Step 3: Next send consent SMS to 09223588888.

    Step 4: Finally, you will receive an SMS within 2 hours of a request for further processing.

    Getting e-statement

    Step 1: The last six months’ e-statement can be received by customers with a savings bank account in SBI.

    Step 2: The statement will be provided with their registered email ID, which is a password-protected PDF file.

    Step 3: Now send an SMS ESTMT to 09223588888.

    Step 4: The code will have a 4-digit number that will be of the user’s choice and is used to encrypt the PDF attachment sent to the registered mobile numbers.

    Sbi Balance Enquiry By Net Banking

    Customers can also avail SBI balance check online facility through net banking.

    • To know about SBI account balance, customers need to login their account by clicking on
    • Next, they need to enter their username and password.
    • Now, after login, you can check balance on the net banking dashboard
    • You can also know about previous transactions, get a mini-statement etc by using a net banking facility.

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    How To Register Sbi Missed Call Banking

    With the missed call banking service, you can perform various operations by sending a message or giving a missed call. You can generate your ATM pin, get a mini-statement showing you the last ten transactions of your account, home and car loan details, social security details.

    This service is provided by RBI and is available in most banks across the country. There are minimal or almost no charges for this facility in every bank.

    Using this service has several advantages. People who have multiple accounts can get the information of all their accounts in one place. The bank will send a text that contains the balance information of all the accounts.

    You do not have to go to the ATM or bank, which can also be advantageous considering the current pandemic situation in mind. This service is provided by the RBI, so customers do not need to fear fraud.

    You can register for the SBI missed call banking service very conveniently. A one-time registration process has to be completed for this, which only needs a couple of minutes. For this, you need to follow the following steps:

    State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur

    SBI Balance Enquiry Number 2021, SBI Balance by Missed Call

    Also known as SBBJ, it is one of the five Associate Banks of the SBI. Missed call balance enquiry number is same as that of SBI. The SMS for registering for missed call balance enquiry service is different though.

    To register mobile number with the Bank, send the SMS- âREGSBBJ < space> Account Numberâ to the number 09223488888. After registering successfully, Account holders may dial the number- 09223766666 and get Account balance details. To get a mini statement, dial the number- 09223866666.

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    Sbi Balance Check Through Sbi Passbook

    • All State Bank customers are issued with a passbook while opening a bank account.
    • Customers have to update their passbooks from time to time to ensure that it contains the most recent information about transactions.
    • Customers can check their balance by getting their passbooks updated from the branch and check both credit and debit transactions.
    • A lot of people still dont know how to use mobile banking or net banking. So, the bank still provides this facility.

    Sbi Missed Call Number

    A unique phone number introduced the SBI Missed Call Banking, and its an innovative facility provided to make balance enquiry. SBI Missed Call Number helps to check account balance by simply making a missed call from the registered mobile phone number of the customer.

    State Bank of India Missed Call Number: 09223766666.

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    Sbi Account Balance Enquiry

    SBI has introduced methods called SBI Quick for SBI account balance enquiry to be easy process for the customers who have no knowledge in computer operations. This made the technique to be popular among SBI account balance enquiry schemes.

    The other banks provide only 3 or 4 options to check the account balance whereas SBI permits to perform SBI account balance enquiry in 6 methods on real-time nowhere else you can find it.

    Sbi Balance Check Sbi Missed Call Balance Check Number / Sms

    how to check account balance SBI Bank

    SBI Balance Check Balance checking or inquiry is one of the most demanded activities by bankers anywhere in the world. A balance request is sent every minute where one learns about his/her transaction. It was not easy as there was no formal way to check balance. To check account balance in India, ATM or account passbook had to be used. However, this was not a convenient method as one had to go to the bank for inquiry. Actually wasting your time and effort along with crowding its bank branches. An initiative by the government to launch mobile apps and internet banking services. Citizens can now easily access Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services. This reduced the hassle of visiting banks and ATM outlets for balance inquiries.

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    Sbi Balance Enquiry Through Missed Call Service

    SBI missed call service enables one to conduct a variety of banking operations simply by triggering a missed call. By using this service you can avail an array of banking facilities such as SBI Balance Check, mini-statement, E-statement, education loan certificate statement, home loan certificate statement, ATM PIN generation, details of car loan and more. To use this service you have to register your mobile number which is a one-time process, just type REG Account Number and send it to 09223488888. Once done you will get a successful activation message on your registered mobile number.

    How To Check Sbi Balance Using Sms

    You can do SBI balance check by sending the requisite SMS from your registered mobile to avail SMS banking service provided by the bank. Send SMS BAL to 09223766666 from your registered mobile number for SBI balance check.

    Alternatively, you can get a mini statement with details of the latest few transactions by sending SMS MSTMT to 09223866666.

    If your number is not yet registered, then send SMS REG< space> Account Number to 09223488888 from your mobile number. After sending the SMS, you will receive a registration confirmation SMS.

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    Sbi Missed Call Banking Services

    SBI has already introduced a dedicated banking service that allows you to check balances and get mini statements with a simple missed call. The bank gives you an option to give a miss call on a number and get an instant bank balance update via SMS. This method will come in handy for those who dont have a smartphone or in case there is no internet to check the balance online. Heres how you can register and get your SBI balance via missed call.

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    Online Sbi Net Banking Online

    how to check SBI Bank Balance and Mini Statement by Missed Call or SMS ...

    The clients can use the net banking option to check andreceive mini statements. The account hasa password and user ID which helps you to login to any product and services.

    Balance enquiry has more option than any other services,with the above given procedures the SBI clients can work out balance enquiry ontheir own. It saves a lot of time and gives clients chances to check balancesas many time as there require the services. Note some services require eitherinternet or charges for them to operate.

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    How To Sbi Balance Check Through Toll

    State Bank Of India introduced the multipurpose Toll-Free Numbers to customer support and balance inquiries and other account services. By following IVR options, everyone can make balance inquiries, different from missed call banking.

    SBI Toll-Free Number is very advantageous because it supports 24/7 across India.

  • Call to or from linked phone number of the account.
  • Follow the IVR menu optoons and give a responcible for Balance Enquiry.
  • Bank Servers automatacally detected the assosiated account number of the phone number, give reply with available balance.
  • If you have not satisfied with the IVRS provided information connect to the phone banking officer to discus about the balance.
  • Why You Should Check Account Balance Regularly

    Account-holders can easily manage their accounts and check account balance on the go. A lot of convenient methods have been provided by public and private banks. You should keep checking your account balance to keep track of your finances. Here are some of the reasons to do balance enquiry

    • Ensure that you have sufficient funds for cheque payment, funds transfer etc.
    • Ensure that you have got the money from the receiver.
    • To figure out if a failed transaction has credited your account back.
    • To check whether you have received savings account interest to your account.

    Bottom Line

    It is always recommended to keep checking your account balance regularly to avoid any unauthorized transaction that you may not know about. You can also keep track of your expenses and budget by checking your monthly statement. You can make a manageable budget every month by keeping an eye on your transactions and balance.

    Frequently Asked Question

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    What Is Missed Call Banking

    With the help of missed call banking, you can perform different banking operations by sending SMS to a toll-free number or leaving a missed call. You can check account balance, request e-statement , get a home loan and education loan statement, generate ATM PIN, activate ATM card, get details regarding, car and home loan, etc. RBI enables most banks in India to provide these facilities.

    These services may be specific but may attract minimal charges, especially when it comes to receiving and sending SMS. The SMS charges are subject to your current plan and banks policy. A lot of banks have no charges for balance enquiry on toll-free numbers. If you have several accounts in one bank, this facility is very helpful. You will get an SMS with balance details of all your accounts with account type and numbers. You can wait and try later if this facility is not available because of technical issues.

    Sbi Account Balance Enquiry Through Ussd Codes

    How Do I: View account summary and account statement in OnlineSBI

    When the user is not aware of using internet for SBI account balance enquiry or SBI Account withdrawal or any other operations he/she can utilize these USSD codes that provides the available balance of the SBI account in a simple way.

  • To know the balance of SBI account dial * 99 * 41 #, the user could get the balance statement of SBI account within seconds.
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