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How To Check Your Bank Account Balance

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Whats The Difference Between Current Balance Vs Available Balance

how to check your HDFC Bank account balance through missed call

The current balance on your bank account is the total amount of money in the account. But that doesnt mean its all available to spend. Some of the funds included in your current balance may be from deposits you made or checks you wrote that havent cleared yet, in which case theyre not available for you to use.

Your available balance is your current balance minus any holds or debits that havent yet been posted to the account. If you have no holds or pending transactions, the two balances are likely the same.

But if you use your debit card regularly or you recently deposited a large check, the two balances may be different.

Create An Account Or Login

First time users will have to create an online banking account. Look for create an account or new user. Creating an account should take less than 15 minutes and only requires an email address.

Once you have an account, enter in your username or email and password. Select login and youll be brought to an online banking screen.

How To Check My Equity Bank Account Balance Online

One of the best things with banking today is the integration of information technology. Equity Bank online banking is one of the most straightforward for customers that want banking services at their fingertips.

One doesn’t need to visit the nearest branch for certain transactions, including deposits that can quickly be done using different platforms and verified through online banking. Most services are easily accessible via this sophisticated online banking system, so is the balance checking feature.

Step by step guide for checking balance online

Are you wondering how to check my equity bank account balance online? This strategy is viable for all Equity bank account types. First, you need to be registered for Equity Bank online banking services. After that, all you have to do is log in to the platform and navigate to the account balance section.

  • Open the official equity bank online banking platform.
  • Your balance will be on the home page in the accounts summary section. The page loads after you are logged in to the online banking portal.
  • If you want more details on your account, like a statement, head over to the account section and click account statement via email.

Also, you can utilize the official equity self-service portal to check your balance. You can do it using the following steps:

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Through Mobile Banking On Sms

  • Visit the Bank of India website, click on Mobile Banking and then on Star Connect Mobile Banking link
  • Log in to your net banking or mobile banking account and provide your registered mobile number
  • Next click Set/Change SMS password and set or change your SMS password
  • Once the above steps are completed, you can send an SMS to 9810558585 in the following formats-
  • For Balance Enquiry – BAL

What Is The Difference Between A Checking Account And A Savings Account

4 Ways to Check Your Bank Balance

A checking account is meant to be used for daily cash needs. It is the primary source of funds for an individual where cash can be withdrawn for spending or payments. A savings account is an account that is meant to be used for saving rather than spending. Savings accounts also come with the ability to earn interest on money deposited in the account whereas a checking account does not. Most savings accounts also come with limited withdrawal amounts per month whereas a checking account has limitless withdrawals.

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How To Check Bank Balance In Canara Bank

Customers can check their Canara Bank balance in many ways as listed below –

Using Missed Call Service

  • Give a missed call to 0 9015 483 483 to know your balance in English
  • Give a missed call to 0 9015 734 734 to know your last 5 transactions
  • You could also get your balance information in Hindi by giving a missed call to 0 9015 613 613

Using SMS Banking services

  • For Balance Enquiry you can send the following message to 5607060 CANBALuseridMPIN e.g. CANBAL xxxxxx 111111 3.
  • For Mini Statement you can send the following message to 5607060 CANTXNuseridMPIN e.g. CANTXN xxxxxx 111111

In addition, you could use the app of the bank or the internet service of the bank to check your account or the last done transactions.

What Is A Checking Account

A checking account is a deposit account held at a financial institution that allows withdrawals and deposits. Also called demand accounts or transactional accounts, checking accounts are very liquid and can be accessed using checks, automated teller machines, and electronic debits, among other methods. A checking account differs from other bank accounts in that it often allows for numerous withdrawals and unlimited deposits, whereas savings accounts sometimes limit both.

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Keeping An Eye On Your Checking Account Balance Is Key To Managing Your Money But Checking Accounts Typically Have More Than One Type Of Balance So Which One Should You Watch

If youve ever deposited a check one day only to see your balance the next day be less than you expected, or if youve had a check bounce for nonsufficient funds when you thought the money was there to cover the payment, the discrepancies may involve the difference between current balance vs. available balance.

While both numbers provide important information about your bank account, they also differ in some critical ways. Lets take a look at the difference and how to keep track of both.

Why Are My Available And Posted Balances Different

How to check your account balances using the OCBC Mobile Banking app

Your available balance is the most current record we have about the funds that are available for withdrawal from your account.

It includes all deposits and withdrawals that have been posted to your account and it is adjusted throughout the day as we authorize or receive notice of pending transactions.

Your posted balance is your account balance at the end of the previous business day. A business day is generally Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. The ending balance does not include any pending transactions that have occurred since the close of the previous business day.

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How To Order Bank Of America Checks Online

Ordering new Bank of America checks online is easy and free! Choose from 1600 different check designs and styles. You are at the right place to browse then order your favorite personal check design.

But for a checking account, wed expect, well, checks . If youre a student under 24 years of age and youre attending high school, college, or a vocational school, you can qualify for a temporary fee waiver for the SafeBalance and Advantage Plus checking accounts, and the Advantage Savings account.

Hdfc Account Balance Check

HDFC Bank like any other bank offers various services for the ease of the customers. There are various methods through which one can check the account balance. Below are some methods:-

Balance through missed call

For checking account balance HDFC customers can give a missed call to this toll free number 18002703333

Balance through SMS

For checking account balance HDFC customers can send an SMS through the registered mobile number:-

For account balance query SMS BAL to 5676712

Mini statement

For getting a mini statement, HDFC customers can either give a missed call to 18001802222 or SMS in the below-given format.

For a mini statement SMS TXN to 5676712

HDFC Number

For checking account balance one can call up at 022-61606161 which is not a toll free number. After the call is picked up, choose your preferred language and follow the instructions.


One can also use HDFC ATMs for finding out about the account balance. You just need to go to the HDFC ATM and follow the steps below:-

  • Insert your card
  • Enter the PIN
  • Select the balance inquiry option

The balance would be shown. One can also choose the mini statement option for checking transaction history up to 10 previous transactions. You can also use HDFC ATM cards at ATMs of other banks.

HDFC Net Banking

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

HDFC Passbook

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How To Check Bank Balance In Punjab National Bank

This facility to check bank balance in your Punjab National Bank account is available to all the customers who have registered their mobile number with the bank. Given below are the different ways in which you can check your bank balance at Punjab National Bank

  • Giving a Missed Call

    Give a missed call to the PNB Balance Enquiry toll- free number 1800 180 2223 or to the toll number 0120-2303090 to receive SMS with your current balance. This service is free of cost and is available for SB/CA accounts.

  • Via Internet Banking

    You could also log on to PNB Internet Banking > > Click on Other Services > > Service Request > > New Request > > Email Statement

  • You could also send the following SMS to 9264092640 or 5607040 via registered mobile number – ESTMT space last 4 digit of a/c no space Email ID

How To Check My Checking Account Balance Online

4 Ways to Check Your Bank Balance

A key advantage of online banking is that it allows you to see how much money you have in your checking account without having to visit or call the bank. To use this feature, you must establish an online banking account with your bank and create a username and password. After enrolling, you can view your account balance from your desktop computer or eligible mobile device.

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Key Takeaways: What Factors Do I Keep In Mind

First and foremost, make sure not to keep the same password for all your banking accounts. Because if one bank account gets hacked, the likelihood of all your other accounts getting hacked are higher.

The more accounts you have, the more work it can be for you to handle it. Though the automatic debit option can make your work easy, it is crucial to monitor the accounts to ensure your budgets are on track.

It is recommended by financial planners that those who are holding one or two accounts need not open separate accounts for each expense as it can be a pitfall if you are unable to manage the accounts.

The main things to watch out for when having multiple accounts are fees and/or fraudulent charges. Both of which can outweigh your earnings, ultimately defeating the purpose of having various accounts.

Faqs Related To Sbi Balance Inquiry

Q. How to check SBI account balance via missed call?

Ans. SBI customers can give a missed call at from their registered mobile number for checking their account balance.

Q. How to get SBI account mini statement via missed call?

Ans. SBI customers can give a missed call at from their registered mobile number for getting their account mini statement with the last 5 transaction details.

Q. How to check if my mobile number is registered for Missed Call Banking?

Ans. You can simply give a missed call at Missed Call Banking number and in case your number is not registered, you will receive an SMS stating that the number is not registered.

Q. I received and SMS: Dear Customer,Your mobile number is not registered for this facility. How can I register?

Ans. Customers can simply type an SMS e.g. REG < Your A/c Number> and send it to .

Q. My number is registered with multiple accounts. Which account balanced will be receive on missed call?

In case you have multiple SBI accounts associated with one mobile number and you give a missed call on the balance inquiry number, then the bank will send a message containing the balance information of all the accounts.

Q. Is an ATM balance inquiry will be counted as a free ATM transactions?

Ans. No. RBI asked banks to not count balance inquiry as a free ATM transaction on 14th Aug 2019.

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Install Google Pay App Now

Google Pay a simple and secure payment app is an easy payments app introduced by . Same as PhonePe, you can link your bank account easily with SMS verification method and send balance directly to a bank, check bank balance directly, request money from friends and others. This app has been rated by more than 2,260,930 users until now with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This app is also has a badge of Editors Choice.

It is an easy and safe mode of payment, you can pay anyone, anytime. Even if the receiver doesnt use Google Pay App.

You can pay your electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, DTH, mobile, and more. All you need is to link your bank account once to pay your bills.

How Often Should You Check Your Bank Account Balance

Check Your Bank Balance Using Your Mobile Device ! – 9 Tech Tips

by Maurie Backman | Published on Dec. 25, 2021

Many or all of the products here are from our partners that pay us a commission. Its how we make money. But our editorial integrity ensures our experts opinions arent influenced by compensation. Terms may apply to offers listed on this page.

The quick answer? Pretty often, at least as far as your checking account is concerned.

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Create A System That Works

Now that you have balanced your checking account, you’ll need to keep it balanced. The key to staying balanced is creating a system you can follow easily and consistently.

If you don’t record transactions from your checking account, you will need to monitor your online charges multiple times a weekeven dailyto ensure that your account is balanced and free from fraud.

There’s no best system for balancing your checking account. Take time to figure out which system works for you. That could be:

  • Pen and paper

How To Balance Your Checkbook

Unfortunately, the basic money management task of balancing our checkbooks is not taught in most schools and usually not taught by our parents. If you’re just starting out on your own, or you have your first bank account, or you just never got in the habit of balancing your checkbook regularly, here are some easy to follow instructions for how to do it.

Figure out your current balance in checking, which your bank may list as your available or ending balance. You should be able to find this amount by checking using your online or mobile banking app. Log this amount at the top of your checkbook register in the space indicated.

Record any pending transactions in your checkbook register, including both debits and credits, as well as checks you’ve written that have not cleared yet. Include the date of the transaction, a description of the transaction, and the amount. If listing checks, also write down the check number. Some people like to use duplicate copy checks so they always have a record of who they issued a check to and for what amount.

Starting with the first transaction you enter, subtract the amount from your available balancein the case of a deposit, add it to the balance. Then record the new amount on the next line of your register. Continue doing so until all transactions are recorded.

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Why Do Some People Have So Many Accounts

While some people get different bank accounts to manage their income sources or investments, some have it to enjoy the high benefits provided on these accounts like discounts, cashbacks and other offers.

Multiple accounts can even be accumulated in other ways like if your employer provides you with a salary account or if you have opened an investment account.

You can have a number of accounts also if you jointly own an account or more with a business partner or your spouse.

In several cases, you may not have a choice, because some banks offer loans or credit cards only if you have a savings account with them. Also, if you have a business then you need a business account.

How To Check Access Bank Account Balance

4 Ways to Check Your Bank Balance

To check your Access Bank account balance, simply dial *901*5# from your registered phone number.

You will receive a prompt message to enter either your mobile banking PIN or the last four digits of your BVN. This is only for verification and security purposes. Once you have provided the passcode, your account balance will be shown on your screen.

Also, you can check your account balance using the Access Bank mobile app which you can download from your phones app store.

Another way to check is through SMS. Compose an SMS in this format: BALAccount Number, e.g BAL 1983457621, and send it to 08160000612. You will receive an instant message showing your account balance. Note that you will be charged N5 for each transaction.


Check Access Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code 2021 Update

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Bank Of America Checking Account

But for a checking account, wed expect, well, checks . If youre a student under 24 years of age and youre attending high school, college, or a vocational school, you can qualify for a temporary fee waiver for the SafeBalance and Advantage Plus checking accounts, and the Advantage Savings account.

You Know More Than Your Bank

If you balance your account regularly, you rarely need to check your balance .

In fact, youll probably know where your balance is headed before your bank does. If you write a check or spend before the transaction hits your account, your own records will be more accurate than those of the bank.

You can monitor your account in multiple ways. Take advantage of mobile apps that keep information at your fingertips, and employ alerts to notify you of potential problems. As you track things, youll know when deposits clear , and youll have a better understanding of your finances.

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