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How To Hide Bank Account From Child Support

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Client Victory Addressing Income For Calculating Child Support

Child Support – Remove Child Support From Your Credit – FCRA & FDCPA

In a recent child support case argued by Anderson & Boback, opposing counsel wanted to include, in addition to our clients W-2 wages, all of the gross rental and business income of our client for calculating child support. The court agreed with us that any child support obligation should not include income from the rental properties when his testimony was unrefuted that the net proceeds from those properties was zero. In addition, our client owned and operated a small business that breaks even over the course of the year based on the ordinary and necessary expenses required to operate the business. Our client owned and operated the business but employed others to work the business since he had a full-time job elsewhere.

Prior to July 1, 2017, Illinois section 505 of the Act permitted, in relevant part, deductions for expenditures for repayment of debts that represent reasonable and necessary expenses for the production of income. 750 ILCS 5/505 . Thus, for an individual to successfully claim a deduction, he or she had to establish that it was a reasonable and necessary expense for the production of income and that it into the category of debt repayment as evidenced by a specific repayment schedule. In re Marriage of Vance, 2016 IL App 150717, ¶ 42 ) ¶23 as quoted from the most recent third district case Hochstatter and Hochstatter 2020 Ill App 109132.

Finding Where The Money Has Gone

If you have grounds to suspect your ex-partner has hidden a lot of money and other assets, you could use a forensic accountant to assist you to find it. This service can be expensive, but the accountant should be able to advise whether it is worth pursuing. You can also enquire about a no win, no fee arrangement. Forensic accountants work alongside your lawyer. Find a forensic accountant through your lawyer, or search the Certified Practicing Accountant Australia website.

You can find out ways to reclaim your power and protect yourself from continued financial abuse in our post Getting Back Control of Your Money.

How Does A Bank Levy For Child Support Work

Although child support laws vary from state to state, no jurisdiction will let you go indefinitely without paying. Eventually, the government will take collection efforts against you. All states can levy your bank account if you don’t voluntarily pay. Federal law not only allows states to do it, it obligates them to take certain steps, including a bank levy, to collect from you.

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Pay Only What You Receive Credit For

The rules around what counts as child support often don’t favour payers. So be careful before paying for anything out of your own pocket or sending money to the other parent. Make sure it counts as child support, which may require you getting written acknowledgement by the other parent.

  • Normally, you should just pay the exact amount of child support you are required to each month.
  • If you have some care of the children, also pay directly for normal care expenses and any activities or purchases you personally choose.

See Your Children More

How to remove a child from your family account  Sumdog

The single best thing for avoiding child support is to spend time with your children. How much you pay basically depends on how many nights per fortnight the children spend with you.

  • If you have the kids 7 nights per fortnight, you’re assumed to be covering 50% of their costs through direct care.
  • You may still need to pay some child support if you have a higher income than the other parent.

Child support payments are lower if you have at least 2 nights with the children per fortnight. The amount drops again if you have 5 nights and then keeps reducing as the number of nights increase. See our online calculator / estimator.

To have more time with the children, ideally you can come to a mutual agreement with the other parent. Otherwise, you’ll need to go through a court process .

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Not Working Working Reduced Hours Or Has Changed Industry Occupation Or Working Pattern

This is the first of the 3 compulsory criteria for an earning capacity decision.

When considering the first criterion the Registrar must be satisfied that the parent:

It is possible that a parent will meet more than one of these sub-criteria.

Except where the parent does not work, a parent who has not reduced their income cannot be found to have a higher earning capacity.

Example: A parent who refuses a promotion at work, maintaining their income at the same level, will generally not be found to have a higher capacity to earn.

Some reductions in income will not satisfy this criterion.

Example: A reduction from regular overtime to a standard working hours week or loss of bonuses which required additional effort beyond that required of a standard employee, cannot be considered as founding a parent’s additional earning capacity.

Does not work despite ample opportunity

A parent who is not working is one who is not engaged in work for remuneration, or in self-employment for profit.

A person can be said to be not working despite ‘ample opportunity’ to work if they have had offers of employment and refused them without adequate reason. Alternatively, if the person is not seeking work but there are job vacancies for which they are suitably qualified in their local area, this could also constitute ample opportunity to work.

Weekly hours of work reduced below the full-time standard for that occupation or industry

How Is Child Support Calculated If Im A Business Owner

You might think that it would be easy to calculate child support as a business owner. You should consider all the money from the business assigned for personal use, but it is not that simple for some companies. Different factors calculate the child support amount, such as revenue sources. Well explain this in detail to help you have a better idea of what you need to know about paying child support.

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State Exemptions For Bank Account Garnishment

Unlike federal exemptions, the state exemptions for bank account garnishment vary by state. This can include the types of funds that are exempt from garnishment, the amount of funds that can be claimed as exempt, and whether the account can be seized at all.

That said, there are some exemptions that are common in most states.

How To Keep A Secret Bank Account

How To Remove Bankruptcy/How To Remove Child Support from Credit Report/Labor Day #gizzycredit

Have you ever needed a a secret bank account?

Thats right:

A bank account that only you and the bank know about.

The reasons to hide your savings arent always sinister and sometimes they are!

With some care planning and well-thought out moves, it is entirely possible to have an entire bank account that no on know about other than you.

No matter what your reason is for having a secret bank account, the main thing to know is that you will have to be extremely vigilant about your actions to keep the account a secret.

Either way, if you are interested in opening and maintaining a secret bank account, heres some help.

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Another Great Scenario Tactic : Quitting Your Job To Avoid Child Support

Well, B doesnt want to pay child support and knows that child support is based on his taxable income. B thinks, Easy-peasy. Ill just quit my job and work under the table, or go travelling, or get training for a lower-paid skill set. Now B is not earning anything. A is screwed, right? Nope!

A starts a court action. B may show up to court or may combine quitting his job with Tactic 1 . At court, A says, Judge, I want child support. B says, Judge, I want to pay child support but I just dont earn any money.

A says, Judge, hes got these skills and this experience, plus I know hes working under the table/hes voluntarily not earning any money. Judge says, Great, B, I think you are capable of earning $60,000/year, so you will pay child support based on that amount even though youve quit your job to ‘find yourself’. You have an obligation to your children to earn as much as you are able to provide for their support. If you choose not to earn any money, thats your choice, but you will have to pay child support like youre earning the money youre capable of earning.

When A Receiving And Paying Parent Can Apply For A Variation

You can apply for a variation if you think the paying parent has other taxable income that wasnt taken into account in the initial maintenance calculation. The paying parent can also apply to have this income taken into account. This is called ‘additional income’ and includes:

  • ‘unearned’ income such as rent that the paying parent gets from property or land, or dividends and interest from savings and investments – this must be at least £2,500 a year
  • ‘earned’ income is when the paying parent or their partner is getting benefits but also has gross income from a pension, employment or self employment – this income must be at least £100 a week
  • ‘diversion’ of income is when it is thought that the paying parent may be hiding their full income so not all of it is included in the Child Maintenance calculation – for example giving it to someone else, such as their partner, or redirecting their money such as towards a company car, instead of taking a higher salary.
  • if the paying parent has assets worth more than £31,250

Receiving parents and paying parents can apply for an Asset Variation. Asset Variations that can be considered are:

  • any money whether in cash or deposited
  • gold, silver or platinum bullion bars and coins
  • any virtual money which is capable of being exchanged for money
  • stocks , shares and unit trusts
  • gilt-edged securities
  • land rights
  • property
  • chose in action

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Expense Accounts And Other Perks

“Perks” refer to benefits over and above direct compensation that a company may offer its employees. Some companies offer very little to no perks, while the perquisites of other companies are so valuable that they almost equal the salary being paid. Some common perks are as follows:

A company car for personal use

Paid parking space

Some companies pay all or a portion of their employees’ monthly parking rates.

An expense account

Expense accounts range from small to large. Your spouse may have an expense account to take customers to fancy restaurants, sporting events, or other functions. Look at the documents to see whether you spouse is taking clients to inexpensive restaurants and keeping a portion of the weekly expense account for him/herself. Your spouse may charge all or most meals to his/her employer, but list them as an expense in the divorce.

Meal allowance

Clothing and uniform allowance

If My Bank Account Is Levied Can I Open A New Account


Yes. As long as you meet the requirements of the bank where you want to open the account, there should not be a problem about opening a new bank account. However, just because its a new bank account does not guarantee that creditors will not find it, ask the courts for you to disclose your new bank information, and levy it again.

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Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

The offshore asset protection, properly established in the right jurisdiction, is considered by many experts to be the most powerful asset protection tool. Common jurisdictions are the Cook Islands , Nevis and Belize . Its clear what you may be thinking right now. Is this legal to do? Is this safe? Can I really feel secure when I transfer my assets to a trust in the Cook Islands? The answer to all three of these questions is yes.

There have been attempts to crack the trust by the U.S. government on two occasions. Even they tried and failed not that we would intentionally set up asset protection from the U.S. government, mind you. Subsequently, actual case law has demonstrated that this a clearly a legal and safe place for assets. Cook Islands Trusts have proven consistently to satisfy those who have them, and even exceed their expectations. The trustee we use is our own Cook Islands law firm. The following will discuss why we can trust them.

You have access to your assets while theyre in the Cook Islands Trust trust. In addition, you are the settlor of the trust, the one who had the trusted created. You can also be the beneficiary of the trust, the one who enjoys its benefits. Thus, you arent giving away your assets for someone else to use. The trust owns 100% of an offshore LLC. The offshore LLC holds the bank account. You are the manager of the LLC and the signatory on the account.

There Are Two Major Penalties For Hiding Assets In Divorce

1. Losing more than 50% of the hidden asset.

2. Getting hit with the attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses your spouse incurred.

Can there be more than that? Yes. If hiding the asset rises to the level of the breach of fiduciary duty, the California Family Code can even order damages against the spouse.

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Where Are The Ato’s Views On Alienation Of Income Found

The following publications are available on the ATO’s Legal Database.

  • IT 2121: Family Companies and Trusts in relation to Income from Personal Exertion. This sets out the way in which the Commissioner will deal with such arrangements, the features of such arrangements and some relevant case law.
  • IT 2330: Income Splitting. This ruling is concerned with partnerships that involve professional services.
  • IT 2503: Incorporation of Medical and Other Professional Practices deals with companies which have been incorporated to take over the activities of professional practices. Whilst this ruling refers to incorporation of medical and other professional practices, the Commissioner applies similar principles to other cases in which personal services income is derived through an interposed company or trust.
  • IT 2639: Income Tax: Personal Services Income
  • TR 94/8 Income Tax: whether business is carried on in partnership . This states that the question is one of fact and it outlines factors that will be taken into account by the Commissioner. In particular, the existence of a partnership is evidenced by the actual conduct of the parties towards one another and towards third parties during the course of carrying on a business.
  • TR 2001/7 Income tax: the meaning of personal services income
  • TR 2001/8 Income tax: what is a personal services business
  • TR 2003/6 Income tax: attribution of personal services income, and
  • TR 2003/10 Income tax: deductions that relate to personal services income.

How Does A Spouse Hide Assets

Can I Remove Back Child Support From My Credit Report?//Delta Credit Tip

It can be quite easy for someone to hide assets, or simply misrepresent how many assets they have. Often, the person will enlist the help of someone close to them, or will simply open a bank account in secret.

Other ways for a spouse to reduce or hide assets include:

  • lending money to family or friends
  • generating fake expenses
  • transferring finances to a separate account
  • not disclosing income
  • not disclosing all business assets
  • making large purchases
  • secretly withdrawing money from accounts such as RRSPs
  • transferring ownership of half of a home to a new partner
  • transferring interest in a company to other corporate partners

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Salary Deferred Until After The Divorce

Your spouse may defer a portion of salary until after the divorce. Look for letters or notes asking someone to defer your spouse’s income. The past history of your spouse’s earnings could also be very telling. If your spouse is accustomed to receiving $50,000 per year in commissions and is suddenly not receiving any, this is a suspicious fact that your attorney can use.

Reasonable Doubt: You Can’t Run And You Can’t Hide From Child Support

When I provide duty-counsel services , the questions Im asked most often are about child supportgetting it and avoiding it. Child support is also the one area where, despite its simplicity, people can still be misinformed.

If youve got kids, you know theyre expensive, and thats before you factor in the outrageous cost of daycare and braces. Providing for your kids can seem doubly more expensive after you separate from your spouse and your finances are diminished.

The basics of child support are these:

  • Biological parents must support their children, regardless of whether or not they are guardians of the children.
  • The parent who has the kids more than 60 percent of the time in their care gets the full amount of child support.
  • The child support the other parent pays is based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines. You look at your taxable income recorded on Line 150 of your T1 General Tax Return, the province you live in, and the number of kids youre paying for, put it into one of the many free online calculators, and you get the number you need to pay each month in your base child support.
  • If youre sharing care of your kids and each parent has at least 40 percent of the time with the kids, then you determine how much each of you would pay if the other parent had care of the children full-time and you offset the two amounts. The person who would pay the higher amount pays the difference to the parent who would pay the lower amount.

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Neglect To Mention A Job Change

Depending on which statistical report you put stock in, between 8 and 9 million workers lost their jobs in the Great Recession.

Not only do lenders want to know if youre working, but they also want to know how long youve been at your present job.

Theyll seek confirmation of your job status right up to your loan approval to ensure youre working and still earning the income listed on your application.

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