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How To Open Axis Bank Account Online

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How to open axis bank account online

Whether youre using online banking or our mobile app, opening a joint account is easy. There is a slight difference in the step-by-step process, and below youll find a quick breakdown for your reference.

To open a joint account from your web browser:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Hover over My Accounts at the top of your screen
  • From the drop-down, click Products
  • Select Open a joint account
  • Invite friends and family

To open a joint account from your mobile app:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Tap the menu at the top right of your screen
  • Under Products, select Open a new account
  • Under Account type, select Joint Savings Plus Account
  • Invite friends and family

Easy Banking With A Secure Plus Debit Card At Low Issuance Charge

  • Secure Plus Debit card at an issuance fee if Rs. 300 and annual fee of Rs. 300
  • High daily withdrawal limits of Rs. 50,000 at ATMs and Rs. 1,25,000 for shopping transactions
  • First 5 Financial transactions free and unlimited Non Financial Transactions at Axis Bank ATMs
  • First 3/5 transactions free, at Non Axis Bank ATMs in metro/non-metro locations respectively
  • S To Open Axis Bank Savings Account

    For customers looking to open a savings account, opting for the variety of savings account options offered by Axis Bank could be the best way forward. The Axis Bank Savings Account comes with the benefit of relatively low average monthly balance, reward points for every transaction and the possibility of customising the account to suit ones financial needs.

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    Axis Bank Nri Account Benefits

    NRI accounts are a great way to manage your finances in India while you are away, and also help plan for an eventual return.

    Your savings account in India should be switched to an NRI account if your residence changes to outside the country

    Axis Bank can help make this process easy and smooth with their online services. Axis Bank offers a range of NRI accounts so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Whether you want just a simple account to access online from abroad, or all the way to a dedicated relationship manager who oversees your account.

    There are additional perks and benefits with opening an Axis Bank NRI account. Check out a few of them below:

    Easy Savings Account

    Ask your Axis Bank representative on other benefits you can receive with an Axis Bank relationship.

    How To Open Savings Bank Account In Axis Bank Account Online

    How To Open Axis Asap Account Online Zero Balance Instant Axis bank ...

    In order to open a savings bank account in Axis Bank Account online, you need to first check whether your bank gives you an option to open savings account online and if yes, then follow below mentioned steps:

    Go Online and Visit Bank’s Official Portal

    You need to visit the bank’s Official Portal in which you want to open your account.

    Fill up Account Opening Form for Savings Account

    Initiate the process of account opening through filling up the Savings Bank Account Opening Form. You need to fill up all the necessary details such as customer’s information and other details in the different sections given in the prescribed form like name, address, contact number, email id, PAN, type of account to be opened, nominee’s name, etc.

    Upload Required Documents

    After completing filling up the account opening form, you need to attach KYC documents like PAN, Proof of Address & Proof of Identity.

    Video KYC

    In order to get verified, you can submit your KYC documents through a video call. For this purpose, you are required to provide access to your location, camera and microphone on your smartphone.

    Opening of Savings Account

    After getting yourself verified through video call via step 4 mentioned above, your account will be opened and you will be allotted a Customer ID and account number by the bank

    Obtain Cheque Book, Passbook, Debit Card & Other Documents from the Bank

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    Important Points Regarding Opening Axis Bank Account Savings Account

    • Research and select the bank paying maximum rate of interest under its savings account.
    • Different Banks offer different rate of interest under Savings Account.
    • Select a nearby bank branch.
    • Fill the account opening form in CAPITAL LETTERS using black ink.
    • Countersign in case of any overwriting while filling up the account opening form.
    • Generally, private banks provide a relationship manager who takes care of any issues or queries related to your account.
    • You must avail the nomination facility.
    • Don’t forget to take the original KYC documents with you for verification purpose.
    • Remember that in most of the savings accounts, maintenance of a minimum balance in account is required.
    • You may choose one from various Savings Account Types offered by the bank.
    • If your mailing address and permanent address are different, provide address proof documents for both.
    • Some banks insist upon that the applicant need to come to the branch, in person, for opening the account and will sign at the relevant places in the presence of a Bank Official.

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    Complete Your Kyc Via Video Call

    In the next screen it will ask for your concern for Video KYC process. Click the check box and click on Check AgentAvailability button.

    Then, It will search for the Agent for Video KYC verification. After finding the agent it will ask for your Camera and Microphone permission. Click on Allow button and then click on button.

    • Check Agent
    • Video KYC

    Then Axis bank agent will make video call to you and ask your basic details for confirmation. Also You have to show your original Pan card and your face on video call. On completion of video call, Your video KYC will be completed successfully.

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    Axis Bank Easy Access Online Open Savings Account

    Axis Bank EASY Access Online Open Savings Account

  • First of all visit the Axis Bank official website.
  • Then go to to saving account option on select Apply Now option.
  • All the required details like name, contact number, date of birth, address proof, it is are fill in the box and click on submit Button.
  • All detail are verified the bank like a pan card aadhar card or any other documents as required by the Axis Bank.
  • Then after the verification is successful of your document Axis Bank will give the welcome kit containing debit card, ATM card pin, and checkbook with you.
  • Your account is activated you can register your mobile number and use the debit card and cheque book for banking service.
  • Also Read

    • You should have at least a 18 year old
    • Minor account can be joint be open with parent

    Axis Bank EASY Access Online Open Savings Account Service Offer:-

    • In this, you will get internet banking facility.
    • Mobile banking facility will be available.
    • Passbook and statement facility are also available.
    • A check book is free once a year.
    • You can withdraw cash withdrawal free from this bank 5 times.

    Who Should Get A Joint Account

    How to Open Axis Bank Account Online 2022 Video KYC Live ð´

    Joint accounts are designed for people who know each other well. Make sure you trust who youre joining up with, since you will all have full access to the account and the funds that are in it.

    Some things to think about:

    • An account co-holder can withdraw all funds from the joint account without your permission
    • Account co-holders can view your account transactions
    • In the case of a marital breakdown of one of the account co-holders, the account could be considered a matrimonial asset and divided accordingly

    If you need further details, please call the EQ Bank Customer Care team at 1-844-437-2265 or

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    Can I Convert My Individual Account Into A Joint Account

    If youre already a customer, we recommend keeping your existing individual Savings Plus Account and opening a new joint account.

    If you do wish to convert your existing individual account into a joint account, you can do so by signing in, selecting the account you wish to convert, choosing More options in the top right corner, and then following the easy stepsto add co-holder. Your account will automatically convert to a joint account once a co-holder has accepted your invitation.

    Axis Bank Nri Account Minimum Balance

    Maintaining the designated minimum balance is an easy way to avoid fees with your Axis bank NRI accounts.

    Here is a quick table on the minimum balance needed to maintain an Axis bank NRI account without having to pay additional minimum balance fees:

    Type of Axis Bank NRI Account Monthly Minimum Balance
    2,00,000 quarterly or minimum relationship value of 4,00,000+
    Burgundy Account 10,00,000 quarterly or minimum relationship value of 30,00,000

    There are ways to avoid paying maintenance fees through deepening your banking relationship with Axis bank or receiving salaries into the account. Check with an Axis bank representative to learn more.

    You can find additional details on the fees and charges for each NRI account online, under the specific account page.

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    Axis Bank Online Open Savings Account Fee

    Benifits & Feature of Axis Bank EASY Access Online Open Savings Account: The following facility is available in this account.

    • Axis Bank has 10 branches across India and 11500 Axis Bank ATM machines.
    • Easy Acccess Saving Account gives you an interest of 3 to 4 percent.
    • To open an account in Easy Acccess Saving Account, you have to keep 10000 minimum in the
    • account.
    • In Easy Acccess Saving Account you can easily run online.
    • You can withdraw 40000 with a debit card in Easy Acccess Saving Account in 1 day and you are
    • given a limit of up to one lakh for online shopping.
    • You are given eDGE Loyalty Reward every transaction in Easy Acccess Saving Account.
    • In Easy Acccess Saving Account you get the facility of Complementary accidental insurance up to 2
    • lakhs.
    • If any kind of transaction fraud is issued with your debit card, then the bank can give you 50000.

    Axis Bank EASY Access Online Open Savings Account Fee & Charge: All banks have their own charge separately, so it is about what is the charge of the account right now, so you read the following points carefully.

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    Axis Bank Nro Account: Non

    Axis Bank Zero Balance Saving Account Opening Online

    Axis Bank NRO savings account can be opened by NRIs to deposit and manage their India based income such as rent, pension, existing savings and dividend. Key benefits of Axis NRO accounts are as under:

    • For convenient deposit and management of income earned in India.
    • Parents/ relatives are allowed to operate the account in absence of the NRI.
    • Ease of operation and access to the internet and mobile banking.

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    Axis Bank Savings Account Opening Online

    The person can open Axis bank savings account through the following process. Follow the steps to open Axis bank account online.

  • The first step is to go to the Axis Bank official website. Link:
  • Secondly, click on the Savings Account option.
  • Choose the savings account and click on Apply Now.
  • In like manner, the application page appears on your screen.
  • Enter your details i.e Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and date of birth.
  • Click on the Submit button to continue.
  • In addition, attach the required documents to the application form.
  • Enter the PAN and aadhaar details.
  • After the verification, the person can get the ATM along with the passbook. The beneficiary can get them through the post or at the bank.
  • Savings Account Opening In Bank Branch

    The willing person can open a savings account at the nearest branch. If you opt to open an account in a bank. The customer should get an axis bank account opening form and fill in the details. Finally, submit the form with the required documents. For this, navigate to the nearest branch and follow the below steps:

  • Visit the nearest Axis bank branch along with required documents.
  • Ask in the accounts section for an application form to open a savings account.
  • Fill in all the details provided in the application form.
  • Stick the passport-size photo to the application.
  • At last, put a signature on the application form.
  • Finally, submit the application in addition to proofs.
  • The applicant will get an SMS regarding the account details within a week more or less.

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    How To Open Online Demat Account

    Opening a demat account is recommended by most experts. An increasing number of investors across the country are opting for this option. After all, there are several benefits associated with this type of account. A demat account renders the process of investing in equity shares extremely convenient. Plus, it eliminates the need to do a lot of paperwork due to its electronic nature and mitigates the risk of acquiring fake shares. It also facilitates a great user experience by efficiently streamlining the trading process.

    Axis Bank Nre Account: Non

    How to open PPF account in Axis bank | Apply PPF online | ENGLISH

    Axis Bank NRE account is a Rupee denominated account for NRIs to park their income earned in foreign countries. NRIs can deposit their foreign income in this account and earn tax-free interest in India. You can open NRE accounts online or visit the bank. Key benefits of Axis Bank NRE accounts are as under:

    • Tax-free interest in India.
    • Access to the internet and mobile banking services.

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    How To Apply For An Axis Bank Loan

    If youre looking for a loan, you can apply directly through the Axis Bank website .

    • Just log into your account and click on the loans button near the top-right of the screen.
    • From here, you can select the Loans tab and select the Apply for a Loan button Click Here.
    • Fill out the online application and submit it.

    Once we receive your application, one of our Relationship Managers will get in touch with you. The relationship manager will walk you through every step of applying for a loan and answering any questions you may have along the way. If youre approved, theyll help set up your account so that you can start using your new credit card immediately! Remember that there is no fee associated with requesting a card or using it to make a purchase.

    Overall, opening an Axis Bank account is easy. You simply need to head to the Axis Bank website and sign up. After that, you can open a deposit account and apply for a loan. If you have a current bank account and arent sure if you want to switch over to an Axis Bank account, you can try the free credit score simulator. Its a great way to see how your credit score would be affected by switching banks. Hope you like the article of Axis Bank Online Account Open.

    FAQs For Axis Bank

    How To Maximize Earnings From An Easy Access Savings Account

    Your easy access savings account enables you to save your money and earn interest on the same, depending on the current interest rate. Here is what you can do to maximise your earnings from your easy access savings account:

    • Keep a check on your expenses through the monthly e-statement so that you can plan your finances better.
    • Earn interest on the daily account balance at the current rate of 3.0%-3.5% per annum.
    • Create a target for your financial goals and save your money to meet those goals.
    • The easy access savings account is a secure avenue to save surplus funds that can be used for further investments.

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    S To Open An Axis Bank Savings Account

    • Visit the Axis Bank homepage.
    • Now, choose a savings account that will suit your financial needs and goals.
    • As soon as the individual applies to open a savings account in Axis Bank, he/she will be required to submit the following documents when intimated by an executive from the bank:
    • Proof of identity – Passport, Driving license, Voters ID card, etc.
    • Proof of address – Passport, Driving license, Voters ID card, etc.
    • PAN card
    • Form 16
    • 2 latest passport size photographs
  • The applicant will then have to fill in the application form. Note, all fields will be required to be filled in to avoid rejection of the application. If one faces issues filling in the form, he/she can contact any executive of Axis Bank for assistance.
  • Once the above mentioned documents are ready and the form filled, the individual will be required to visit and submit the form and the KYC documents at the Axis Bank branch of choice. One can also register for a savings account online.
  • A bank executive will verify the documents and ensure that the name, date of birth, address and so on in the KYC documents and whats in the application form match.
  • Depending on the minimum balance requirement of the savings, the account holder will now have to make an initial deposit. The initial deposit can be made at the cash deposit counter.
  • Once the deposit has been made, the executive will hand you a debit card and the relevant bank documents with regard to the savings account.
  • Eligibility And Documents Required To Open Axis Asap Digital Savings Account

    How to open Axis Bank Zero Balance Account online

    Eligibility and Documents Required For Axis Bank Online Account Open:

    • First of all you must be an Indian citizen
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • You must have your aadhar card and original pan card
    • Your Aadhar card should be linked to a valid or active mobile number.
    • You can apply for account opening only from India.
    • The desktop/laptop or mobile device from which you are opening the account with Axis Bank must be enabled with camera and microphone facility for video KYC process.

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