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How To Open Bank Account Without Ssn

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Open Business Account Remotely / Online

How to OPEN a USA Bank Account Without SSN [Non Resident or Foreigner]

As of May 2021, there are five banks or services that will allow you to remotely open accounts for your US LLC or C-Corp as a non-resident, without requiring a Social Security Number. For folks with an SSN, there are quite a number of additional services, which we wont list here.

The four options are:

  • Works with Stripe: Mixed Results


  • Business checking account
  • Physical Mastercard

In order to get US banking details, the owner of the company needs to fulfill the same residency requirements as for a personal Transferwise account.

If you do, Transferwise can even give you US banking details for your non-US business.

All four services have more or less the same KYC requirements.

You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Articles of Organization / Articles of Incorporation
  • Statement of the Organizer / Statement of the Incorporator
  • Passport of each member or shareholder with more than 25% ownership
  • Description of business model + supporting documentation

Why Do Banks Require Ssn

Because SSNs are heavily used as a form of identification, many banks require them when opening an account. Even so, there is no legal requirement to have an SSN to open a bank account.

One also needs to remember credit unions and online banks as an alternative to traditional banks.

While these financial institutions might not necessarily have lower entry requirements, they are still good to keep in mind as they offer more options.

Open Business Account On Site

A visit to the US allows you to open accounts with the big American banks.

The three most popular options are:

  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo

There are also hundreds of smaller local banks that might be worth checking out.

In order to open a business checking account with a retail bank, an authorized signer has to personally visit a branch. The authorized signer would typically be the company owner. If you want someone else to serve as the authorized signer, you need to prepare a Banking Resolution.

Some banks require the authorized signer to be in possession of an SSN. That basically disqualifies non-residents without US contacts.

Aside from the standard company documents, you will also need a proof-of-address for a US address in your name.

There are two ways to tackle this requirement.

Having an ITIN

If you have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, you are good to go. Although it does not make a lot of sense to me, your ITIN result document can serve as proof-of-address for the address on the same document.

Hacking a Proof-of-Address via AT& T

There is a simple method to legally obtain a document, that US banks can accept as a valid proof of address.

Banks like Bank of America will accept an invoice from a communications provider like AT& T as an utility bill / proof-of-address. Even if that invoice is for a prepaid mobile phone contract.

Go to a random AT& T store near your bank and ask for the cheapest prepaid plan they offer.

Fun anecdote:

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What Do Immigrants Need To Open A Bank Account

There are certain things you usually need to have to open savings accounts or checking accounts in the U.S. Theres a legal reason behind it the U.S. Patriot Act requires banks to verify information for people they offer bank accounts to in an effort to curb criminal activity.

Generally, to open a bank account, banks and credit unions need to be able to verify your name, date of birth and address. Banks may also ask for some type of government-issued identification number such as a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number ITIN as part of the account-opening process.

For example, when you visit a branch or go online to open an account, you may be asked to provide one or more of the following to verify your identity

  • An up-to-date passport
  • Recent utility bill, tax return or another bill showing your name and current address
  • A copy of your lease or rental agreement showing your name and current address

Someone whos a U.S. resident might offer their state-issued drivers license and social security number to verify their identity when opening a bank account. If youre entering the U.S. to work and you have a legal visa, you can apply for a social security number through the Social Security Administration.

Undocumented immigrants, on the other hand, cant apply for social security numbers. But that doesnt mean there are no options for how immigrants can open a bank account without a social security card.

Open Us Bank Account Without Ssn

How to Open a U.S. Bank Account as Non

Without a social security number, how can you open a bank account in the United States?

Open Us Bank Account Without SSN, The SSN, or Social Security Number, is used to identify United States residents, including temporary foreign visitors. Additionally, it is utilised to track income and different perks. The government uses the Social Security Number to administer benefits, track income, offer public assistance, and for taxes purposes.

What does it mean to open a bank account?

You need a bank account since it is not a good idea to carry large amounts of cash or keep money at home not only does this endanger you and your family, but it is also tempting to spend corporate income on personal items such as clothes and entertainment.

Without a Social Security Number, How to Open a Bank Account

If you wish to open us bank account without ssn, youll almost certainly need to get an ITIN. After obtaining your identity number, you may open a bank account using it. The bank will demand a copy of your birth certificate to verify your name, date of birth, and current postal address, among other things.

You are not, however, obliged to have an ITIN . Banks may accept a passport number, government-issued identification numbers such as municipal and community identification cards, or an alien identification card in place of an SSN or ITIN, depending on the institution.

How to Obtain an ITIN

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What Is An Itin

When you open a bank account, the bank will require that you provide some form of tax identification.

Usually, this is a Social Security number.

The bank will report the interest that you earn to the IRS so that you may be taxed on that income. Without some form of tax ID, the bank wont be able to make those reports, so you wont be able to open an account without one.

If you dont have a Social Security number, you can apply for an ITIN. ITINs look much like SSNs, except they always start with a 9 and the fourth and fifth digits always range from 70-88, 90-92, or 94-99.

If you are not eligible for a Social Security number for any reason, you can instead apply for an ITIN.

This will serve as an equivalent for your Social Security number. You will use your ITIN to file your income tax return each year. Banks and other financial companies can use your ITIN to identify you and make reports to the IRS regarding your activities.

ITINs do not provide authorization to work in the U.S. or eligibility for Social Security benefits. You also cannot use an ITIN to qualify as a dependent on someone elses taxes. ITINs can only be used to file your taxes and to allow other parties to make tax-related reports about your financial activities.

Typical ITIN holders include:

  • Non-resident aliens who have to file a US tax return
  • Resident aliens who need to file a US tax return
  • Dependents and spouses of citizens and resident aliens
  • Dependents and spouses of nonresident alien visa holders

Identify The Type Of Bank Account You Want

There are several different bank accounts available. In most cases, you will require a checking account and a savings account.

The checking account will help you get paid and make payments, while the savings account is there to help you set money aside for a rainy day.

Typically, a savings account will offer you APY interest rates, which earn you money on the money you have saved.

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What Is An Annual Percentage Yield

The ‘APY’ or Annual Percentage Yield is the rate of return on an interest-bearing account for a one-year period based on the interest rate and frequency of compounding. The APY for an account that pays a variable interest rate is a hypothetical rate that assumes that the interest rate will not change, although, in fact, it may change in accordance with the features and terms of the account. The interest rates and APYs for accounts that can be opened with M& T online are variable and may change at any time in our discretion without prior notice, before or after an account is opened. The current APY for a particular account is located on the specific product page and is displayed on the ‘Verify Your Information’ screen at the end of the online account opening application.

Actively Monitor Your Accounts

How to Open a US Bank Account & Credit Card WITHOUT a SSN as a Non-Resident for Amazon FBA 2022

Once youve set up your accounts, review your options for monitoring and managing them. One way to keep tabs on the status of your accounts is with alerts sent right to your email or wireless device. By signing up for these alerts, you can be notified quickly when a transaction takes place, allowing you to help monitor your account activity wherever, whenever.

There are a variety of Wells Fargo products that can assist you in managing your accounts. Wells Fargo Online® gives you 24-7 access to your accounts with activity details as well as various alerts you can choose from. And with Wells Fargo Mobile®, you can check your accounts on the run choose from the mobile website or apps to help access your account.

Opening your first bank account is just one milestone in your financial future. Once you get started with opening an account, youre one step closer to building a solid financial foundation for years to come.

Wells Fargo reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork, images, or logos. For example, any third-party trademarks copyrighted materials or name, image, and likeness of any public figures will not be approved.

Not all smartphones are enabled with a digital wallet. Your mobile carriers message and data rates may apply.

Sign-up may be required. Availability may be affected by your mobile carrier’s coverage area. Your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

Investment and Insurance Products are:


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What You Need To Open A Checking Account

To open an account online, youll need:

  • Social Security Number.

To open an account in-person, youll need:

  • Two forms of Identification:
  • Primary ID – which is a valid, government issued photo ID , AND
  • Secondary ID – some examples include bank issued ATM or debit cards, major credit cards, utility bills and birth certificates.
  • Social Security Number .
  • Valid address.
  • Phone number.
  • Why Should I Open A Bank Account If I’m Undocumented

    Personal safety

    A bank account is a safe place to store your money. Even in the unlikely event that your bank is robbed, the money is insured and would be replaced. If you keep your money at home or on your person, you could lose your savings to theft.

    Establish history

    A bank account helps you build a financial foundation. In most cases, a bank account is required to open a credit card, buy a home or borrow funds to start a business, all actions that help establish a credit history. In some states, you can also open a college savings plan with tax benefits, known as a 529 plan, provided you have an ITIN.

    » Need help establishing credit as an immigrant? Heres how you can establish credit without going into debt

    Save money

    With a bank account, you can cash checks or pay bills for free. A bank account also provides financial history, without which phone companies, apartments and other services can be more expensive or require larger deposits.

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    How To Open A Bank Account In The Us Without An Ssn

    Were only targeting or were talking about. U.S. banks here were not talking about virtual online banks, whatever were talking about actual U.S. Banks like the big four, for example.

    • Wells Fargo
    • America
    • Chase, etc.

    All Of them accept the ITIN in place of SSN. So we know that, thats give us the first answer to this question.

    The second thing we want to point out is that when it comes to personal accounts, we know a lot of people ask us a lot like, OK, open up a personal bank account.

    And the general rule of thumb is when it comes to personal U.S. personal bank accounts, again, were talking about these major banks and not these online ones. The rule of thumb is you have to come to the U.S. in person to open an account.

    Start Your ITIN Application Here

    What Is A Virtual Bank Account

    If undocumented, can I open a bank account without social ...

    A virtual bank account is an online bank account that gives you the ability to transfer funds, request money via check or ACH, and deposit checks by taking a picture of them. How do these types of accounts differ from what some might call a “traditional” bank account?

    When it comes to virtual bank accounts, there are no checks or physical money that you transfer. The virtual bank account can be used to make transactions online, over the phone, via the mobile app, etc. Transactions are debited from your virtual account using whats called an ACH.

    Really, though, the major difference is that virtual banks don’t have any physical branches you can visit. This means that, if you bank with Cheese, for example, you won’t be able to head into a physical location in order to deposit cash or order checks. However, because digital or virtual banks dont have to pay the overhead fees of running physical branches , they are able to charge you less for everything, too! Its how Cheese is able to offer everything fee-free.

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    When A Financial Institution Refuses To Open An Account For You

    A financial institution doesnt have to open a personal account for you if:

    • it believes you plan to use the account for illegal or fraudulent purposes
    • you have a history of illegal or fraudulent activity with financial service providers during the past seven years
    • it believes you knowingly made false statements in the information you gave
    • it believes you might cause physical harm to, harass or abuse other customers or its employees
    • you dont already have an account and it only offers accounts which must be linked to an existing account with another financial institution
    • you dont allow it to take steps to verify that the identification you presented is valid

    If a financial institution refuses to open a personal account for you, it must:

    • tell you of its refusal in writing
    • give you contact details for the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

    You may also tell the financial institution that you want to make a complaint. All financial institutions must have a procedure in place to handle complaints.

    How To Open A Bank Account Without An Ssn

    Most likely, to open a bank account with no SSN, youll need to get an ITIN. Once you have it, you can use the ID number to open a bank account. The bank will also verify your name, date of birth , and your current address.

    But you dont necessarily need an ITIN . Depending on the bank, instead of an SSN or ITIN, they may accept a passport number, government-issued ID numbers, such as municipal and community identification cards, or an alien ID card.

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    How To Get A Free Virtual Bank Account Without Ssn

    Did you know that, since the Social Security Administration started to assign social security numbers, theyve assigned at least a whopping 450 million numbers? Thats quite a few SSNs floating around in the universe.

    However, while most US-born citizens receive a social security number at birth, not everybody is eligible to apply for a SSN. Namely, non-resident immigrants are the most affected by this as having a SSN is often a major requirement for accessing a lot of areas of American life, including accessing banking services.

    What do you do if you are looking to get a free virtual bank account without a SSN? Lucky for you, in todays day and age, youve got multiple options. The Cheese Debit Card is your best bet, but before you go applying for one, heres what you should know about virtual bank accounts and SSNs.

    Where Can I Open A Bank Account If I Do Not Have A Ssn Or Itin

    How to open a US bank account as a nonresident without SSN

    Below is a list of banks that allow individuals without a Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number to open a bank account.

    • Important Notes:
    • To open an account with any of the listed banks, you must contact the bank directly.
    • UpTogether does not provide support for opening bank accounts and ultimately the bank decides if an account can be opened.
    • Some of these banks may be state/city-specific or have other requirements not listed here. It is best to contact them directly to confirm you are able to open an account.
    • Bank Of America
    • Plastic barriers between clients and banker
    • Everyone is required to wear masks
    • To open an account:
    • 2 forms of ID needed
    • One picture ID like a passport
    • The other can any other form of ID or even a bill
    • A minimum deposit of $25 is required

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