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How To Open Union Bank Account

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Opening An Account Just Got Easier

UNION BANK How To Open An Account ONLINE 2021 || Apply Online

You can open one of our most popular accounts online in under 10 minutes. Same great service, just more convenient.

Compare our personal accounts and pick the one that suits you best…

  • Fee waived with $4,000 min. monthly balance
  • Unlimited electronic or inbranch transactions
  • Unlimited Interac eTransfers®
  • Fee waived with $2,500 min. monthly balance
  • 60 electronic transactions included per month
  • Unlimited Interac eTransfers®
  • Fee waived with $5,000 min. monthly balance
  • Unlimited electronic or inbranch transactions
  • Unlimited Interac eTransfers®
  • Fee waived with $3,000 min. monthly balance
  • 30 electronic or in-branch transactions included per month
  • Unlimited Interac eTransfers®
  • Fee waived with $3,500 min. monthly balance
  • 60 electronic or in-branch transactions included per month
  • Unlimited Interac eTransfers®
  • 1 transaction included, then $1.50 each
  • Unlimited fund transfers between Servus accounts
  • Unlimited fund transfers between other Servus TFSA products
  • 1 transaction included, then $5 each

How To Order A Physical Card For Your Newly Opened Unionbank Savings Account

Aside from your online UnionBank Savings Account, you will also need to have a physical card to use for in-store purchases or withdrawing your funds from an ATM. You can order a physical card at the nearest UnionBank branch or through the UnionBank Online app. Heres how to order your UnionBank physical card through the mobile app.

  • Open and log in to your UnionBank Online mobile app.
  • From the UnionBank Online dashboard, tap on your Savings Account.
  • Tap Order a Physical Card.
  • Choose where you want to have your physical card delivered, either present home address or business address. Enter your full address details. Tap Next.
  • Review all your entered details. Tap Submit.
  • If everything is in order, you can expect your physical card to be delivered to your address in 5-10 working days.
  • No more long bank lines or strict requirements! With the UnionBank Online app, you can open a UnionBank Savings Account instantly today!

    What Youll Need To Open Your Account

    To make this easy-peasy, we recommend gathering the items listed below before you start. If you plan to open a joint account, youll need all of the same information for the other person on the account. And dont forget, a minimum opening balance may be required depending on the type of account youre opening .

    • Form of ID Grab your drivers license, passport, military ID, or state-issued ID.
    • Social Security number Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply online, so youll need to know your Social Security number or have your card handy.
    • Funding information Youll need your debit card, credit card, or the online banking credentials for the bank account youd like to fund from.

    Once you have this basic information rounded up, its time to get started!

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    How To Open A Unionbank Account Online With No Initial Deposit

    Visa application, along with a few other transactions, requires proof of financial ability or bank statement. If you dont have a bank account yet, securing this requirement might be a tad difficult. A lot of people seem to find the required initial deposit and the maintaining balance of a bank account discouraging. Because of this, UnionBank created a solution that offered bank accounts without the inconvenience of a regular one. Their solution: a bank account that can be opened online and with no Initial Deposit the UnionBank Personal Savings Account.

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    It is really good nowadays that there are more banking options without requiring much cash deposits beforehand. After all, everything is going digital and this is a good way for banks to acquire more customers by sweetening the deal of creating accounts for Pinoys. This makes it nice for us consumers as we now have more choices when opening digital bank accounts.

    Learn more about how to secure your own UnionBank Personal Savings Account without going anywhere or spending any amount now.


    • Waived annual fees for the first year
    • Waived annual fees if you maintain at least PHP 10,000 on your daily balance

    Here Is How To Log Into Union Bank Online Banking Account

    Open Union Bank Savings Account Online

    In case you want to log into your union bank online account, here are few steps you need to follow.

    • Then enter your Union Bank online banking Username.
    • Input your password to login to your bank account
    • Then click on the login button.
    • Once done, your account would open immediately as long as you entered the right credentials.

    So lets see how anyone can check their Union Bank Nigeria account balance.

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    Making An Initial Deposit

    Once you find a credit union for which you’re eligible, you can open an account. You can often do it all online, or you can visit a branch in person. To become a member of the credit union, you need to make a modest deposit, which represents your purchase of a share in the credit union. That deposit is often as small as $5 to $25. You can make your deposit however you like, whether by cash, check, or by using a debit card or other electronic funds transfer from your other bank.

    Note that for a number of credit unions, though not all, you need to leave a minimal amount of money in your account at all times. So, if your account balance is $10 and the share requirement is $5, youll really only have $5 available to spend. The credit union prevents you from spending those funds, so keep that in mind as you plan your budget.

    As with any financial account, you need to provide details about yourself, including:

    • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
    • Your physical address
    • Valid identification, such as a drivers license, passport, or other government-issued ID
    • A reason why youre eligible to join the credit union

    If you’re opening business accounts, you need additional documentation. Bring your employer identification number and any documents showing that your business organization exists . Ask the credit union for full details, and get signatures from all required partners.

    Documents Used As A Proof Of Identity

    • Passport
    • NREGA job card
    • Identity Card/ confirmation from employer
    • Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer to the satisfaction of bank
    • Identity Card / Document with applicant’s photo, issued by :
    • Central / State Government and its Department
    • Statutory / Regulatory authorities
    • Public Sector undertakings
    • Colleges affiliated to Universities
    • Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI & Bar Council etc to their members

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    What Are The Different Unionbank Savings Account Types Available

    First, you have to decide on which savings account type you wish to open. UnionBank currently offers four different savings account types available on the mobile app. These account types cater to your needs depending on what youre looking for in a savings account.

    Personal Savings Account. The no-frills, easy way to start saving your money. Theres no maintaining balance required and you can earn interest on your savings.

    Savings+ Account. A savings account that comes with free life insurance, up to 3x your average daily balance .

    PlayEveryday Account. The first and only gamified savings account in the country, where you can quickly earn points and instantly redeem rewards for shopping, dining, movies, and much more.

    GetGo Debit Account. A rewards-earning card for the traveler who wants to convert their spend to Cebu Pacific GetGo Points.

    • Preferably dark shirt to contrast the background

    What Is The Process To Reset The Union Bank Net Banking Password

    How to Open an Account Through UnionBank Online

    The step-by-step procedure to reset the password is mentioned below:

    • Initially, you will need to visit the main page of Union Bank of India .
    • Next, you must click on Retail User Login.
    • On the next page, you must click on Forgot/Reset Password which can be found under the Services section.
    • On the page, you must choose from one of the two relevant options that are available. You can either rest the password with the help of the debit card or without one.
    • Once the relevant option is selected, click on Continue.
    • On the next page, you will need to enter your User ID, account number, any of your last 5 transactions, the type of transaction, and the answer. Click on Continue once the details have been entered.
    • On completion of the above step, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. You must enter the OTP and click on Continue.
    • On the next page, you will be able to change the Login Password. The password must be entered as per the instructions that have been provided. Click on Continue next.
    • On the next page, a success message will be displayed on the screen stating that The password is changed successfully. You will be able to login to your net banking account using the new password and User ID.

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    Documents Used As A Proof Of Address

    • Passport
    • Utility Bills : Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Gas bill, Water bill)
    • Bank account statement
    • Letter from any recognized public authority
    • Ration Card
    • Letter from employer
    • Other Bank pass books
    • Self declaration by High Court & Supreme Court Judges giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
    • Identity card/ Document with applicant’s photo, issued by:
    • Central / State
    • Public Sector undertakings
    • Scheduled Commercial Bank
    • Colleges affiliated to Universities
    • Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI & Bar Council etc to their members

    What You Will Need To Apply For A Chequing Savings Or Term Deposit Account:

    Personal Information To open your account, we will need some personal information including your address, social insurance number, employment details and contact information. For details on how we keep your information secure, please refer to the privacy section on our website.
    Identification Your security is important to us! Through our identity verification process, you may need to upload a recent bank statement, utility bill or credit card statement. This will help us know that you are you!
    Member Share $5 As a credit union, we are owned by our members! Through this small one-time deposit, you become part of our credit union. When you open an account with us, you also receive a separate Share Account where this deposit is held for you.
    Joint Account Information If you are applying for a joint account, details such as personal information , identity, assets and proof of income, as applicable, are needed for both of you. For joint accounts, only one member share deposit is required.

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    Here Is How To Recover Or Reset Your Union Bank Account Password When Lost

    Because of some reasons, you may forget your password. Once this happens, logging into your account will become a problem. But I will show you how to recover or reset your online banking password.

    Just follow the procedures below to reset your Union Bank online banking account password.

    • Go down and then click on forgot password.
    • Then enter the username you use to login.
    • Then click on the continue button to start the process of changing your Union Bank online password.
    • Once done, the password recovery page will open.
    • Then follow the instructions and complete your password resetting process.
    • Once you have entered all the required information, then click on submit to reset your Union Bank account password.
    • Now your password is reset.

    This is the procedures on how you can easily reset your Union Bank online banking password in Nigeria.

    Benefits Of The Unionbank Savings Account

    Open Union Bank Savings Account Online

    Some people have asked me if the UnionBank savings account is a real bank account. Of course, its a real bank account that comes with a Visa debit card that you can use for shopping or to withdraw cash from ATMs. You can deposit money to your account, earn interest, transfer money to other bank accounts and many more.

    These are the benefits that you can gain from your UnionBank savings account:

    • No initial deposit
    • No maintaining balance
    • No annual fees for the first year
    • Fees are waived if you maintain an average daily balance of 10,000 for the succeeding year
    • Earn 0.10% interest with a minimum balance of 10,000
    • Get a free UnionBank debit card that will be delivered to your doorstep
    • Withdraw money at over 20,000 UnionBank and BancNet ATMs nationwide
    • Access your account on the app and the UnionBank website
    • Enjoy instant fund transfers to other banks via InstaPay and PESONet
    • Deposits are insured by the PDIC up to a maximum of 500,000

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    Regular Saving Bank Account

    • A regular savings account offers applicants with services anywhere anytime. Users can bank via bank branches, net banking, and phone banking.
    • The Bank provides the account holders a debit card without any issuing charges. They can earn points after using the card for various activities.
    • The regular account has a new savings account attached for students Zero balance facility.
    • Once you open the Regular Saving Bank account applicant will receive two free cheque books per year, accident insurance cover on debit card usage for free.
    • The account has a U-mobile facility to help in other banking services.

    Benefits Of Unionbanks Personal Savings Account

    • Its a real bank account
    • Deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation up to max 500,000 PHP
    • It earns interest of 0.10% when you reach 10,000 PHP balance
    • Accessible on the app and web
    • The application can be done using the app
    • Debit Card gets delivered to your address
    • Unionbank account can be linked to GCash
    • Send money to and from any banks for free via PESOnet, PHP 10 via InstaPay.

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    How To Open A Bank Account Without An Ssn Step

    To open a bank account without an SSN, you need to follow these steps:

    • Choose the bank that doesnt require any SSN for its account registration process. You can choose one from the list provided in this guide.
    • Visit the banks official website and see the requirements for you to open an account there. The bank will provide you with information about how to open an account there, including how to open an account without using an SSN .
    • Prepare the required documents as specified by the bank for your account registration process. The bank might require you to prepare additional documents, such as ITIN, US drivers license, military ID, utility bill statement, lease agreement, passport, and so on.
    • Sometimes, you will need to visit the banks branch if you want to open an account with them without an SSN, as the bank will need to verify the documents in person. However, some banks will allow you to provide all the required documents via their online submission process.
    • Please note that you also need to prepare the initial deposit for your account, as some banks will require you to deposit a certain amount of money to open an account with them. Again, check their official website for this information.
    • Wait for the bank to verify your identity, and you will get access to your new bank account right away after the registration process is complete.

    Congratulations! You have signed up for a bank account in the US without using an SSN.

    Types Of Unionbank Debit Card

    How to open a Unionbank account using Unionbank Online App


    • With PHP 350 annual fee

    GetGo Debit

    • Earn 1 GetGo Point for Every PHP 100 spent
    • Exclusive Access to GetGo and Cebu Pacific Seat Sales
    • With PHP 500 annual fee

    UnionBankLazada Debit Card

    • 2X Cashback for Every PHP 200 spent in Lazada
    • 1X Cashback for Every PHP 200 spent for other stores
    • With PHP 500 annual fee


    • With PHP 500 annual fee
    • You earn 1 Play point for every PHP 20 Visa spend

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    What Is The Process To Apply For The Ubi Net Banking Facility

    Individuals can apply for the net banking facility by using one of the below-mentioned channels:

    • Individuals who have a debit card can create the user ID and password via the Self User Creation module that is available on the Union Bank of India website. The process is quick and simple. The password can also be generated by these users without visiting the bank branch.
    • In case individuals do not have a debit card, they can still create the username and password via the Self Creation User module by choosing the without ATM card option. However, only View rights will be provided to such users. They can apply for a Transaction Password via the Forgot/Reset Password Page.
    • In the case of corporate customers, they can avail the internet banking facility only by visiting the bank branch and submitting the application form.

    Information You Must Receive When You Open A Bank Account

    When you open an account at a federally regulated financial institution, such as a bank, it must give you information about your account. This applies even if you open another account by telephone at that same financial institution.

    This information includes:

    • the interest rate youll earn on the account, if any
    • how any interest will be calculated
    • a copy of your account agreement
    • a list of fees and details about all charges related to the account
    • details about how you’ll be contacted about any increase in those charges or the addition of any new charges
    • details on its complaint-handling procedure

    You have the option of receiving this information in writing or electronically.

    You must get a copy of the account agreement within 7 business days after you open the account.

    If you decide to close the account, you have the right to close the account, without cost, within 14 business days of opening it by telephone. If so, the institution must refund any charges relating to the account incurred while the account was open. This doesnt include interest charges.

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