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How To Order Checks Online Bank Of America

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Negotiate For Order Checks Fee Waivers Via A Bank Of America Agent

How to Manage Your Money 24/7 from Bank of America

Did you know you could negotiate with a Bank of America Agent online for order checks fee waivers or discounts? Essentially, you visit BOA online chat. While there, inform the agent that you want a single order check and request for a $7.00 shipping fee waiver on top of other charges. Several customers have been successful with the approach. So, you could also try the same if you need to obtain the free bank of America order checks.

Open An Interest Checking Account

You will be paying $10 in checking fee for a cashiers check at the BOA. Nonetheless, customers with a BOA interest checking account qualify for the cashiers check with no extra charges. Opening an interest checking account with the Bank of America might less than two hours and you can order free checks.

Qualify For Boas Preferred Rewards Program

The Bank of Americas Preferred Rewards program means putting your daily savings, retirement, checking, and investment banking into a single package under the bank. BOA runs this program in collaboration with Merrill Lynch or Merrill Edge. Owning more assets with these accounts means getting more from BOA and Merrill Lynch. For example,

  • Get Up to $20k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Gold Preferred Rewards level
  • Up to $50k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Platinum Preferred Rewards tier
  • Up to $100k assets between Merrill Lynch/Edge and eligible BOA investment account qualifies you for benefits under the Platinum Honors Preferred Rewards level

You need to have an eligible BOA personal checking account plus at least a $20k daily balance in a participating BOA deposit account for three consecutive months to enroll for the Preferred Rewards program.

However, you can combine the balances in your holiday account, daily checking account, emergency account, and savings account to quickly, join the Gold level. And adding in investment accounts like IRAs will easily qualify you for the Platinum as well as Platinum Honors tiers.

All three Preferred Rewards programs carry free banking services. With no-fee banking services, you will get;

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How Do I Order More Bank Of American Checks

Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions and employers in the United States. Like any other bank, they allow customers to use checks to conduct financial transactions.

If you want to use a check from the Bank of America you have to order it. The bank offers you the ability to order fully customized checks through online or mobile banking as we will see later.

Not only is the Bank of America check order process swift and safe but you can do it from wherever you are on the globe. When ordering checks from the bank, you have to use their check order tool.

The check order tool allows you personalize your check in several ways. You can add a custom font, your image or even include your favorite saying.

You can also easily ensure and change your personal details on the check. Moreover, if you want your checks to be delivered by rush order, you can use the tool to utilize expedited shipping.

On the other hand, there is a cost to ordering checks from Bank of America. The cost of the check will depend on the specific style of check you select.

However, you do qualify for free or discounted Bank of America checks if you are part of their Preferred Rewards program.

How to Order Bank of America Checks

There are three ways through which you can order checks from Bank of America.

Via PC

You can order Bank of America checks online directly from your computer. However, you need to have registered for the online checking program with the bank before you do.

9. Click OK.

Order Free Or Discounted Bank Of America Checks On The Internet

Bank of America Archives

Mobile wallets and online bill payment services are on the rise reducing the modern consumers dependence on paper checks. Clients who still write checks are often surprised when it is time to reorder. For instance, ordering one box of checks and duplicates courtesy of traditional banks can fetch up to $30 or more.

It means banks are not the best place to order checks. Some sites, however, will allow you to order cheap checks. In some cases, these websites run promotions offering free checks, leaving you to pay only the shipping costs. With this option, you simply provide personal and banking details. This information is available on your banks official website. Alternatively, you can get the details from old checkbooks you still keep.

Before getting the personal bank of America order checks from online printers, make sure the site has a Check Payment System Associations padlock icon. The icon implies that the check printing firm uses the minimum recommended security features to guard the check from duplication and alteration.

Prices for check printer companies will vary based on quantity and design. The following chart shows the best deals on single checks from third-party online printers;

Single Checks

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Checks From Online Printers

Are checks from online printers just as good? They have to be if they want to be universally accepted, according to the Check Payment Systems Association, an industry group for check printers. All reputable check printing companies produce checks according to industry standards to ensure that checks will be accepted by banks and merchants alike, says Steven;Antolick, executive director of the CPSA.

The association;recommends that check printers incorporate security features designed to thwart counterfeiters, such as microprinted letters and nearly invisible security screens. Many check printers in the U.S. have been certified by the CPSA for use of the padlock icon the little lock symbol that you see on the face of many checks and this means that the company has incorporated at least a minimum number of security features to protect against alteration and duplication of the check, Antolick says.

Before you order checks from an unfamiliar company, look for the CPSA padlock icon on its website. Also verify that the printer has Better Business Bureau accreditation.

What To Do If Bank Of America Denies Your Request

If you are ultimately denied a Bank of America credit line increase, here are some options to help you get the additional credit you need:

  • Wait six months, then make another request: If you plan to request another credit limit increase with Bank of America, wait at least six months .
  • Request a credit limit increase with a different card issuer: Some lenders are more strict about issuing credit limit increases than others. If Bank of America does not grant your credit limit increase request, you might be able to increase your credit limit through another credit card issuer.
  • Apply for a new credit card: Sometimes the best way to increase your overall credit limit is by applying for a new credit card. Whether you apply for a top rewards credit card or a card that offers easy approval, a new credit card can increase the amount of credit available to you . If your credit isnt that great, consider applying for a .
  • Consider a balance transfer credit card: If your Bank of America credit card balance is so high that youre worried about going over your credit card limit, you might want to apply for a balance transfer card. The best balance transfer credit cards offer a 0 percent introductory APR on balance transfers for 15 to 18 months, which can help you pay down your outstanding credit card balances without the burden of added interest.

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How To Write A Check Bank Of America

Despite eBanking simplifying the checking process, knowing how to write one properly is a useful financial skill. You must remember to date your check towards the top with the right month, day, and year. Then, address the check by providing the recipients name, before writing the dollar amount in numbers adjacent to the address. Fill out the payment line by writing the amount in words. You may want to fill the memo section for your records, though it is not compulsory. Your check will not be valid unless you append your signature at the down, right corner.

Can You Get Bank Of America Checks The Same Day

How to Deposit Checks with the Mobile Banking App

Unfortunately, if you need your checks the same day, that isnt possible. Theres no way to print out a Bank of America blank check, and according to Bank of America customer service, the bank doesnt issue temporary or counter checks. However, you can opt for expedited shipping to get your check order faster.

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Print Your Own Bank Of America Checks

Printing your own Bank of America checks mean that you will never be in short supply of checks. It also means having unique checks. But, you must know how to do it correctly to be right. This section will help you learn to print BOA checks by yourself. Well be highlighting the process plus requirements to determine what is best for you.

Along with avoiding the costly bank of America order checks procurement procedure, this process comes with a host of benefits, including;

  • Saving money through printing checks at home
  • A convenient way to have an endless supply of BOA checks
  • Keeping an excellent searchable history plus paid checks reports through a good printing software

Requirements For Printing BOA Checks At Home

First, it is essential to know everything you will require to print personal customizable checks. In this way, you can escape mistakes since a simple error will ruin the entire process. You will need the following items to print BOA checks at home;

  • Printer
  • Software
  • Paper

You may want to get partially printed checks or pre-printed checks or simply build a design from scratch. The latter is a great option because it is cheaper and lets you print out checks on demand.

With check printing applications handling check creation, you can edit all the details from the printing program. After that, simply transfer the check to your printer and fill in the remaining details like transaction amount and payee. You can also add some memos and internal notes.

Why Did Gethuman Write How Do I Order More Bank Of America Checks

After thousands of Bank of America customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem , we decided it was time to publish instructions. So we put together How Do I Order More Bank of America Checks? to try to help. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting Bank of America if necessary. Best of luck and please let us know if you successfully resolve your issue with guidance from this page.

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Where Bank Of America Business Checking Falls Short

Monthly fees: Both Bank of America business checking accounts have monthly fees $16 or $29.95 for the Business Advantage Fundamentals and the Business Advantage Relationship accounts respectively.

Although each account provides a few ways to waive these fees, there are both online and brick-and-mortar competitors that offer free business checking accounts if you dont want to meet those requirements or have to budget for these fees on an ongoing basis.

Additional fees: On top of monthly fees, there are certain instances where youll face additional fees with your Bank of America business checking account. Bank of America charges fees for withdrawals at non-Bank of America ATMs $2.50 for U.S. ATMs and $5 for international ATMs plus, the owner of the ATM may charge an additional fee.

Bank of America also charges a $35 fee for overdrafts, as well as varying fees for outgoing wires. Its also important to note that while Bank of America waives fees for stop payments, incoming wires, check image service, copies of checks and statements and ATM and debit card replacements for Business Advantage Relationship account holders, these services all have associated fees for Business Advantage Fundamentals account holders.

Although these types of fees are not uncommon with business checking accounts, especially those from brick-and-mortar banks, you may be able to find alternative options with fewer fees.

Bank Of America Checking Account Fees

Bank of America Mobile Banking

Before showing you how to obtain free bank of America order checks, its vital to understand the various bank of America checking account fees.

The Bank of America has three different personal checking accounts, including:

  • The BOA Core checking account with a service surcharge of $12 a month
  • BOA Safe Balance banking account with a non-waivable $4.95 monthly maintenance charge
  • BOA Interest checking account with a service surcharge of $26 a month, depending on your branch and location

Moreover, the bank has two business checking accounts, including:

  • Business Fundamentals checking account with a service surcharge of $17 a month
  • Business Advantage checking account with a service fee of $29.95 a month

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Oder Discounted Bank Of America Counter Checks

Do you need only a handful of checks for some transactions? Simply visit your local BOA branch and request a few counter checks from the teller. The counter checks are often free depending on your location, or very affordable.

While counter checks are similar to standard checks, they often dont include your name. Also, they dont carry a check number. You can always get a handful in each instance. But, if you need several of those, the BOA is likely to ask that you order a large quantity, for which you will pay.

Reorder Bank Of America Checks Online

About Bank of AmericaHow does a Bank of America checking account holder reorder checks online?

  • Requirements
  • You need to have a computer with internet access.
  • You need to have a Bank of America checking account.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
  • Go to the Bank of America checks website .
  • Choose your location from the drop down menu and then click the button marked “Go”.
  • a. If you have already enrolled for Bank of America Online banking, just sign in to Online banking and select Reorder Checks on the Customer Service page.b. If you are not an Online banking customer, you need to enroll first. Click on the “enroll now” link and follow the instructions provided to finish the enrollment process. Then you can sign in to reorder checks online easily and quickly.

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Free Bank Of America Checks: Everything You Should Know

Who does not like getting free things? Well, you can get discounted or free checks by looking in the right places and knowing the hidden secrets. But, free stuff often involves digging and searching around, although this post eliminates all the hassles by explaining how and where to access the free or budget-friendly bank of America order checks.

The Bank of America has some of the most affordable if not free checks. Personal and cashiers checks are among the cheapest from this bank. If you want to get the free or discounted bank of America order checks, consider;

  • Getting an interest checking account
  • Qualifying for the Preferred Rewards program
  • Getting BOA business checking accounts
  • Opening a new BOA account
  • Ordering BOA counter checks
  • Negotiating for waivers through a BOA agent
  • Taking advantage of Bank of America waiver seasons
  • Printing your own BOA checks
  • Ordering Free or Discounted Checks on the Internet

Order Bank Of America Checks Via Pc

Protecting Your Bank Account with Bank of America

To order your Bank of America checks from your computer, make sure that you’ve enrolled in Bank of America’s Online Checking program.

  • Sign into the Bank of America website.
  • Go to the Help & Support page.
  • Select the Checking & Savings Account link.
  • Select the Order Checks Or Deposit Slips link.
  • Order your Bank of America Checks.
  • Click Review Order Status to ensure you’re Bank of America check order.
  • Click OK.
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    Bank Of America Business Checking At A Glance

    Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking

    Business Advantage Relationship Banking

    Monthly fee:

    $16 *

    $29.95 *

    Minimum opening deposit requirement:

    Rates vary based on your location.


    Unlimited fee-free electronic transactions .

    Up to 200 fee-free non-electronic transactions , then 45 cents per item.

    Unlimited fee-free electronic transactions.

    Up to 500 fee-free non-electronic transactions, then 45 cents per item.

    Cash deposits:

    Up to $7,500 free, then 30 cents per $100 deposited.

    Up to $20,000 free, then 30 cents per $100 deposited.

    Waived additional fees:


    No fees for stop payments, incoming wires, check image service, copies of checks and statements, ATM/debit card replacements.

    No fee for online account management services.

    No fee for introductory check package with checks, deposit slips and endorsement stamp.

    One Business Advantage Relationship Account and one Business Advantage Savings account available for no additional monthly fees.




    *You can also waive the monthly fees on either of these accounts by becoming a member of Bank of Americas Preferred Rewards for Business program. To be eligible, you must have an active Bank of America business checking account and a three-month combined average daily balance of $20,000 or more in qualifying Bank of America business deposit accounts and/or Merrill business investment accounts.

    The Best Place To Order Checks Online

    They say it takes money to make money, but spending it shouldnt cost any more than necessary. If youre ordering personal checks through your bank, chances are youre overspending.

    Team Clark analyzed the best prices available for both single and duplicate checks online from 10 different retailers, and then we ordered checks from five of the best:

    If youre looking for cheap checks online, we found that Sams Club, Bradford Exchange and Super Value Checks all offer options for less than $0.04 per single check and around $0.05 for duplicates.

    In this article, Ill break down the best buying options from these stores and examine customer service options, delivery times and more ways to save.

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