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How To Request Bank Statement

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Need Of Bank Statement For Business

How to Request for Account Statements Using MCo-opCash service #WeAreYou

A bank statement is helpful in a business in many ways. Some of them are explained below:

  • Bank reconciliation: A bank statement summarises all deposits, withdrawals and charges. A business can compare these transactions with its books of account to identify transactions not recorded in books or vice versa. It helps the business to manage their accounts easily and avoid errors.
  • Budgeting and planning: Bank statements help businesses to categorise their spendings. This enables the business to track its expenses and plan for future expenditures.
  • Tracking vendor payments: Bank statements serve as proof of payment made. It helps maintain vendor accounts by updating the payment made and calculating the closing account balance due.
  • Identify bank charges and interest earned: A business can record the bank charges and interest earned during the period by studying the bank statement. It can also reach out to the bank in case of additional charges booked.
  • Required for obtaining loans: Many financial institutions ask for bank statements of the last 2-5 years before granting loans. It helps to analyse the creditworthiness of a business.
  • Bank Statement Request Letter Format & Samples

    Bank Statement Request Letter: In some cases, people require to track their bank transactions by requesting the bank statements. Requesting the bank statements can be possible by writing a letter or email to the bank branch manager where you opened your savings or current account. Basically, it is a formal document where you will request the bank statement for particular dates & make them utilize for many reasons like submitting the salary bank statement before joining the new job, for visa processing, for applying the government or bank exams, etc.

    So, take a look at the below modules and learn how to write a request letter for Bank Statement and what should be included in it? Along with that, we have curated the Bank statement request letter formats, samples for your reference & draft a perfect letter on your own. Also, Learn Tips for Writing Requesting Letters for Bank Statement. Avail Letter Writing Topics for both formal and informal topics all in one place to have an idea of what and what not to include in your letter writings.

    Requirements For A Bank Statement

    The requirement for you to get a bank statement is for you to open the right account at the bank you want to do business with. But banks have more requirements to meet. For example, their name, branch, and address should be printed on the statement.

    Then, the statement needs to have the date for the time period covered by the statement, the opening and closing balance of that time period, account information as well as the details of each transaction, including their dates. There should be service charges listed if any were accrued.

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    Explore Ways To Register For E

    • Login with User Credentials, click on My Profile and go to Contact Details Update. Update Email ID and E-Statement registration will automatically happen
    • SMS Send GREEN to 56161600
    • Phone Banking Centre Call our Phone Banking Centres toll-free numbers 1860-419-5555, 1860-500-5555
    • Branch Submit the request for E-Statement registration at the nearest Axis Bank Branch

    What Is A Bank Statement

    4+ Free Sample Request Letter Template to Bank with Example

    Bank statements are a record of all the credits and debits to your bank account during a specific period. The statement may show your bank account number, along with a list of transactions, including direct deposits, debit card purchases, withdrawals from ATMs and overdraft fees from that statement period. The bank statement may also show the accounts beginning and ending balance for the period.

    Many banks will assign monthly statement periods to their bank accounts and send you monthly statements. However, accounts that dont see frequent transactions, such as a certificate of deposit accounts might see quarterly statements.

    Banks typically need to keep customer account records for deposit accounts for at least five years. Some choose to retain records for longer, but you wont necessarily find all your previous statements through your online banking platform. If you dont see a bank statement youre looking for through your online account, or youve closed your account and dont have online access, you may still be able to request a physical or electronic copy .

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    Why Would I Need A Bank Statement

    There are several reasons you may need to get a bank account statement or a statement for one of your other accounts. Here are a few.

  • Review your spending. Budgeting software can often connect to bank accounts and pull in your transactions for you to review. If you dont use software though, you may want to review your bank statements periodically to better understand when and where youve spent money and compare against your budget.
  • Look for fraud or errors. You also want to review your bank statements for signs of fraud and discrepancies, such as purchases you didnt make or deposits for an incorrect amount.
  • Apply for a loan. If youre applying for a loan, such as a personal loan or mortgage, you may need to share copies of your bank statements. The lender will review them, along with other documents, to help determine whether you qualify for a loan and the rates it will offer.
  • Review your account balance. You may want to review other account statements, such as a loan statement, to see your current balance and interest rate. Reviewing your loan statements can be helpful if youre thinking about refinancing or consolidating debts, or preparing to start a debt payoff plan.
  • Renting a home. Some landlord and property management companies may ask for copies of a bank statement to verify your income. Alternatively, you may be able to share pay stubs or tax forms.
  • Bank Statement Request Letter Writing Tips

    Refer to the following writing tips before writing the Bank Statement Request Letter.

    • It should be written like an official letter and signed correctly. It must include the branch manager, bank name, and bank address on the left side and date on which the letter has written. After this, mention the account holders name and address.
    • It should include the subject that will help the authority to know the purpose of writing this letter.
    • Make sure to add a salutation at the beginning of this letter. Mention the account holders identity and account number details.
    • It should be concise and clear.
    • Mention the starting and ending dates of the requested bank statement.

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    Application For Bank Statement

    In todays world, where money has become the factor that decides the fate of anything and everything, it is very vital that individuals equip themselves with financial independence and financial literacy. Having a lot of money and not knowing what to do with it or stashing it away in your cupboard lockers is of no use. On the other hand, if individuals know how to invest and save the money they earn, they could live a much more financially secure life. This article will give you a glimpse of how banking promotes the effective use of money, the ways to choose the right bank and the means to invest in, and sample application letters requesting bank statements.

  • FAQs on Bank Statement Request Letter Format
  • Who Can Have A Bank Account Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Bank Account

    QuickBooks Online: How to RECONCILE your bank statement

    Anyone is allowed to have a bank account. The Reserve Bank of India has given provisions for children and adults to have bank accounts. Children below the age of ten are eligible to have joint accounts, which can be changed into independent accounts once they complete eighteen years of age.

    Should I have money to open a bank account? To this question, the answer is no. Not all banks insist on depositing money into your bank account the moment you start it. Many banks provide the option of a zero balance account. There are a few documents, however, that you should keep handy when you are at a bank to open your account. Most banks demand an address proof and identity proof for verification. The Aadhaar card is one compulsory proof demanded by all banks owing to the countrys rules and regulations. Other documents include ration card, voters identity card, passport, driving license, pan card, etc., for identification proof and electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill, etc., for address proof. The most important thing you need to take care of when starting a bank account is that you fill in all the right details in a legible manner.

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    When You Need More Clarity About How Much Money Youre Earning Versus Spending Youll Want To Reference Your Monthly Bank Statement

    Knowing how to get a bank statement is important for anyone who has a bank account. You might receive one in the mail, maybe monthly or quarterly, unless you sign up for electronic statements instead. You can also typically review and download current and older statements from your online account.

    Other types of accounts also have statements, including investment accounts, credit cards, mortgages and auto loans. As with bank statements, you can often review copies online or request one by mail.

    Getting A Bank Statement

    Documents or Information You may need:

    • Valid ID
    • Account Name and Account Number
    • Fee
    • Folder or Envelope so that it wont get crumpled

    Steps you may need to do:

    STEP 1: Go to a branch of your bank near you.

    STEP 2: Ask the guard where you can get a Bank Statement. You may be given a form to fill up and a queue number.

    STEP 3: Fill-up the Form. You may need to answer the following:

    • The document you want
    • Account Name
    • Purpose of the document: Visa
    • Transaction Dates e.g., 3 months January to March 2019
    • How you will be charged for the certification fee its either through Cash Payment or Charge to your account. Mostly, you will get charged per month.

    STEP 4: Double-check the form and wait for your turn.

    STEP 5: During your turn, give your form and ID to the bank officer.

    STEP 6: Wait for your Bank Statements to be printed. You can get it within a few minutes.

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    Tips For Getting More From Your Bank

    • Checking and savings accounts are just one part of your financial picture. If you really want to work toward larger financial goals, like retirement, consider working with a financial advisor to put together a financial plan for your needs and goals. SmartAssets free tool matches you with up to three financial advisors in your area, and you can interview your advisor matches at no cost to decide which one is right for you. If youre ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.
    • If youre comfortable in the world of online banking, you might consider switching to an online-only bank. They tend to have higher interest rates than traditional banks. And some, like Ally, still offer in-person access to your cash through ATMs.

    Electronic Vs Paper Bank Statements

    Bank Statement Request Letter to the Bank Manager

    How you receive your bank statement will be up to you however, since banks are supposed to mail them out to you, you really have to do nothing to get the paper copy. However, some people prefer doing everything online, so they opt for the electronic version.

    Paper statements can be lost in the mail or get stolen from your mailbox, which are two reasons why people choose the electronic version. However, electronic versions can be hacked, stolen, and altered.

    Go with the version that suits your lifestyle best.

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    Whats Shown On Your Statement

    Your statement will show you:

    • your account balance the funds that are in your account
    • transactions made during the statement period
    • arranged overdraft limit
    • sort code and account number
    • IBAN, BIC and SWIFT numbers
    • Notice of Charges this will appear at the end of your statement if you’ve incurred any fees or charges associated with arranged overdraft borrowing.

    Want A Copy Posted To You

    If you find you can’t print a PDF statement by following these instructions, or don’t have access to a printer, you can chat to our Online Banking helpdesk.

    There are two options depending on your needs:

    Transaction History List

    • Which is free
    • Will arrive within 5 working days on headed paper & to your Secure Inbox within 48 hours
    • Widely accepted for proof of current address and income

    Copy of an original statement

    • Costs £3 per order
    • Will arrive in 12 – 16 working days
    • Accepted for proof of income but cannot be used as proof of address

    Have you met Cora, your digital assistant?Cora can help you with a wide range of queries, including this one.

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    Request Letter For A Bank Statement Email Formats

    Emails are more convenient to make private communications with your bank. Check out our request letter for a bank statement in an email format that you can customize to write such a request.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Bo Maddox and I hold an account with your bank I& M under account number 37282036BM. I hereby write to request for a bank statement because I have noticed unauthorized transactions taking place in my account. I wish to use this statement to keep track of my bank transactions from 1st January to 30th June 2019.

    I am grateful for the exceptional customer services and security that your bank provides to its clients. Kindly send the bank statement to my email . Please grant my request at your earliest and if possible in the next three business. I wish to know the transactions done in this period to clarify the financial statements.

    This is a matter of urgency and I hope that you will address it promptly. This will help me make an informed decision on this issue and respond accordingly.

    Kindly consider my request for a detailed bank statement for my bank account mentioned above. Contact me through my mobile 372-420-9048 if you have any further questions or need clarifications.

    Thank you, I look forward to your response soon.

    Best regards,

    Bo Maddox

    Dear sir/madam,

    I need to present this statement to the tax authorities next week. The matter is urgent. Therefore, kindly ask you to handle this request as soon as you can.

    I will appreciate your prompt reply.

    Bank Statement Vs Transaction History

    How Do I: View account summary and account statement in OnlineSBI

    The biggest difference between these two records is the time period they cover. For the bank statement, the bank sets the time frame at 30 days, usually. Then it records all the transactions within that given time period. Pending transactions may be left off.

    With the transaction history, you set the time period you want to be covered. This can be as little as a week, two weeks, or as long as several months. You get to decide what the history will cover.

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    How To Apply For Bank Statement

    There are a few ways to get your bank account statement. Typically, most banks send a monthly bank statement to the account holders registered email address. Customers can also view or download their bank statements using their Internet Banking facilities.

    Regarding hard copies, account holders would have to visit their nearest bank and ask for it from the concerned person. Now, to do this, most banks require account holders to send an application letter for a bank statement to their banks branch manager.

    Lets familiarise ourselves with bank statement request formats and take a look at some bank statement application letter samples and tips.

    Getting A Bank Certificate

    Documents or Information you may need:

    • Valid ID
    • Account Name and Account Number
    • Fee
    • Folder or Envelope so that it wont get crumpled

    Steps you may need to do:

    STEP 1: Go to a branch of your bank near you. Many banks can access your account even though you opened it in another one. BPI, for example, I tried getting from 2 different branches. Some may need to go where they opened it.

    STEP 2: Ask the guard where you can get a Bank Certificate. You may be given a form to fill up and a queue number.

    STEP 3: Fill-up the Form. You may need to answer the following:

    • The document you want
    • Account Name
    • Purpose of the document: Visa
    • What you want to be shown: Opening Date, Type, ADB
    • How you will be charged for the certification fee its either through Cash Payment or Charged to your account

    STEP 4: Double-check the form and wait for your turn.

    STEP 5: During your turn, give your form and ID to the bank officer.

    STEP 6: Wait for your Bank Certificate to be printed. You can get it within a few minutes or the next day, depending on the signatory. As for my personal experience, I only waited less than an hour to get my Bank Certificate.

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    How Often Can I Get A Bank Statement

    Theres typically no limit to how often you can download available statements or how many bank statements you can review online. However, there may be a fee each time you request a printed or mailed statement.

    Banks arent generally required to send you a monthly statement for your deposit account if there wasnt an electronic transfer into or out of the account during the month. Many banks may still create a monthly statement for checking and savings automatically though. But you might only receive quarterly statements for other account types, such as CD or retirement accounts.

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