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How To Use Paypal Money Without Bank Account

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Paypal To Credit Card

How To Set Up PayPal Account Without Bank Account
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Look for the Link a Card or Bank button and click on it.
  • Select Link a credit card.
  • Enter your credit card details.
  • The system will redirect you to your banks website. Enter the one-time passcode sent to your mobile number for confirming your credit card information.
  • Paying Bills Without A Bank Account

    Unfortunately, using cash is not always convenient or even possible. Utility companies , phone companies, insurers, and subscription services usually want payment by check, a card, or an ACH transfer from your bank account. Some billers allow you to pay in person, but its a burden to make the trip every month during business hours, and it’s not practical at all if there is no local office.

    If youre planning to operate with cash only, ask your billers where you can pay in person. Some offer local service centers, while others allow you to pay at national supermarkets and convenience stores by using Western Union agents, for example. If you must;mail in a payment, use a;money order made payable to the biller;instead of cash.

    Again, prepaid cards can make things easier and less expensive. Many prepaid cards offer;online bill payment. If your biller accepts payments from a credit or debit card, you can just provide the card number instead.

    Can I Receive Money Without Being Verified

    I have concerns about connecting my bank/card to my PayPal account, so can I receive money without being verified? I actually looked this up:; and it seems like the page was deleted before I was able to contact through the message center about it.

    On a side note, I’ve received my first payment as an invoice which was left to pend for 21 days before it was canceled. .;

    Would I receive it instantly if I received it as a direct payment instead?;

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    Heres A Video On How To Withdraw Paypal Money To Nigeria Bank Account

    I created a short video as an example on how you can do this, I withdrew a PayPal of $400 to my Nigeria bank account and PayPal charges a transfer fee of $5.

    Even if you still dont have the verified PayPal account you can have it set up using the same method Ive shared in my report .

    This is good news because youll be able to do the following successfully in Nigeria:

    The thing is Ive written a report on how you can set it up yourself following my step-by-step guide.

    However, it going to cost you a little fee, you can check it out HERE. These are part of what I use in maintaining and running this site.

    Also, Im trying to avoid the situation were such opportunity will be abused, we know the situation of things in Nigeria.

    And Im sure we wouldnt want PayPal to reverse their generosity because this is done in 100 percent transparency.

    How To Receive Money On Paypal From Ebay

    2 Simple and Easy Ways to Set Up a PayPal Account

    To receive money on PayPal from eBay, it should go without saying that you must have both a PayPal and eBay account. If you dont already have either of these, first visit the PayPal website to create your account and then do the same on eBay.

    The next step is to define PayPal as one of the payment methods in the settings for your eBay account.

  • Open using a web browser on your computer.
  • When the My eBay page opens, click the Account tab.
  • In the Payments section, click PayPal Account.
  • Now follow the instructions on this page to link your PayPal and eBay accounts. This basically comes down to logging in to your PayPal from this page, and thats pretty much it.
  • When you successfully sell an item, the person who bought it will receive the payment instruction from eBay. Besides various purchase details, the buyer will also be able to see your email address for the PayPal transfer, allowing them to easily send you the payment.

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    How To Receive Money On Paypal

    Lee StantonRead more February 1, 2021

    PayPal is one of the most popular payment platforms today, simplifying the process of buying products and services online. Besides being a payment processing service, PayPal also allows you to make sure the product youve purchased is the one you wanted. If not, you can easily request a refund.

    Of course, the same also applies when selling something online, since PayPal will make sure the payment is processed properly and you receive the funds to your e-wallet. Since there are many different use cases for receiving money over PayPal, this article will hopefully answer several of the questions you might have on the topic.

    Hit Confirm And Choose A Funding Source

    Confirm that the payment has been entered correctly, and choose how you wish to pay. You can usually choose between a few different funding sources at this stage using PayPal balance, a linked bank account, or a credit or debit card.

    There are pros and cons to each payment option. So its a good idea to know what youre getting into.

    PayPal payment option
    Possible to make a payment on PayPal without an account if you pay with credit/debit card

    Paying with card brings much higher fees than paying with balance or linked bank account

    Domestic payments cost 2.9% of the amount + $0.30³

    International payments cost even more

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    Purchase Steam Gift Cards

    If you dont want to go through bank withdrawal methods, then you can just use your PayPal funds to buy Steam Gift cards. That is, the digital ones.

    You can purchase higher denomination and sell them on game forums, for cheaper amount than they are worth.

    Buyers would pay you via other methods that allows you to easily cash out in Nigeria.

    You could also sell the Steam Gift card via Presmit and withdraw in Naira, Bitcoin, or USDT, however, you would lose almost half the value of the Gift card if you use Presmit, as their rates are on the low side.

    Rewards Usually Don’t Cover The Fee

    How To Set Up PayPal Account Without Bank Account And Get Paid

    Even if your card does earn rewards on such transactions, most rewards credit cards won’t give you more than 2% back and many will give you only 1% to 1.5%. So the fee will more than wipe out the value of the rewards you earn.

    Say you use the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card to fund a $1,000 transfer. This card gives you 2 miles per dollar spent, and miles are generally worth 1 cent. After adding in the fees, PayPal will charge you $1,029.31. At 2 miles per dollar, you’ll earn rewards equivalent to about $20.59.

    If you put the transfer on your credit card for the purpose of earning rewards, you spent $29.31 extra to get back $20.59. You’ve ended up $8.72 in the hole. So, as a general rule, it’s not worth putting PayPal money transfers on a credit card just for the points.

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    Cash Out Using Senegal Paypal

    You can open a Senegalese PayPal account in Nigeria and cash out fast.

    The procedure would be almost the same as the one of the UAE.

    Here are the steps:

    • Open an account with a new email
    • Verify your account with your Nigerian address and phone number

    Once you have opened and verified your Senegalese PayPal account, you can start receiving small amounts into it that is less than $500.

    Now, to withdraw from your Senegalese PayPal account, you have to link a bank account.

    PayPal allows Senegalese accounts to withdraw to the bank, so you have to create a bank account with a Senegalese bank.

    If you have a UBA account in Nigeria, then you can easily open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria and in Senegal that receives money in U.S dollars.

    To activate a Domiciliary Account with UBA in Senegal, you would have to take a short trip to Senegal.

    If thats too hard for you, then you would need to find a friend in Senegal to help you receive the funds into their account.

    Cash Out Funds Using Uae Paypal

    Nigerians are allowed to open UAE PayPal accounts, since there are many Nigerians traveling to the UAE for business and tourism, and even living there.

    You can open a UAE PayPal account and verify it with your Nigerian address and Nigerian Phone number.

    This is to help you navigate any further identity verification roadblocks in the future.

    You can open a UAE PayPal account by searching PayPal UAE on Google. No need to use VPN or other ip cloning software.

    Once you have opened a UAE PayPal account and verified it with your Nigerian details, you can start receiving small funds below $500 at a time.

    To cash out and withdraw money from your UAE PayPal account, you have to link the PayPal to a UAE bank account.

    You can easily use an online service to open a UAE bank account, but nowadays, it is getting difficult, as the UAE has become stringent with verifying bank account details and ownership.

    If you are not able to open a UAE bank account, you can use the funds in your PayPal account to buy items online from the UAE and other countries and ship to Nigeria.

    Once you receive the items in Nigeria, they would then be sold for cash.

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    Virtual Bank Account Without Verification

    Is it possible to get a virtual bank account without verification? Verification is a critical part of bank account opening. Financial regulations require banks to verify identity of each customer. Documents and process needed for verification differ from bank to bank. With some virtual banks, you can successfully open your account without verification, but your transaction possibilities will be limited until you finish the verification process.

    Sending And Receiving Money

    How to Add Money to PayPal Without a Bank Account

    If you want to pay friends and family , theres good and bad news: Youve got several nonbank options available, but many of those services require a bank accountor at least a prepaid debit cardto operate.

    Apps;like PayPal, Square, and Venmo often are free;for person-to-person payments, but you need a way to fund the payment. For most people, that means;linking a bank account;to the online service, but a prepaid card often is accepted.

    Bill-splitting apps are convenient for settling bills among friends or housemates, but they often need to be linked to P2P apps like PayPal and Venmo.

    With some services, you might be able to load money into an account by sending a money order, and others allow you to buy cards at retailers to add funds to your account. For example, with the PayPal Cash Card, you can load the card with cash at retailers like Walmart.

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    How To Verify My Account And Increase My Limits

    There are two options to complete the verification process. Here is how to verify a PayPal account:

  • Log into your account, click “Add or Edit Credit Card”, and fill all required fields.
  • Request a 4-digit code to confirm your card.
  • Enter your PayPal code and click confirm.
  • You’re verified!
  • Alternatively, you can link your bank account. For a step-by-step breakdown, go to our ‘How to Link to PayPal With a Canadian Bank Account’ section in this guide.

    All verified accounts can send up to 10,000 CAD in a single transaction.

    How To Live With No Bank Account

    Personal finances typically are easier with a bank account, but you might have your reasons for living life without one. It might be a temporary thing while you clear up identity theft issues or problems youve had with banks in the past. Maybe you just decided to do without banks altogether. Either way, its essential to know how to function bank-free if that is your choice.

    Cash and;prepaid debit cards are two easy ways to handle most day-to-day transactions and some bills, and some apps and other online services may be helpful for other needs. However, some challenges will be more difficult than others to overcome without a bank account.

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    Setting Up An Account

  • 1Navigate to to find the “Sign Up” button. Once you’re on the page, you can find this button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it to begin the process of opening your account.
  • 2Enter your email and a password. To use PayPal, you must have a valid email address. Create a password for your account that has both letters, numbers, and a special character. It also helps to have an uppercase and a lowercase letter.XResearch source
  • If you don’t have an email account, you can sign up for a free account at places like Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL.
  • 3Fill in the biographical information. PayPal will ask you to fill in information like your name and address. You’ll also need to add your phone number. This information allows PayPal to contact you in case something is wrong with your account.XResearch source
  • Also, adding the address makes purchases easy, as they can use that address to mail you items when you buy something online.
  • They will also use this for your billing address.XResearch source
  • 4Verify your email address. When you set up your account, PayPal will send a link to your email that you need to click on. That will confirm your email address for the account.XResearch source
  • If it’s not automatically sent, go to “Settings” in your account and click on “Update” next to the email and then “Confirm this Email.” You’ll be sent another link to your email.
  • Withdrawing Money From Paypal For Non

    Paypal How To Receive Money – Paypal How To Receive Money Without Bank Account Fee Credit Card Help

    Last updated:

    As discussed in previous posts, once youre using PayPal to sell your stuff online, you will also want to eventually withdraw the money you make into your bank account so that you can actually use it. Heres where things get a bit nasty, unfortunately.

    If you have a US bank account and a US PayPal account, you can stop reading right here. Youre in luck. All you have to do is attach your bank account to your PayPal account and withdraw USD from your PayPal account to your bank account. There are no currency conversions to worry about, and the transfer itself is free from PayPals side.

    If you are the owner of a non-US PayPal account and;you dont have a US bank account, things are not so pretty.

    You are given two options :

  • Withdraw to a debit or credit card
  • Withdraw to your local bank account.
  • By the way, did you know that you can now buy Bitcoin and cryptos with your PayPal account on Coinbase and eToro?Read my guide to buying crypto with PayPal to find out how.

    If you sell online you probably use USD as the main currency on your store and hence your PayPal balance will be in USD. What happens is that since your local credit card or bank account are not in USD, an automatic currency conversion takes place on PayPals end as the money is on the way out. The conversion rates are bad, to put it mildly. Hence youre going to lose a lot of money on that conversion.

    Well, not so fast.

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    Can You Use Paypal Without A Credit Card

    Absolutely; you can make payments and receive money on PayPal without a credit or debit card. However, you will need to create a PayPal account and link your bank account to it. Then, you can transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account and use the balance from there.

    In this way, PayPal functions similar to a debit card. It withdraws money directly from your bank account to make the payment. This transaction usually takes one business day to complete.

    How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To Debit Card

    Pexels – Photo by Cottonbro

    Even though not everyone necessarily has a PayPal account with a debit card set up to it, many people do prefer to link their debit card to their PayPal account so their money withdrawal would be easier. Here is how to withdraw money from PayPal to your debit card, assuming you have linked your bank account to your PayPal:Step 1. Open PayPals webpage through a web browser or through PayPals application.Step 2. Go to Wallet .Step 3. Click Withdraw Money.Step 4. Select where youre transferring money from and then select the bank account you want to transfer your money withdrawal to.Step 5. Type in the amount of money you want to withdraw.Step 6. Click continue.Step 7. Double-check your withdrawal request. If youre sure everythings correct, click transfer.

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    How To Add Money To Paypal Without A Bank Account

    With the PayPal app, you can add actual cash to your PayPal account at a variety of popular retailers.

    You can no longer add money to PayPal using MoneyPak or the PayPal website.

  • Launch the PayPal app on your phone and tap More.

  • Tap Add cash at store.

  • Select a retail store where you want to add your cash .

    Most retailers charge a service fee of up to $3.95. The fee may depend on the amount you add to your account.

  • Tap Generate Barcode. This code identifies you and your PayPal account, so the cash will be applied to the right place. The code is only valid for 60 minutes.

  • Take your code to any location of the retailer you chose. Present the cashier with the code. They’ll ask how much you want to apply to your account. PayPal allows anywhere between $20-$500.

  • After you’ve completed your transaction, you’ll immediately receive an email confirming the funds have been added. The funds should be available within 15 minutes.

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