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Is It Bad To Have Multiple Bank Accounts

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Types Of Checking Accounts

Ek se Jyada Bank Account | is It Good to Have Multiple Bank Accounts

There are multiple kinds of checking accounts, each with its own perks and features. Consider your financial needs and goals to choose the right fit for you.

Basic Checking AccountA basic checking account is best for performing everyday transactions, like withdrawing money, paying bills, and making purchases. It usually does not pay interest it also comes with checks and a debit card.

High-Yield Checking AccountThese interest-bearing accounts allow you to earn interest on your checking balance. Some banks also call this type of account by a different name, like “Rewards Checking” or “Premium Checking.”

Business Checking AccountIf you own a small business, it’s best to keep your business expenses separate from your personal ones. There are lots of business checking account options for all business sizes – from small freelancers to enterprises.

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Student/Teen/Kids Checking AccountStudent checking accounts are for college students, usually age 17-24. You must be enrolled in a school to open an account.

Teen and kids accounts are usually for kids younger than 18 they require parent access and approval to open.

Senior Checking AccountThese special checking accounts are designed to offer more stress-free banking for seniors. They may include advantages like lower fees and free checks.

Important Pros And Cons Of Multiple Bank Accounts


Have you ever considered having multiple bank accounts?

Most people have a checking account to pay their bills and a savings account for their short-term financial goals and long-term savings.

But more and more people are using multiple accounts to better budget their money and to reach more of their savings goals.

In this post, I walk you through the biggest pros and cons of multiple bank accounts.

You will see how this system can improve your finances today as well as reaching your financial goals for tomorrow.

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Questions To Ask Yourself While Deciding If And Why Multiple Banks Might Be Better For You

  • How great is your will power?
  • Could You Get a Better Rate?
  • If you are trying to save money it is a good idea to get a separate account for your savings. This will help you give a clear picture of how much you are saving. It will also make you think twice when you want to binge on that shopping spree, especially if it takes 24 to 48 hours to free up funds. You might think twice about spending, and end up not spending in the end.
  • Another advantage of having more than one account is that it avoids confusion in a way and removes temptation. If all your money in the savings is visible to you every time you are simply checking the balance on your checking account, there are more chances are that you will be tempted to spend the money.
  • However, if you feel that it is more organized to have just one bank for all your needs, and it seems like a hassle to check accounts on multiple sites, there is a way around it. LearnVest Money Center is a free method to monitor all of your accounts in one place. You can use it to check the balances without the temptation to spend.
  • If you are thinking of putting money in a savings account for an emergency fund, you should make sure that you are getting the best rate possible. You have to do some research to find a bank with rates that are favorable to you. Once you have done this it is simple to transfer your savings account, and chances are that you will not be charged for closing an account at a bank.

    Maintaining The Average/minimum Balance In Each Account

    2 Steps: Open a Bank Account Online with No Deposit (&  Bad Credit)

    Every bank account comes with a requirement to maintain a minimum balance in the account. This requirement can be a figure or an average requirement across a quarter. Failure to do so usually results in a non-maintenance charge. If you have multiple accounts, you will have to ensure that this minimum/average balance requirement meets all accounts.

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    Reasons For Opening Multiple Checking Accounts

    There are different reasons why it could make sense to have more than one checking account. For example, you may consider opening multiple checking accounts if:

    • You need to keep certain deposit or withdrawal transactions separate from others.
    • Youre interested in qualifying for new checking account bonuses.
    • You keep large amounts of money in checking and want to stay within the FDIC coverage limits.
    • Youre interested in qualifying for specific perks, such as loan discounts or higher interest rates on deposits.
    • You bank at both online and brick-and-mortar banks and need a way to transfer funds between the two.

    How Do I Know If A Bank Is Right For Me

    The perfect bank is defined differently for different people. It all depends on you. Other than the numbers, such as interest rates and available ATMs, people prefer certain banks for completely personal reasons. For example, some people find it much more comfortable to have the option of going to a physical bank to do their banking. So once the basic criteria have been met, such as a good interest rate, comparatively fewer fees etc., the final decision boils down to which bank you find the most comfortable.

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    Qualifying For New Checking Account Bonuses

    One way banks attract new customers is with checking account bonus promotions. These promotions offer you cash in exchange for opening a new account.

    You typically have to meet certain requirements, such as maintaining a minimum balance or making recurring direct deposits. But opening a new checking account to qualify for a bonus can be an easy way to get extra money.

    Keep Business Accounts Separate

    can i open two accounts in same bank

    A separate bank account for a business is a good idea because it will help you keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. You may find a smaller local bank offers better services for your business. It is important to keep your business account very separate from your personal account, and you should write yourself a paycheck each month, instead of dipping into your business account to pick up small items you may need.

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    Test Out Various Bank Accounts

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can open multiple bank accounts if you are indecisive about which bank to go with for a long-term savings account. Sometimes, it is only possible to judge the service and benefits of an account after you have tried it out for yourself and assessed its usefulness for your needs.

    After you have researched possible investment account options, you will generally narrow the field down to two or three accounts. If you are not sure which one to go for, why not open multiple accounts in all three?

    There is nothing against opening multiple savings accounts as long as you can meet the banks or credit unions requirements. Then, if you dont like the services, you can shut down the other accounts and transfer funds to the bank you want.

    Cons Of Having Multiple Bank Accounts:

    Can be confusing and hard work to manage

    Wait my money is WHERE, exactly? If you have multiple accounts with one or more banks, you may find yourself asking this question. Rather than sticking all your money into a single oversized cartoon vault, dividing your wealth between multiple bank accounts can prove much more complicated to manage.

    This may be less of a problem if you dont mind committing some time and energy to organising your money, but if you prefer a more hands off approach to finances, a smaller number of accounts may feel simpler.

    Multiple fees

    Bank accounts can be a bit like superannuation accounts in at least one way if you have more than one, youll likely need to pay more than one set of fees.

    Depending on your bank and the accounts youre interested in, your bank may charge you fees to enjoy its benefits and features. The more accounts you open, the more you may have to pay in fees, to the point where you may be paying more than what the benefits being offered are worth.

    You may not get all the bonuses

    When it comes to features and special bonus offers, remember the rule of one per customer. Some banks may offer special rewards with their bank accounts and financial products, but you only get to enjoy them the once. Even if you open a second account with the same bank, you may not get to benefit from the same introductory offers you enjoyed when you first signed up to the bank.

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    How Many Checking Accounts Should I Have

    The answer to this question depends largely on what you need from a checking account and how you prefer to manage your money.

    At a minimum, its good to have one checking account that you use for depositing money, paying bills and making purchases. If this account is at a traditional bank, you might consider opening a second checking account at an online bank to minimize fees.

    When considering how many checking accounts to open, ask yourself what you need each to do for you and how youll use it. Then, consider what youll need to do to stay on top of tracking those accounts.

    Get Different Perks From Different Banks

    Whats the Procedure for Closing a Bank Account in India?

    Every bank comes up with varying offers, interest rates, and balance requirements. You may find it better to open savings accounts at two or three banks so that you get the benefit of their interest rates and transaction perks.

    For example, one institute might offer a lower fee on international transfers while another may come with a debit card that guarantees 1% cash back at every retail purchase. If you have varying needs, you could get multiple accounts to get as many benefits as you can.

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    Why You Might Want To Use Several Banks

    But while the one-bank-fits-all approach may be the simplest option, it may not be the best option as your financial situation and goals change. Here are a few reasons why having accounts at multiple banks could be the right move.

    1. You could get a better interest rate. Whether youâre saving for a specific goal, like a vacation or a new car, or just working on building your emergency savings, you probably want the best interest rate you can get to help grow your money. So it could pay to shop around and see what other banks are offering.

    Ready to take the next step? A financial advisor can show you how all the pieces of your financial plan fit together.

    Although online-only banks tend to offer higher interest rates because they generally have less overhead than brick-and-mortar banks, itâs important to check how long it might take to transfer or withdraw a large sum of money from an online account. It could be a day or more, which can be an issue if you need to access your savings immediately because of an emergency. If that concerns you, you may want to go with a traditional bank or split your emergency savings between a traditional and online bank.

    Of course, there are many other reasons why you might choose to go with one bank or several. So do some comparison shopping and see what offers are out there, and weigh the pros and cons. The strategy that you choose should ultimately reflect your own personal financial situation, goals and behaviors.

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    Own A Business Add A Business Account

    If you are conducting business as an entrepreneur, then you may want to open a business bank account and use it solely for business transactions. A separate bank account is essential both for financial and legal reasons. The business income must be deposited into this bank account, and business expenses should be carried out exclusively from the account.

    A business bank account is similar to a checking account. No interest is paid on this type of account, but it is easier to withdraw and transfer money at any time, making it useful for businesses. The critical difference is that the account is named after a business instead of an individual.

    If youre setting up a separate business account, I recommend keeping things as easy as possible. Thats why I prefer online banking solutions that are made with business owners in mind, like those offered by . BlueVine makes it incredibly easy to sign-up for a business bank account and wont cut into your profit with hidden fees. In fact, BlueVine Business Checking currently offers a 0.6% APY, which will help your money grow with your business!

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    Checking Account For Bills

    First, set up a checking account to pay your bills, Aliche said. You’ll use the money in this account to pay for housing, utilities, insurance, your car loan any bill you have to pay.

    Aliche recommended that you do not get a debit card for this account. This way, you won’t be tempted to spend your bills money on other things. When you want to spend money, you can use your second checking account.

    Business Overseas Add An International Or Foreign Currency Account

    Why I Have 7 Bank Accounts … (My Passive Income Strategy)

    International or foreign currency accounts are useful for a specific variety of clients. They are suitable for customers who need to travel abroad often for business or pleasure. Business professionals involved in international trade such as import/export or delivery of expert services overseas can also benefit from foreign currency accounts.

    Regular bank accounts charge a fee for carrying out international or foreign currency transactions. The fee could range from 0.20% up to 5.00% of the transaction cost. A specialized international account charges 0% for foreign transactions. You can add an international or foreign currency account to your accounts portfolio based on your needs.

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    Problems Relating To The Dormancy Of Accounts

    If you dont use an account for more than two years, then as per the guidelines by RBI, the bank has to change the status of your account from Active to Dormant. This means any service linked to this account will be stopped and you might have to bear penalties or charges as levied by the bank. Further, dormant accounts are breeding grounds for criminals who use such accounts to make illegal transactions.

    Get Access To Funds In Case Of Failure

    Even if you have less than $250,000, it is advised you invest your savings into different savings accounts. Suppose you have $100,000 and invest all of it into a single online investment bank. If that institute goes under for some reason, it would still take time for you to get access to funds through FDIC.

    Dividing your investment into multiple savings accounts ensures that you will always have access to some funds to meet your needs.

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    Start With A Checking Account

    You should have one checking account that should be used for monthly expenses and purchases. I strongly suggest that you maintain enough balance in the account to meet your budgeted monthly expenses.

    Checking accounts do not offer much interest, but there is usually no charge for cash withdrawals, bank transfers, or POS transactions.

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    Separate Account For Online And/or Upi Transactions

    Over the last few years, online and UPI-based transactions have increased. However, this has also opened a new option for criminals to commit fraud and gain unauthorized access to your account. Many people open a new account for online/UPI transactions and keep limited funds in the account. This helps limit the losses in the event of a breach of password.

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