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Is It Good To Have More Than One Bank

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Benefits Of Multiple Bank Accounts

With the wide variety of bank accounts noted above, youll notice that your money can potentially work harder for you by using a combination of accounts. Here are some of the benefits multiple accounts can bring to your finances:

  • Higher interest rates. Brick-and-mortar banking customers can tap into the higher interest rates offered by online savings accounts. Everyday checking accounts can get a boost from switching to a cash management account at an online bank.
  • Dedicated savings accounts. Keep your savings goals on track with automated savings from your checking account to the savings account of your choice, earning the most interest for your money as possible each month.
  • Need for multiple withdrawals.While some interest-bearing accounts like money market and savings accounts may incur fees for more than a set number of withdrawals per month, an online checking account or cash management account can help you earn interest and have constant access to your funds.

When adding additional bank accounts to your financial mix, look for the highest possible interest rate , while taking note of minimum balances and monthly fees. Add accounts that further your savings goals and be mindful of what it takes to add or change an account, including new debit card numbers and automatic payments youll need to switch over.

You Cant Switch Bank Accounts If You Are Overdrawn

Again, this isnt true.

Banks and building societies all now offer a free seven-day Current Account Switch Service.

If you do switch your bank account your balance will be transferred over to your new account. Your overdraft transfer will also be transferred, subject to your credit status and credit history. Its worth remembering the overdraft limit youre offered may vary between banks so do check about the overdraft facility first!

If you see another bank account that better suits your needs switch!

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Separate Account For Online And/or Upi Transactions

Over the last few years, online and UPI-based transactions have increased. However, this has also opened a new option for criminals to commit fraud and gain unauthorized access to your account. Many people open a new account for online/UPI transactions and keep limited funds in the account. This helps limit the losses in the event of a breach of password.

Oaken Financial Best For High

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Oaken Financial is another small digital bank, launched in 2013 by Home Trust. It caught our attention because of the high interest rates it offers, particularly for its GICs, currently peaking at a 2.2% interest rate for a 5-year term. Its consistently high GIC rates place Oaken among the best GICs in Canada, typically landing at or near the top of the pack. And it offers GICs in both non-registered and registered forms, so it also qualifies as having one of the best TFSA rates in Canada as well.

Like other banks, Oaken currently offers only GICs and a high-interest savings account, so its a good fit for those who dont mind having a chequing account and/or credit card with one bank and a savings account and GIC with another. Oaken hasnt indicated that it plans to expand its product offering in the future, so it seems unlikely that it will be able to cover all your banking needs anytime soon.

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Adding A Money Market Or Cash Management Account

If youre frustrated that your checking account funds arent earning interest, you might want to consider adding a money market or cash management account to your finances.

One of the drawbacks with many everyday checking accounts is that they arent interest-bearing, but money market and cash management accounts grant you both check and debit card privileges along with paying interest on your funds. The two accounts have notable differences, so its best to know how each works so you can figure out which might be a fit for your finances.

Don’t Forget Your Money

Someday, you may forget about a brokerage account. That seems absurd. It sounds impossible. How could you forget about your own money? But it happens. Imagine you opened an account using a small amount of money just after you graduated college. Maybe you bought some shares of a mutual fund that tracks a broad market index. You added a little bit of money to the account here and there, but not much. Time passed. You got busy and stopped looking at the statements mailed to you each month. Then you started a new job, and the firm that administers the company’s 401 plan, Well-Known Brokerage, Inc., made a great presentation at your workplace about saving and investing.

You decided to open a personal account with them and started investing regularly. Maybe you even used automatic deductions from your pay . Years pass. You switch jobs again, rolling your 401 money into an IRA at Well-Known Brokerage. Now you’re in your 40s. You have kids, a mortgage, a career. Guess what you forgot about that first brokerage account you had, right out of college.

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Tangerine Best For Online Banking

Originally founded in 1997 as ING Direct, Tangerine was one of the first direct banks in Canada.

A subsidiary of Scotia, it combines the low fees of a branchless bank with some of the advantages of a traditional bank, in that accountholders can use Scotiabank ABMs, and although there are technically no branches, there is some face-to-face service via Tangerines cafes in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Customers can use Tangerine Cafes to sign up for accounts and ask associates questions, or they can get account support via phone, online chat, or Twitter.

For a digital bank, Tangerines range of services is quite broad, offering chequing, savings, credit cards, GICs, mortgages with guaranteed rates and dedicated personnel to help, lines of credit , TFSAs, etc. Its standout bank account is the No-Fee Daily Chequing Account, which comes with unlimited debits, bill payments and Interac e-Transfers®. Theres no monthly account fee no matter what your balance is, and the account earns some interest , currently maxing out at 0.15%. Its Money-Back Card also deserves a shout-out, as it allows cardholders to choose the spending categories where they want to earn their highest cashback rate, and its overall value consistently positions it as one of the top cash back cards in Canada overall.

Read our full Tangerine Bank review or open an account > >

Which Bank Should I Choose

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Savings accounts are one of the best ways for people to set aside their extra cash. A good savings account keeps your money safe and pays interest, which can help your balance grow over time.

Many people assume they only need to have one savings account to meet their needs, but that isnt always the case. You can open multiple savings accounts at the same bank or at several different banks. There are many reasons having multiple accounts can be useful, and it doesnt impact your credit, so theres little reason not to open extra savings accounts if you find it helpful to do so.

Having multiple accounts can be a way to keep yourself on task with the specific goals youre saving for, without the risk of funds getting commingled, says Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate chief financial analyst.

Here are five reasons it might make sense to have multiple savings accounts.

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Further Accounts To Consider

If you feel you can manage more, then its time to look at reward accounts. You could easily have half a dozen of these, but my top two are:

CASHBACK: Santander 123 Lite

Pay all your bills from here to generate a few extra pounds every month. Its a good option for a joint account too. Review

REWARDS: Halifax Rewards

Of all the reward accounts the £5 a month is the best. Review.

Should You Have Multiple Bank Accounts Faqs

Q1. Is it beneficial to open multiple bank accounts?

Multiple bank accounts can offer certain benefits provided your financial management strategy requires more than one account. The benefits include tracking different types of transactions with ease, work not getting stalled if the systems of one bank are not working, reduced ATM usage cost, and safer UPI transactions, etc. But there are cons as well.

Q2. How many bank accounts should I open?

Ideally, one bank account is sufficient. It offers better control and management of your account, reduces the load of maintaining a minimum balance in the account, and efficiently utilizes your finds, etc. However, if your needs point towards the requirements of more than one accounts, then you must ensure that you consider all aspects carefully.

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The Pros And Cons Of Keeping All Your Accounts In One Bank

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation . But they do not affect the opinions and recommendations of the authors.

Wise Bread is an independent, award-winning consumer publication established in 2006. Our finance columns have been reprinted on MSN, Yahoo Finance, US News, Business Insider, Money Magazine, and Time Magazine.

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For example, Wise Bread has partnerships with brands including, but not limited to, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, and Amazon.

Checking, savings, business, CD, money market, cash reserve, investment with so many accounts available to U.S. consumers, should you keep them with a single financial institution? Let’s review the pros and cons of keeping all your accounts in one place.

For Earning Even More Interest: Certificates Of Deposit

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If youâre interested in opening two business bank accounts or more, and one of your major goals is earning interest on money you donât need to access, then a business certificate of deposit might be a great option to consider. CDs offer higher interest rates than savings accounts in exchange for limitations on when you can withdraw your funds. Typically, the longer these terms are, the more money youâll make in interest. This can be a great way to take advantage of excess cash and earn a handsome return on the money youâve stashed away.

Bear in mind that there are downsides to CDs, however. Interest rates may increase during the term of your CD, which means youâre locked in at a lower rate until the CD ends. There are also penalties for early withdrawal, which means that you should avoid taking money from your CD until itâs time to renew the account. But if youâd rather lock in higher rates now, and know you wonât need to access the funds within, a CD can be another great option for boosting your companyâs cash.

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Make Use Of Fdic Coverage

The FDIC offers investment coverage for each individual, per depositing institution. The maximum coverage provided is $250,000.

This means that if you have $500,000 and you invest all the money into a single savings account, then your investment will be at risk. If the banking institute goes bankrupt, then you will only be able to get your investment back for $250,000.

On the other hand, if you divide the savings and invest $250,000 into two separate savings accounts, you will be able to get coverage for all your investments.

What Is A Joint Bank Account

A joint bank account is an account in the name of two or more people.

Everyone named on the account is able to pay money in or take it out although sometimes more than one person needs to agree to this.

Joint accounts are mostly used by:

  • housemates who have shared expenses such as rent and bills.

Joint accounts arent suitable if you need long-term access to someone elses money. For example, if you need to help an elderly relative look after their finances.

If youre in this situation, read our guide on When someone needs formal help with managing their money
If youre a student living with housemates, find out more in our guide to student and graduate bank accounts

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What To Look For In A High

2 Guns: Itâs a Bank Robbery

Whether you’re shopping for a high-yield account at a new institutionâor are lucky enough to have one on offer at your current bankâit’s always wise to compare options across the marketplace. Differences in interest rates and fees can add up over time, especially if you’re keeping a relatively large balance in savings. Here’s what to look for and compare:

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Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation . But they do not affect the opinions and recommendations of the authors.

Wise Bread is an independent, award-winning consumer publication established in 2006. Our finance columns have been reprinted on MSN, Yahoo Finance, US News, Business Insider, Money Magazine, and Time Magazine.

Like many news outlets our publication is supported by ad revenue from companies whose products appear on our site. This revenue may affect the location and order in which products appear. But revenue considerations do not impact the objectivity of our content. While our team has dedicated thousands of hours to research, we aren’t able to cover every product in the marketplace.

For example, Wise Bread has partnerships with brands including, but not limited to, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, and Amazon.

Here’s How Much Cash You Actually Need On Hand

Figuring out how much cash you actually need in your bank account is pretty simple.

First, have enough to cover emergencies and unexpected expenses . A safe guideline is to keep a minimum of three months’ worth of income in a liquid savings account.

If you want a bigger safety net, save between six to twelve months’ worth of income in your emergency fund instead.Then, keep a cash cushion to handle irregular, one-time expenses that you can expect, like yearly premiums, registrations, annual events, and so on.

You can keep this in your checking account so it’s readily available as those expenses roll around just be sure to plan for them instead of letting them sneak up on you.

Take the total amount of an irregular or semi-annual expense and divide it by twelve. That will give you the monthly amount that should be included as a line item in your monthly budget. Set that money aside and put it toward your cash cushion so it’s available whenever that cost comes due.Finally, you’ll want to save the appropriate amount of cash relevant to your short- to mid-term goals. For example, you may not need to have all the money necessary to fund next year’s trip in cash right now, but you do need to identify how much you can save over the next year to get there.

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Pro #: You Might Enjoy Different Benefits

It’s natural to look for certain things in a bank. For example, you might want competitive interest rates, great customer service, and low fees. If you keep your money in multiple banks, you may get more perks. For example, an online bank might offer a higher interest rate on your savings but no convenient ATMs. Meanwhile, a physical bank may not be able to offer the same interest rates on savings but have plenty of convenient locations as well as an extensive network of easily accessible ATMs.

Reasons To Have Multiple Savings Accounts

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The ease of opening online bank accounts allows you to open multiple savings accounts within minutes, either with the same financial institution or spread out among several. Doing so might make sense for you for the following reasons:

  • You Have Multiple Savings Goals. The main reason to open more than one account is to track exactly how much you have saved toward each individual savings goal. For example, if you want to save three months worth of income in an emergency account, set money aside for a down payment on a house, and fund your summer vacation, then you could open three accounts to see at a glance how close you are to reaching your goals.
  • You Need to Separate Your Savings. You need to keep some of your money on lock-down so its available if you face an emergency. Consider keeping an emergency fund in an account thats easily accessible, and then store the remainder of your funds in accounts tied to various short- and long-term targets.
  • You Have High Balance Accounts. FDIC insurance covers each depositor up to $250,000. You may need to spread your money around to avoid the risk of exceeding the insurance limit.
  • You Are Concerned One of Your Banks Could Fail. While FDIC insurance reimburses you if your bank goes under, it could take time before you have access to your money. Keeping some money in another financial institution means that you are more likely to always have funds when you need them.
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