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What Bank Does Elite Paycheck Plus Use

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Bottom Line On Payroll Cards

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Payroll cards are an ideal option if youre looking to save money on processing payroll. They are also a vital tool for employees who dont have bank accounts.

Most of the large payroll processing companies offer small businesses a payroll card option. Additionally, a host of third-party companies can provide independent services, should your organization process payroll manually or work with a partner that doesnt offer payroll card services.

Payroll cards can be a great way to securely compensate your employees while saving money on direct deposit fees and paper check overhead. However, you should be aware of the fees and conditions associated with payroll cards. You should also offer a payroll card that provides an online portal or mobile app.

There are several pros and cons of using payroll cards. However, the best option for your business depends on your workers, your companys needs and the overall cost.

Matt DAngelo contributed to the writing and research in this article.

How To Transfer Money From A Payroll Card To A Bank Account

Transferring money from your payroll card to a bank account can be complicated or straightforward, depending on which payroll card provider you choose. Surprisingly, there isnt much information out there on how to transfer funds from a payroll card to a bank account. Some services build it into their offerings, while you may have to speak with your bank or payroll card provider for transfers.

How To Add Money To Paychek Plus Card

Loading Your Card, you may add funds to your Card, called value loading, at any time. The minimum amount of the initial value load is $10.00. The minimum amount of each value reload is $10.00.

The maximum amount of the initial value load is $7,500.00 if loading via direct deposit. The maximum amount of each value reload is $7,500.00.

The maximum number of times you may load your Card per day is twenty . You may add value or load your card via direct deposit.

A direct deposit form and instructions for use can be found by visiting You will have access to funds loaded via direct deposit by 10:00 am CST on the business day during which the direct deposit occurs.

Personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders sent to the Issuer are not an acceptable form of loading.

All checks and money orders sent to the Issuer for Card loading will be returned unless the full amount may be applied towards a negative balance, in which case the check or money order may or may not be loaded to the Card at the discretion of the Issuer.

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Elite Paycheck Plus Card Zip Code

Usually, you do not need to pay a monthly fee if you use a debit card, but there are other paid services provided by banks.

So, you can be charged a fee for the following operations:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Transactions between countries
  • Overrun of your funds
  • Usage of additional services

So, you should ask the provider of the card about the possible charges when you start using it to avoid unexpected expenses. Furthermore, some financial institutions charge monthly fees for using their services. Make sure that you are aware of all details related to possible debit card charges.

Get The Most Of Paychekplus Card Features

Elite Paycheck Plus Atm Near Me

This unique paycheck alternative gives employees the ability to be paid directly, without the need for standing in a check-cashing line that may charge fees or even the need for a bank account.

Cardholders have the ability to use their paycheck to make purchases virtually anywhere, withdraw funds from ATMs, and have a cash-back option on purchases.

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How Does A Payroll Card Function

Well, as we said, this card is used mainly by employees and employers. Employers pay their employees by loading their payroll cards. Instead of a paycheck deposited into the employees bank account, it is loaded into the plastic card. A payroll card can be used to pay for anything, this means that the employee doesnt lose at all.

Every expense and bill can be covered using the payroll card. It is just like having money in your bank account and then using your debit card to pay for stuff. Another similarity between a payroll card and a debit card is the fact that a payroll card can also withdraw money from an ATM.

Advantages Of The Elite Paycheck Plus Card

One of the most notable advantages is that there Elite Paycheck Plus cards are an all point surcharge-free ATM network. There is also access to money orders if you obtain an Elite Paycheck Plus card. You are also able to do cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide. There is also cash back with purchase at any of the participating merchant locations deposited monthly. You will also enjoy the fact that there are no points, no coupons and no strings attached.

You can also be able to do your savings through your Elite Paycheck Plus card. The savings account is free to every cardholder and it accumulates interest. If you want to transfer money from the savings accounts, there is an automatic transfer option. The savings account also helps to prepare for any unexpected expenses.

The other feature of the Elite Paycheck Plus card is that there is an online and IVR setup. You can instantly check balances by sending a text to a number provided. If you want to load and low balance alerts, you can set your account to send you. This option is free, quick and easy making it ideal for all cardholders.

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Phone Call Elite Paycheckplus Card Activation Process

In order to get your card activated via telephone, you can dial 1 877 368 0006. If you are not comfortable with getting the card activated online, there are steps to get the card activated via phone as well.

Another way can be reaching out to Paycheck Plus ATM for activation. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the card activated via Paycheck Plus customer service number.

Step 1 ====> You need to dial Paycheck Plus card activation number 1 877 368 0006 on your mobile phone

Step 2 ====> Once you are connected to the support executive over the call, ask for the activation process.

Step 3 ====> You need to verify your identity by providing details such as first name, last name, Date of Birth, full address or any other detail asked by the support executive.

Step 4 ====> You will be asked to provide your card details such as card number and type, provide them appropriately.

Step 5 ====> After that, enter your registered mobile number and re-enter it after the next instruction.

Step 6 ====> Once you have completed the task, you will be notified via email or SMS for the activation of your Paycheck Plus Card.

Paycards Are A Growing Trend Among Small Businesses Find Out Their Pros And Cons

Online Banking | How to register for Online Banking

Payroll cards are a growing trend among small businesses. Research by the Mercator Advisory Group shows that the money loaded onto payroll cards is projected to reach nearly $51 billion by the end of 2021, up from $40.3 billion in 2017.

Payroll cards provide easy access to paychecks without the need for a bank account or banking relationship. The option of payroll cards is a critical necessity for many Americans who cannot or choose not to open a bank account.

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Is Direct Deposit Or A Payroll Card Better

Determining whether a direct deposit or payroll card is better for your business greatly depends on your situation and preferences. If most of your employees do not have a bank account, it may be easier and cheaper to use payroll cards.

Payroll card fees can add up. Some cards have very few associated fees, while other cards charge a fee for normal monthly use, like withdrawing funds from an ATM. Also, not every card offers the option to deposit non-payroll money onto it.

Where Can Employees Use Payroll Cards

Payroll cards are generally accepted anywhere that you would typically use a standard bank account debit card. They hold the same buying power as bank cards and can be used at stores, gas pumps, and even ATMs. Cash can be taken out of the account at ATMs, or by using a cash-back option at grocery or retail stores. Payroll cards can also be used to make payments online, on any sites that would accept the same brand of debit card.

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How Do I Get A New Check Plus Card

A. Call the Customer Service number on the back of your card. If you have a PaychekPlus Select MasterCard it will be replaced with a MasterCard prepaid card and sent to you in the mail. Once you receive your card, follow the instructions on the card to activate your prepaid card.

Is Elite Paycheck Plus A Prepaid Card

Elite Paycheck Plus Atm Near Me

__ __ About this product: Elite Paychek Plus Prepaid Visa Debit Getting your pay on the card is just one feature. There is a lot more you can do with your card. Use these transactions and don’t worry about the fees. … You can stay up-to-date on your balance and your transactions on the web or by phone.

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Well Rounded Decent App

Ive noticed in the 2 years Ive used this app for my Paycard, it has always been very reliable. When I had to report my old card stolen, the customer service was great and easy to communicate with. The app also updates instantaneously upon transactions and transfers, helping to show accurately how much is in my account at all times. Transfers are extremely easy, although they do tend to take a couple business days, but that isnt a problem for me. Still love the app, and still love using it. They update every so often too. Highly recommend!

Can Employers Only Offer Payroll Cards As A Payment Method

No. Despite the growing popularity of payroll cards, federal banking laws require businesses to offer employees at least one additional payment option. Payroll cards generally cost a business $7 per month per employee, whereas paper checks can cost $23 per month per employee. Given the high cost of paper checks, direct deposit is usually the second option. That is not to suggest that employers must only offer two forms of payment. Each state retains the right to regulate the specific methods of payment offered to employees.

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How To Get Information On Elite Paycheck Plus

If you visit the Elite Paycheck Plus website, you will get all the guidance you need on the card features, how to easily use the card and other helpful tips. You can also check your account balance and activity of the account. You can also be able to retrieve the monthly statement and account history. On the website, updating of PINs and addresses is also possible. If there are new card features you would like to add on the card, you can easily do this online.

If you decide to use your phone, you will get access to the self-service automated IVR and live service 24/7. You can also easily report any loss or stolen cards for replacement. If you want to dispute any transactions, the best way to do so is via your phone.

My Elite Paycheck Plus Card Login Guide

Elite Paychek Plus Prepaid Visa Debit Review

It is believed you have your login details which were set while applying for the credit card. You need to have the details to access Paychek plus card online account. Once you have them at hand, follow the steps below to login into your account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page

Step 2 ====> On the page, you will see the login widget

Step 3 ====> Enter your login details in the space provided

Step 4 ====> Mark the box before Remember my ID

Step 5 ====> Click the login button to access your online account

NOTE: If you are using a public computer, do not mark the box. Once you mark the box, your login detail will be saved on the computer.

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Using The Atm Machine With My Paycheckplus Card

Once you nave your card pin, then follow the step to use the ATM machine

Step 1 ====> Insert your card into an ATM

Step 2 ====> Input your PIN

Step 3 ====> Select checking then the amount you wish to receive.

Take your cash. It is that simple. Your card participates in the Allpoint ATM network which means you receive surcharge-free cash access, which is less expensive than using a traditional bank ATM.

You also have free access to your pay each pay period. Consult the materials which came with your card for your free and clear transaction options to receive all of your pay.

How Do You Get Paid With A Pay Card

If your employer offers to give you your wages on a card, its likely offering you a pay card, or a payroll card. If you accept, youll receive your paycheck as a direct deposit onto the card instead of getting a physical check or a direct deposit into your bank account at the end of each pay period.

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Elite Card Paycheck Plus

It is hard to imagine life nowadays without debit cards because it is undisputedly one of the most convenient methods of keeping and carrying money. You can use debit cards for paying at restaurants, stores, and other places and for withdrawal of money. Moreover, you can transfer funds wirelessly from one debit card to another with the help of mobile banking.

Let us tell you more about the purposes of debit cards and the conditions for their usage.

Is A Payroll Card A Debit Card

Earn a $10 Statement Credit for using US Bank Credit Card with ApplePay ...

Essentially, yes. They function in the same manner. A financial institution will hold the deposited money in an individual account, and the payroll card provides access to the money much like a debit card. Alerts can be set up to notify the account owner of low balances, or when funds become available after a deposit. Also, payroll cards tend to be affiliated with one of the major credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

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How To Reset Login Details

Your login details are a crucial part of the details you need to access your online account. Sometimes, as a human, you may forget or misplace your login details.

You need to reset the details or get the correct one before you can log in to your account. If you have forgotten your login details, this part of the article will guide you through the recovering or reset process. You need to read to explore this process.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page as explained in the article above

Step 2 ====> On the page, just below the login button

Step 3 ====> Locate and click on Forget User ID or Forgot Password

What Is A Payroll Card

Payroll cards allow employees to access their paychecks without setting up a bank account. Instead, they function like debit cards: Payroll cards are loaded with a paycheck each pay period and can be used to withdraw cash or make purchases. As a result, payroll cards can be an advantageous tool for small businesses with employees who dont have bank accounts or have limited banking options in their location.

Depending on which payroll card service in which you enroll, it may be more cost-effective to provide a payroll card option to your workers. Printing and handing out checks can be expensive, and certain payroll companies may charge extra for direct deposit.

From a workers perspective, its essential to understand the different fees associated with payroll cards, as they arent exactly like traditional debit cards. While it can be an excellent option for employees with no bank account, youll have to pay some fees like charges for ATM withdrawals, balance inquiries, fund transfers, monthly maintenance and account closures. The exact costs will depend on which company youre working with.

Editors note: Looking for the right payroll service for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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Elite Paycheck Plus Card Routing Number

There are plenty of ways you can employ debit cards in the modern world. The debit cards release you from carrying cash and make it possible to keep all money in your bank account. Moreover, you can withdraw cash from the debit card if you need it in any automated teller machine.

What makes the usage of debit cards even more convenient is the development of online banking systems and the introduction of contactless payments to all industries in the market. Thus, you can make transactions with your friends using the mobile bank app, perform online purchases, and use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay for contactless purchases.

However, sometimes you have to pay transaction fees and other extra fees for the usage of the debit cards. Below we will tell more about the costs of having a debit card.

What If I Have Paychekplus Account Issues

HDFC Bank – How To Avail Salary Plus Overdraft

If you have forgotten your PaychekPlus username or password, click on the forgot password tab below the forgot user ID tab and be sure to have your user ID or card number as well as access to your available.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with this PayChekPlus, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information

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