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What Bank Does Not Charge Atm Fees

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Capital One 360 Checking Account

Axis Bank E-Debit Card Charges and all Benefits

The same bank that delivers an impressive credit card portfolio also offers the convenient Capital One 360 Checking account. There are no fees on any withdrawal outside the Capital One network, even if the network or issuer, like Mastercard, charges a fee. MasterCard will charge you a 1% fee, but that is covered by Capital One, so you shouldnt find it on your statement. Theres also no opening balance requirement. Just dont expect easy access to a physical branch if you need one. Luckily, Capital One has strong customer service support thats only a quick call away.

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Tips To Save When Withdrawing Money From Atms

Consider the following when using ATMs:

  • use your own financial institution’s ATMs whenever possible to avoid extra fees when you withdraw cash
  • fees can add up quickly when you use an ATM that your financial institution doesnt own
  • stay within your monthly transaction limit by making fewer withdrawals from ATMs
  • consider how much cash you need to carry and if you could use your debit card for in-store purchases because youre not usually charged a fee when paying by debit in-store
  • note that if you use a credit card for a cash advance at an ATM, there may be additional fees
  • ask for cash back from merchants that offer this service at no charge

With cash back, an amount is added to the total purchase price of a transaction you pay for with your debit card. You get that amount in cash along with your purchase.

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Dont Spend Money To Get Money

There are several ways you can skip the fees.

  • Go in-network. The number-one way most people avoid the fees is to use an ATM in their bank or credit unions network. In addition to branch ATMs, many financial institutions partner with ATM networks and provide a list of locations.
  • Get cash at checkout. Dashing in for milk and bread? Many grocery stores or other retailers allow you to get cash back with no fee if you pay with a debit card.
  • Get reimbursed. Some banks and credit unions will reimburse you for out-of-network ATM fees.
  • Use your debit card. Theyre safer than carrying around cash, with no minimum purchase amounts.
  • Use your mobile app. Just checking your balance or want to make a transfer? If your bank or credit union has an app,* youll be able to take care of these and morewith no fee.
  • Get more than you need. When you stop at the ATM, get more cash than you need and put some aside so you dont have to make a second or third transaction.
  • Common Checking Account Fees

    How to Find Free ATMs That Don

    Before you choose a checking account, familiarize yourself with common checking account fees. Here are seven common fees you may incur:

    • Monthly maintenance fee: The monthly service fee, often up to $15, that banks or credit unions charge to maintain your account.
    • Overdraft fee: If you spend more than the amount in your account, resulting in a negative balance, you may be hit with a steep overdraft fee up to $35.
    • Non-sufficient funds fee: If you write a check and it bounces because there isn’t enough money in your bank account, you’ll likely incur a NSF fee.
    • ATM fee: When you use ATMs that aren’t affiliated with your bank or credit union, you may be hit with two fees: one from your bank/credit union and another from the ATM operator.Banks/credit unions charge around $1.63 while ATM operators charge roughly $3.09.
    • Paper statement fee: If you don’t enroll in paperless, you may pay up to $5 per statement.
    • Foreign transaction fee: If you use your debit card to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM outside of the U.S., you’ll often incur a fee that’s often 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of the transaction.
    • Account closure fee: If you close your account within 90 to 180 days of opening it, you may incur an account closure fee around $25.

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    Best Banks For Free Atms

    • Citibank: Best brick-and-mortar bank for free domestic ATM access.

    • LendingClub: Best bank for free domestic ATM access .

    • Axos Bank: Best bank for free domestic ATM access .

    • Consumers Credit Union: Best credit union for free domestic ATM access.

    • Charles Schwab Bank: Best bank for free international ATM access.

    Best brick-and-mortar bank for free domestic ATM access

    • No-fee access to more than 65,000 ATMs.

    Best bank for free domestic ATM access

    • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements worldwide.

    at Axos Bank®, Member FDIC

    Axos Bank

    Best bank for free domestic ATM access

    • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements nationwide.

    at Consumers Credit Union, Federally insured by NCUA

    Consumers Credit Union

    Best credit union for free domestic ATM access

    • No-fee access to more than 30,000 ATMs plus unlimited ATM fee reimbursements.

    Best bank for free international ATM access

    • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements worldwide and no foreign transaction fees.

    Here are more details on the financial institutions that make it much less expensive to access your money via ATM.

    What Are Typical Atm Fees

    What you pay to use an out-of-network ATM can involve two fees bundled into one. Both the card-issuing bank and the ATM owner can charge their own fee, which combine into what looks like a single fee to consumers. Typically, this fee ranges from $2.50 on the low end to $5 on the high end. When only the ATM owner is charging a fee, while your bank is waiving their fee, an ATM fee of $1 or $2 is possible.

    Note that even if your checking account provides ATM fee refunds, this is something that happens after the fact, and often at the end of your statement cycle. You will still incur the fees at the time of the transaction. But then, either shortly thereafter or when your statement closes, your bank will typically issue a refund for all of your eligible ATM fees at one time.

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    Bank Atm Fees: How Much Are They And How Can You Avoid Them

    When it comes to accessing your various bank accounts, ATMs offer a big convenience. This is especially true when you bank with an institution that offers thousands of ATMs all over the world. According to data from the World Bank, there were around 47 ATMs per 100,000 adults in the world in 2016. Despite their geographic convenience, using an ATM can actually cost money, depending on your bank and the ATM you use.

    Checking Fees To Be Aware Of

    Jupiter Money Debit Card Charges | Full Details | Jupiter Charges | Jupiter Account | Banking Guru

    Many free accounts can end up costing you fees if you dont meet the banks requirements. Make sure you know what these rules are before opening an account.

    Some fees to watch for:

    • Maintenance fee: Youll usually get charged this fee if you go below a certain balance in a monthly statement period.
    • Overdraft fee: Transactions that cause a negative balance can trigger this fee.
    • Sustained overdraft fee: A fee charged after a certain period of time if your account remains negative.
    • ATM fees: Know what it will cost you to withdraw your money from an out-of-network ATM . Some banks will reimburse some or all of these fees. According to Bankrates 2021 checking account and ATM fee study, using an out-of-network ATM costs an average of $4.59. A customers bank charges an average of $1.51 and surcharges from the ATM cost customers an average of $3.08.
    • Paper statement fees: Many banks charge a fee to receive a paper statement in the mail.

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    Pnc Virtual Wallet Checking Account

    As a PNC customer, you can access your money fee-free at nearly 18,000 ATMs across the country. Though when you leave the U.S. on a trip, PNC will only reimburse your first two in-network ATM withdrawal fees per statement cycle and up to $5 in fee reimbursements per statement period for other financial institutions ATM surcharges on the basic Virtual Wallet Checking account. If you are a Virtual Performance Select customer, PNCs top-tier checking account, you wont be charged fees related to other banks ATMs, and youre eligible for up to $20 fee reimbursement per statement period for other financial institutions ATM surcharge fees. However, keep in mind that PNC does charge 3% of the transaction amount, so you may be better off with one of the other checking accounts on our list.

    Best For Students: Chase College Checking Account

    Who’s this for? The Chase College Checking Account provides zero monthly service fees for up to five years for college students 17 to 24 who show proof of student status at account opening.

    After the five-year period, the monthly fee is $6, which is waived if you make one direct deposit each month or maintain an average beginning day balance of at least $5,000.

    Beyond no service fees for students, this Chase account is known for offering new account holder bonuses. Currently, new Chase College Checking account customers can receive $100 after completing 10 qualifying transactions within 60 days of account opening. Offer expires April 8, 2021.

    There’s no deposit required to open this account, and you’ll also pay no monthly maintenance fee on a Chase Savings account linked to this account for overdraft protection.

    Chase has 16,000 fee-free ATMs and nearly 4,900 branches across the U.S. Plus Chase ranks number two on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. National Banking Satisfaction Study for providing innovative technology and high satisfaction with ATMs, plus the lowest incidence of problems.

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    Best For International Atms: Needham Bank

    Needham Bank

    If travel outside the U.S. is a regular occurrence for you, ATM refunds that cover the globe instead of just the country become an important money saver. Fortunately, Needham Bank has you covered and offers several other attractive account features as well.

    • Unlimited reimbursement of ATM fees incurred anywhere in the world

    • No minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee

    • Free check supply with unlimited refills

    • Low interest rate

    • Overdraft fees

    Needham Bank may not be a household name, but its a winning option for those who find themselves using international ATMs. With regular ATM fees compounded by foreign transaction fees when traveling outside the U.S., international ATM fees can become exorbitant, making Needham an excellent value for the frequent traveler and best in our review for international ATMs.

    Needham Bank can trace its Massachusetts roots back to 1892, while currently operating 10 branches in the state and holding a Superior rating from Bauer Financial. Its services are available to adults throughout the U.S. who open an account online.

    Needhams Personal Checking account places no limits on the geography of ATM fees it will refund, nor a limit on the number or dollar amount incurred per month. It also requires no minimum balance and charges no monthly maintenance fee, though you will incur a non-sufficient funds fee of $25 if you overdraw your balance.

    Become Familiar With Affiliate Banks When You Travel

    Pin on The Penny Hoarder

    While abroad, check to see if theres a bank affiliated with your U.S. bank. Before leaving for your trip, ask your financial institution to provide you with a list of surcharge-free, foreign affiliates at your travel destination. By doing this, you can avoid paying a foreign ATM fee as well as the surcharge, saving you sometimes upwards of $5.

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    Best Banks With No International Atm Fees

    The same criteria that applied to the selection of the best banks with no domestic ATM fees apply here, with the sole difference being that international ATM fees were examined, rather than domestic ones. Thus, additional factors for these banks included the level of fee rebates offered, the overall fee structure of checking and savings accounts, the APY paid on those checking and savings accounts and the level of additional banking features and benefits provided by the bank.

    Interest Checking Accounts: Fees Up Yields Down

    Many banks charge customers a monthly service fee when checking account balances fall below a certain amount. For checking accounts paying interest, the average minimum balance requirement to avoid a fee is usually significantly higher than the amount needed for a noninterest checking account.

    Customers with interest-bearing checking accounts needed, on average, $9,896.81 to avoid monthly maintenance fees, the highest in Bankrate survey history. That amount is about 31 percent higher than last years average of $7,550.42, which itself was a record.

    In this years survey, only 7.6 percent of the interest checking accounts were free.

    The average monthly service fee on interest-bearing accounts increased by nearly 5.5 percent since last years survey. The average maintenance fee on a checking account that earns interest totaled $16.35 a month.

    More than three-quarters of interest-earning accounts require a minimum monthly balance in one or more accounts or direct deposit in combination with a minimum balance requirement to avoid fees.

    Direct deposit alone was sufficient to waive monthly service fees on 12 percent of interest checking accounts, down from 21 percent in 2020, 19 percent in 2019 and 16 percent in 2018. The average minimum opening balance for interest checking accounts fell to $505.22 in 2021 from $970.93 last year.

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    What Could That Mean To Navy Federal Members

    Members who use an ATM pay an average of $6 a month in out-of-network fees.

    Those who have checking accounts with ATM fee rebates get back an average of $100 a year1

    Navy Federal’s network has nearly 30,000 free ATMs. Find one near you quickly with our app2 or visit our Branchs & ATMs page.

    Navy Federal Credit Union | Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, Veterans

    Our Members Are the Mission

    ATM Statistics

    How To Choose A No

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    The right checking account for you will be one that charges low or no fees for the types of transactions or services you use the most. While many banks will claim their checking accounts are fee-free, make sure you check the fine print to determine if there are any conditions, caveats or exceptions. The best no-fee checking accounts will generally include the following:

    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • No minimum balance or monthly activity requirement to remain fee-free or, if there are such fees or requirements, they must be easily met
    • Access to a large number of surcharge-free ATMs and generous out-of-network ATM fee reimbursement
    • Low or no non-sufficient funds fees, or an overdraft protection option that is low or no cost
    • Low or no fees for wire transfers, stop payments, debit card replacement, standard checks, returned items or the like, focusing on services you are most likely to use

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    Best For Debit Card Users: Lendingclub


    In February 2021, Radius Bank finalized a merger with LendingClub, which holds an Excellent rating with Bauer Financial. Their Rewards Checking scores well as a low-fee account offering unlimited ATM refunds. But where it really stands out from the crowd is its payment of cashback rewards on debit card purchases.

    • Pays 1% to 1.5% cashback on unlimited debit card purchases

    • No minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee

    • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements

    • Free first set of checks

    • Interest rates are fairly low, and 0% at low balances

    • No Zelle option for person-to-person payments

    • Overdraft fees

    • $100 required to open the account

    Cashback rewards on card purchases have long been the turf of credit cards. But a few debit cards are nosing into that territory, like the one offered with LendingClub Rewards Checking. It pays 1.5% cash back on purchases made in categories like groceries, eating out, entertainment, drug stores, healthcare, and charitable donations, while paying 1% on every other purchase. There is no limit on the cash back earned per monthanother reason we selected LendingClub as best for debit card users.

    Make Purchases And Get Cash Back

    When purchasing items at the supermarket, pet store, gas station or other retail stores, you can ask for free cash back before your debit card is charged. The extra amount is added to your total sale price at no additional charge.

    Typically, most retailers will allow you to get between $20 and $100 cashback over your purchase price. Using this cash back method will cost you nothing as opposed to paying extra fees to use an out-of-network ATM.

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    Find Out If Your Bank Is Part Of A Surcharge

    Some financial institutions have agreements with no-fee ATM networks in which customers can use these ATMs without incurring fees. You can find out if your bank participates in a surcharge-free ATM network by visiting or calling a branch office or searching the banks website or mobile app.

    Heres a list of some popular, surcharge-free ATM networks and the number of participating ATMs nationwide and worldwide.

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