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What Bank Does Not Use Chexsystems

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Set Up A Low Balance Alert

5 Banks That Dont Use ChexSystems

Just about all banks have a service known as a low balance alert. With this alert service, you will receive either a text or an e-mail notification if your account reaches a certain amount. When you receive your low balance alert, you should refrain from using the account until you can add funds to it.

Langley Federal Credit Union Essential Checking

Langley is a member-owned non-profit credit union with location in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Suffolk, and VA Beach. Langley offers checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, line of credit, student loans, student loans refinance, credit builder loans, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, business loans, insurance, and investments.

Langley Federals essential checking account is perfect for anyone who has bad credit or no credit and does not use ChexSystems.


  • $5 monthly maintenance fee reimbursement by using your Langley debit card or logging in to online banking once every month.
  • Online banking

The Best Second Chance Banks By State

Most major banks dont offer non-ChexSystems or second chance checking, but many community banks and credit unions have them under various names, such as Opportunity Checking and Fresh Start Checking.

Our editorial staff regularly updates the list of banks offering no ChexSystems second chance checking in every state. Heres an overview of these accounts and where you can find them at branches in your area.


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Can I Open A Bank Account When I Owe Another Bank

Theres no hard and fast rule that says you cant open a bank account if you owe a bank money. But since many banks check credit reports and bank consumer behavior reports in order to avoid risky customers, doing so can often be difficult unless you open an account geared toward people in that situation.

Benefits Of Banks Who Dont Use Chexsystems

Banks That Don
  • ChexSystems records wont show up on your credit report
  • Banks that dont use ChexSystems often offer better rates on loans, higher limits on checking accounts, and more lenient restrictions for opening new bank accounts.
  • Banks that dont use ChexSystems are also more likely to be generous with credit, allowing people who have ChexSystems items a chance to get approved for loans or checking accounts without those negative records affecting their ability to do so.
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    Credit Unions That Dont Use Chexsystems

    Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to LendEDU. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

    ChexSystems is a financial database used by some credit unions to determine if a potential customer presents too much risk. It is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting System. If a person has a history of certain issuessuch as overdrafts or bouncing checkshe or she might be reported to ChexSystems. This information can stay on a ChexSystems record for a period of five years.

    People who dont want to wait this long to open a new account can consider credit unions that dont use ChexSystems.

    These accounts are often known as second chance checking accounts. They are marketed to people who have been turned down for checking accounts due to past mistakes. These accounts tend to have higher monthly fees and may require consumers to set up direct deposits or complete a money management course.

    Can A Bank Report Bounced Checks To Chexsystems

    If a consumer has bounced a lot of checks or has unpaid fees, the bank will also report that information to ChexSystems. Then ChexSystems creates an aggregated database not only from the bank in our example but from more than 85% of all remaining banks and credit unions. ChexSystems holds this information on over 300 million people and companies!

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    How Do I Clear My Chexsystems Record

    First, you have to get your free ChexSystems report to find out which bank you own and how much. Second, dispute the errors and pay off your debt. Third, ask the bank to remove its record. This can and does take quite a bit of time. So, while clearing your ChexSystems, you can open a checking account at a ChexSystems free bank.

    There Are Credit Unions That Dont Use Chexsystems

    Non Chexsystems Banks & Second Chance Banks 2019

    It has not been noticed by many customers yet but, luckily, you can find credit unions that dont use Chexsystems and provide many benefits that you would otherwise need a bank account for.

    For example, Navy Federal Credit Union dont use Chexsystems and let customers open a new account provided that have served in armed forces, coast guard, or national guard position. Besides those in active duty, veterans and retired military officers are welcomes to join as well!

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    Banks That Dont Use Chexsystems In Illinois

    The state of Illinois is best known for the huge metropolis of Chicago, but much of the land beyond the Windy City is rural. And just as the entire state is made of diverse towns and cities, the type of banking services people have access to are equally varied.

    The unbanked population of Illinois is at 7.1%, close to the national average. The underbanked, however, is at 14.3%. A large percentage of residents clearly need alternative options when it comes to their banking needs.

    For people with negative accounts listed in ChexSystems, it can be difficult to find a bank willing to work with them. However, there are some credit unions and banks in Illinois that dont use ChexSystems and also some that offer second chance checking.

    Navy Federal Credit Union

    To qualify for Navy Federal Credit Union membership, you must be an active-duty or retired member of the military, which includes the Armed Forces, National Guard, Coast Guard, and the Department of Defense.

    If this sounds like you, then NFCU could be a great choice because they dont use ChexSystems or EWS. Plus, there is a free checking account option with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fee with a qualifying direct deposit.

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    Sofi Cash Management Account

    SoFi is a cash management account that helps you earn interest, has no ATM fees, overdraft protection and early direct deposit. They are offering a $100 welcome bonus when you setup direct deposit. SoFi has over 55,000 ATM locations.

    There is no minimum balance fees, and no monthly fees. They are FDIC insured and you can earn up to 15% cash back on everyday expenses when you pay with SoFi Money. No credit check is needed to open an account and they do no use ChexSystems.


    Buyers Guide To Selecting The Best Checking Account

    Banks that Dont Use ChexSystems in Ohio (A Comprehensive ...
  • Low or no monthly fees should be your number one priority. Since youre already in financial trouble, no need to pay tens of dollars in fees.
  • If you have some serious problems with your banking history, consider applying in person. On the other hand, since ChexSystems free banks dont check your report, you can save a lot of money by applying online.
  • Make sure the bank offers an easy-to-use mobile app, not only a web service. It may be a pain to open a browser, type a website address, login into your account. Mobile apps are a lot easier to use and should be a preferable option.
  • Think about other fees, not only the monthly maintenance charge. Nobody wants to overdraw, but sometimes it happens. In this case, the bank may charge $30 or more. Overdraft protection is a great option that is offered for free and is especially valuable for customers who lack financial discipline.
  • Learn the differences between checking and savings accounts. You need both but some financial technology companies offer hybrid options. They are great as long as you fully understand what they are, how they work, and whether you really need them.
  • Paper statements are in the past. No need to pay $3 or even $1 for this service. Most banks offer free eStatements.
  • In some cases, checking accounts can offer interest, but this shouldnt be your priority. Checking accounts are for managing money and paying as little fees as possible. Savings accounts are for saving money and earning some interest.
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    Sofi Money Cash Management Account

    Another brokerage firm offering checking account privileges: The SoFi Money Cash Management Account is offered by SoFi Securities LLC, a FINRA registered broker dealer. Similar to Ameritrade, the account allows for deposits, check writing, online bill pay, and transfer money. There is no minimum balance requirement, and on top of that theres an opportunity to earn a $25 cash bonus by funding the account with $100 or more within 14 days of opening.

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    Bad Credit Is No Longer A Dealbreaker For A New Traditional Bank Account

    In many situations, it can be hard to find banks that dont use ChexSystems. If you even have one minor blemish on your report with a consumer reporting agency such as ChexSystems, banking isnt always easy to access. Many traditional banks may deny you access to a checking account with bad credit, no matter your net worth. It can be pretty tough to keep track of your finances without a checking account.

    If youve been denied a traditional bank account because of bad credit, Chime is here to help with a long list of unique features that provide a great second chance banking option. Unlike traditional bank accounts, Chime is built to help you take control of your financial health. We help you on your path to rebuilding your financial life by offering a bank account that doesnt use reports such as those furnished by ChexSystems and has no monthly fees.

    It Makes Banking Harder

    ChexSystems: Everything You Need To Know

    Saying that ChexSystems is unfair is an understatement. Its aggressive policies can harm consumers like you regular, honest people, whove just had a few problems in the past, which they most likely resolved. As of yet, around 17 million Americans thats 5% of the population dont have a bank account. Many of these are people whove had accounts in the past but cannot open up one now. This is likely to be due to a negative ChexSystems report, even if they have successfully resolved the problem that their report ended up highlighting.

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    Banks That Dont Use Chexsystems: Online & National

    We have all heard of credit reports from companies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If you dont pay your bills, your credit score may drop. If you have a low credit score, you may not qualify for new loans.

    Fewer people know about the consumer reporting organizations that track customers with a negative checking account history. This history is managed through companies like ChexSystems, EWS, and Telecheck. If you have bounced a check with a retailer or did not pay off a checking account with a negative balance, then you may have a negative mark on your checking account history. As a result, you may have difficulty writing more checks to retailers, and you may be blocked from opening a new checking account with certain banks.

    For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the largest check history reporting company, ChexSystems , which is used by 80% of banks in the United States.

    How To Get Out Of Chexsystems

    Once you have pulled a free copy of your Chex report and confirmed there is negative information on it, there are steps you can take to get this negative information removed, or at least make it less negative.

    ChexSystems is formally designated as a consumer reporting agency, and as such, is forced to play by the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act . These are the same standards applied to normal credit reporting bureaus, so the recommendations for cleaning up a Chex report closely resemble the steps to take to raise your credit score:

  • Dispute any errors: If you find any information on your Chex report that you feel is inaccurate, you have the right under FCRA to initiate a formal dispute. Visit the Chex website to file a dispute, and they are legally required to research and fix any mistakes within 30 days. Please note, Chex is not legally required to agree with you, and may decline to make any changes,
  • Pay off or settle your debts: If you legitimately owe money to a previous bank, it might be a good idea to pay them fully or negotiate a settlement for less than the full balance. This will make your report look less negative. Please note, paying or settling an account is not a guarantee that other banks will start accepting you it just gives you a better chance.
  • Repairing a negative Check report takes time and energy, but doing so may result in enough positive improvement to get you qualified for a checking account at a traditional bank.

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    Knowing The Basic Of Chexsystems

    ChexSystems is an important reporting agency that can greatly affect your ability to open a bank account. If you suspect that you may have any negative information on your report, contact ChexSystems and request a free copy of your report. Be sure to dispute any information found, and if you cant resolve any negative information on your Chexsystem report, be sure to consider non-ChexSystems banks and credit unions today.

    More Frequently Asked Question About A No Chexsystems Bank Account

    Do You Know about ChexSystems? Know How &  Why Banks Use ...
    Can I live anywhere in the United States to apply for a no ChexSystems bank account?

    Our top no ChexSystems banking recommendations offer accounts to residents in all 50 states.

    What information will I need for the application process?

    You will need your social security number . In some cases, the bank will ask questions during the application process to verify your identity.

    Whats the likelihood my application will be accepted?

    Weve selected these banks based on their extraordinarily high acceptance rates. Our informal surveys indicate an acceptance rate of about 95 percent.

    Do these banks require an initial deposit to set up the account?

    Chime and Nearside do not require an initial deposit, while the balance of the banks do. Weve provided information about the minimum deposit required for each of the banks.

    Will I receive a pre-paid card or a checking debit card?

    None of our top no ChexSystems banks will send you a pre-paid card. They only offer Visa or MasterCard debit cards which are linked directly to your checking account. These debit cards will allow you to select a personal identification number and have the full buying functionality that comes with the Visa or MasterCard networks.

    What are the fees associated with my no ChexSystems bank account?

    Chime and SoFi have no monthly fees. The remaining banks have low monthly fees as detailed above.

    Will my no ChexSystems bank account be FDIC insured?
    What if I want to bank locally so I have access to a branch office?

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    Paying Off Balances At The Banks

    Once you see what you owe and to whom, you then can begin to make debt payments to pay off any balances owed. You may even be able to get some of the balances lowered. Try visiting the bank and talking to a customer service representative. They may be willing to waive all or some of the charges for you, depending on the circumstances. If nothing else, they can explain what the charges were and how long your account was in the negative.

    Keep in mind that you will need to contact each bank separately and work with them to pay off any balances. You can either save up to pay off each balance in full or talk to the bank about setting up a payment plan. Once the balance is paid off, request that each bank report to ChexSystems that the account has been paid in full.

    Acorns Checking Account $75 Bonus

    The Acorns Checking Accountis the first checking account with a debit card that saves, invests, and earns for you. With the Acorns Checking Account, customers enjoy no monthly or overdraft fees, a debit card, and free ATM access nationwide. The Visa debit card is made with an impressive tungsten metal with a matte green finish and your signature custom-engraved.

    Bonus Requirements: To earn the $75 Bonus you must receive 2 direct deposits of at least $250 into your Acorns account within 45 days of account opening.

    Acorns Checking Account Features

    • Set up Acorns Checking Direct Deposit you can get your paycheck up to 2 days early.
    • Receive 2 direct deposits of at least $250 and a $75 bonus will be deposited into your Acorns account within 45 days.
    • No overdraft fees.
    • Veterans, retirees and annuitants

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