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What Bank Does Unemployment Use

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How An Unemployment Debit Card Works

Unemployment claimants question ID verification email as work continues on reopening accounts

Have you applied for unemployment benefits or received a card? This guide will help you understand all the details on how unemployment debit cards work.

Erica GellermanJuly 19, 2020

Gone are the days of waiting to receive an unemployment check in the mail.

Unemployment departments now use cheaper and more efficient methods of getting benefit payments to you. One of these methods is with an unemployment debit card.

If youve justapplied for unemployment benefitsor received a card, this guide has all the details on how unemployment debit cards work.

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  • Where can I get more information?
  • Budget Changes Are A Must

    If you are receiving unemployment benefits, then that means that you need to spend more on essential expenses, rather than luxurious things. Simply put, you must make sure that you keep money and that it will last. This is why you need to organize and prioritize your expenses. One of the most important things to pay for is rent, utilities, food, and medical expenses . Additionally, you will need to delay repaying your credit card debt and focus on the essential expenses. If you can, then you pay for your credit card debt. By postponing repaying your debt, you will be able to better manage your financial situation. Also, keep an eye out for where you shop. There are shops and supermarkets that offer discounted prices or cash-back rewards. Those stores and supermarkets will help you use your unemployment benefits effectively and efficiently.

    How Does Direct Deposit Workdirectdeposit

    If you select direct deposit, your unemployment benefits will be deposited in your personal checking or savings account. Most applicant use direct deposit because it is the quickest way to get paid.

    • Once you set up direct deposit, payments should reach your account within three business days after you request a payment.
    • When you complete a new application for benefits, you must also complete a new direct deposit request.
    • If you change your bank or bank account, remember to update this information in your benefit account to avoid a delay in payment.

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    Account Balance & Transaction History

    • Sign up for text alerts
    • Hear your recent transaction history
    • Report a lost or stolen card and order a replacement
    • Speak to a live customer service representative if you need more help

    If you have any questions about your ReliaCard or your account, you must logon to or call ReliaCard cardholder services at 800-657-6343. U.S. Bank branches, or your personal bank, cannot help you with your ReliaCard account.

    Protect Your Card Information

    What Bank Does Louisiana Unemployment Use

    U.S Bank will not ask for sensitive account information such as your PIN, password, or account number via e-mail, phone, or text message. Beware of e-mail scams that try to steal your personal banking information by claiming there are problems with your unemployment payment, with your debit card, or with your account.

    If you receive a phone call, e-mail or text asking for any such information, forward the note to and then delete the message. If you believe you may have accidentally shared your information, or if you have questions about your debit card, call U.S. Bank ReliaCard customer service at 800-657-6343.

    For more information regarding schemes that target debit card users, or to learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to avoid them, visit:

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    What Is Way2go Card Florida

    The Way2Go Card Florida is the secure and convenient electronic payment system for receiving Florida Reemployment Assistance payments.

    The Florida Way2Go Card by Debit MasterCard can be used to access your Florida reemployment assistance payments worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

    The card is operated by GoProgram and issued by Comerica Bank.

    The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity requires that all unemployment insurance benefits be sent electronically.

    The Way2Go card is an option to receive your unemployment benefits electronically if you do not have a traditional bank account or do not want to use your bank account.

    The card is valid for three years. Individuals eligible to receive unemployment benefits during the three-year period will not receive a new card.

    You will automatically receive the Florida Way2Go Debit MasterCard if you do not enroll in direct deposit no other action is required to receive a card.

    You can enroll in, change, or cancel direct deposit anytime online while receiving unemployment benefits.

    What Information Do I Need To Know If I Choose Direct Deposit

    You must enroll prior to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for your registration to be effective the same day. If you incorrectly enter your social security number and/or PIN number, you will be locked out of the site for thirty minutes. We do not verify the accuracy of your banking information, nor do we send a pre-authorization request to your bank prior to payment. Therefore, it is extremely important that you enter your banking information correctly.

    You must select a U.S. bank that is recognized by the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House . Because some credit unions and savings and loan institutions have routing numbers that are not compatible with direct deposit, do not rely only on the information printed on your bank checks. Instead, you should always verify that your banking information is accurate and compatible before registering for direct deposit. You may go online to the Federal Reserve E-Payment Routing Directory by clicking to locate and confirm a transit routing number.

    It may take two to four business days after your benefit week is processed to complete the transfer of funds to your bank account . You must contact your bank to confirm the payment was received.

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    How The Maryland Unemployment Debit Card Works

    Heres how the cards will work:

    Once you are approved for Maryland Unemployment benefits and begin to receive your payments on the Debit Card, Bank of America will create a card in your name.

    After your first unemployment insurance payment is authorized, Bank of America will mail the debit card to you via the United States Postal Service .

    You should receive it the card within 7-10 days.

    Whenever you are due to receive your Maryland Unemployment benefit payment, funds will be sent by Electronic Funds Transfer to your Debit Card.

    It is important to note that the Maryland Unemployment debit card is NOT a credit card.

    Therefore if you try to use your card for purchases that exceed your balance, your transaction may be declined.

    You Have Options For How To Receive Your Unemployment Benefits

    Where is my unemployment debit card?

    Millions of workers have filed for unemployment insurance benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If youve lost your job or a portion of your income, you can apply for benefits through your state unemployment program, and if you qualify, you have options for how you can receive this money.

    In most states, you can receive your money either on a state-issued prepaid debit card or by having it directly deposited into your own bank or credit union account or onto an existing prepaid card. In some states, receiving paper checks is also an option. While the majority of workers who are eligible for unemployment benefits have already filed as a result of COVID-19, many states will allow you to make changes to the way you receive your benefits.

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    If I Want To Utilize The State Issued Debit Card What Must I Do

    A state issued unemployment debit card is automatically mailed to you after filing your first initial unemployment compensation claim, along with information telling you how to activate the card and select a four digit PIN number. Once you activate the card, you can access available funds.

    If you enrolled for direct deposit and want to change back to the unemployment debit card, contact your local office to tell them you want to use the debit card as your method of payment.

    When Do Unemployment Benefits Get Deposited

    You can expect to receive your unemployment benefits onto your debit card weekly or biweekly, depending on your states unemployment benefit payment schedule.

    For example, Texas and Illinois pay their unemployment benefits on a bi-weekly basis, so you should receive payments on your debit card every two weeks. Georgia pays on a weekly basis, so you can expect to receive payment on your debit card each week.

    If you want to check the balance on your card, there are a number of ways to do that. You can check your balance at an ATM or online with your card issuer. Your card issuer may also offer the option to sign up for text alerts.

    Another important note: Before you start using your card to spend money, its a good idea to tweak your budget.

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    Always Apply For Unemployment Benefits

    It might sound boring and repetitive, but you really need to apply for your unemployment benefits on a weekly basis. You will not only receive your first unemployment benefit check and then it will automatically show up every week. No, you need to actively update and apply for your unemployment benefits. For every time that you want to receive unemployment benefits, you need to file a claim. To organize yourself, you should keep a work log with you. Your work log is evidence that you are actively seeking employment, which is one of the eligibility requirements of unemployment benefits.

    How Can I Get My Unemployment Directly Deposited Into My Chime Spending Account

    Employed North Texan Receives Unemployment Benefits He ...

    For most states, direct depositing your unemployment is easy, even if you are already receiving unemployment benefits via prepaid card. Make sure the name on the payment matches the name on the bank account.

    Information youll need differs by state but generally it includes:

    Youll need to log into your states unemployment website and enter your Chime Spending Account and routing numbers, which can be found in your Chime app under Settings.

    If you live in Tennessee, New Jersey, and New Mexico, you might be experiencing issues depositing your unemployment with Chime. We are actively working with these states to have this problem resolved ASAP.

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    Faq: Bank Of America Prepaid Debit Card

    You can choose to have your benefit payments issued to a convenient and secure prepaid Bank of America debit card. Here are answers to common questions about how the card works.

    When will I receive my debit card?

    If you havent applied for Unemployment, Temporary Disability, or Family Leave Insurance benefits before, your debit card will be mailed within 10 days after we review your application. The card will arrive before you find out if your application was approved, so no funds will be available. Benefit payments are only issued to the debit card account if your claim is approved.

    If you received a debit card for prior Unemployment, Temporary Disability, or Family Leave Insurance benefits within the past four years, your benefits will be issued to that same debit card account. If the previously issued debit card has expired or you no longer have it, call Bank of America toll-free at 866-213-4074 to request a new one.

    Will I get a new debit card every time I apply for benefits?

    If you previously received a debit card for a prior Unemployment, Temporary Disability, or Family Leave Insurance claim, your benefits will be issued to that same debit card account. If the previously issued debit card has expired or you no longer have it, call Bank of America toll-free at 866-213-4074 to request a new one.

    How long does it take for money to be on my card?

    Once a payment is posted, funds should be available on your debit card within two business days of the payment date.

    Option 1 Call Customer Service

    You can call Florida Way2Go at 1-888-929-2460 for assistance.

    For Text Telephone assistance, call 1.877.906.0085.

    International callers should call 1-866-569-4494

    Here are the customer service hours:

    Florida Way2Go Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles calls related to:

    • Reporting lost or stolen cards
    • Balance inquiries
    • Registering a complaint about a card issue
    • Questions about card usage
    • Questions about international card usage

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    I Did Not Receive My Maryland Unemployment Benefits What Should I Do

    If you have questions concerning your Maryland unemployment insurance benefits including, missed or incorrect payments, please contact DLLR.

    Heres how to contact the DLLR:

    Option 1: Online

    Contact the DLLR online at

    Option 2 By Phone

    You can also call the DLLR at 410-949-0022 From Baltimore Area and Out-of-State

    1-800-827-4839 Toll-Free Outside Baltimore

    For The Hearing Impaired: Contact Maryland Relay.

    Option : Activate Your Card Online

    Fraudulent Charges Appearing On Bank Of America EDD Debit Cards Of 350,000 Unemployed Californians.

    You can activate your debit card online on the Bank of America Maryland Unemployment Benefit debit card website.

    Once there, click on Activate My Card as shown in the image below.

    Next, you will be asked to enter your debit card number, as shown in the image below.

    Once you have entered your debit card number, click Continue and follow the instructions to activate your card.

    For security reasons you will need:

    • the 16-digit number that appears on the face of the card
    • the 3-digit card security number that appears on the back of the card
    • the last four digits of your social security number.

    During the activation process, you will be asked to create a personal identification number .

    The PIN can be used to make ATM withdrawals and PIN purchases

    Once the card is activated, you will be given the account balance and may begin using it immediately.

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    How Do Unemployment Debit Cards Work

    When you sign up for unemployment benefits, you usually can decide how to receive your payments. One payment method is via direct debit payments made to your bank account. Another is via debit cards.

    If you choose to be paid with a debit card , the card will be mailed to you. Once you receive it, youll need to activate it and set up your PIN to use the card.

    Once your card is set up, you can use it just like other debit cards. For example, you can make purchases, withdraw cash, pay bills, and more. But, once all of the money on the card has been spent, you cant use it again until you receive another unemployment payment deposited onto your card.

    Forgot Your Fl Way2go Card User Id

    If you lost your Way to Go Card Florida User ID we can help walk you through the steps on how to recover that information so you can log in to your FL Way2Go account.

    How to recover lost Way2Go FL User ID

    Follow these steps to recover your lost Way2Go Card Florida User ID login information.

  • Visit the Way2Go Card website at
  • Click the blue Forgot User ID link below the login.
  • Enter your 16-digit Florida Way2Go Card Number and 3-digit CVV.
  • Once you are logged into your Florida Way2Go Debit MasterCard account, you can:

    • You can check your card balance online.
    • Set up Direct Deposit
    • Review transactions and any fees that might have been applied to your account.
    • Manage your automatic alerts, including receiving email or text alerts when you get a deposit.

    You can also set up alerts by calling 1-888-929-2460.

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    Notification Of Deposits By Phone Or Email

    With your Florida Way2Go Debit card, you may choose to receive automatic notifications anytime your unemployment benefits are deposited.

    However, to set this up, you can call the phone number above or log in to your Way2Go account to activate notifications.

    Once you have activated this notification process, each time a deposit is posted to your card account, you will receive a phone or email notification.

    How To Sign Up For A Debit Card

    Unemployment Debit Card Pa
    • You can sign up for a debit card at the time you apply for unemployment benefits or after youve applied.
    • To sign up online, sign into eServices. Click Settings in the upper right. Then choose Update payment information under I want to and follow the instructions.
    • NOTE: Your KeyBank prepaid debit card remains valid for three years . Don’t throw it away! Keep your card until the expiration date of the card has passed in case you open another unemployment claim within the 3-year window.
    • You can also call the ESD claims center at 800-318-6022 and speak to a claims agent.

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    Do I Have To Receive My Maryland Unemployment Benefits On The Debit Card

    No, you do not have to receive your payments on a debit card.

    You have the option to choose to receive your Maryland Unemployment benefit payments through a paper check.

    The check will be mailed to your address on file via the United States Postal Service.

    If you choose to receive your benefit payments by paper check, please call one of the following numbers: 1-877-293-4125, or 711

    How Do I Get My Unemployment Benefit

    Direct deposit: In many states, you can connect your unemployment benefit to your bank account, and each state has its own process for filing and setting up payment. Check with your states website. Generally, to set up direct deposit, youll need the account number and routing number for your bank account.

    Prepaid debit card: Many states issue prepaid debit cards to distribute benefit payments. You will need to check with your own states unemployment office to learn what the process is.

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    Watch Out For Potential Unemployment Scams

    During times of emergencies and natural disasters, the rates of scam activities increase. Its important to stay vigilant and aware of scammers who may pretend to be a government agency in order to gain access to your personal information.

    Possible scams include emails, texts, phone calls, or social media messages that appear to come from the U.S. Department of Labor or your states unemployment office, asking you to verify your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, or bank account information. Scammers often also ask for up-front fees in order to process your payments or application.

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