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What Bank Is Chime Bank Through

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Chime Mobile Check Deposit Time

CHIME BANK APP: Chime Update & Walk through

Chime mobile check deposit time on verified checks drawn on a bank in the United States like certified checks, personal and business checks, state and local government checks is the next business day for the first $225.00 deposited after the deposit is processed.

Chime mobile check deposit time for U.S. Treasury Checks is next business-day availability for the first $5,225 deposited after the deposit is processed.

Eligibility for mobile check deposit feature is solely determined by Chime based on the history of any Chime-branded accounts you have, direct deposit history, and direct deposit amounts, and other risk-based factors.

*Please See Chimes Deposit Account Agreement for funds availability policy and circumstances that may warrant longer check deposit delays.

Details: Chime Features And Fees

Currently, Chime’s services consist of a checking accountâthe “Spending” Accountâthat’s connected to the Chime app as well as a Visa debit card, which is mailed to new customers. The company also offers an optional Savings Account, which earns 0.5% APY and can be managed alongside your Spending Account within the app.

Chime App Features

  • Deposit checks with your smartphone
  • Enable or disable debit card with a single button
  • Send P2P payments or link with Venmo
  • Locate nearby ATMs for free withdrawals
  • Request checks be written and mailed
  • Save automatically by rounding debit transactions up to nearest dollar
  • Set up automatic 10% transfer of every paycheck to Savings

The debit card can be used normally for purchases and free ATM cash withdrawals, but Chime’s best feature is its mobile app. The Chime app lets you manage all your banking from a smartphone, whether you feel like going over your recent debit purchases, paying friends by Venmo, or making a mobile check deposit. Combined with Chime’s paperless statements, this effectively eliminates paperwork and signatures from your daily banking experience.

For skeptics of online banking, it’s important to note that Chime provides government-backed FDIC insurance on all of your deposits, just like any brick-and-mortar bank. It achieves this by partnering with The Bancorp Bank, an FDIC member institution that holds the money placed into Chime accounts on behalf of the app’s users.

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Chime Bank Review: Is It Right For You

Its difficult to tell by looking at just one bank account to determine if its the best fit for you. If you have already, take the chance to compare what Chime accounts have to offer to other online banks and their products.

If you like to have in-person service, you may also want to include traditional banks and credit unions in your search.

As you shop around, its important to consider all the features each account has to offer, not just a few.

For example, some other online bank accounts offer cash back rewards, ATM fee reimbursements and even checking accounts that offer interest in addition to their savings accounts.

Take your time to research the best checking accounts to make sure you get the best one for you.

Additional Credit Builder Card Benefits

Chime raises $18 million for mobile banking without the ...

Next, after moving the necessary funds, customers use their secured credit card at any location that accepts Visa. Then, Chime turns around and reports card activity to the major credit reporting agencies, namely Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. Customers can sit back and watch their ratings rise. And, they can do so as they go about their business buying gas, groceries, and other everyday items.

Using the app, secured cardholders can also enable the Safer Credit Building feature. Doing so guarantees that the outstanding Credit Builder balance will be paid in full every month, providing yet another shot in the arm to that individuals credit rating. Chime makes sure that this zero-balance information also gets sent to credit reporting agencies.

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Other Chime Accounts & Services

Chime also offers a Credit Builder Account option. With this account, youll be provided with a secured credit card, which you can fund from your other Chime accounts¹. Youll then be able to spend up to the amount youve added to your card, while building a credit history. If youve previously been denied credit facilities, this may help you get a better credit score for future needs.

As an alternative, you may be able to access a no-fee overdraft with Chime if youre eligible to enrol in SpotMe¹¹. To do this, youll need to:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Have had at least $500 deposited in your Chime Spending Account in the past month
  • Have an Apple or Android phone with a data plan

If youre eligible for this service you may be able to overdraw your Chime account – however, if you leave your account underfunded for 15 days or more, Chime may offset this by moving funds from your other Chime accounts to cover the shortfall.

The Credit Builder Secured Credit Card

True to its corporate mission of opening up financial services to those who have previously experienced credit-related issues, Chime also offers a secured credit card.

Applicants must already have or open a Spending Account before applying for the secured credit card. The Credit Builder features no annual fee or interest, no credit check during the application process, and no minimum security deposit.

The other central selling point for consumers with past credit problems is that their average credit score increases by approximately 30 points just for opening a Credit Builder account. As a cardholder uses their secured card over time and builds a payment history, that rating will continue to go up.

Credit Builder customers boost their credit rating by quickly moving the amount of money they want to spend from their Spending Account into Credit Builder. Customers remain in complete control of how often and how much money they move onto their secured card.

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Chime Review 2022 Chime Additional Features

You can use Chime services through a mobile app or on a computer through the Chime website. One of the main features touted by Chime is that it lets you get paid 2 days early through direct deposits sent by your employer. This is compared to traditional banking policies and paper check deposits made by employers or government agencies that send you money, such as your paycheck or monthly benefits.

You can set up direct deposits by giving your bank routing number and your Chime account number to your payroll or benefits provider. You can find this information in the Chime app. Naturally, you can set up charges to your account to pay bills.

Chime does not have features like a Premium account, virtual cards, or cryptocurrency trading.

Is Chime Bank A Real Bank

Chime Bank accounts targeted in phishing scheme | ABC7 Chicago

Technically speaking, Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. However, customers can engage in all traditional activities checking, savings, debit card, credit card customarily associated with consumer-level banking.

Most customers find that they dont miss those things once theyve had an account for a few months, anyway. The majority of American consumers want free, no-hassle access to their accounts. Moreover, they want access to their checking and savings accounts, a debit card, and the ability to boost their credit rating.

All of these services are simple and straightforward. The actual banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.

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What To Do If You Have Issues Setting Up Chime To Work With Zelle

If you follow the information we provide above, you shouldnt have any problems setting up Zelle to work with your Chime account.

If for some reason you do though, you can try contacting Chime support but they may just tell you they cant help you since Chime doesnt natively have Zelle built-in.

You can also try contacting Zelle support to see if they can help you as well.

What Is A Chime Account

First, though, it is beneficial to go over exactly what Chime is and the services it offers. In short, Chime offers digital personal finance services to people, wherever they are. There is no need to access their services through a physical location or even a desktop computer. The idea behind Chime was to create an alternative to traditional banks. As a result, customers can expect no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, early access to direct deposits, and access to a large ATM network.

Their hope is to make financial peace of mind a reality for everyone. Managing money through Chime is easy, simple, and effective. The company ensures that it puts its customers first. So, unlike banks of old who once profited from selling products to customers, Chime wants to improve customers lives. Thats why there are no fees and why they allow customers to access a paycheck two days early with direct deposit features. Perhaps most importantly, Chime helps customers save automatically, helping them grow their wealth. Users can set up their account with a direct deposit so that part of their paycheck goes directly into their savings account. Plus Chime helps its users build credit with their Chime Credit Builder Card. Carrying no annual fee and requiring no credit check, its a great way to start building credit in a secure and easy manner.

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Do You Need To Link A Bank Account With Chime

Chime allows users to link a bank account to their Chime account. Meaning, you can add a US bank such as CitiBank, PNC, Bank of America, Chase, or Wells Fargo.

Just log into your Chime app or access your account via a web browser, then insert the bank details such as your account number and routing numbers.

Once youve added your bank account, you can make money transfers. You can move $10,000 per day and $25,000 per month. The process takes 5 business days.

Troubleshooting Chime And Zelle Setup

Chime Launches Credit Card

The easiest way to troubleshoot issues between Chime and Zelle is to either contact their customer service directly or search their websites to look through frequently asked questions.Chime has a help page that you can go to search for your issue.

The link can be found here: Help . Additionally, Chime has a FAQ page that anyone can search through. This page can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions | How to Get Started with Chime Banking. Or you can directly contact their Customer Support by either emailing them at or by calling them at 1-844-244-6363.

Zelle also has a FAQ page that their customers can search for any issue that they are having. The page can be found at the link here:

Support Top Questions | Zelle . The way to leave Zelle a written message is to navigate to this link ) and select the Other tab. Fill in your name, email address, telephone phone number, and message. Zelle will respond to your problem within 2 business days. If you prefer to contact Zelle by phone, their phone number is 1-844-428-8542.

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How To Bank With Chime

Opening an account with Chime is pretty easy. To get started, visit and provide some basic personal information.

While you can deposit money into your account via direct and mobile check deposits, Chime currently does not allow wire transfers.


We found that Chime is a consumer-friendly option for anyone who wants free, app-focused online banking. Youll have access to several features that make banking simple and hassle-free. Early access to your direct deposit gives you more flexibility in managing your money, with no extra fees. Automatic savings options help you boost your savings, and if you have a blemished bank record, Chime is forgiving. The banking platform doesnt review your ChexSystems history, so this is a great option if banks have turned you down.


Chime only offers two types of accountsa spending account and a savings accountand you cant open a standalone savings account. While the automatic savings options allow you to grow your savings account steadily over time, you’ll only earn at the current APY of 0.50%. And if youre looking for more functionality, such as the option to deposit cash, open a certificate of deposit, or apply for a loan, Chime isnt the best choice for you.

Security Measures For Your Chime Savings Account

However, that fraudulent activity will be highly unlikely to happen given how seriously Chime takes its security. Given that it is an online app, there is an assumption made by many that such apps are more prone to identity theft.

However, that is not the case with Chime since it uses secure processes to ensure that your information is protected. Its procedures mean that any unauthorized use is prevented. And, should you find yourself, victim, to an identity theft scheme, the bank is quick to react. Such thefts can occur at even traditional banks, so it is not just a challenge for online financial service companies. How companies respond to identity theft is the key. If you report that money was stolen from your Chime account, it will be reimbursed by the bank in no time at all. Often under 48 hours.

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Banking With Chime In A Nutshell

Chime offers individual consumers a serious, customer-focused challenge to traditional accounts. This includes the checking account, savings account, and Visa debit card services through its partner banks. But, first, you just have to get used to the idea of a banking relationship that does not include brick-and-mortar branch locations.

If you can do that, you might do well to consider joining more than 12 million customers who agree that the tradeoff is more than worth the absence of banking fees. Customers also indicate that they appreciate having the opportunity to establish or improve their credit rating. Additionally, they can effortlessly build up a savings account.

Is Chime Fdic Insured

How to make $50 with Chime Bank

Accounts with Chime are FDIC insured through its partner banksStride Bank and the Bancorp Bank, both of which are FDIC insured. So, yes, every Chime account is FDIC insured through its partner banks.

The insurance covers up to $250,000 per account in case Chime fails, keeping your money safe should something go wrong outside of your control. This means that as a Chime customer, you can have peace of mind knowing that a trustworthy financial entity has got your back and that your money is safe.

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Is Chime A Real Bank Or Prepaid Card

Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A. Members FDIC. Chime is also not a prepaid card. Through its bank partners, Chime offers a full-service spending account with a Chime Visa® Debit Card for spending and using at 60,000+ fee-free in-network ATMs. Out of Network ATM fees apply. See for more details.

How Can I Deposit Money In A Chime Account

At Chime, you can use the following methods to top up, i.e. deposit cash to your account:

  • Direct deposit from employer.
  • Bank transfer: either directly from your home bank or from within the Chime app after linking it to your bank account . In the latter case, there is a $200 daily and $1,000 monthly limit on transfers.
  • Mobile check deposit .
  • Cash : you can deposit a maximum of $1,000 per 24 hours or $10,000 per month in cash.

There are no cash deposit fees unless the service provider charges something for the transfer.

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How Chime Protects Your Savings Account From Scammers

Chime advises its customers to be wary of people who ask for their full social security number, PIN, username, credit or debit numbers, password, or money in exchange for Chime servicesthose are all online scammers.

Also, Chime has put together a team of highly trained experts to ensure its customers safety. These experts stay on top of the latest threats in the world of financial technology so they can easily protect against, identify, and resolve any threats that may occur.

Further, the mobile banking application has set up robust industry-leading security infrastructure thats built on the cloud infrastructure that other financial institutions, government agencies, and leading technology companies use.

Where Can I Find Chime Bank

Chime Bank Review: Is It Good?

Chime is a branchless bank, meaning the entirety of its services are obtainable solely through its Apple and Android mobile apps and its website. While this lack of physical locations might be undesirable for some prospective customers, Chime subscribes to the MoneyPass® and Visa Plus Alliance ATM networks. Between these brands, Chime account holders will be able to use more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs. In other words, you should have no problem getting your hands on some cash when you need it.

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What Can You Do Online With Chime Bank

Chime doesn’t have branches, but you can easily make deposits by taking a picture of your check through mobile check deposit. Customers can view their account balance and transaction history at any time. The bank even offers daily balance notifications and instant alerts for individual transactions. If your card is stolen or lost, you can go to the Chime app and deactivate it immediately.

The Chime mobile app allows customers to take care of their mortgage, credit card and other payments via direct debits. The Pay Friends feature from Chime lets customers quickly pay back their friends and family. For reference, it works similar to Venmo and PayPal. Chime does not charge extra fees for instant transfers and theres a daily limit of $2,000, giving you plenty of room to work with.

Everything you can do on your phone with Chime can be done on the banks website too. This is somewhat of a rarity for a mobile-centric bank, as some of Chimes top competitors have avoided online banking altogether. The same login information that youd use on your phone will apply to your Chime web account as well.

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