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What Banks Are In Hawaii

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Which Is The Oldest Bank In Honolulu

Banking in Hawaii with CPB – Central Pacific Bank’s Big Comeback

First Hawaiian Bank is not only the oldest bank in Honolulu, Oahu, but it is also the largest bank in the state of Hawaii.First Hawaiian Bank has proven itself over time to be a reliable institution.It was established in 1858 and quickly expanded throughout the six Hawaiian islands.Its total assets increased to over $17 billion as a result of its 59 branches throughout the Hawaiian territory.

The Baldwin National Bank Of Kahului

The Baldwin National Bank of Kahului was organized on February 20, 1906 and received charter #8207 from the Comptroller of the Treasury on May 5, 1906. The bank was initially capitalized at $40,000, but increased the amount to $50,000 the following year.

The founding board of directors was made up of Henry Perrine Baldwin , Joseph P. Cooke , David C. Lindsay , John N.S. Williams, and Samuel M. Damon. Henry Perrine Baldwin died in 1911 and was succeeded as bank president by his son, Henry Alexander Baldwin.

The Baldwin National Bank issued 19,964 large size banknotes for a total of $161,950 in circulating notes. Five banknotes are currently known to exist. The bank gave up its national charter in 1921 to become the Baldwin Bank Limited, capitalized at $100,000 with George S. Waterhouse and G.D. Baldwin as officers.

The First National Bank Of Hawaii At Honolulu

The First National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu was organized on July 25, 1900 and received operational authorization from the Comptroller of the Treasury on August 23, 1900. The bank opened for business on October 1, 1900 with $500,000 capital on deposit with the U.S. Treasury.

The founding board of directors included: Cecil Brown , , Bruce Cartwright, Frank Hustace, and George Macfarlane. By the end of 1901 only Brown and Robinson remained from the founding group, joined by Lincoln L. McCandless, Gilbert J. Waller, and August Dreier.

The initial national bank notes issued in 1900 were signed by bank president Cecil Brown and cashier W.G. Cooper. Cooper was replaced by Levi Tenney Peck in 1905. Due in large part to failing health, in 1915 Brown resigned as president to become Chairman of the Board and Peck became president. Brown died in 1917.

The bank changed titles several times. The First National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu, the First American Savings Bank, the Army National Bank of Schofield Barracks, and the Baldwin National Bank of Kahului merged to form the Bishop First National Bank of Honolulu on July 6, 1929. On November 3, 1933 the bankâs title was changed to the Bishop National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu. On April 15, 1960 the title dropped âHonoluluâ becoming The First National Bank of Hawaii. Finally, on January 2, 1969 the bank gave up its converted from a national to a state bank with the title The First Bank of Hawaii.

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Drawbacks Of Using Big Banks


Big banks thrive on fees to cover their costs and pad their bottom lines. Look very carefully at the account you choose to figure out how to minimize fees.

Bureaucratic processes

Large banks are massive entities. Expect bureaucratic processes to slow down problem resolution and other activities that should otherwise happen quickly.

Conditions to keep track of

You may find your big bank charges fees if you dont meet certain conditions. These could be having e-statements and direct depositing a certain amount to your account each month.

Dont expect interest

Big banks dont usually pay interest on checking accounts. Even if they do, the rates arent stellar in most cases. Sadly, savings account interest rates may be poor at big national banks, too.

First Foundation Bank Personal Savings Account

Bank of Hawaii  Manoa Branch  ABS Hawaii

The First Foundation Bank Personal Savings Account has a high minimum balance but offers unlimited ATM fee reimbursements.

Youll need to make a $100 minimum deposit to open the account. Once the account is open, youll have to maintain a $250 balance to earn interest and avoid fees. If your balance falls below $250, youll pay a $3 monthly fee until you get your balance over the minimum.

If you ever need to use an ATM owned by another bank, you may be charged a fee. The fee will be deducted from your balance, but you will be reimbursed for all of the ATM fees you incur, without limit. The reimbursement will come at the end of the month when you receive your statement.

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Consider Online Savings Accounts Instead

If you want to open a savings account, dont forget to look into online savings accounts.

You can open an online savings account from anywhere in the U.S. and they bring some great benefits.

The biggest benefit of an online savings account is that youll earn much more money than you would with a traditional savings accounts.

Online banks are able to charge much lower fees and pay much higher interest rates because they cost less to run.

They dont have to pay to operate branches or ATMs and can centralize their operations. They use those savings to give customers a great deal.

Start Savings With Less

Another significant benefit of online savings accounts is their low minimum deposit requirements.

Brick and mortar banks might refuse to let you open a savings account with less than $50 or $100. Online banks will let you open an account with as little as a penny.

That makes them the obvious choice for someone who is just starting to save.

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Activities On The Us Mainland

In its first expansion onto the continental United States, BOH as Bancorp Hawaii acquired the Phoenix, Arizona-based First National Bancorp of Arizona with its five-office First National Bank of Arizona subsidiary for an undisclosed amount in 1987. Ten years later, through its First National Bank of Arizona subsidiary, BOH acquired all four Arizona branch offices from Home Savings of America for an undisclosed amount in 1997 and merged those offices into First National while at nearly the same time changed the name of First National to Pacific Century Bank NA.

The following year, BOH as Pacific Century Financial Corporation acquired the Encino, California-based CU Bancorp with its California United Bank subsidiary for $183 million in stock and cash. Just shortly after the acquisition was finalized in 1998, California United and its 22 offices in Southern California was merged into Phoenix-based Pacific Century Bank and the headquarters for the newly combined Pacific Century Bank was moved to Encino.

After 14 years on the Mainland, BOH decided to abandon their activities on the Mainland in 2001 by selling all 9 Arizona branch offices of the Pacific Century Bank to Zions Bancorporation for an undisclosed amount and all 20 California branch offices of the Pacific Century Bank to U.S. Bancorp for an undisclosed amount. Zion merged their purchase into their National Bank of Arizona subsidiary.

Homestreet Bank Statement Savings Account

Everything You Wanted to Know about Lending in Hawaii

The HomeStreet Bank Statement Savings Account offers a low-fee experience in a basic savings account.

To open the account, you must make a $100 opening deposit. Once the account, there is no minimum balance requirement to keep the account open.

There is, however, a minimum balance to avoid the monthly fee. If you allow your balance to fall below $200 at any point in a month, youll pay a $1 fee.

There are no other monthly fees, such as paper statement fees, to worry about.

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Best For Investing: Axos Bank

Axos Bank is an online bank that engages in consumer banking, borrowing and investment management. Axos Bank offers services for both individual consumers and businesses alike. Individuals have access to checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, mortgages, refinancing options, personal loans, auto loans and managed investment portfolios.

Axos Bank has a total of 5 distinct checking accounts to choose from. Each checking account is designed for a particular type of customer. This means youll always be able to find an account thats right for your specific situation. Axos Banks checking accounts come with unique perks that you wont find in most banks. These include no annual fees, early paycheck deposits, unlimited check writing privileges and even an APY on your account balance.

Axos Bank is committed to taking a comprehensive approach in helping you manage your money and this includes investing. Axos Bank has a premium, automated investing tool that acts as both a financial planner and a financial advisor. This technology can help you develop a plan to meet your financial goals and recommend you a personalized investment portfolio. You can begin investing without any minimums and youll never be charged excessive fees.

First Hawaiian Bank Vs Bank Of Hawaii

Both banks have a large presence in Hawaii, with wide product ranges and a focus on community-oriented service. Bank of Hawaiis biggest advantage is that it offers interest-bearing checking accounts. First Hawaiian Bank gets the edge if you keep at least $5,000 in the bank because then youll get assigned your own personal banker.

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Whats The Biggest Bank In Hawaii

Incorporated in the state of Hawaii, First Hawaiian, Inc. is a bank holding company. Its major subsidiary, First Hawaiian Bank, was established in 1858 and is the oldest and biggest financial organization in the state of Hawaii. Its headquarters are located at the First Hawaiian Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. First Hawaiian Bank is a financial institution based in Hawaii.


What Banks Are In Waikiki Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii

TOP 10 BEST Banks & Credit Unions near Waikiki, Honolulu, HI

  • HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. 2.6 mi.
  • Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union. 0.2 mi.
  • First Hawaiian Bank Waikiki. 0.3 mi.
  • Bank Of Hawaii. 0.4 mi.
  • Central Pacific Bank. 0.3 mi.
  • HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. 1.4 mi.
  • American Savings Bank Waikiki.

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Us National Banks Of Hawaii

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What Do You Need To Open A Bank Account In Hawaii

What youll need is as follows: Input your Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number . Photo identification issued by the United States government . To fund your new account, you can use a credit card, debit card, or a bank or savings account in the United States.

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Positives Of Using Big Banks

A more comprehensive array of products

Large banks have built their businesses out to a considerable size. This likely includes a large number of banking, loan and investment products.

Physical locations

Large banks offer local branches as a way to bank for those that find it more convenient.

Online access likely available

Big banks should have online banking and app-based banking available. Their software may not be as easy to use as online banks, but it should be serviceable.

How Many Banks Are There In Hawaii

Car crashes into bank in Hawaii Kai

There are 12 local and national banks serving the financial needs of their customers in the state of Hawaii with 264 branches in 40 cities and towns. You can click the logo of a bank on right to view the list of all locations of your preferred banking company in Hawaii or choose a city & town from the list below.

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Benefits Of Online Banks

Bank flexibly

Online banking and mobile apps are the primary way you bank with an online bank. This gives you the flexibility to bank virtually anywhere.

FDIC insurance

Online banks that are FDIC members offer FDIC insurance coverage. This is the same as big banks.

Fewer fees and more affordable fees for those that do exist

Online banks dont have massive overhead costs for branches. This allows them to charge fewer fees. Those that they do charge may be more affordable than big banks.

Better interest rates, if offered

If your online bank offers interest on checking accounts, chances are the rates will be higher than those offered by big banks.

Top-notch technology

Online banks know their mobile and online banking experience must be best in class to keep customers since branch banking isnt an option.

The Army National Bank Of Schofield Barracks

The United States Army gave Bishop & Company permission to construct a temporary building to serve as a banking facility at Schofield Barracks. During the week of January 8, 1917, the Bishop & Company branch office submitted an application to organize as a National Bank.

On June 5, 1917, the Department of Justice issued a favorable opinion on the application, and the Army National Bank of Schofield Barracks received charter #11050 from the Comptroller of the Treasury on August 3, 1917. capitalized at $100,000.

The founding board of directors was made up of Ernest H. Wodehouse , Allen W.T. Bottomley , Orville N. Tyler , James D. Dole, John Waterhouse, Harold G. Dillingham, and Joseph O. Carter.

The Army National Bank did not issue banknotes.

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Best Savings Accounts: Cit Bank

CIT Bank is an online bank that lets you save, borrow and manage your money. You can open a checking account, take out a mortgage or refinance your home. CIT Bank is an equal housing lender so you can rest assured it will not discriminate against you when you are buying a home.

CIT Bank offers an extensive selection of savings accounts to help you reach your goals. There are savings accounts with different APYs and terms made to fit individual preferences. There are also several CDs to choose from as well as a money market account. All of these choices come with competitive APYs. Many of CIT Banks customers use these savings products for down payments on a home, emergency funds and even vacation funds.

Current APY

The First National Bank Of Wailuku

Bank Of Hawaii

The First National Bank of Wailuku was organized on September 5, 1901 and received charter #5994 from the Comptroller of the Treasury on October 17, 1901. The bank opened for business on November 27, 1901.

The founding board of directors included: Charles M. Cooke , Charles D. Lufkin , Clarence H. Cooke, Joseph B. Atherton, and Cecil Brown. Four months later Lufkin was the only original director remaining: W.J. Lowrie , W.T. Robinson , Charles D. Lufkin , F.J. Wheeler, and Ralph A. Wadsworth. The bank was initially capitalized at $25,000 in 1902 and raised to $35,000 in 1904.

Charles Cooke returned as president in 1903 and served until his death . He was succeeded by his son Clarence Hyde Cooke.

The First National Bank of Wailuku issued 11,964 large size banknotes for a total of $97,800 in circulating notes. Only two banknotes are currently known to exist.

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Does Bank Of America Have Atms In Hawaii

ATMs with easy walk-up access are available at Hawaiian Gardens.Customers of Bank of America may take use of a large number of ATMs in Hawaiian Gardens.Finding a walk-up ATM near you is now easier than ever before, whether youre looking for a fast cash withdrawal or cash deposit, or for any of the numerous financial services our 24-hour ATMs provide, such as checking your bank account balance or making a deposit.

Best For Small Businesses: Central Pacific Bank

Central Pacific Bank was founded in 1954 by WWII veterans. To this day, most of Central Pacifics customers are families and small businesses throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Central Pacific Banks personal banking services encompass 3 different checking accounts, 5 different savings accounts, IRAs, CDs, mortgages, personal loans, credit lines and credit cards.

Central Pacific Bank offers banking products for businesses at every stage of development. Businesses have access to 4 different checking accounts, 2 different savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, loans, credit lines and credit cards. There are also merchant services, cash management and specialized business services.

Central Pacific Bank operates its own philanthropy foundation that supports cultural, educational and other charitable causes. The bank is committed to community involvement and corporate social responsibility.

Current APY

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Downsides Of Online Banks

Cash deposits

You cant walk into a bank to deposit cash or send it through the mail. Other options may exist but arent as convenient as heading to a branch.

No internet means no banking

People who dont have a reliable internet connection cant access their accounts. Similarly, areas hit by natural disasters may be without power or internet for extended periods leaving them no access to their accounts.

No branch locations

Online banks dont have branches to visit. A phone call is likely your only option if you need to fix a problem.

The Best Checking Accounts In

ASB Hawaii Mobile – Anytime Anywhere Convenience.mpeg

The best checking account should be free, easy, and simple to use with the most amount of liquidity. Hidden fees with banks are something that they thrive on. There are a ton of fees involved in a checking account that makes some better than others. The worst checking accounts will charge you for things such as having too low a balance. This is the most common fee that banks hide from you. When you are looking for the best checking accounts you should be looking for the bonuses that they give for opening an account. When you are talking about opening up a checking account always ask what sort of special do you have if you do.

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