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What Banks Do Stated Income Loans

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Self Employed Mortgage – Bridge Loans, Stated Income Loans & Bank Statement Loans!

Whats another option for non-traditional mortgage borrowers looking for alternative income verification home loans? Qunotics Community Development Loan, or CDL, program.

Because Quontic is one of only 3% of U.S. banks bearing a Community Development Financial Institution certification, its part and parcel of our mission to help underserved communities. One important way were doing that is through Community Development Loans , which dont use the same standard income verification process as conventional loans do. Instead of providing tax returns and other typical documentation, CDL borrowers are qualified based on a holistic financial and credit profile, which may make these loans more attainable for self-employed borrowers and other non-traditional earners. Community Development Loans also accept up to 100% of down payments, closing costs, and reserves as gift funds. Quontic is licensed to lend in all 50 states. Our loans are available to both first-time homeowners and those looking to refinance existing assets, including investment properties.

Our customer service specialists are standing by to answer any questions you may have as you take your first step toward homeownership.

What Stated Income Programs Are Available Now

In 2022, self employed and W2 wage earners are able to get stated income loans by using their bank statements as proof of income instead of supplying tax returns. This makes stated income loans, now called bank statement loans or alternative documentation loans a great option.

Self employed individuals have a problem in that they take all of the legal tax deductions, but then when it comes to applying for a mortgage they are showing a much lower net income. The net income after expenses is what makes it very difficult to qualify for a conventional mortgage.

The basic elements of todays stated income loan program is for the stated income lender to see a steady flow of money coming into your bank accounts. They will typically use the last 12-24 months bank statements to get an average monthly flow. A percentage of the average deposits are used and will be considered to be income.

It is best to speak with one of our stated income lenders to get the specifics on the program and guidelines in your state and what can be done for you. We are helping people to get these loans every day. .

Read our article about bank statement loans.They are todays better alternative if you are self employed.

History Of Stated Income Loans

Qualifying for a Stated Income Loan Before The Housing Bubble

In exchange for the additional risk referenced above, stated income lenders will typically have higher interest rates for these loans. There are just a few stated income lenders who can help in all 50 states. In fact, California has big problems right now because there are many self employed borrowers there, and only a handful of mortgage lenders who are into the stated income lending business.

Stated Income Loan Requirements before the Housing Bubble

Most stated income lenders required a minimum of 20% down or equity in the property plus a credit score greater than 640. Some stated income mortgage lenders may have accepted a lower down payment, and lower credit score requirements. Stated income lenders in California may require a larger down payment and the rates will most likely be a bit higher.

Most stated income lenders require a minimum of 40-50% down or equity in the property plus a credit score greater than 700. Some stated income mortgage lenders in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania only require 30% down and there are no minimum credit score requirements. Stated income lenders in California may require a larger down payment and the rates will most likely be a bit higher.

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Reasons For Stated Income Loans

These loans are nominally intended for self-employed borrowers, or other borrowers who might have difficulty documenting their income. Stated income loans have been extended to customers with a wide range of credit histories, including subprime borrowers. The lack of verification makes these loans particularly simple targets for fraud.

Stated income loans fill a gap of situations which normal loan standards would not approve. For example, a standard rule is that a customer’s mortgage and other loan payments should take up no more than 45% of the person’s income. This would seem prudent for a person just owning their main home. However, a real estate investor may have multiple properties and for each may receive only a small amount more than their loan payments on each house, but end up with $200,000 in disposable income. Nevertheless, a non-stated income loan would decline this person since their debt to income ratio would not be in line. The same issue can arise with self-employed borrowers, where the bank with a fully documented loan would include the borrower’s business debt in their debt to income calculation. Stated income loans also help borrowers where fully documented loans normally would not consider the source of income as being reliable and stable, such as investors who consistently earn capital gains. Fully documented loans also do not consider potential future income increases. Another type of loan that uses the same principles is the no income disclosure loan.

Higher Costs For Borrowers

Types of Bank Accounts you can Use for Bank Statement Loans

The loans are riskier and require a higher interest rate for the borrower and a higher yield to the lender, he says. It’s likely that stated income loans will be offered through high yield lenders and not from the big banks, Waller says.

They can also require high credit scores and bigger down payments. Greg Cook, a mortgage consultant at the First Time Home Buyers Network, says he worked for a mortgage company that pioneered stated income loans, and that they were available only to self-employed borrowers with at least a 720 credit score and 20 percent down payment.

Cook no longer works for the mortgage company that pioneered stated income loans. The company started doing them in 2002 during the bubble years “and when the competition witnessed their performance that was the beginning of the rush into stated income loans,” he says.

“The key to the growth of stated income loans was getting the secondary market to accept them,” Cook says. “Stated income had been around since the early 80s but never became mainstream until the investors in the secondary market bought into them.”

The company stopped offering them in mid-2007 when the secondary market lost its appetite for them, he says.

Many emerging lenders are starting to offer stated income loans with bank statements instead of tax returns to document the ability to afford the loan, says Casey Fleming, a mortgage professional who has written a few such loans.

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The Return Of Stated Income Loans

Small business owners and the self-employed who have difficulty being approved for a traditional home mortgage because they can’t provide pay stubs or tax returns to show their income are getting some relief.

Stated income loans are being offered by companies such as Unity West Lending and Westport Mortgage, according to a Reuters story, giving such borrowers a chance to buy properties that they could rent out. Also called “liar loans” before the housing bust, the loans have gotten a bad rap because some borrowers produced fake bank statements or at least “fudged” their income to buy houses they couldn’t afford.

Instead of having to provide tax returns or pay stubs, stated income loans require demonstrating an ability to repay through verifiable bank or brokerage statements and enough assets to make six to 12 months of payments.

Still, the loans have a place in the lending environment, mainly for self-employed people just starting out and small business owners with startups, says Bennie Waller, a professor of finance and real estate at Longwood University in Farmville, VA.

“However, lenders may be venturing down a road that was a contributing problem to the housing crisis,” Waller says.

Stated Income Loans For Investment Properties

You may also be able to find Stated Income Loans for Investment Properties. These are much harder to find and often the LTV requirement will be lower with the down payment higher. You can also expect the interest rate to be higher when you are looking for a stated income loan for an investment property.

In these instances, the lenders will look at the cash flow or anticipated income of the building or property when determining whether to proceed with a loan approval.

When using alternative underwriting standards to evaluate an investor loan, they may still require you to qualify using the personal income that you can document. It is for this reason why not too many people are successful when going this route.

Do you need a special mortgage for an investment property? We can help!

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Lbc Mortgage In The Words Of Our Clients

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Stated Income Mortgage Rates Are Higher

  • If you choose to state your income as opposed to verifying it
  • Expect a higher mortgage interest rate, all else being equal
  • And a lower max LTV
  • To account for increased risk of the unknown

If you do choose to state your income, you must pay a premium because youre putting more uncertainty and risk in the hands of the lender and subsequent buyer of the loan if sold on the secondary market.

For this reason, mortgage interest rates on stated income loans are often .25% to .50% higher than a full doc loan.

Of course, it depends on all the loan details. It might be possible for someone to state their income and get a lower rate than someone going full doc if they have better credit, and/or a larger down payment.

Conversely, someone with poor credit requesting a reduced doc loan might get a mortgage rate several percentage points higher than the typical, going rate. It can get expensive fast.

Related to that, you may also find that youll have to put down a larger down payment or sport a higher credit score to obtain the financing you need when going the stated or asset-verification route.

Again, this becomes an issue of layered risk, and because you chose to state your income, the lender may limit risk in other departments such as credit and down payment.

In closing, after some years of intense credit tightening, there are now plenty of options for those who may have trouble qualifying for a mortgage using traditional income.

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Most Stated Income Loans Do Not Have Pre

If you spend a little time checking the features of different stated income loans issued by different banks and private lenders, you will come across some loans that are free of prepayment penalties.

This is a great benefit because when you have sufficient funds to repay the loan, you easily may do so without having to worry about how much money youll be spending extra in the guise of prepayment penalties.

While youre applying for a loan, this factor may not be on your checklist. But at the time of repayment of your loan, youll land in trouble if you dont consider prepayment penalty rates.

They were some of the pros of availing stated income loans. When youre taking a call on what type of loan to rise, you should also know the disadvantages of raising it so that you can make the best decision.

Here are some major disadvantages of availing stated income loans. Take a final call only after weighing both pros and the cons of raising a commercial stated income loan.

Qualifying For A Stated Income Loan

Lenders who offer stated income mortgages arent qualifying borrowers nonchalantly. Borrowers need to have good credit scores, plenty of cash reserves, and a large down payment. Many stated income loans are based on the equity position of the property, which means that the more the borrower puts down, the easier itll be to get the loan.

With us, a buyer has to put down at least 30% down compared to the regular 20% with a conventional loan. Many of our clients end up putting down 35%-50%, OShaughnessy says. The loan also has a maximum 70% loan-to-value ratio.

The borrowers employment is verified, but the application just has to state monthly gross income. Bank statements and asset documentation are required to show that the borrower does indeed have the money. Also, similar to bank statement loans, interest rates will most likely be higher than a traditional mortgage loan depending on the lender.

Lee Nelson Contributor

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Mortgage Options For Both Self Employed And Salaried Employees

Conventional Refinance to 65%

  • 35% of the down payment must be from own resources OR equity in assets
  • Currently the few lenders that allow stated income have some conditions CALL ME FOR DETAILS

With this product I can employ techniques that may allow you to obtain financing up to 80% LTV using alternative options.

Where Can I Buy A Home With A Stated Income Loan

Stated Income Loans and More for Self

If youre looking to buy a home in a major metropolitan area including Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco to name a few, youll be glad to know that Stated Income Mortgage Loans are available for these areas, as well as throughout California.

The truth is, you can buy a home anywhere in California, including Los Angeles, with a Stated Income Home Loan. It works in much the same way as a traditional bank loan, but without the lengthy income verification process.

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What Are Some Types Of Alternative Income Verification Loans

Although stated-income loans are hard to find these days, there are some other types of non-traditional home loans available to those whose financial circumstances may make it difficult to qualify for a conventional loan even if they have the money to repay the debt. These are all considered non-QM loans, or non-qualified mortgages, since they dont conform to the standards set for conventional home lending.

Although these options may have higher interest rates than other loan programs, and come with their own loan application requirements, down payment minimums and qualifying factors, they may still make it possible for some borrowers to get the funding they need.

Here are some alternative income verification loans that could be helpful to you as a non-traditional borrower:

A Good Credit Score To Begin With

Since the stated income loan does not require an income verification process, the least the loan providers can ask for is for you to have a considerable credit score.

The banks or private money lenders who finance commercial stated income loans must believe that you the capacity to repay their loan and this can be done only if they have trust in you.

The credit score judging criteria differ from one bank to another and one private lender to another, however, the main criterion remains the same Your previous loan repayment history!

They dont need your salary history or income history but yes, they surely are interested to know your loan repayment history.

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Investor Cash Flow Loans

Investor cash flow loans are designed for people who generate their income from investment properties. They can use steady rent income from those units to buy or refinance new investment properties.

With this program, borrowers can provide a rental analysis to determine their monthly cash flow. No employment information or personal income is required. This means you can forgo complicated income statements and tax returns.

The typical down payment requirement for investor cash flow loans is 20 percent.

Bank Statement Loan Program

What are Stated Income/Bank Statement Loans – Self Employed Mortgage Loans 2021!

This loan type is a flexible and affordable option for self-employed borrowers. With a bank statement loan, borrowers can purchase or refinance a home without having to provide tax returns and too much documentation. They are also easier to qualify for than the standard stated income loan. Best of all, you can finance an owner-occupied home without having to worry about the legalities of Dodd-Frank.

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No Income Verification Loans Programs

Stated Income Mortgages/No-Income-Verification Loans for Real Estate Investors are available Nationwide with Stratton Equities.

If youre a self-employed individual looking to apply for a mortgage loan, you might be overwhelmed with the traditional mortgage lending process and looking outside of conventional mortgages.

Between the pile of paperwork, the required information about source of income, credit history, cash flow, savings account, and all the asset requirements prospective Real Estate Investors are limited to applying or receiving a conventional mortgage loan to a self-employed person.

This is why self employed borrowers look towards private money loans as the financing solution to acquiring the loan amounts for their real estate investment properties.

How To Get A Bank Statement Loan In California

Our team at Griffin Funding can help guide any prospective borrowers, including business owners and self-employed individuals through the process. Our lending process starts with an initial discovery meeting where we assess your eligibility and help you complete your application. Well also find the best rates based on your credit score. Once youve locked in your rate, well work on the underwriting process, while you focus on ensuring that all the appropriate inspections are completed. When your loan is ready for signing, we can finalize everything and release your funds so you can move forward with purchasing your home.

Often, we can complete this process within 30 dayshowever, that depends on ensuring we get everything we need from you in a quick turnaround time.

Need Financial Assistance? See if you qualify for a loan today!See if you Qualify

Need Financial Assistance? See if you qualify for a loan today!

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