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What Credit Cards Are With Comenity Bank

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Most Popular Comenity Bank Cards

Who is Comenity Bank? (Credit Card Issuer)

With such a variety of products available, there are many Comenity Bank credit cards you might be considering depending on your shopping habits.

While its best to take your brand preferences and credit health into account when choosing a retail card, here are some Comenity Bank cards that are most popular among consumers.

Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card

If you are looking for flexibility in your payments, the Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card allows you to pay off your purchases without interest for up to twelve months. You will not attract interest if you pay off your balance within six months for $250 to $500 and within 12 months for purchases of $500 or more. The card has attractive rewards of between one and five percent. You can earn five percent back for every dollar you spend at buying BABY Christmas Tree Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, That, Harmon Face Values, and Cost Plus World Market. The cardholders further receive two percent back for every dollar spent on groceries and gas and one percent for every dollar spent anywhere else.

Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card further offers a $20 reward certificate if you make $20 or more purchases the first day. It also comes with a $25 coupon off $100 purchases and a $10 reward certificate whenever you earn a $10 reward. The cardholders also get a $25 and an additional $75 gift certificate if they spend $1000 and $6000 within the first six months. Bed Bath and Beyond credit card does not have an annual fee, which makes it ideal for individuals looking for a low-maintenance card. However, it has a regular APR of between 13.99 and 23.99 percent.


  • 5% back for every $1 at Bed Bath & Beyond
  • 2% back for groceries and gas
  • 1% back on every $1 spent anywhere

What Is The Shopping Cart Trick

The shopping cart trick is rumored to let you be approved for certain credit cards without a hard inquiry on your credit reports, also known as a hard credit pull. Instead it only results in a soft inquiry. Some Comenity cards are supposed to work with this trick, as well as some other store cards from Synchrony Bank and Wells Fargo.

Basically, you fill up an online shopping cart according to these instructions and wait for a pop-up featuring your credit card offer. You dont have to buy anything.

Its unclear whether or not this method actually works. It may only provide a , which means youre likely to be approved if you apply. If it does work, it could be a good way for people with bad credit to get approved for cards. The credit limits of cards received with this trick are reportedly quite small.

Many people claim theyve been approved for store cards without hard inquiries, while others try the trick and find that a hard inquiry was actually performed. For those who claim it worked, its possible that they just didnt check the specific credit report that the card issuer used for the inquiry. There are three major credit bureaus that create credit reports Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and card issuers can run hard inquiries on any of them. So, for example, if an issuer does a hard pull on your Experian credit report but you only check your TransUnion report, you wont see the hard inquiry even though one was made.

The Shopping Cart Trick

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Alternatives To Comenity Cards

If you’re interested in applying for a new credit card and you’re looking for a flexible option that allows you to earn rewards on your everyday purchases, both the Chase Freedom Unlimited and the Capital One Quicksilver are worth considering. Both cards offer generous cashback rewards that you can redeem for statement credits, gift cards, and more.

With the Chase Freedom Unlimited, new cardmembers can earn an additional 1.5% cash back on all purchases . And the benefits don’t stop there. As a Freedom Unlimited cardmember, you’ll also get 5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3% on dining and drugstore purchases, and 1.5% on all other purchases. That can add up to some decent rewards on your purchases.

The Capital One Quicksilver also offers generous rewards for your everyday spending. New cardmembers can earn a $200 cash back bonus after spending $500 in the first 3 months, and this credit card offers flat-rate 1.5% cash back rewards on every purchase, every day. It’s a great option if you prefer straightforward and simple cashback rewards.

If you’re looking for a card with no annual fee, check out our list of the best no annual fee credit cards for our top picks.

Best Comenity Credit Cards

Comenity Card

Most of the cards that Comenity offer are pretty useless, theyll offer a one time discount on your first purchase after approval and then lackluster rewards. Some of the cards also come with a free happy birthday gift . Keep in mind these reward certificates are not gift cards, they usually have minimum spend requirements and cant be combined.

If you shop at one of the stores a lot, its worth checking to see if the rewards program is any good . That being said, they do offer a few cards of interest that we will be taking a bit more of a closer look at. If Ive missed any, please let me know in the comments and Ill add them.

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Browse The Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards

Trying to find your next credit card? has over 800 comprehensive and impartial reviews to help you find exactly what youre looking for. Browse offers from leading from across the U.S. Check out our in-depth reviews and learn with our indispensable news and advice resources. What are you waiting for? Lets find your best card today!

Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards

Here are the top Comenity Bank Credit cards based on what they had to offer. Cardholders receive several benefits simply by charging the things they would normally purchase.

Travelers may receive points for any type of travel. However, avid Orbitz users get even higher rewards for using Orbitz.

  • Game Stop credit card: Game Stop offers a reward for your first purchase.
  • You’ll also get promotional financing offers from time to time. This is a great time to charge those larger items and pay them off before the interest begins.


  • Bed Bath & Beyond MasterCard: We love the rewards the Bed Bath & Beyond card provides for store purchases. It also offers rewards for groceries, gas, and other purchases.
  • What we love the most, though, is the special financing they offer for Bed Bath & Beyond purchases. You may often find promotional financing options for 6 months or a year.

  • BJ’s Club credit card: The BJ’s card offers $0.10 off for every gallon of gas. You’ll also get cash back on many purchases including:
    • 5% on most in-club and purchases through the MyBJ’s Perks program
    • 2% on dining and gas at non-BJ’s stations
    • 1% everywhere else

    Of course, you’ll need a BJ’s membership to shop at the retailer.

    Interested in a Comenity credit card but worried you won’t get accepted? Keep reading for information about a trick that may help.

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    Where Can The Victorias Secret Credit Card Be Used

    The Victoria card can be used for purchases online at or in person at a Victorias Secret or PINK store. Its also accepted at Bath & Body Works stores, although purchases there dont earn any reward points.

    Proprietary store credit cards like the Victorias Secret credit card are officially known as closed-loop or single-purpose cards.

    How To Apply For A Comenity Credit Card

    Shopping Cart Trick Credit Card – Comenity Bank

    To apply for a Comenity card, visit the Comenity website and click Apply now.

    Eligibility criteria

    • Must be at least 18 years old
    • Must have a residential US address

    Information youll need

    To complete the application, provide your:

    • Name and residential address
    • Email address, phone number and date of birth
    • Financial information such as annual income and income source

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    Does Comenity Bank Have Pre Approval

    Some of the largest issuers of store cards, such as Synchrony, Comenity, and TD Bank, would not allow you to check for pre-approval without first making a purchase with the card. The results of online pre-approval check tools provided by other large issuers such as American Express and Capital One may include shop cards, though.

    Are Comenity Bank Cards On Visas Or Mastercards Network

    Some Comenity Bank cards are also included in major card networks, which means they can be used almost anywhere. An example is the Bed Bath & Beyond Mastercard, which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted..

    Other Comenity Bank cards are store cards, which means they can only be used in a specific store or a family of stores. A good example is the Big Lots Credit Card, which can only be used for purchases at Big Lots.

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    Is A Comenity Bank Credit Card Right For Me

    Comenity Bank offers a variety of credit cards, so making the decision to apply depends on the card youre interested in and your spending habits. That said, store credit cards in general have unique perks and drawbacks. If youre considering a Comenity-issued card, weigh the advantages and drawbacks, and remember to read the fine print.

    Other Comenity Bank Offers

    Save Money By Cancelling Comenity Bank

    While Comenity Bank is mostly known for retail credit cards, it partners with other types of businesses as well. For example, you can find a few travel rewards cards among the issuers offers, a couple of auto cards, medical cards and even an insurance credit card that allows you to rack up rewards while paying for your coverage.

    Heres a list of non-retail Comenity offers:

    • Interval World Mastercard
    • Farmers Rewards Visa Credit Card
    • Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card
    • mycash Mastercard

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    How Is Comenitys Customer Support And Payment Processing

    Weve received many negative reports about Comenity credit cards. Comenity has a relatively high number of complaints compared to other card issuers, which are mostly focused on payment processing, administrative errors, and issues dealing with customer support.

    Many people have reported that their payments were delayed or never arrived when they were supposed to, resulting in fees and damage to their . Others have had confusing interactions with customer service agents, who sometimes come off as rude.

    A particularly damning report is that there is no autopay feature for at least some Comenity credit cards. This is a pretty big red flag because we usually recommend setting up automatic payments to avoid being late.

    Although every credit card company gets its share of complaints, we recommend being wary of Comenity credit cards. If you use one, be sure that your payment details are up to date. We suggest paying off your Comenity cards very early, well ahead of the due date. You could pay your statement balance as soon as you get your monthly billing statement, or, to play it even safer, you could make payments throughout the month after making purchases with the card.

    Bjs Perks Elite Mastercard

    Frequent BJs shoppers can benefit from signing up for the BJs Perks Elite Mastercard which offers a generous 5% cash back rate on eligible in-club and online purchases at To maximize rewards, you can also take advantage of 2% on dining and non-BJs gas purchases and 1% on other purchases.

    On top of that, cardholders get a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on BJs gas and can save with exclusive deals and free shipping on eligible items.

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    Best Comenity Bank Credit Card For Airbnb Hosts

    Whether youre driving or flying to your next vacation, staying in a home rental is a popular alternative to staying in a hotel. Airbnb, one of the most popular platforms for vacation home rentals, allows travelers to stay in personal homes with the comforts that a hotel may not offer, like a kitchen. If youre an Airbnb host, youll probably want to make the home youre renting out as comfortable as possible to your guests. Here are some cards that can help:

    Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards For Shopping On Vacation

    Shopping Cart Trick [Updated September 2021] – Comenity Bank Store Cards POPup Credit Card Offers

    If youre someone who enjoys shopping on vacation, Comenity Bank offers several co-branded retail store credit cards that you might find useful. Keep in mind that these store credit cards are going to reward you most when you shop at the store named in the card more than for your general spending.

    Here are some of our favorite Comenity Bank credit cards and their perks to use on your next trip.

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    Westgate Resorts Credit Card

    Westgate Resorts Credit Card is one of the best travel credit cards for Comenity bank. The card does not charge an annual fee and offers rewards of between one and two points for every dollar. It is a good travel card if you are looking for a low-maintenance card that offers a wide range of benefits. The card rewards the cardholders with 4,000 bonus points if they make purchases of at least $500 outside the Westgate within the first 60 days. Westgate customers can earn two points for every dollar they spend at the store. You will also qualify to earn two points for every dollar on groceries and gas purchases.

    Westgate Resorts Credit Card further offers one point for every dollar you pay anywhere else with the card. You will also get a $25 reward certificate for every 2,500 points earned. The credit card also offers airport concierge discounts, preferred check-in, identity theft resolution services, and online account management. The credit card has a regular APR rate of between 13.99 and 22.99 percent.


    • $25 reward certificate for 2500 earned points

    Getting Approved For A Card From Comenity Bank

    The approval odds for store cards are known to be higher than traditional, unsecured credit cards. Just how likely your approval will be depends on the store, though. The same is true with Comenity cards.

    If you have less-than-stellar credit, store cards can be a good option to help you work toward rebuilding your credit. Additionally, with store cards, credit limits are often lower, thus making your spending more manageable. Make sure you pay your balance in full every month, though, as store cards are also known for having very high APRs. While the credit score needed to be approved for store cards varies from one store to the next, applicants with fair credit scores are often approved.

    When you apply for one of Comenitys co-branded credit cards, youll be expected to have a higher credit score than what you would otherwise need for a store card. Since credit score requirements differ across stores, the best way to improve your odds of getting approved is to always practice good financial habits.

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    The 10 Best Credit Cards For Comenity Bank

    Comenity Bank offers co-branded credit cards for over 140 stores. Credit cards for Comenity bank usually have no annual fees, lax approval requirements, and low credit limits, which makes them popular among people with fair to average credit. You can use Comenity credit cards to rebuild your credit. The bank reports to all three major credit bureaus, including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, which allows you to rebuild your credit rating over time. However, you will need to pay all your bills on time and keep your credit utilization below 30 percent to see notable changes in your ratings.

    The credit cards for Comenity bank can also help you earn extra rewards if you are a loyal shopper to one of the partnering stores. Most co-branded Comenity credit cards come with attractive promotional discounts and continuing benefits for cardholders. The benefits and rewards vary from one co-branded credit card to another. We will help you find the card with the best rewards by reviewing some of the popular credit cards for Comenity bank. That said, you should look for a card that best fits your financial situation and ability as they tend to have high APRs. You should pay all your monthly balances on time to avoid excessive fees.

    Benefits Of A Comenity Store Credit Card

    Comenity Bank Pre Approval Cards

    Let’s start with the reasons why you may want a Comenity Bank store card:

    • You have limited credit or a less-than-stellar score. Store-branded credit cards can be easier to obtain. They’re a great choice for people with a lower than average credit score who want to rebuild their credit.

    They also make great starter cards if you want to build up your credit.


  • You shop constantly at a particular store. Store cards usually offer rewards for buying at that store. You may see things like sign-up bonuses and special deals just for cardholders.
  • If you shop at a particular store all the time, getting their store credit card can be valuable.

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    Types Of A Comenity Credit Cards

    Comenity mostly focuses on store credit cards, adding a smattering of cards in the medical, education, hotel, auto and financial industries. Most of them cant be used outside the store, but those that are Visa or Mastercard can be used everywhere.

    Comenity Bank offers only one cashback card, which is on par with similar card products offered by large banks, such as Amex or Capital One. Unfortunately, you wont find balance transfer cards, travel cards or student cards.

    Where Can I Get The Victorias Secret Credit Card

    You can apply for the Victorias Secret credit card at or You can complete an application form online or apply in person at any Victorias Secret or PINK store. Youll need to create or sign in to your account to begin your application.

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