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What Does Pos Mean In Banking

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What Is The Difference Between Pos And Debit

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POS transaction includes all purchases made by either an ATM card or a debit card with an access device, whether authenticated using a PIN or a signature.

On the other hand, debit card transactions can include POS transactions completed with a debit card, as well as signature-authenticated purchase transactions that are switched via the national credit card networks.

The decrease in cash transactions after COVID-19 and the needs to understand product demand have led to the adoption of advanced POS systems that can help merchants track and reconcile credit card transactions.

What Is Pos Transaction The Basics Explained

The robust progress in the IT industry during recent years has also evolved businesses. With the revolution of advanced software and hardware technologies, the records associated with any retail business are digital. The electronic maintenance of records saves resources, is more reliable, and can be backed up with a minimum chance of data loss.

The Point of sale systems have been specifically designed to keep track of all sales orders, inventory records, POS transactions, customer profile management, and all other activities being carried out in a retail store. Popular POS systems aiding businesses in improving their sales include Magestores Magento POS, SquareUp, Lightspeed, Shopkeep, etc.

Can A Pos Transaction Be Traced

Yes, you can trace a POS transaction on bank statements. For example, if your transfer isnt within the promised period, you can request a trace on your transaction using the banks SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is an ID that banks use when sending wire transfers. With this number, your bank can determine whether the deposit is on hold or in progress.

In general, here is how you can track a money transfer:

  • Check your receipt: Look for a reference, confirmation, order, transaction, or similarly named numbers.
  • Contact the merchant: Call, go online, or visit POS locations where you make payments and provide your tracking number.
  • Sign up for notifications: Get notifications on each step of your transactions.

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Pos Transaction For Offline Orders

What Does Pos Mean On Your Bank Statement

When a buyer visits a store, chooses certain items, and makes payment at the cash counter on which a POS is installed then this category is termed as an offline point of sale transaction. In this case, the money is directly received by the seller without any delay.

These online and offline transactions are further categorized into three different types:


When a product or item is sold whether its a physical store or an online retail shop then this type of transaction takes place. In both cases, the cash or payment is directly received by the seller. The number of products sold, the amount of cash received, the date and time of purchase, the employee handling the sale, and the customer information are recorded in the POS system in order to monitor these factors for future predictions.


This Point of sale transaction occurs when a buyer purchases a product from any medium and its return makes a payment. All the information associated with the purchase is recorded on the POS system.


After the buyer has successfully purchased his desired products a receipt is generated for the esteemed customers which contain details like the amount of cash paid, number of products, name of items purchased, date and time of purchase, etc. This receipt is handed to the customer so that they can also keep track of the purchases they made at a retail store.

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What Does Pos Mean On A Bank Statement

POS in banking means that you use your debit card to purchase at a point of sale location, such as a stores cash register or POS system. In addition, POS on bank statements is the transaction type labeled POS.

You may wonder here, What is a POS purchase?. If so, you need to understand POS and how it works. A POS system combines software and devices that merchants use to record and complete sales transactions. And here is the process of using a debit card in a POS transaction:

  • Cashiers insert your card into the reader.
  • You enter the 4-digit personal identification number on a terminal.
  • POS checks your entry by validating the PIN stored on the cards chip.
  • POS verifies online with data on the chip if your bank account has enough money to complete the purchase, and if so, updates the account with the purchase information.

Online Payments During The Pandemic

Because of the quarantine brought about by coronavirus or COVID-19, one way to pay bills is by making payments online. Like POS, online payments are generally safe. But, of course, there are still precautionary measures that you should implement to ensure that your online payment transactions will go through smoothly.

Here are the important things that business owners and consumers should keep in mind when it comes to processing online payments:

If youre new to POS systems, you may have a few questions about this unique form of technology. We receive tons of questions about the definition and meaning of POS and its core components. Lets take a look at some of the top questions we receive:

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What Does Debit Dda

DDA implies a direct deposit account. Which is a bank started expense. Each Bank has their particular coding. Ask somebody at your Bank since this could be done in a couple of different ways.

If all else fails, look on your bank statement to decide things were coming in quickly earlier and before this charge more often than not. That will show some clarity.

Debit DDA Check Charge Meaning Chase

DDA generally signifies Direct Debit Authorization. It is also essentially a kind of amount that charges your account balance when you make a buy.

Nearly something contrary to a charge card, which adds to your remarkable equilibrium when you make a buy.

This is a direct debit the opposite of a direct deposit. This is processed through the automated clearing house system, using the bank routing number and your account number.

It could legitimately be used for some payment you have authorized. But it can also be used fraudulently.I am not sure what the check charge means.

I am guessing, perhaps it could be an e-check, or perhaps just some kind of recurring charge you have authorized.

If you dont recognize the amount , contact your bank immediately so they can begin the process to reverse the charge, assuming you did not legitimately authorize it.

Common Types Of Pos Hardware

Positive Pay System: Cheque Fraud Control in India | Banking & Economics

POS hardware allows you to accept payments. If youre getting a new POS system, you should make sure it accepts all forms of payment, including cash, credit cards , and mobile payments. If it makes sense for your business, your POS system should also print receipts, store cash in cash drawers, and scan bar codes.

This list of hardware can give you a place to start as youre evaluating your POS setup options.

  • Register: A register helps you calculate and process a customer transaction.
  • Connected device, such as an iPad or other tablet: A portable device can be a good alternative to a monitor. Tablets can be propped up with a stand, allowing your team to clock in and out.
  • : A card reader lets your customers pay securely by credit card while in-store, whether thats through a contactless payment like Apple Pay, a chip card, or a magnetic stripe card.
  • Cash drawer: Even if you accept contactless payments, you may still need a safe spot to keep your cash. POS software thats connected to a cash drawer can minimize fraud by tracking exactly when the drawer is opened.
  • Receipt printer: A paper receipt shows customers exactly what they purchased, when they purchased it, and how much they paid.
  • Bar code scanner: A bar code scanner reads an items product details so you can ring it up. It can also be a quick way to double-check the price, the stock level, and other details.

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Difference Between Dda From Other Bank Accounts

Demand Deposit Account is different from other bank accounts because they facilitate instant availability of your deposited funds anytime.

If you open a money marketing deposit account, your bank wont allow you to withdraw your funds.

There are essential tips if you need them to go for a demand deposit account:

Demand Deposit Account provides you lo interest rate than any other bank account.

If you are depositing the amount and doubted that I need it in the future, tell them to open a DDA account.

If youre willing to transaction at any time or from anywhere, then dda allows you checks, debit cards, and an online banking app as well to perform your transaction.

Consistency Of The Catalog:

For retailers selling across multiple locations, maintaining consistency of their product catalog can be a challenge. However, POS software maintains a digital catalog of data that is accessible across locations. In other words, you dont have to worry about setting the same product prices across stores, even during sale periods. Instead, the POS will do it for you.

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Understanding The Pos System

The POS system is made up of a combination of software and devices that most merchants used to complete the sales transaction. It also helps them to keep a record of all the transactions made in their store.

Gone are the days where the cashier had to write down all transactions carried out manually. Such an old-school method has been replaced by the efficient automatic systems at checkout registers everywhere you go.

You will find such systems that accept debit cards in grocery stores, restaurants, theatres, and even the local pharmacy. POS systems accept a wide variety of payment methods, which includes:

  • cash
  • Money orders
  • Payment cards, including debit cards as mentioned earlier, etc.
  • Suppose you have made any such transaction, it out by looking at your bank statement. If you had no idea about this earlier, it must have been confusing to find the letters POS in the transaction place suddenly. You must have been wondering how come you have suddenly spent so many amounts on a thing that you cannot even recognize.

    What Is A Point Of Sale

    What Does Pos On My Bank Statement Mean

    Point of sale , a critical piece of a point of purchase, refers to the place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become payable. It can be in a physical store, where POS terminals and systems are used to process card payments or a virtual sales point such as a computer or mobile electronic device.

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    Improved Efficiency With Automated Processes

    Manual processes of capturing payments are inefficient and provide limited options. This results in delay in the payment processing and reconciliation.

    A digital POS system can help in streamlining the operations through end-to-end payment processing and automated daily settlement, reconciliation and reporting, automated reporting.

    This increases the overall efficiency by removing manual errors and reducing the time spent in total payment processing.

    Terminal Integration And Next Steps

    Set up the POS terminal by attaching the card reader to your system using the same internet connection or a different one exclusively for the reader.

    One of the main benefits of switching to a Point Of Sale from a traditional register is better management of inventory.

    Take the time out to update your inventory information in your POS system to get the most out of using it. You can now

    • process orders in your store
    • accept payments for these orders using a variety of different terminals
    • get up-to-date information on your inventory and stock levels
    • see how much you are selling over a period of time
    • plan your purchase orders based on your retail stores needs

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    Fraud In Your Account

    Contact your bank within two days of discovering any suspicious chargesif you wait too long , you may be fully responsible for paying the bill.

    If somebody uses your card without your permission, you generally have the right to get those charges reversed. But you have to act fast. Federal law says that youre not responsible for certain types of fraud and errors in your bank account.

    Using Your Debit Card

    what is pps ( positive pay system )| pps in bank in hindi | full form of pps | meaning of pps cheque

    You can use your debit card to spend money from your checking account without writing a check or withdrawing the money first. While similar to a credit card in appearance, a debit card has several features that make it unique. The first is that you assign a secret four-digit personal identification number, or PIN, to the card when you first get it. When you use your debit card in a POS transaction, you enter the PIN number on a terminal after you insert the card into the reader. The POS system checks your entry against the PIN stored on the card’s chip to validate it. Once validated, the POS uses data on the chip to verify online that your bank account has enough money to complete the purchase, and if so, updates the account with the purchase information. This transaction will appear on your bank statement labeled “POS.” Banks label transactions from other types of payment methods differently.

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    Common Pos Transaction Locations

    If you’ve been using your PIN to complete debit transactions you will probably notice numerous POS transactions when reviewing your credit card and bank statements. Some of the most common places where such transactions are made are at department stores, grocery stores, hair salons, gas stations and restaurants. Most major retailers and grocers accept credit and debit cards at their POS terminals, but smaller, independently-owned establishments may not offer both options.

    Tailored Experience With Integrated Pos

    New-age POS solutions come with an option of integration. The device or solution is integrated with the existing backend systems: ERP, billing and other systems, into one interconnected system.

    Instead of disintegrated processes with different systems running on multiple payment methods, all types of payments are accepted via a single solution and connected at the backend to a single server.

    This is done across all touchpoints, which means a swift checkout process can be achieved while providing a seamless payment experience.

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    Payment Processing Is Just The Beginning

    Choose the right tools to develop your business systems with the help of our Merchant Solutions experts.

    • Manage: Engage customers, manage employees, plus view real-time inventory and order tracking and reporting
    • Grow: Customize your solution to track sales, identify trends, report on customer segments, spending patterns, sales comparison and more
    • Protect: Fully encrypted transactions, software and hardware monitoring with TransArmorSM

    Benefits Of An Integrated Point Of Sale Software

    What Does Pos Mean On My Bank Statement

    An integrated POS like Primaseller offers the following benefits for your business to help it grow:

    • Seamless inventory tracking across one channel, or as many as you like
    • Management of inventory as a single entity across all locations
    • Dynamically tracking and updating inventory based on offline and online sales
    • Simple setup of the cloud-based system on any device you like
    • Options to manage your data and assign employee roles
    • Collection and management of your customers data for better remarketing and checkout experience
    • Integration with QuickBooks Online to export your order receipts directly from all channels
    • A centralized digital product catalog

    An integrated POS solution becomes much more than just a site of the transaction. It almost doubles up as a business assistant. You can read more about Primasellers POS and its features here.

    Looking to open and operate retail stores? Find all the information you need here.

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    What Are Some Examples Of Pos Transactions

    The best example of a real-life POS transaction would be a supermarket. For instance, while youre at a retail chain, you pick up a few goods and proceed to the checkout counter. At the checkout counter, the supermarket staff scans your chosen products and creates a receipt or a bill. Then, whenever you pay for those items with cash or a card, a POS transaction occurs.

    Point of Sales transactions is common in restaurants and diners as well. Imagine after completing your food you pay the bill using your card, digital wallet, or cash. Then, the waiter swipes your card with a swiping machine, and thats when the POS transaction happens.

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