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What Is The Best Bank In Arkansas

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Top Arkansas Banks And Credit Unions

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  • Union Pacific Of Arkansas Credit Union
  • Go Banking Rates goes where your money goes to find the best bank rates locally, nationally and online so you can make your money go farther and earn the best interest rates. Whether youre looking for the best rates in Arkansas, or anywhere in the U.S., we can help. Let us know if your bank is not listed or you find a great Arkansas bank rate.

    For additional information, check out our list of the best Arkansas credit unions.

    Contact the banks directly for the latest details and requirements on accounts and rates.

    Best National Banks Of 2021

    National banks offer the security of a brand name along with the convenience of hundreds — and often thousands — of bank branches, where you can find a real person to help with complicated financial needs like taking out a loan or opening an individual retirement account.

    And, although you will typically still find the highest possible interest rates at online banks or through credit unions, big bank brands have been working hard to improve their online and mobile tools, so, at least when it comes to convenience, you can have the best of both worlds.

    Highest Interest Rate Banks In

    The highest interest rate banks in , , are listed above. These banks vary in interest rates as well as ownership. Each of these banks are likely to have a different interest rate, and slightly different model as to how they make money from both a fee structure and how much of the money you see back in the form of interest. It’s hard to identify what makes one of these banks better than another aside from the interest rate they pay. Banks will have different selling points that make them worth using. When one bank has a problem, another has a solution. This post serves as a way for you to make a more educated decision when it comes to storing your money. Optionality, friendliness, service, as well as benefits are all important aspects when it comes to looking into high interest rate bank solutions. Where some solutions give, others take. Its up to you to decide what is the best place for your money to be stored and ultimately call home.

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    First National Bank Is Excited To Welcome Garrett Lewis To The Team

    First National Bank is excited to welcome Garrett Lewis to the team Garrett Lewis to take new role as Commercial Lending Officer and Community Engagement for First National Bank Fayetteville, AR First National Bank announced Garrett Lewis, as their newest member of the Northwest Arkansas team. Garretts new role as a Commercial Lending Officer will…

    Best For Mobile Banking: Bbva

    Simmons Bank Named A Fastest

    BBVA offers comprehensive mobile banking with its award-winning mobile banking app. Youll find innovative and user-friendly personal, commercial, small business, commercial and wealth products with BBVA.

    As far as personal banking products go, BBVA offers checking and savings accounts, credit cards and lending options. Different products are available nationwide while some are available regionally.

    The set of nationwide products are available to Arkansas customers. This includes 2 checking accounts that you can open with as little as $25. Premium Checking is a tiered interest-earning account. With Online Checking, you can earn cash back when you enable Simple Cash Back.

    BBVA operates branches in several states but hasnt opened any in Arkansas yet. It shouldnt present any obstacles though you can manage your account entirely online or conduct transactions at eligible ATMs.

    Current APY

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    Finding The Best Banks In Arkansas

    The best banks in Arkansas are, in part, the ones that provide the easiest branch access to its customers. In this case, Arkansasians will do better to look at smaller, more regional banks, rather than big bank names. We looked at the number of branches each bank owns in Arkansas as well as each banks account offerings to ensure Arkansas residents can get the best banking experience possible.

    • Best National Bank With Branches in Arkansas
    • 85 locations throughout Arkansas
    • One of the best APYs on the market
    Arvest Bank
    • Runner-up for Best Savings Account Rate
    • Over 100 locations in Arkansas
    Arvest Bank
    • ATM fee refunds up to $25
    Bank of America
    • Locations throughout 36 states

    Best Checking Accounts: Axos Bank

    If youre looking for a new checking account, Axos Bank has a host of customer-focused options. Choose from 5 checking accounts with useful features and attractive perks.

    Essential Checking is a solid no-fee everyday account. All ATM fees are reimbursed with this account.

    The CashBack Checking is a fee-free account as well, but youll also earn 1.00% cash back on all transactions that require a signature.

    Rewards Checking the most popular account from Axos. This is a high-yield account with a tiered structure. You can earn the total interest rate by performing certain actions each month:

    • Get $1,000+ in eligible direct deposits
    • Have 10+ monthly transactions with your Axos Visa Debit Card
    • Have 15+ monthly transactions with your Axos Visa Debit Card

    This is a completely free account. All ATM fees are reimbursed and you wont face overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees.

    Golden Checking is an account that caters to the needs of those aged 55 years or older. This is also an interest earning account and includes free personal checks among other perks. With First Checking, teens aged 13 to 17 can get their first taste of banking while earning interest.

    All Axos checking accounts include mobile deposit capability, bill pay and peer-to-peer payments.

    You cant go wrong with the savings options from Axos either. High Yield Savings and High Yield Money Market are interest-bearing savings accounts. Theres no maintenance fees for these accounts.

    Current APY

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    Is There A Bank Of America In California

    Bank: Branches in California Headquarters: Bank of America: Bank of America Addresses: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States: Wells Fargo Bank: Wells Fargo Bank Addresses: San Francisco, California, United States: Citi Bank: Citi Bank Addresses: New York City, New York, United States: JP Morgan Chase Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank Addresses

    Comerica Small Business Checking

    Arkansas Ozarks Top 5 | Bizarre Foods America | Travel Channel Asia

    Conduct up to 300 transactions per month and deposit up to $5,000 in cash with Comericas Small Business Checking account, which also waives monthly fees when you meet the average monthly balance requirements. Like the companys Basic Business Checking account, youll get the first 12 months of bill-pay service free, then pay $6.95 per month. Credit card and payroll processing are also available.

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    Best For Savings: Cit Bank

    When we researched savings account rates in Arkansas, we found that brick-and-mortar banks offer far lower rates than you can obtain via online-only savings accounts or require high balances to receive decent rates. That’s why we recommend CIT Bank, a nationally available online bank whose Savings Builder account earns up to 0.4% with no monthly fee. Requiring $100.00 to open, and a deposit of $100 a month to maintain this high rate, this account offers the best savings rate across all balances in the United Statesâso long as you’re willing to bank without branch access.

    Choosing an online bank like CIT means that you give up in-person services in exchange for fewer fees and higher interest rates. Another drawback at CIT Bank is the lack of a checking account option, which can be inconvenient if you prefer keeping your accounts together in one bank. On the other hand, Arvest Bank and Bank OZK both offer great savings options that give you solid rates when opened with a checking account. Ultimately, if you prefer banking in person, you can always combine this account with a regular checking account at a local institution.

    Best For Small Business: Centennial Bank

    Centennial Bank is our choice for the best small-business checking account by offering much better terms than any other bank in Arkansas. Not only does Centennial Bank offer a lot of business products and services, but there are many branches available in the cities. If you live in the southern parts of Arkansas, you may wish to look for a local bank or Bank OZK, which also offers decent features and benefits.

    Centennial Bank’s Business Checking account does not have a monthly fee, unless your balance falls below zero. This free account also offers 375 free transactions a month, with each transaction beyond that costing $0.40. This is not only far more than the closest competitor Bank OZK, which offers free business checking and 250 items, but the $0.40 per excess transaction is lower than most banks in Arkansas.

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    What To Consider When Looking For The Best Bank Account

    Its important to find the bank thats the best fit for your company. Youll want to consider the following information.

    Does my small business need a checking or savings account?

    For most small businesses, a business checking account is essential. Opening one will allow you to pay invoices, bills, and employees from your business account receive payments withdraw cash and more. Since youll want to start with opening a business checking account first, the information below is focused on helping you find the best checking account for your small business. But if you have even a small cash reserve, theres value in opening a savings account, too. A savings account can boost your business credit, earn interest, and help you maintain minimum balance requirements.

    Free business checking accounts arent always free.

    Though many banks entice customers with free banking, as always, youll need to read the fine print. While business banking accounts typically have higher fees than personal accounts, some banks offer checking accounts with no monthly fees. However, often account holders are required to keep a minimum daily or monthly balance, or can only make a limited number of transactions to avoid incurring a fee. Free or low-cost accounts do exist just be sure to choose wisely.

    The number of monthly transactions allowed matters.

    Estimate your average account balance.

    Your opening deposit doesnt have to be huge.

    Will you need to go into the physical branch?

    Banking Services For Your Stage In Life

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    Bank Of America Business Fundamentals Checking

    This BofA account is great for the growing small business. Avoid the $13 monthly fee by spending $250 on a business debit or credit card maintaining an average monthly balance of at least $5,000, daily balance of $3,000, or combined average monthly balance of $15,000 or more in your linked Bank of America accounts or by qualifying and enrolling in a rewards program. You can apply online, but note that Bank of America outlets dont exist everywhere branches in the South and Midwest are sparse.

    Pnc Business Checking Plus

    With this PNC business bank account, theres no charge for up to 500 combined transactions per month. With more opportunities to offset monthly account maintenance fee than the companys Business Checking account, Business Checking Plus also offers cash-flow insight and analysis at no charge. You can also earn cash back with PNCs rewards program, and the banks Quick Switch Kit makes it easy to switch banks. Apply online, by phone, or in person.

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    Suntrust Simple Business Checking

    If your business bank account needs are fairly simple and you require few monthly transactions, this SunTrust account could be a good option. The $5 monthly maintenance fee is waived for the first year, after which you can avoid it when you make at least five debit or credit transactions per month or link a SunTrust personal checking account. The account includes 50 transactions and $2,000 in cash processing per month. SunTrust clearly outlines all stipulations and rules on its site, allows you to apply online, and has some great small-business resources online. One potential downside? It has branches in only 12 eastern states.

    Wells Fargo Business Choice Checking

    Project Hope Food Bank – Hot Springs, Arkansas

    Another good option from Wells Fargo, the Business Choice Checking Account is an excellent solution for small businesses with a higher number of monthly transactions, with 200 allowed per month at no charge, along with $7,500 in cash deposits. Avoid the $14 monthly service fee in multiple ways, including keeping a $7,500 average balance or having $10,000 in combined balances across Wells Fargo accounts, and making qualifying transactions from a linked payroll services account. Applying online or in person with a minimum opening deposit is just $25 for this accountthats a terrific value with great flexibility for growing businesses.

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    Best Trout Fishing Rivers In Arkansas

    Theres nothing like wading out in the cold waters of the Little Red River to do a little trout fishing. The calmness of the area and the cool air off the water can bring peace to any restless mind.

    We are blessed with 3 INCREDIBLE trout fishing rivers in Arkansas that are truly breathtaking.

    Whether youre an experienced fishmen or you choose to fish with a guide, Arkansas is sure to impress you. And, dont worry. You can fish from a boat too.

    How Many Banks Are There In The State Of Arkansas

    There are 116 local and national banks serving the financial needs of their customers in the state of Arkansas with 1243 branches in 255 cities and towns. You can click the logo of a bank on right to view the list of all locations of your preferred banking company in Arkansas or choose a city & town from the list below.

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    The Best Savings Accounts At Local Arkansas Banks

    When youre in the market for a new savings account, the first thing that you have to do is decide on the bank that you want to work with.

    Usually, the first step in this process is selecting a few potential banks and looking at the pros and cons of each.

    In general, working with larger national banks offers good, uniform service, regardless of where you are located. Youll always be able to find a branch or an ATM if you work with a national bank.

    Don’t forget the downside:

    This national focus is that larger banks arent able to provide personalized, localized service in the same way that smaller banks can.

    Banks based in Arkansas know the unique needs of Arkansans and are able to provide services that specifically target those needs.

    How We Determined The Best Banks In Arkansas

    Stone Bank Arkansas

    To start, SmartAssets experts sorted through the banks in Arkansas with the largest number of branches. We found the top 15 of these banks, then delved into each banks account offerings. We looked at fee structures, interest rates, student options and more to find the best bank accounts in Arkansas.

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    Citibusiness Streamlined Checking Account

    This basic business checking account is ideal for businesses that make fewer than 250 transactions and less than $5,000 or $10,000 in deposits. Maintain the minimum monthly balance of $5,000 to avoid the monthly fee of $15. You must apply at a physical branch, which only exist in nine states and Washington, D.C.

    Best Bank Accounts for Small Businesses That Are Established

    Are There Any Banks In Little Rock Arkansas

    There are a large number of branches by major cities such as Little Rock and Fayetteville, but smaller cities like Fort Smith and Jonesboro have decent branch presence as well. The only downside is the lack of branches in Southeastern Arkansas, which seems to be covered mostly by local banks and credit unions.

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    First Citizens Bank Basic Business Checking

    Need a checking account with a low opening balance, no minimum balance, and no maintenance fees? Consider First Citizens basic business bank account, which offers free transactions up to 175 items and $5,000 each month. Open an account with just $100 at one of the 500-plus branches across the South, Southwest, and West Coast.

    Woolly Hollow State Park

    Doing a little Bait Fishing on the Arkansas River

    This is a classic state park experience with fishing, boating, and swimming on 40-acre Lake Bennett in Greenbrier about 18 miles north of Conway. Today it offers a launch ramp with canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and fishing boats for rent at the park. Bring your own pole, bait, and tackle. Arkansas State Parks

    Woolly Hollow also offers some of the best tent camping in Arkansas.

    Youll find Woolly Hollow State Park here: 82 Woolly Hollow Road

    You will also love: BEST Bass Fishing Lakes in Central Arkansas

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    Absolute Best Bank Accounts For Small Businesses

    You probably already know that separating your personal and business accounting and finances is a good idea. One of the first steps in getting started is to open a bank account for your small business. When you do, youll have a clear record of bills youve paid, expenses incurred, and income youve received. Recording each of these things is also a good way to establish business credit, which is important if you want to apply for a business credit card or a small-business loan.

    But with thousands of banks across the U.S., how will you know where to start? Read the tips below and then consult our list of best small-business bank accounts. Whats best for your small business will depend on things such as how many monthly transactions you make, your average balances, and the type of customer service youre looking for.

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