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What Is The Best Bank To Bank With In Texas

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Wells Fargo Simple Business Checking

Texas food bank has to ration food to help the hungry

With Well Fargos most basic business bank account, you can make up to 50 transactions per month at no charge and deposit up to $3,000 in cash each month. Although this account has a $10 monthly service fee, you can avoid the cost by maintaining a $500 average balance. With a minimum opening deposit of just $25, this simple business banking solution is excellent for the small business with limited cash-flow activity. With all Wells Fargo business checking accounts, you can apply in person or online, and send your deposit and required documents later.

Best Banks In Texas To Bank With In 2019 Are As Follows

  • Chase Bank – $200 opening bonus on savings account and $150 on checking account
  • Capital One – APY up to $1% on checking and savings account
  • Wells Fargo – Best for savings account
  • Bank of America – Best online application with user friendly interface
  • USAA Federal Savings Bank – Reliable savings account and up to 0.3% APY
  • Comerica Bank – Best for students savings account
  • Compass Bank – Reliable for checking account
  • Texas Capital Bank – For small businesses
  • Frost Bank – For business account
  • Plains Capital Bank – Simple saving account
  • First National Bank Texas – Home Loan
  • Independent Bank – For mortgages
  • Woodforest National Bank – low balances savings account;
  • Legacy Texas Bank – Reward points and other benefits
  • International Bank of Commerce – business account for trading with other countries
  • City Bank – Best for International tourist;
  • Happy State Bank – Best for small business owners;
  • Texas; Bank and Trust Company – Student savings account
  • Community Bank of Texas – Best for commercial purpose
  • Tips To Maximize Savings

    If youre looking to maximize your savings interest rates, bank with an online-only bank. They usually offer the best rates. Although this may be a worrisome act for the tech-averse, data has shown that online banks offer the best rates. This may be as compensation for their lack of physical presence.

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    Comerica Small Business Checking

    Conduct up to 300 transactions per month and deposit up to $5,000 in cash with Comericas Small Business Checking account, which also waives monthly fees when you meet the average monthly balance requirements. Like the companys Basic Business Checking account, youll get the first 12 months of bill-pay service free, then pay $6.95 per month. Credit card and payroll processing are also available.

    Best Savings Account Rate: Cit Bank Savings Builder Account

    Top 19 Biggest Nigerian Banks
    • Low $100 minimum


    • Must make $100 in monthly deposits or maintain a balance of at least $25,000 to earn top APY

    Best For

    • Those who already have a large savings balance or can contribute frequently

    If youre short on money, but want to start saving, the CIT Bank Savings Builder account calls for just a $100 minimum deposit. As long as you can continually contribute at least $100 in monthly deposits to your account, youll hold onto CITs high-end 0.40% savings APY. Accounts with a balance over $25,000 will automatically earn this rate as well. Accounts that fall outside of these guidelines receive a meager 0.28% APY.

    As long as youre comfortable joining forces with a bank that has no branches, CIT is a great choice. This means that every bit of your account management will have to pass through either the banks Apple and Android mobile apps or its online banking website. Youll be able to transfer funds between your CIT accounts, deposit checks remotely and take a look over your digital statements and account histories at any time.

    While the Savings Builder account is CITs premier banking product, it has more than 15 other CDs and savings accounts to pick from. Check them out below:

    • High fee for outgoing wire transfer

    Best For

    • One-stop retail banking customers who enjoy having the option to visit their bank in person

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    Checking Account Interest Rate Requirements

    Before you choose an interest-bearing checking account, pay attention to the requirements you must meet to earn the highest yield. You may need to set up direct deposit, enroll in eStatements and/or make a certain number of debit card purchases each month.

    If you can’t meet the criteria to qualify for one of the best checking account rates, consider opening a high-yield savings account, money market account, or CD instead.

    Finding Other Banks In Texas

    Our analysis gave preference to banks that operate locally in as many parts of Texas as possible, but you may find smaller banks close to you that do an even better job of providing affordability and quality. This is especially true of smaller cities and towns, where larger banks don’t necessarily invest as heavily in marketing and customer service as they do in huge cities like Houston or Dallas. If you’re trying to evaluate the strength of your local options, use the rates and fees of the banks we’ve reviewed to guide your decision.

    If everything seems more or less the same, ask yourself how you typically choose to access your bank. Most consumers prefer to work with banks that they can visit in person, but others find it inconvenient to make a bank run during their workday. Whether you prefer tellers, ATMs or your mobile app, identifying your primary banking channel can help you narrow down the ideal checking or savings account. The fees and features that different places offer in these areas can make the difference between a mediocre experience and a productive, long-term relationship.

    Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authorâs opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

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    How We Determined The Best Banks In Texas

    To find the best banks in Texas, SmartAssets team of personal finance experts rounded up the top 20 banks in the state according to number of bank branches. The banks with the most branches were chosen as the best national and best regional banks, respectively. To determine the best individual accounts, we looked at each banks account offerings including fees, minimums and interest rates.;

    Suntrust Simple Business Checking

    How East Texas Food Bank is getting assistance from Texas National Guard

    If your business bank account needs are fairly simple and you require few monthly transactions, this SunTrust account could be a good option. The $5 monthly maintenance fee is waived for the first year, after which you can avoid it when you make at least five debit or credit transactions per month or link a SunTrust personal checking account. The account includes 50 transactions and $2,000 in cash processing per month. SunTrust clearly outlines all stipulations and rules on its site, allows you to apply online, and has some great small-business resources online. One potential downside? It has branches in only 12 eastern states.

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    Finding The Best Banks In Dallas

    The best banks in Dallas are those that offer residents a convenient and manageable banking experience. This list provides a tailored look at the areas banks, helping Dallas residents get the most out of their banking whether from a wide-reaching national bank or a smaller, local institution. Read on to find which of the best banks in Dallas offer the best interest rates, the lowest fees and minimums and most accessible locations.

    • Best National Bank With Branches in Dallas
    • 200+ Dallas branches
    • 100 branches in the Dallas area
    CIT Bank
    • One of the best APYs on the market
    Capital One
    • Runner-up for Best Savings Account Rate
    • No account fees or minimums
    Frost Bank
    • Best Free Checking Account & Best High Yield Checking Account
    • Competitive interest rates
    • No minimums or fees for students;

    Best National Bank With Branches In Dallas: Chase Bank

    Best For

    • Customers who want the convenience of working with a big bank

    A big advantage of banking with a big, national bank is the convenience of having access to thousands of branches and ATMs all over the world. This is exactly the case with Chase Bank. If youre in the Dallas area, you have 236 branches to choose from, whether youre going to open an account, withdraw money or just ask a question. With this kind of reach, Chase offers customers an accessible banking experience. The bank also offers some of the most thorough online and mobile interfaces for further convenience.;

    When looking for the right bank account, its important you tailor it to yourself and your financial situation. Chase offers a variety of accounts for you to choose from, like two different savings accounts or four checking account options. With this kind of variety, you could mix and match your accounts to unlock relationship benefits, all while keeping your money in the same place. Each different account does have its own minimum deposit requirement and a monthly fee, but, depending on the account, there are ways to have the monthly fee waived.;

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    Is Citibank A Good Bank

    You should consider Citibank if you prefer extensive ATM and branch accessibility, both domestically and abroad. Citibank will also serve you better if you’re looking for a big bank with higher rates. Chase, however, may be a better option for you if branch accessibility and a great mobile app are a priority.

    How Do I Decide What Bank To Use

    Best Banks in Texas 2021

    Choosing the right bank for you depends on what type of bank you need. Once you know youre looking for a retail bank, for example, then youll need to find one that is convenient to you, has the experience to service your specific needs, and has a history of successful money management. Its important to feel confident in the bank youre working with. You should also consider the interest rates on any products youre interested in. If youre looking for a CD, compare CD rates to help you decide which bank to work with.;;

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    Best For Encouraging Saving: Bank Of America Advantage Banking

    ;Bank of America

    Bank of Americas Advantage Banking program is a general checking account that offers a student waiver of the monthly maintenance fee for any student under the age of 24 . Depending on whether you choose the Advantage SafeBalance or Advantage Plus version of the account, there is a minimum deposit of $25 or $100, respectively, to open the account.

    The Advantage SafeBalance account is checkless, but it is also set up so that it cannot overdraft.

    Having an Advantage Banking account also means you get access to BofAs Keep the Change® program, which rounds up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits it in savings. Between this perk, the customizable account alerts for email and text, and the interactive Spending and Budgeting tool that will allow you to track your spending and other financial habits and create a budget, this account is especially beneficial for beginning savers.

    You can also hang onto it after you graduate, or turn 24. However, then you will have to pay the monthly maintenance fees, and these fees are somewhat high: $4.95 per month for SafeBalance and $12 per month for Advantage Plus.

    • Interactive spending and budgeting tools, including roundup and deposit of debit-card purchases spare change

    • Account continues after graduation

    • Required minimum deposit of as much as $100

    • High maintenance fees upon graduating or reaching age 24

    Other important information:

    What Services Does A Bank Offer

    The services a bank offers depends on the type of bank. A bank may offer anything from an account to keep your money secure to a loan to buy a car or a house. If youre looking to invest in financial instruments like stocks, youll need an investment bank. If youre a business owner looking to get a loan or an account for your business, youll need to find a commercial bank.;

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    Bank Of America Business Advantage Checking

    With a Business Advantage Savings account, youll pay no fees for stop payments, incoming wire transfers, or choice of other services. Youll also get QuickBooks integration at no cost and you can open a second Business Advantage Checking account with no additional monthly fee. Though fees are comparatively steep at $29.95 per cycle, you can avoid them in a number of flexible ways, such as spending with a business credit card or maintaining a monthly balance of $15,000. Bank of America also offers merchant and payroll services.

    Which Banks Are All Over The United States

    East Texas Food Bank to help those hit by COVID-19 with emergency food assistance

    Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo easily have the largest U.S. presence of any of the best banks in terms of brick-and-mortar locations.

    These three banks have combined 17,000+ branches and 45,000+ ATMs.

    If you are looking for a bank with brick-and-mortar locations, any of these banks are likely to have them in your area.

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    Best For High School Students: Capital One Money Account

    ;Capital One

    The Capital One MONEY Teen Checking account is an excellent option for students under the age of 18 . There are no monthly fees or minimum balances, and teens also receive a fee-free debit card in their name. With more than 70,000 fee-free Capital One and partner ATMs, teen account-holders can access their cash all over. Best of all, the account offers 0.10% APY on all balances, so high school students can learn the benefits of saving.

    Parents are joint owners on the account and can view transaction information and receive text alerts about the account. They can also link their own bank account to the MONEY account and transfer a recurring allowance or one-time amount.

    While this account is great for teens under 18, accounts don’t have to be closed or rolled over when the account-holder turns 18. However, account-holders do have the option of opening their own Capital One 360 Checking account and transferring some or all of their balance into it. Also, MONEY accounts are paper-free, so there are no checks available.

    • Takes account holders as young as 8

    • Earns interest

    • Account holders can keep their account after they turn 18

    • Overdraft Fee: $0 with Auto-Decline or Free Savings Transfer .
    • ATM Fee: $0
    • more than 70,000 ATMs nationwide

    Ally: Best Bank Overall

    Our pick for the best overall bank is Ally. Ally is an online-only bank with industry-leading checking and savings account options. Due to a combination of good customer service, low fees, and high-interest rates, Ally is a winner.

    Allys online checking account charges almost no fees and is packed with useful features. It even pays interest. For savings, Allys high yield account offers among the best interest rates in the industry.

    Ally customers get access to online banking, mobile check deposits, up to a $10/month refund for other bank ATM fees, quick transfers with Zelle, and 24/7 customer service with access to a human.

    The only downside: like all online banks, you cant deposit cash. If you regularly receive cash or work in a job that involves getting paid in tips, Ally probably isnt the best choice for you. For everyone else, however, Ally offers some compelling accounts with great service.

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    Best Checking Services: Wells Fargo

    With free online budgeting tools, credit improvement options and simplified checking, Wells Fargo is a great choice to cover your banking needs. Free online tools through Wells Fargo are there to help you make better decisions by giving you personalized reports and monthly spending goals to stay in control of your budget. These budgeting tools also help you find informational resources and solutions to plan for your future. Credit improvement options such as a secured loan are offered through Wells Fargo to help you consolidate looming debt and build good credit from the ground up.;

    Aside from helpful resources for building credit and keeping yourself on track with good budgeting habits, Wells Fargo is known for convenient and secure checking services that can be managed in person, online and on your phone. Pay bills, send money to virtually anyone with a U.S. bank account and check your balance using the Wells Fargo mobile app.;

    Your Wells Fargo debit card comes with 0 liability protection, meaning you will be reimbursed for any unauthorized card transactions that you immediately report, for no extra cost to you.;

    Commercial Bank Of Texas

    Prosperity Bank

    A homegrown bank thats been operating in the Lone Star State since 1901, Commercial Bank of Texas offers checking accounts, loans and insurance for small-business owners.

    Commercial Banks free business checking offers generous monthly cash deposits and transaction limits when compared with larger banks. Wells Fargo, for example, allows;only 100 fee-free transactions on its basic business checking account.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    Business checking:

    • Two primary business checking options: Totally Free Business Checking and Business Interest Checking. Each requires a minimum opening deposit of $50.

    • Up to $10,000 in free cash deposits and 1,000 free transactions a month, which is more generous than most brick-and-mortar business checking accounts.

    • Free online banking, bill pay and mobile deposits.

    Additional services:

    • Small-business loans, including SBA and Farm Service Agency loans.

    • Business insurance options, including liability insurance, commercial property insurance and workers compensation insurance.

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    How Do You Open A Student Bank Account

    Opening a student account is similar to opening a regular bank account; it just requires just a little more identificationprimarily, proof of school enrollment. Whether you apply online or in person, expect to provide some or all of this information:

    • Valid student ID with a photo
    • School transcript
    • College acceptance letter

    Also, as with any account, you’ll need a government-issued ID , plus your Social Security number.;

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