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What Is The Best Business Bank Account

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Bankprov The Best Range Of Checking Options With Full Deposit Insurance

Best Bank Account For Small Businesses Online For New Small Business Owners (2021)

Its something we take for grantedwhen you put money into your account, you expect nothing to go wrong. And, in business checking, you never want to deal with the headaches and resolution process if something does go awry with your deposits.

Most business banking accounts are FDIC-insured, but BankProv takes it a step further. BankProv business account holders have their deposits insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 and are Depositors Insurance Fund protected for every penny beyond that.

Thats something not many other online business checking accounts offer. All DIF member banks are FDIC insured, but not necessarily vice versa.

What does that mean for you? Every deposit you make into a BankProv business checking account is fully insured, no matter what.

Youre not looking to cap your business liquid capital at $250,000. Youre in business to make serious money. So, why go with a bank that cant protect you once your account grows beyond a quarter of a million dollars?

And if youre a startup in serious fundraising mode, that makes BankProvs DIF insurance all the more important. You can secure capital to raise your bank account well above $250,000 and not need to worry about the protection of any deposits you make thereafter.

That shows in their personalized service. From your first contact with BankProv representatives, theyll work with you to find the banking solution that both fits your needs and the demands of the market you inhabit.

Whats A Small Business Bank Account

A small business bank account is used to manage your business expenses and to keep them separate from your personal transactions. Some business bank accounts come with higher fees than normal bank accounts, but youll get more services to compensate. Others come with no or low fees for those who want minimal business perks.

You can use a small business bank account to pay bills, purchase new assets, manage your tax receipts or accept payments from customers. You may also be able to take advantage of special features such as business overdraft protection, business lines of credit, premium credit cards, merchant services and priority business services when you visit a branch in person.

Axos Bank The Best Way To Treat Your Employees

Axos Bank offers a suite of great banking solutions for your needs, including business checking, interest checking, business savings, CDs, and CDARs.

At first blush, their accounts dont stand out all that muchthat is, until you look at the offerings after you get an account.

Their Workplace Banking product is one of the standout offerings.

This service allows you to provide banking solutions to all of your employees. Youll be able to provide them Axos no-fee checking accounts with ATM fee reimbursement and low interest rates for home, auto, and personal loans.

Theyll also provide your business with a financial literacy portal that includes nearly 200 tutorials and videos to guide your employees to financial success.

Its a versatile benefit to offer your employees that can work for a lot of different companies. Be it access to no-stress checking accounts, better-than-average access to loan options, or just tools to get better at managing their own money, a benefit like this goes a long way to helping recruit and retain better talent in your organization.

When it comes to their account specifics, here are a few key offerings of their Basic Business Checking account:

  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit
  • Zero minimum monthly balance requirements
  • Unlimited domestic ATM fee reimbursements
  • Up to 200 transactions per month, and $0.30 per item thereafter
  • Up to 60 items per month for Remote Deposit Anywhere

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Best Credit Union For Ecommerce Businesses: America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union is a Utah-based credit union with a number of co-operative banking agreements. These let its members access their accounts through more than 30,000 ATMs in the U.S. They also have a robust business loan program and offer a dedicated business credit card. It has multiple business checking account options and can assist with payroll, business

Unfortunately, like many credit unions, America First only operates in a handful of states. Luckily, If your business is in one of them, then you could do much worse.

Business Bank Accounts Make Things Official

Tips on Opening The Best Business Bank Account  Crescendo ...

There are many reasons to look into a good-quality business bank account to protect your businesss finances. However, wading through the sea of account options can be frustrating and confusing.;

We hope that our breakdown of small business bank account options, as well as why they are essential, was helpful. A business bank account serves to make things official. With plenty of great options, theres no reason to not have one as an owner of a growing small business.

Looking for a stellar way to fund that fancy new business bank account? Fora Financial offers several business funding options to fit any need. Fill out the free quote form below for more information!


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Best For Getting A Safe

Overview: Regions Bank has about 1,400 banks in the South, Midwest and Texas.

Perks: Regions Banks Simple Checking Business account might be an option for business owners looking for a safe-deposit box discount at a bank.

One way to waive the $7 monthly service fee is by making at least $500 in purchases with your Regions Business CheckCard.

You also only need $100 to open this account.

What to watch for: Regions Bank has locations in 16 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Capital One Spark Business Basic Checking

Capital One has over 700;branches;and 39,000+ ATMs country-wide. Their business basic checking account allows for unlimited transactions, as well as a free business debit card and access to a comprehensive online banking program conveniently goes wherever you go.

You can easily setting up text and email alerts for things like daily balances and check deposits.;Speaking of deposits, the high number of free cash deposits makes this core account a stellar choice if you run a business that has or expects a high volume of deposits and monthly transactions.

Account Feature

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Bank Of America Business Fundamentals Checking

This BofA account is great for the growing small business. Avoid the $13 monthly fee by spending $250 on a business debit or credit card; maintaining an average monthly balance of at least $5,000, daily balance of $3,000, or combined average monthly balance of $15,000 or more in your linked Bank of America accounts; or by qualifying and enrolling in a rewards program. You can apply online, but note that Bank of America outlets dont exist everywhere; branches in the South and Midwest are sparse.

Best Sign Up Bonuses: Bank Of America

The Best Bank Account For Amazon Business Owners | ALGO Online Retail

With 4,300 branches and 16,000 ATMs, Bank of America is everywhere. Plus, they offer some of the best introductory offers for new business checking accounts. That being said, you wonât get unlimited free transactionsâas you do with Chaseâand free cash deposits are also limited.

Bank of America


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Pros And Cons Of A Business Bank Account

Keep these pros and cons in mind when shopping around for small business accounts:


  • Keeps business finances separate. Having a business account makes it easier to file taxes and protects your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Offers features designed for business owners. Many banks offer perks such as payroll integration, personal access to a business banker and business lines of credit.
  • Supports multiple users. Many small business accounts let you give employees full or limited access to your account as needed.


  • High fees. More premium accounts can come with fees as high as $125 per month, depending on how many transactions and deposits you want to make.
  • Transaction limits. Lower-fee accounts often come with transaction limits, and youll have to pay a fee every time you go over this limit each month.
  • Cash deposit limits. Some accounts will only allow you to deposit a set amount of money each month before you have to pay a penalty.

What Should Someone Look For In An Online Bank

Tania Brown, CFP:

“With an online bank, absolutely online customer service, because you do not have the advantage of walking inside and talking to a human being. How often are you able to get them? What are their hours?”

Mykail James, CFEI:

“What type of securities do they provide? Do they have two-factor identification? If it’s an online bank, they should definitely have â at the bare minimum â two-factor authentication in how easy it is to change your passwords and things like that, because you want to be a little more hypersensitive about the cyber security for a strictly online bank.”

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Best Business Checking Account Reviews

  • Refund on all U.S. and international ATM fees
  • Free ACH transfers
  • Cash withdrawals with Novo debit card
  • Free incoming wires
  • Remote deposits for checks via mobile app
  • No wire transfers
  • $27 overdraft fee

s Online Business Banking is great for e-commerce businesses as it integrates popular third-party programs such as Shopify, Slack, Stripe, among others. The account also includes discounts and rewards for popular programs like Homebase and Google Ads.

The only way to make cash deposits is to purchase a money order, so this account may not be the best option if your business handles a lot of cash.

If your business requires check payments, you can request them with Novos mobile app and send them directly to the payee at no charge. All deposits at Novo are FDIC-insured through Middlesex Federal Savings.

  • $0 service or transaction fees
  • $0 fees on mobile deposits or bill pay
  • Free incoming domestic wire transfers
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals at MoneyPass ATMs
  • Includes a business credit card
  • Physical branches located only in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Outgoing domestic wires cost $5
  • Outgoing and incoming international wires cost $45

NBKCs Free Business Checking Account is our top small business checking account for owners who want the benefits of fully digital banking but prefer to sign up with a traditional bank offering fee-free accounts nationwide.

The Free Business Checking Account has no transaction fees, minimum balance, opening deposit requirements or overdraft fees.

Tiaa Bank Business Checking

How to Find the Best Business Bank Account

High Monthly Transaction Limit

TIAA Banks business checking account boasts low- or no-cost overdraft protection options and a robust suite of mobile-friendly features.

Its ideal for customers who can make the $1,500 minimum opening deposit and keep enough cash on hand to waive the monthly maintenance fee

A reasonably high monthly transaction limit appeals to businesses with active cash flows.

  • Minimum Deposit and Balance Requirements: The minimum opening deposit is $1,500. Youll avoid the $14.95 monthly maintenance fee if you have a minimum daily balance of $5,000 or more.
  • Yield: None.
  • Rewards and Incentives: None.
  • Overdraft Options: Theres no monthly or per-item fee for TIAA Banks overdraft protection services, which include money market transfers and a credit line. If you enroll in an overdraft protection line of credit, the late payment fee is $25.
  • Possible Fees: $0.25 per item above the 200 monthly transaction limit; $0.50 per item above the 10 monthly online bill payments limit.

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What You Need In A Business Checking Account

Side hustlers and business owners have unique needs for their checking account. They also might not have a job yet , or have other accounts at the bank.

As such, they have unique requirements that we wanted to share, so that you can see how we based our criteria for the best business checking account options.

In order to be one of the best business checking accounts, we put the following criteria in place:

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees: This is a big one. All of the accounts we consider must not charge a monthly maintenance fee or they must waive it in a really easy way.
  • No Or Low Monthly Balance Required: You shouldn’t have to have huge amounts of money to waive fees or qualify for a business checking account. We only look for banks that don’t have a monthly minimum balance requirement or if they do, it’s incredibly low.
  • Transaction Count:;Most business banks charge you based on your number of transactions each month. We want to make sure each account listed has a good amount of transactions available so you don’t get charged.
  • Awesome Online Access: The best business checking accounts will also have awesome online access, a great app or mobile site, and be accessible anywhere.
  • No ATM Fees: Today’s entrepreneurs are on the move. They should be able to access their money for free, where ever they are.

Who Needs A Business Bank Account

If youre registered as a partnership, company or trust in Australia then you need to open a business bank account, and cannot use a personal account. This is to ensure you meet your business tax obligations.

If youre a sole trader or youre doing some freelance or contract work on the side of your regular full-time job, you dont need a business bank account. You might find that in this case, a regular personal bank account works just fine. However, you can choose to open a business bank account if you want to keep your personal finances and your business income separate.

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Northone The Best For Fully Mobile Business Banking

Modern business is 24/7. Youre not going to be at your desk every time something comes up. You cant wait on bankers hours to solve problems that come up.

You need something that gives you control over your finances whenever and wherever you are. Thats exactly what NorthOne is about.

This is business banking for anyone whose work keeps them always on the go, staying connected to the heartbeat of their business through their phone.

Everything can be done through NorthOnes mobile web portal or mobile app. Send ACH or wire payments, deposit checks with your phone camera, create and send invoices with NorthOnes separate free app, and even handle money management by labeling funds with the Envelopes feature.

Small business owners, startups, freelancers, and folks with multiple independent revenue streams will all feel the benefits of NorthOnes totally branch-free banking.

You also get a NorthOne debit Mastercard for purchases and ATM withdrawals. You can freeze lost cards and order new ones through the mobile app, as well.

Pricing for NorthOne business banking is fantastically simple. Its just $10 per month with no extra fees for deposits, purchases, integrations, or ACH payments. The only thing to be aware of is the $15 charge for sending or receiving a domestic wire transfer. Thats itother than that, its a steady $10 each month with no surprises.

Balance And Deposit Requirements

Best Bank Accounts for Small Businesses & Side Hustles 2020

Some banks will charge you a fee if your business checking accounts balance falls below a certain threshold. Its calculated on an average, by day, so as long as youre maintaining a certain level of money in the account you should be fine.

A bank may also require your initial deposit to be a certain amount. If you dont have that on hand, it may disqualify you from opening the account at all.

On the flip side, some banks;will actually reward you for having a high balance, much like they do with a personal checking or savings account . With checking accounts, you may get a higher interest rate or even a reduction of some of these other silly fees by carrying a large balance.

If you dont see anything in the fine print about high-balance bonuses, then;contact a service representative to see if theyre willing to give you a break if you agree to keep your balances above a certain amount.

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How To Choose The Best Business Bank Account

Now that weve explored eight of the best business bank accounts on the market, you might be wondering: How do I choose a business bank account?

First and foremost, as weve mentioned, youll want to decide whether you want a business checking account or a business savings account. As a reminder, if youre looking for an account to manage your finances on a day-to-day basis, youll want to opt for a checking account. On the other hand, if youre trying to put aside extra funds to accumulate interest over timeâand dont need frequent access to those fundsâyoull likely want to consider business savings accounts.

Even after youve made this initial decision, however, youll still have a multitude of options to sort through, as weve seen. Therefore, youll want to consider the following criteria when choosing your business bank account:

  • Monthly service fee
  • Type of bank
  • APY
  • Additional included features such as online and mobile banking, mobile check deposit, invoicing, online payments, accounting software integrations, and more

Chase Business Complete Checking

Unsurprisingly, one of the 10 largest banks in the world also has some of the best offerings for eCommerce businesses. Chase Business Complete is the perfect all-in-one account for a small- to mid-sized business.

In addition to a slew of incentives they offer for opening an account, they’ve also got a pretty robust mobile app. It also comes with all the typical offerings like an extensive ATM network, debit cards, ACH transfers, and mobile depositing. That way you’ll always be able to accept an eCommerce payment.

The only real drawback to the Chase Business Complete Checking account is that it has a monthly fee. This fee of $12 is waived as long as there is $1,500 in the account regularly.

Still, the benefits far outweigh this potential cost. If you come up with profitable eCommerce business ideas regularly, you definitely want an account that you can grow with.

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