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What Is The Biggest Bank In The World

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Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China

Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Total assets $4.32 trillion

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC, is one of the Big Four state-owned commercial banks in China. It provides corporate loans, trade financing and wealth management services for businesses, government agencies and financial institutions. The bank also offers personal banking. It issues loans, credit and debit cards to individuals and offers deposits and personal wealth management.

List Of Top Largest Banks In The World

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China
Postal Savings Bank of China, China
Bank Name Country

While it is not possible yet to provide a list of the biggest banks in the world in 2021, the expected growth rate of bank revenue has been severely affected by the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, the projected annual growth rate for 2021 and 2022 was 6% per year. It remains uncertain what the actual rate for 2021 will be, but the likelihood of stability coming by 2022 should see that rate being achieved.

There is not likely to be any change in the ranking of the top 10 largest banks in the world.

Since there are no global measures for ranking of banks in the world, one accepted measure is to take the accepted list of banks classified as too big to fail. This terminology came into effect after the global banking crisis in 2008, and is now almost universally applied. These banks are labeled by authorities as systemically important financial institutions, due to the degree of influence they hold in global and domestic financial markets.

  • It is not possible to provide comparative figures of the biggest investment banks in the world, since some are privately controlled operations, and others are wholly-owned subsidiaries of other institutions .
  • Of the ranking of the biggest banks in the world, with the top 30 retail banks ranked by market capitalization:

    Pnc Financial Services $45745 Billion

    PNC Bank is known as a top bank in the US because it offers specialized perks and services to customers while developing original products. In 2017 PNC began offering mobile payment options to corporate clients who hold Visa commercial cardsallowing them to leverage popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

    Additionally, in 2019 PNC piloted credit cards with card verification values that periodically refresh, in the hopes of combating fraud. Fraudsters are able to guess three-digit CVV codes relatively easily due to the limited number of permutations but periodically changing CVVs makes stolen data less valuable.

    Most recently, PNC responded to the rise in digital banking by rolling out hybrid branches called solution centershousing self-serve tools such as video teller machines, ATMs, and mobile workstations while in-person staff assist with more complex needs. The hybrid approach is a strong tactic that aligns well with consumer preferences. For example, a 2020 KPMG survey showed that once the pandemic eases, customers would be less likely to visit branches to manage accounts or check balances .

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    China Construction Bank Corp

    As an example of services provided to both corporate and individual customers, China Construction Bank Corp. has a customer base numbering in the hundreds of millions. Large state-owned infrastructure companies are among its most important clients. In addition to the United States, it operates in over 30 other countries and regions around the world.

    Largest Banks In The Us

    10 largest banks in the world as measure by the total assets

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    Putting your money with one of the largest banks generally means youll have more access to in-person services at branches, a large ATM network and a wide array of products and services, which can be convenient if youre looking to do all your banking in one place.

    To find the largest banks in the U.S., we looked at domestic asset sizes of institutions that serve both consumers and small businesses. A banks assets include the amount in customers deposit accounts, as well as loans, mortgages and credit card accounts. Some of these banks have thousands of branches, while others are mostly, or exclusively, online. All of these banks are FDIC insured.

    Based on asset size, here are the top 20 largest banks in the United States.

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    Chase, part of JPMorgan Chase & Co., is the largest bank by asset size in the U.S, including deposits from checking and savings and other accounts, plus loans, mortgages, and more. It has $2.445 trillion in assets, according to the latest information from the Federal Reserve.


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    Bank Of New York Mellon Corp

    When the New York Stock Exchange opened in 1792, the Bank of New York was the first company traded. Today, Bank of New York Mellon is an investment company that serves different corporations and institutions as well as individual investors. Private banking services are available for its wealthy clients.

    Assets: $384.54 billion

    Headquarters: New York

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    For many U.S. consumers, Bank of America – Get Bank of America Corporation Report might be the single most recognizable name on our list. While all of the entries here are depositor and retail institutions, B of A has made a particularly aggressive push for consumer-level business. They have carved out a significant retail presence where other banks have begun focusing more on deregulated investments and business lending.

    Combined with the fact that this is only one of two U.S. banks on our list, this has made B of A one of the largest banks to be a household name.

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    Total Assets: $262 Trillion

    Financial services holding company and multinational investment bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co is the biggest bank in America and the sixth-largest in the world.

    Providing products to its clients in over 100 countries, they are involved with asset management, investment services, wealth management and securities.

    JPMorgan Chase & Co was the result of several large banks merging together in 2000 and is now one of the most expensive companies in the world.

    Headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, JPMorgan Chase & Co is now also one of the largest investment companies in the world.

    For retail and credit card purposes, the bank operates under the name Chase.

    Faqs About The Largest Banks In The Us

    Top 10 Biggest Banks In the World. 2021(New)
    • Whats the No. 1 bank in America?
    • JPMorgan Chase is the top bank in the U.S. in 2022, based on consolidated assets.
  • Whats the difference between a commercial bank and a retail bank?
  • Commercial banks offer a full range of products and services to businesses and corporations, while retail banks offer products and services to individual consumers.
  • Whats the difference between a bank and a credit union?
  • Banks are for-profit corporations, while credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. Credit unions typically have fewer fees and offer lower interest rates on loans and deposits than banks.
  • What are the four major banks in the U.S.?
  • JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank are the top four banks in America in 2022.
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    The 10 Richest Banks In The World

    Wealth is a common theme when it comes to banks. From the US to China, which are the richest banks in the world, accumulating assets worth trillions?

    Despite economic regressions, banks have continued to hold billions, and sometimes trillions, worth of assets. The United States and China are the two leading countries when it comes to bank richness, with China taking the number one position for accumulated assets in the banking industry.

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    Primarily profiting from consumer interest and investment returns, many people are turning away from the traditional banking model, in favor of cryptocurrencies which have fewer liabilities. Though this shift is happening very slowly, the next few decades might show a steady decrease in bank held assets. For the time being, banks continue to reap the benefits of being the most-used and most-trusted choice of many when it comes to investments.

    Hsbc North America Holdings Inc

    HSBC North America Holdings Inc., is the holding company for HSBC Holdings in the U.S.

    HSBC has branches in major U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

    In May 2021, Citizens Financial Group agreed to acquire 80 HSBC branches on the East Coast, including 66 branches in the New York City area, nine in the mid-Atlantic and Washington, D.C., regions and five in South Florida. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.

    HSBC Direct, HSBCs online bank, is also being acquired by Citizens Bank.

    Read Bankrates review of HSBC.

    Assets: $194.76 billion

    Headquarters: New York

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    The Largest Banks In The World

    A banks profitability and liquidity depend on the amount of assets it holds. Assets play a significant role in determining the size of the bank. Assets also show the worth of a bank and include both liquid wealth and property owned by the bank that can be converted to cash. Assets are divided into two types: current assets, and non-current assets. The following is a list of the world’s largest banks in terms of total assets.

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    Top 10 World

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    Capital One Financial Corp

    Capital One is a Fortune 500 company with subsidiaries that include Capital One Bank. In addition to branches on the East Coast and in Texas and Louisiana, bank customers in select cities have access to Capital One Cafes, coffee shops with free Wi-Fi where visitors can open accounts and attend financial workshops. Read Bankrates review of Capital One and its online banking products.

    Assets: $369.05 billion

    Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

    Postal Savings Bank Of China: $373 Billion

    The Postal Savings Bank of China has experienced mass success since its opening in 2007. The bank provides basic services to customers and prioritizes the needs of low-income clients, small businesses, and rural customers.

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    With over 40,000 branches in China alone, the speedy growth of this bank is almost unprecedented. It comes in second place for most branches in China, after the Agricultural Bank of China. With $373 billion of assets, this bank is one of the largest and richest in the world.

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    France Japan And The United Kingdom

    France, Japan, and the United Kingdom each have 5 of the top 50 banks. These countries have all lost ranking due to the growth of Chinese banks and losses during the recent financial crisis. In France, the biggest bank specializes in retail banking. The largest bank in Japan, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, is the second-largest bank holding company in the world. This fact means it controls several banks. It has also invested in a rare earth developing firm in Australia. In the UK, the biggest bank is the HSBC, a multinational banking company. Once the worlds 4th largest bank, it now holds 6th place. The bank provides financial services to small, medium-sized and middle-market companies, global corporate banking, and global private banking with a presence in 71 countries.

    Other countries on the list include Australia , Canada , Germany , Italy , Netherlands , Spain , and Switzerland .

    Bank Of America: $232 Trillion

    Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World

    Bank of America is one of the most well-known banking institutions in the United States. With a total worth of $245 billion, it was originally opened as the Bank of Italy in 1904, in San Francisco.

    The second-largest bank in America, it operates 4,600 retail financial centers worldwide, and close to 20,000 ATM machines. With 46 million clients, Bank of America is the third largest investment bank in the world and the 13th largest company in the world

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    Total Assets: $281 Trillion

    Coming in at number five on our list of the biggest banks in the world is the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

    Being the fifth-biggest bank in the world, it has total assets of $2.81 trillion dollars and is Japans largest bank holding financial group.

    It is one of the main companies of the Mitsubishi Corporation and offers its customer a variety of services including, commercial banking, asset management, trust banking and international finance.

    The bank was created in 2005 after a merger between two of Japans Largest banks, the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ holdings.

    Its currently headquartered in Osaka city and employs over 106,000 people.

    Bank Of America $216 Trillion

    Bank of America has been able to cut costs and appeal to young users by adapting strategies for the digital age. The banks digitized brancheswhich allow customers to access contactless ATMs and connect with call centers via video-conference technologyexperienced half the traffic of nearby branches only five months after launching in 2017.

    Since officially launching in 2017, Erica has surpassed a massive 7 million users per year.

    Bank of Americas digital-only services have also re-defined what the company offers its customers. Its voice-enabled assistant, Erica, provides customers the ability to conduct peer-to-peer payments as well as bill payments. Since officially launching in 2017, Erica has surpassed 15 million users. Digital payments network Zelle allows users to digitally send real-time payments to friends and family. By integrating this feature into its mobile app, Bank of America has opened the door for increased consumer engagement.Among the new financial service products to launch this year, Bank of America released a business-to-consumer payout solution that gives users greater flexibility with payments a new credit card meant for business travellers and a new cash rewards credit card tied to a rewards program.

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    The 10 Largest Banks In The World

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    When it comes to the worlds largest banks by total assets, China dominates the list. Currently ranking as the worlds biggest bank is the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, followed by three other Chinese bank behemoths. Meanwhile, Japan, the U.K and the U.S. round out the top three countries that boast the worlds biggest banks.

    In this article, youll find the worlds biggest banks by total assets, according to the S& P Global Market Intelligence annual report, most recently released in April 2020. Heres how the worlds financial institutions stack up.

    Countries With The Biggest Banks

    The 10 Biggest Banks in the World (2020)

    The largest banks in the world are measured by their total assets and market capitalization. Assets are anything of value and can be tangible or intangible . Market capitalization is the total dollar market value of a companys outstanding shares. This article takes a look at which countries have the most banks from the top 50 based on total assets.

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    What Do Investment Banks Do

    As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our article, investment banks are not the same as commercial banks since they offer a whole range of unique services in addition to basic banking operations, for example:

    • an investment bank can act as a broker it provides intermediary services in trading securities, raw materials, currency and carries out derivative trades
    • it also conducts analytics for all the markets it trades
    • it provides consulting services in the sale and purchase of business and securities
    • it conducts market research and provides underwriting services
    • it provides capital inflow in the financial market for large corporations and government needs.

    An investment bank also allows you to create savings and checking accounts, carry out currency exchange operations, and even gives you an opportunity to establish business credit.

    The numerous functions of an investment bank can be categorized into five main groups:

    • analytical
    • consulting
    • expert
    • organizational dealer .

    Interestingly enough, investment banks have their classification based on their size. And the “size” in this case includes several factors: the average amount of trades made, the number of offices an investment bank has, and the number of employees. Based on this characteristic, there are four types of investment banks: regional boutique banks, elite boutique banks, middle-market banks, and bulge bracket investment banks.

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