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Where Is Regions Bank Located

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Checking Accounts: Lifegreen Checking Account For Students And Lifegreen 62+ Checking Account

Regions DepositSmart ATMs | Regions Bank
Key Features
FDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law.
  • LifeGreen® Checking Account for Students: None
  • LifeGreen® 62+ Checking Account: $8 with online statements or $10 with paper statements, waivable with one of the following
  • Recurring ACH direct deposit per statement cycle of at least $300 single deposit or $1,000 combined deposit
  • Maintain an average monthly balance of at least $1,500

In order to open a LifeGreen® Checking Account for Students, you will need to be aged 25 or younger. It offers a fee-free checking account to help students get more acquainted with checking accounts and responsible money habits.

To the opposite, the LifeGreen® 62+ Checking Account is available to customers aged 62 or older. There is a low monthly fee with this account, although you can waive the fee in a couple of ways including a recurring direct deposit into the account. This can be something like a recurring paycheck or government benefit deposits.

Both accounts still come with the perks of the other checking accounts. This includes a 50% discount on a safe deposit box, better rates on a LifeGreen Savings Account and CDs, discounts on qualifying installment loans and the option to participate in the Relationship Rewards® and Cashback Rewards® programs. Plus, if youre a student or retiree with a Military ID, you can still waive some ATM fees.

Founding And Early Growth

Birmingham was founded on June 1, 1871, by the Elyton Land Company whose investors included cotton planters, bankers and railroad entrepreneurs. It sold lots near the planned crossing of the Alabama & Chattanooga and South & North Alabama railroads including land formerly a part of the Benjamin P. Worthington Plantation. The first business at that crossroads was the trading post and country store operated by Marre & Allen. The site of the railroad crossing was notable for the nearby deposits of iron ore, coal, and the three main raw materials used in making steel.

Birmingham is the only place worldwide where significant amounts of all three minerals can be found in close proximity. From the start the new city was planned as a great center of industry. The founders, organized as the Elyton Land Company, borrowed the name of Birmingham, one of England’s main industrial cities, to advertise that point. The growth of the planned city was impeded by an outbreak of and a crash in 1873. However, it began to develop shortly afterward at an explosive rate.

Birmingham was hit by the . A few buildings in the area were slightly damaged. The earthquake was felt as far as Atlanta and neighboring states.

The wartime demand for steel and the post-war building boom gave Birmingham a rapid return to prosperity. Manufacturing diversified beyond the production of raw materials. Major civic institutions such as schools, parks and museums, were able to expand their scope.

More About Regions Bank Nearby

On July 2, 1970, the 3 banks– Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham, First National Bank of Huntsville, as well as First National Bank of Montgomery– submitted an application with the Federal Reserve Bank to come to be a bank holding company. While each bank had various motivations for the new framework, the capability for more financing, increased purchase potential and work growth in the state were common factors.

From the 1970s through the 1990s, the bank grew rapidly through development, procurements, and intro of brand-new products, solutions, and industries. Adjustments to the Interstate Banking Bill in 1986 allowed bank holding firms to acquire branches outside of the state in which they were hired. This adjustment in regulations caused extraordinary development. Regions, which had $4.4 billion in assets in 1987, expanded to $32.8 billion in possessions as well as 667 places by the end of 1998. A purchase of Memphis-based Union Planters in 2004 was followed by a merging with cross-town competing AmSouth in 2006. The mix of these 2 major banks holding businesses into the new Regions was the last significant spontaneous economic purchase in the United States before the Great Recession started to show indications beginning in 2007.

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What are people saying about banks & credit unions services near Palm Coast, FL 32164?

This is a review for a banks & credit unions business near Palm Coast, FL 32164:

“Let me start by saying I love this bank and give the overall bank 5 stars. However, this review is based on this branch only and a particular employee. One of the tellers named Olga Mikityuk is by far the most unfriendly person I have encountered in all my years banking with regions. Her poor customer service has resulted in not only disruption of my business but myself, as well as some of my employees that bank here, literally try to avoid her to get another teller! Go to a different line!”

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Regions Bank Locations In Memphis, Tennessee

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Map Of Regions Bank Locations In United States

Regions Branch and ATM Locations

Map of Regions Bank branch and ATM locations in United States with addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, and more information.

The information contained on this website is provided by and is not therefore authorized, provided by, or otherwise contributed to by Regions Bank or associated companies. Whilst we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct we make no representations or warranties as to its accuracy.

How Can I Save More Money With A Regions Bank Account

Unfortunately, Regions Bank offers some of the lowest interest rates when it comes to its bank accounts. Even the more preferred savings account, LifeGreen Savings, offers the lowest interest rate.

Some accounts, like Regions CDs and money market accounts, earn at higher interest rates when you pair the account with a Regions checking account. This snags Relationship Pricing rates which usually end up a little higher than standard rates. Youll also benefit further by having higher account balances, since some accounts offer higher rates for larger sums of money.

To earn at the highest rates the bank can offer, youll want to open one of its Promotional CDs. This ensures the most competitive rates since theyre promotional. Otherwise, you can look into the money market accounts or the 18 Month Variable Rate IRA.

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Regions Money Market Ira

Rates based on the banks headquarters zip code, 35203

  • 0.37% APY

This third IRA option from Regions Bank offers a variable rate of interest over a fixed term of 18 months. The rate equals the sum of the most recent discount auction rates of the six-month Treasury Bill and 0.25%.

During the 18-month term, you can make additional deposits as long as they are at least $50. Once the term is over, you can withdraw or transfer your money or leave the account alone for automatic renewal.

Nearest Regions Bank Close To You

Deposit Checks with Mobile Deposit in the Regions App

The closest Regions Bank traces its origins back to the late 19th century as well as three Alabama-based banks – the First National Bank of Huntsville, the First National Bank of Montgomery, and the Exchange Safety Bank of Birmingham.

In late 1970, the three banks integrated with First Alabama Bancshares, Inc. to form the very first multi-bank holding company in the state of Alabama. The brand-new company was based on one suggestion: audio banking concepts, as well as new development opportunities, can be combined to develop a more powerful financial institution for the state. In July 1971, the holding company began operations with 40 places in Birmingham, Huntsville, and also Montgomery.

The company was renamed Regions Financial Corp. in 1994 to much better reflect its expanding presence throughout the South. Its merging with Memphis, Tennessee-based Union Planters Corporation occurred in July 2004, developing a Top 15 U.S. bank. Its merger with AmSouth Bancorporation on November 4, 2006, developed a Southeast-based financial giant position as one of the top banks in the nation.

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Regions Bank Palm Coast Fl 32164

  • 1400 Ocean Shore Blvd

    I used Regions for my new mortgage. We built a house, and Regions happened to be one of the approved lenders my builder. I spoke with Celia Bolen and she took care of me through the

  • 1420 US Hwy 1 S

    Let me start by saying I love this bank and give the overall bank 5 stars. However, this review is based on this branch only and a particular employee. One of the tellers named Olga

  • 130 St Johns Commons Rd

    Terrible customer service. I switched over to regions years ago because my new wife used this bank. Worst decision I’ve made in a long time. Unnecessarily long holds on large

  • 115 Third St


    I changed banks 5 years ago and I have never looked back. Their customer service is amazing.

  • 125 Wekiva Springs Rd

    Wekiva Springs

    This branch has really turned around. We had fraudulent transactions on our bank account and they stepped up and corrected them right away. I’ve been with Regions for over 20 years

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  • Where Can I Find Regions Bank

    You can find Regions Bank online, on its mobile app, over the phone or at a physical branch. The banks branches and account offerings are limited to 15 Southern and Midwestern states, however. These states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. If you do not live in these areas, you will not be able to open an account with the bank.

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    Savings Account: Savings For Minors

    Key Features
    Rates based on the banks headquarters zip code, 35203

    • 0.01% APY

    This account is geared toward customers under the age of 18, allowing you to help a child learn more about money and saving. With online and mobile banking, they can easily set up automatic transfers and watch their money grow, learning good savings habits along the way. Plus in todays technology age, you and your child can bank wherever and whenever with Text Banking and the banks mobile app.

    You will have to visit a bank branch to open a Regions Savings for Minors account.

    Regions Platinum Relationship Money Market Account

    Regions Bank Bonuses: $50, $150, $200 Checking Referral Offers (Many ...
    Key Features
    • Account balances below $4,999.99: 0.01% APY
    • Account balances of $5,000 – $19,999.99: 0.01% APY
    • Account balances of $20,000 – $99,999.99: 0.01% APY
    • Account balances of $100,000 and over: 0.01% APY

    If youre looking for a money market account with more perks and opportunities to earn more, you can check out the Platinum Relationship Money Market Account. Owning a Regions checking account with direct deposit or maintaining a minimum daily balance of at least $2,500 can earn you better interest rates. Linking a checking account can also provide that account with Overdraft Protection.

    Youll still have access to check writing, statements with check images and an even bigger discount for a safe deposit box.

    More notably, this Platinum Relationship Money Market Account earns at higher rates with higher account balances. You stand to earn the most with this account if you have the highest account balance and meet the relationship rate requirements.

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    Regions Bank Account Features

    Regions Bank offers a wide variety of bank accounts from a simple savings account to a Promotional CD with competitive interest rates. Unfortunately, the banks other accounts offer some of the lowest rates out there. If you do open an account with Regions, youll have access to online and mobile Banking as well as over 1,500 branches and just under 2,000 ATMs. The website even has an Insights section to provide customers with tools and tips for money management.

    The bank also offers the opportunity to participate in a couple rewards programs, Relationship Rewards® and the Cashback Rewards® programs, when you have a checking account. These programs allow you to earn cash and points rewards through your everyday spending.

    Urban Planning In Birmingham

    Before the first structure was built in Birmingham, the plan of the city was laid out over a total of 1,160 acres by the directors of the Elyton Land Co. The streets were numbered from west to east, leaving Twentieth Street to form the central spine of downtown, anchored on the north by Capital Park and stretching into the slopes of Red Mountain to the south. A “railroad reservation” was granted through the center of the city, running east to west and zoned solely for industrial uses. As the city grew, bridges and underpasses separated the streets from the railroad bed, lending this central reservation some of the impact of a river . From the start, Birmingham’s streets and avenues were unusually wide at 80 to 100 feet , purportedly to help evacuate unhealthy smoke.

    In the early 20th century professional planners helped lay out many of the new industrial settlements and in the Birmingham District, including Corey which was developed for the . At the same time, a movement to consolidate several neighboring cities gained momentum. Although local referendums indicated mixed feelings about annexation, the Alabama legislature enacted an expansion of Birmingham’s corporate limits that became effective on January 1, 1910.

    The Robert Jemison company developed many residential neighborhoods to the south and west of Birmingham which are still renowned for their aesthetic quality.

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    Best Places To Work And Income

    The Birmingham metropolitan area has consistently been rated as one of America’s best places to work and earn a living based on the area’s competitive salary rates and relatively low living expenses. In 2006, ranked Birmingham second in the nation for building personal net worth, based on local salary rates, living expenses, and unemployment rates.

    A 2006 study by calculated Birmingham’s “combined personal income” at $48.1 billion.

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    Find Other Regions Bank Locations In These Cities

    • Update location information

    Contact Information

    Regions Bank customer service phone number including steps to reach representatives, hours of operation, customer support links and more from

    Corporate Office

    Locate the Regions Bank corporate office headquarters phone number, address and more at

    Scoreboard Ratings

    See detailed Regions Bank customer service rankings,employee comments and much more from our sister site.

    Get Help Online

    Get immediate support for your Regions Bank support questions from

    What Can You Do Online With Regions Bank

    You can open a few different Regions Bank accounts on the banks website. This includes the savings accounts, Regions Money Market account and checking accounts. Youll have to speak with a customer representative to open other accounts, like CDs and IRAs.

    You can still find much of the information youll need to know for these accounts online. However, it can be hard to find certain information like the Standard Pricing rates and fees for CDs.

    Luckily, you do have access to a Regions banker through online chat. Youll just need to provide your name and email to begin chatting and asking your questions.

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    Whats The Process For Opening An Account With Regions Bank

    You cant open every Regions bank account online. You can do so for its savings , Regions Money Market and checking accounts. Once you choose the account you’d like to open, you’ll be brought to the page shown in the image here to fill out your information. The application process should typically take 10 minutes to complete.

    Youll have to visit a branch in person to open a Savings for Minors account. You can visit a branch or call the bank at 1-800-734-4667 to open a CD and/or IRA account.

    No matter how you apply for an account, youll need to provide personal and banking information. Your personal information will include your Social Security number, email address, drivers license, etc. Youll also have to provide some bank account information. This means information fo a checking or savings account or credit or debit card. This is in order to fund your new account. All bank accounts require a minimum deposit of some amount, depending on the account.

    Certificates Of Deposit : Promotional Cd

    Regions Bank built by Keator Construction
    Key Features
    Rates based on the banks headquarters zip code, 35203

    • Standard Pricing Rates: Call the bank to find out the rates in your area.
    • Relationship Pricing rates:
    • 9 Month: 0.20% APY

    A Regions Promotional CD offers just that: promotional rates that are only available for a limited time. Youll have to check with the bank to determine whether the promotional rates are available at the time you want to open an account.

    While its not required, if you also have a Regions checking account you can snag Relationship Pricing rates with your CD. The rates listed on the banks website represent these Relationship Rates. Without the checking account, youll earn Standard Pricing rates. To learn about the Standard Pricing rates in your area, youll need to call or visit the bank to speak with a customer service representative. Youll need to make an in-person appointment at a branch to open a Promotional account anyway.

    Once you have a CD, you can be assured that it is eligible for automatic renewal. This means that if you dont take any action to withdraw or transfer that money, the account will renew for the same term length at the market rate at the time of renewal.

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