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Where Is Usaa Bank Located

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What Is A Usaa Routing Number

USAA SafePilot App Setup for Android

Routing numbers have several names including ABA numbers or bank transit routing numbers. The Federal U.S. Reserve assigns a special nine-digit code to each financial institution, and this code is the routing number.

USAA bank, which is an online-only bank, has just one routing number. Other banks and credit unions might have multiple branches in several states, which means their banks will have more than one routing number. Each unique number will not only indicate which bank youre doing business with but also the banks specific branch location, if applicable.

When you make a request to transfer funds electronically or through paper checks, your bank will use the routing number to know exactly where to send the money.

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Usaa Federal Savings Bank Usaa Federal Savings Bank

USAA Federal Savings Bank, Usaa Federal Savings BankFull Service Brick and Mortar OfficeMain Office of the Bank
All Other Specialization > 1 Billion
Savings associations, state or federal charter, supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision

2 client reviews of USAA Federal Savings Bank scored 3.5 out of 5.

When they are good they are very good when they are bad they are horridOverall Rating

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Usaa Bank Near Me Locator

Are you looking for USAA Bank nearby?

If so you are in the right place!

There’s no need to search for anything here.

Simply click on any of the google map red pins below for the location’s address and direction.

Before you decide to visit the location, it’s best to give them a call to verify if they are indeed still around, just to be sure.

You can look up their contact number on Google Maps by clicking on the “View larger map” link on the red pin you just clicked earlier.

That’s it!

There was a time when getting car insurance was impossible for the military people. The insurance company would not allow them as they thought they are high-risk personnel. This is why a group of Army personnel in 1922 take the facts into their own hands.

They started a company in San Antonio, Texas which was named after United Services Automobile Association . Now it becomes one of the TOP 30 Banks in the USA considering deposits. The closest USAA banks offer a complete range of lending products & credits to more than six-point five million people around the world.

Their main motto is to make the lives of military persons and their families easier by providing high-quality financial products and services. Throughout the next paragraph of this article, we will discuss everything about USAA Bank nearby.

Usaa Bank In Savannah Ga


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They need to update their phone number or remove themselves from this site if they are out of business.

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From Business: Were temporarily adjusting services available at our local branches to help maintain the health and safety of our clients and teammates. This includes providing

From Business: Were temporarily adjusting services available at our local branches to help maintain the health and safety of our clients and teammates. This includes providing

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Usaa Banks Niche Audience Insights Drive A Highly Personalized Mobile App

ArticleSherry Fairchok

The news: USAA Federal Savings Bank, which also offers insurance and caters to military members and their families, has overhauled its mobile app for the first time in 10 years, per American Banker.

USAA piloted the new app during Q4 2021 and began rolling it out gradually that year. The bank plans to make the update available to all members by June.

What does it do? Like the military service personnel it serves, the San Antonio-based bank is primarily mobile it has only five branches within the US.

  • USAA was one of the first banks to offer mobile check deposit and was an early user of app-based intelligent assistants, per American Banker.
  • The bank offers retail deposit and consumer loan products on the same app for about 13 million customers and ranks as the 17th largest US bank, based on deposit assets of $211.7 billion.
  • In our US Mobile Banking Emerging Features Report 2021, USAA ranked at No. 5 overall. It scored best on its security and control features, where it was second place, just behind Chase. But it scored lower on alerts sent to usersin the best-supported category within our rankings, it came in 12th.

What changed?Ameesh Vakharia, chief strategy and brand officer at USAA, told American Banker that the bank is tailoring to an audience of one, adding, The faster we can get to predicting what they need ahead of time is a big area of focus.

The stats:

Usaa Routing Numbers For International Wire Transfers

USAA Savings Bank customers will use the same routing number for checks, ACH transfers such as direct deposits and international wire transfers however, this is not always the case with other banks. Some banks choose to issue one routing number for their paper products checks, for example and another routing number for electronic transactions, such as wire transfers.

Another number often required when sending international wire transfers is a SWIFT Code. USAA does not use a SWIFT Code, but other financial institutions do. Each SWIFT Code is made up of either eight or 11 characters that include a combination of letters and numbers. Always check with the bank or credit union you plan on using to see if they have a SWIFT Code for international wire transfers.

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Usaa Locations Near Me

USAAs a major financial institution in the United States, having been around for over 99 years. They have managed to grow to the point where they have over 21 branches.

They offer credit cards, loans, checking, and savings accounts. Not only that, but this bank offers business banking as well.

These are their most notable services:

  • Mortgages
  • Savings accounts
  • Loans

Whether youre looking to get a credit card or open a checking account, USAAs a trusted banking choice for many.

State And Federal Representation

USAA SafePilot App Setup for iPhone

The operates the Parole Division Region IV headquarters in the San Antonio Metro Parole Complex. San Antonio district parole offices I and III are in the parole complex, while office II is in another location.

The operates the San Antonio District Office in San Antonio.

The operates San Antonio’s main post office. Other post offices are located throughout San Antonio.

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Usaas Customer Service Contact Information

USAAs customer service can help you answer a variety of different questions relating to its bank. Whether you have a general question about your account or are looking for this banks routing number, theyve got you covered.

You can visit their contact page for all their customer service numbers.

USAA Customer Service Number

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What Does Your Usaa Routing Number Mean

To understand the importance of a routing number, you need to break down what each of the nine digits mean. The Federal Reserve uses the first two digits of the routing number to show which of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts the financial institution is located in. For example, the number 05 is associated with Richmond, while the number 11 would be referring to Dallas. The next two digits are used to identify the regional processing center and the banks location. Together, the first four numbers are called the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol.

Digits five through eight are used to identify the specific bank, such as USAA, Chase or TD Bank. The last digit is called the check digit, because it helps prevent fraud and ensures that the entire routing number is valid. Its automatically generated using a mathematical algorithm.

Income Wealth And Poverty

USAA Branch and Office Locations

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Usaa Hours: Weekday Weekend And Holiday Schedule

USAA has been around for almost 100 years and has more than $200 billion in assets. Since its inception, the bank has accumulated 8 branches and 60,000 ATMs available for its customers to use.

They are open most days of the week. On weekdays, Monday through Friday, and on Saturday, USAA opens up at 8 a.m.

Even though on each of the six days, they open up at the same time. On Saturdays, this bank closes early at 1 p.m. before being completely closed on Sundays.

Aside from the weekday and weekend hours, below, you will also find its holiday bank schedule. On top of that, alternative ways to use USAAs banking services are also provided.

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Usaa Near Me: Find Nearby Branch Locations And Atms

USAA was first founded in 1922 and has become one of the largest banks in the United States for military families. They have over 60,000 ATMs and 21 branch locations. Below is a guide to the closest USAA near you.

You will also find information on USAAs hours of operation, customer service, bank fees, ATM withdrawal, and deposit limits.

Usaa Federal Savings Bank Information

Why You Should Get a USAA Account Today! | Best Bank EVER?!

USAA Federal Savings Bank was founded in December 1983 and is based in San Antonio, Texas. The bank operates as a subsidiary of United Services Automobile Association. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation records and based on the institution’s charter type, USAA Federal Savings Bank is classified as a savings associations, state or federal charter, supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision . USAA Federal Savings Bank is a FDIC-insured bank with certificate number of 32188. The assigned Fed RSSD ID of USAA Federal Savings Bank is 619877.

USAA Federal Savings Bank currently operates with 1 branch located in Texas. The bank does not have any offices outside Texas.

Bank routing number is a 9 digit code which is necessary to process Fedwire funds transfers, process direct deposits, bill payments, and other such automated transfers. We currently do not have a routing number for USAA Federal Savings Bank in our database.

The full address of bank headquarters is 10750 Mcdermott Freeway, San Antonio, TX 78288. You can visit the official website of the bank at for more information and online banking service if available. For a list of all USAA Federal Savings Bank branches and detailed branch information like hours of operation, phone number and address please refine your search by selecting a location from the map or list.

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How Usaa Bank Stacks Up

The depth and quality of financial products and services available through USAA Federal Savings Bank are tough to beat. Yet, membership is limited to current military members and veterans and their families, so not everyone can join. If youre looking to maximize your savings through higher interest rates, youll need to consider other options. Most of USAAs rates are comparable to large brick-and-mortar banks.

For qualified individuals and their families, though, USAA offers enough value that it may still be worth using for personal banking and other financial needs. USAA Bank provides extra support for military members when they need it the mostbefore, during and after deployment.

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