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Where To Get Cashier’s Check Without Bank Account

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How Do You Get A Cashiers Check

Where can I get a cashier’s check without a bank account?

To get a cashiers check at a branch, youll just need to:Get your information together. Youll need the exact name of the payee and the amount for the check. See a teller. A teller can supply you with a cashiers check. Pay any applicable check fee. Most banks and credit unions charge a fee for cashiers checks.

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A money order differs from a cashiers check in that:

  • Theres a limit to the amount of each money order. Western Union is typically limited to $500 a money order while the United States Postal Service is usually $1,000. If you need $2,000 in money orders, you have to purchase several and pay a separate fee for each one.
  • The buyer fills out the money order instead of the bank.
  • Money orders are not backed by a bank, and they can take longer to settle.

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Be Careful With A Cashier’s Check

Cashierâs checks can be useful tools to send and receive large sums of money quickly and securely.

They arenât the only option, though, and you need to be on the lookout for possible scams. Certified checks and credit cards are other possibilities.

Credit cards are secure against fraud, and you can use them to build credit as you pay off debt.

Itâs important to know all your options when deciding how to pay for your purchases. Understanding the pros and cons of the various choices could help you save money and is a good first step to improving your personal finances.

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Advantages Of Cashiers Checks

  • Payment is secure. Since the funds are drawn against the banks account and guaranteed by the bank, you dont have to worry about the check being returned for insufficient funds. This can help you avoid insufficient funds, overdraft and returned payment fees.
  • Funds availability may be faster. Banks have funds availability policies that determine when deposits will clear. For instance, it can take some payments up to five business days to clear, or longer for large deposits. Since a cashiers check is guaranteed, there may be a shorter hold period compared to personal check payments, depending on your deposit method.
  • Security is increased. A cashiers check can reduce the potential for check fraud since only the person its issued to can cash it. Cashiers checks also typically feature enhanced security provisions, such as watermarks, to prevent them from being fraudulently duplicated.

Where Can You Go To Cash A Check

Definition of a certified check

Fortunately, there are several other ways to cash a check if you dont have a banking account. Some of these alternatives may come with fees or extra legwork. And some may have restrictions on the dollar amount they will cash. Lets take a closer look at the different ways you can cash a check without a bank account.

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Does Walgreens Cash Cashiers Checks

There is a daily limit of $2500 for payroll checks and checks issued by the government that can be cashed at Walgreens however, this service is not accessible in all states. They also provide services for cashing various types of checks, including personal checks, insurance drafts, money orders, and cashiers checks, among others.

Use A Money Order If You:

  • Youre making a payment of less than $1,000
  • You need to make a payment but dont have a bank account
  • The payee needs immediate access to the money
  • You want an inexpensive way to pay bills or conduct everyday transactions
  • You want a payment instrument that is highly accessible and easy to buy
  • You need a payment instrument that is guaranteed not to bounce

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Online Payment Platforms & Services

Some people may find comfort in an electronic trail to follow the movement of their funds. Online payment platforms, such as PayPal and Venmo, allow you to trace your money when you pay someone.

Usually, these payment services don’t charge hefty fees when you are making payments from a bank account to another bank account.

Does Walgreens Do Cashier Checks

How To Get A Cashier’s Check

Which Types of Checks Are Acceptable to Cash? There is a daily limit of $2500 for payroll checks and checks issued by the government that can be cashed at Walgreens however, this service is not accessible in all states. They also provide services for cashing various types of checks, including personal checks, insurance drafts, money orders, and cashiers checks, among others.

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How Do I Cash A Cashiers Check Without An Account

On the front of every valid cashiers check, you will see the name of the bank that issued the check printed there.There is a possibility that you will be able to cash the check at one of that banks local branches if one of those branches is located in your neighborhood.You should give the bank a call and explain that you do not have an account with them, but that you do have a cashiers check drawn on the bank.Inquire with the bank to see if they would cash it for you.

Can You Cash A Cashiers Check Online

Cashing a cashiers check online allows you to avoid making a trip to the store or the bank since you may complete the transaction without leaving the convenience of your own home. It is always possible to cash a cashiers check online if you have a checking account at a bank that provides the option of making deposits either online or through mobile device.

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Transactions Fee / Deposited Items Fee


Some business checking and savings accounts include a specified number of transactions and deposited items without a fee. Once transactions and deposited items exceed this number, a transactions fee or deposited items fee applies.

For all accounts other than analyzed accounts, the definition of Transactions refers to all checks deposited and all withdrawals or debits posted to your account, including paper and electronic, except debit card purchases and debit card payments.

For analyzed accounts, the definition of Transactions refers to withdrawals or debits posted to your account and checks deposited electronically. Deposits will incur a separate fee. Deposits are processed by a teller, ATM, or mailed to the Bank. Wells Fargo Business Debit or ATM card purchases and payments are not assessed a transaction fee by Wells Fargo and wont be counted as part of the transaction limit on Optimize Business Checking.

For some business accounts fees are $0.50 for each transaction/item over the number of transactions included with the account without a fee. The number of transactions included with the account without a fee varies by account type.

Refer to the Business Account Fee and Information Schedule for Optimize Business Checking and other analyzed account fees.

Additional Information

To learn more about this fee, see your Business Account Fee and Information Schedule and review your monthly statements under the Account transaction fees summary section.

Use A Cashiers Check If:

Voided Check Wells Fargo
  • You need to make a payment of over $1,000 for a major transaction, such as buying a home or car
  • You want maximum security to guard against loss or theft of the money.
  • The payee needs quick access to the money
  • You prefer a payment method you can get from your bank, either online or at a branch
  • You dont mind paying a substantial fee, usually at least $5, for the service
  • You need a payment instrument that is guaranteed not to bounce

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More Information Printed On The Check

The physical features of cashier’s checks are a lot more complex than personal checks — which will only include your name and address.

On a cashier’s check, the name of the issuing bank along with its location and issue date are listed. In addition, the name of the recipient, amount and other tracking information will be on the cashiers check, generally signed by at least one bank representative.

Because cashier’s checks are more secure than personal checks, they will exhibit at least one security feature such as color-shifting ink, watermarks, security thread, and special bond paper.

How Much Does A Cashiers Check Cost

Many banks and credit unions offer cashier’s checks though some differ on terminology, calling them official checks. Ask your financial institution for availability and pricing. Some financial institutions offer reduced fees or no fees for certain account holders. Many sell them only to account holders.

Here’s a list of cashier’s check fees at popular banks.


NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into account multiple data points for each financial product and service.

$10 in person $18 for online orders.

Portfolio by Wells Fargo account holders.

*TD Bank is only available on the East Coast: CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA.

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Are Cashiers Checks Safe

Cashiers checks are very safe because they are issued by a bank and are paid out of bank funds, not customer accounts. The bank fills in the payable to information and only the designated payee can cash the check. Security is a big advantage of using a cashiers check to make a payment.

Cashiers checks also settle faster than personal checks. The funds typically are available the next day. Personal checks can take several days or more to clear.

Security features such as watermarks are added to cashiers checks to prevent or lower the risk of fraud.

If you lose a cashiers check before you send it, dont panic: You can get a replacement, but you will need to get an indemnity bond from an insurance broker for the amount of the lost check. The bond assures the bank that it will not be on the hook for two checks. It can take 30 to 90 days to get your replacement check.

Is There A Limit On Cashiers Check

How to Cash Checks in Venmo Without a Bank Account

Cashiers Checks are Good for Large Purchases

Cashiers checks are typically used for larger purchases. Although the policy may change from bank to bank, generally theres no upper limit for a cashiers check. The payee typically has quicker access to a larger amount of the funds with a cashiers check.

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Do All Banks Cash Checks From Non

Even though it is not required of banks or credit unions to cash checks that are due to non-customers, many banks will cash a check made by an account holder at that bank, even if the check is payable to a person who is not a client at that bank. It is important to keep in mind that the account of the payer must contain sufficient funds to cover the check.

Where Can I Get A Cashier’s Check

There are three main places where you can get a cashierâs check: a bank, a credit union, and online. Most banks and credit unions only issue cashierâs checks to their own customers. Therefore, if you already have a business account with a financial institution, that would be the best place to start when looking for a cashierâs check.

Hereâs the process of getting a cashierâs check at a bank or credit union:

Once you have paid your fee and signed your check accordingly to pay the third-party of whatever it is you are purchasing, you should then ask for a receipt. This will make sure you have proof of purchase, should anything happen with the check. For example, if the third-party were to claim that the check did not go through, it was lost, or any other scenario that may result in you having to pay a second time.

Banks and credit unions may also provide online cashierâs checks, particularly now that most institutions are moving their services online due to COVID-19. In which case, simply log into their website and look for the âOrder Checksâ tab or something similar. The exact navigation and layout of a website varies from bank to bank but youâll generally get a prompt to guide you. Of course, youâll also need to add the necessary information, including payee details, amount payable and notes that you may want to include.

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Cash A Check Without A Bank Account

Its possible to cash a check without a bank account, but its not as convenient and youll pay some fees.

How to cash a check without a bank account, but you have ID:

  • Cash it at the issuing bank
  • Cash a check at a retailer that cashes checks
  • Cash the check at a check-cashing store
  • Deposit at an ATM onto a pre-paid card account or checkless debit card account

All of these options will have fees and may be time-consuming. The fees might be small, but they add up. If youre earning $300 a week and paying $7 to cash your paycheck, thats 2% of your paycheck used just to convert your paycheck to cash. Thats $360 in fees per year!

Save yourself money and time and open a bank checking account. Once you have a checking account, you can probably get direct deposit or you can deposit your check through an ATM.

What Banks Offer Cashiers Checks To Non

How To Get Money From Bank Account Without Card

Cashiers checks are reserved mostly for account holders at financial institutions. Thus, youll find very few banks that offer this service to people without a bank account.

But, you may want to make a sizable payment but dont have an active bank accountno need to stress out. Its possible to buy a cashiers check without an account at some banks. One of the best places to get a cashier without a bank account is at SunTrust bank.

SunTrust has about 1,400 banks in 12 states. You can buy one inside a bank branch and not online.

Just open a new savings account or checking account at a credit union or bank to access financial services. Alternatively, you can buy a money order because it doesnt require you to have a bank account at most places, like Walmart.

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Do Cashiers Checks Clear Immediately

In financial dealings that are time-sensitive, cashiers checks might also be beneficial. The cash are typically available instantly, and in the majority of instances, the following business day. A cashiers check is likely to be the quickest and most secure method available to you if you plan to conduct a significant financial transaction.

How To Cash A Cashiers Check Online

Some banks offer the ability to cash a cashierâs check online with mobile apps and other methods of mobile deposit.

You typically need to endorse the check, just as you would a regular check, then follow the appâs instructions. Youâll be asked to enter the amount of the check and choose the account where you want to deposit it.

After that, you will need to take a picture of both sides of the check â the front, with the routing and account numbers clearly legible, and the back, with your signature. Make sure the pictures are in focus. Banks often limit the amount of money you can deposit via mobile app .

You can also deposit cashierâs checks via online services like PayPal and have the money sent to your bank account or a special debit card.

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Beware Certified And Cashiers Check Fraud

Although certified checks and cashierâs checks offer some additional security to both the check writer and the recipient, they arenât foolproof. According to the Federal Trade Commission, several fraudulent check schemes rely on the fact that it can take banks weeks to detect a fraudulent check.

Fraudsters often provide a certified or cashierâs check for more than a sale price, then ask the seller to send back the difference. But even if a potential buyer is offering you a certified or cashierâs check for the correct amount, itâs always a smart idea to make sure the check is good before completing the transaction.

Can You Cash A Bank Of America Check At Bank Of America Without An Account

How to Deposit Checks with the Mobile Banking App

If a person who does not have an account at the bank attempts to cash a personal check made by someone who does have an account at the bank, the check casher will be charged a fee of $8. The price is equivalent to the $8 charge that is already imposed on non-customers who cash Bank of America business checks and applies to personal checks with a value of $50 or more.

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Can I Deposit A Cashiers Check Into Someone Elses Account

It might be possible to deposit a cashiers check into someone elses account, but the cashiers check needs to be endorsed as a third-party check. Some banks will not accept third-party checks. Its best to contact the check writers bank and the ultimate payees bank directly and find out if they will accept it.

For more information or if you have questions about how to get a cashiers check without a bank account, talk to a Huntington banker orvisit any Huntington branch.

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