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Where’s The Closest Td Bank

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Reasons You Might Want To Close Your Td Account

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Closing your TD bank account might be something that confuses you. Why would someone want to close their bank account? After all, having an account is important and could help in many ways, whether you use it a lot or not. You never know when youll need the bank account.

In reality, there are some situations when closing an account is needed. Believe it or not, but there are multiple good reasons why someone might choose to part ways with their TD bank account.

A common reason for closing a TD bank account is moving to a different state. TD Banks arent available in all states. They have a certain number of locations, particularly on the East Coast of the U.S. If you move to the West Coast, you might want to close your TD account as youll have no use for it there. If you were to use your card at non-TD ATMs, you would also be charged some fees, so whats the point if you could just switch the bank and pay no fees? It makes sense why someone would close their TD bank account in this scenario.

The customer service experience might be another reason why you want to end the relationship with the bank. Although thats not to say that the customer service is always bad, you may have a negative experience resulting from a specific problem. If the customer service doesnt take any steps to help you and behaves in a rude way, you have every right to put an end to your bank account.

How To Bank With Td Bank Outside Of Business Hours

Thanks to technology, social constructs such as time no longer inhibit TD Banks customers. You can still bank after hours using the following:

  • TD Bank Online Banking: TDs online platform lets you access your checking and savings accounts anytime from the comfort of your computer screen. To enroll in online banking, youll need:
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your TD Bank ATM, credit or debit card
  • A valid e-mail address
  • Your TD Bank account number
  • TD Bank Mobile Banking: Like online banking, TDs mobile app offers its customers flexible banking by giving them access to their accounts anytime, anywhere. If you already use online banking, you can log into the app using your existing username and password.
  • 24/7 ATMs: If you need to withdraw some quick cash, TD Bank also offers 24-hour ATMs.
  • TD Phone Banking: You can also access your accounts by calling TDs 1-888 number.
  • Td Bank Customer Service

    TD Banks customer service number is 1 751-9000. Customer service representatives are available any time of the day or week. This includes all weekdays and weekends.

    Whether youre trying to find TD Banks ATM deposit limit, routing number, or just have a general question, their customer service is a good place to find those answers.

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    Things To Do Before Closing Your Td Bank Account

    Before closing your TD bank account, there are several things you should do. Here is a list with these steps:

    Transfer the Balance to Another Account

    You might want to open a new bank account, but in order to do that, you shouldnt wait until the old one is closed. You can open it before giving up on the old one so you can transfer the balance there.

    The balance of the old account needs to be zero before you proceed with the closure.

    Update Auto-Debit and Paycheck Options

    You might wake up one day and see that your Netflix subscription is not paid and youre not allowed to watch your favorite show anymore. If you set up an auto-debit option for Netflix or any other account, you should first update that information and switch to the new account.

    Without updating your information, the services will keep charging you from the old bank account. You will either lose access to these accounts if the bank refuses the transaction, or your account will reopen again, causing you problems.

    What you can do is check your account statements for the past months and see what amounts are being automatically charged every month or year. Then, write them down on a list so you dont forget any, and switch them to your new bank account.

    Also, if you receive your paycheck on this bank account, you should make sure you let your employer know and update your information.

    Clear Negative Balance in Your Account

    Return Your Passbook Account

    Federal State And County Representation

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    Cherry Hill is located in the 1st Congressional District and is part of New Jersey’s 6th state legislative district. Prior to the 2010 Census, Cherry Hill had been part of the , a change made by the that took effect in January 2013, based on the results of the November 2012 general elections.

    For the , the of the is represented in the by ” rel=”nofollow”> D, ) and in the by and .

    is governed by a , whose seven members chosen in partisan elections to three-year terms office on a staggered basis, with either two or three seats coming up for election each year. As of 2018, Camden County’s Freeholders are Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. ” rel=”nofollow”> D, , term as freeholder ends December 31, 2020 term as director ends 2018),Freeholder Deputy Director Edward T. McDonnell ,Susan Shin Angulo ,William F. Moen Jr. ,Jeffrey L. Nash ,Carmen Rodriguez and Jonathan L. Young Sr. .

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    Td Bank Near Me: Find Nearby Branch Locations And Atms

    TD Bank was first founded in 1852 and has become one of the largest banks in the United States. They have over 700 ATMs and 1,100 branch locations. Below is a guide to the closest TD Bank near you.

    You will also find information on TD Banks hours of operation, customer service, bank fees, ATM withdrawal, and deposit limits.

    Td Bank To Close 81 Branches Across Country Including 13 Nj Locations

    TD Bank announced it plans to close 81 branches, including 13 locations in New Jersey.

    In a statement, the Canadian-based bank with U.S. headquarters in Cherry Hill said the branch closures would be effective April 23

    TD Bank cited lower numbers customers and transaction volumes, as well as proximity to other TD Bank branches in determining which location to close, according to the statement.

    We have already begun notifying impacted customers, a spokeswoman said on behalf of TD Bank. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for them.

    According to the statement, the 81 stores being shuttered represents just over 6% of the banks 1,223 branches in the country.

    TD Bank branches closing in New Jersey include:

    • 601 College Drive, Blackwood
    • 1506 Berlin Road, Cherry Hill
    • 351 Midland Avenue, Garfield
    • 571 New York Avenue, Lyndhurst
    • 688 Paramus Road, Paramus
    • 430 N Beverwyck Road, Parsippany
    • 5 State Highway 31, Pennington
    • 536 N Maple Avenue, Ridgewood
    • 129 South Black Horse Pike, Runnemede
    • 10 Mule Road, Toms River
    • 361 Union Boulevard, Totowa
    • 560 North Avenue E, Westfield

    TD Bank did not specify how many layoffs there would be, but confirmed that employees would be affected.

    TD Bank did not immediately respond to whether the COVID-19 pandemic was a factor.

    Thank you for relying on us to provide the journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting with a voluntary subscription.

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    Td Bank Branches Calgary Alberta Near Me



    T2J 7C4

    150 MILLRISE BLVD SW S 6000

    T2Y 5G7


    T2C 5E1


    T2X 0T9

    19489 SETON CRES SE SUITE 720

    T3M 1T4


    T3H 0N5

    3012 17TH AVE S E

    T2A 0P9

    4307 130TH AVE SE STE 20

    T2Z 3V8

    4825 MOUNT ROYAL GATE SW #Z222

    T3E 6K6


    T2Z 0S8

    500 58 AVE S E

    T2H 0P6


    T3H 3P8


    T2H 0L1


    T2J 0N3


    T2X 0E5

    Closing Your Td Bank Account By Mail

    officer, where about is the closest bank?

    You can also write a letter to TD Bank to close your bank account, as follows:

  • When writing the letter, make the subject of the letter read “Request to Close Bank Account.”
  • You can inform the bank how you want to receive the balance in your account.
  • Sign the letter and also notarize the letter so that it becomes valid.
  • If you had a passbook account type, put the passbook and the letter in an envelope.
  • Mail the letter to TD Bank.
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    Td Bank To Close 3 Maine Branches As Part Of 15

    TD Bank, which has one of the largest financial institution footprints in Maine, will soon close three of its 44 branches here as part of a sweeping cutback across 15 states.

    According to a filing with the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the bank will permanently shutter retail banking locations at a Shaws supermarket, 600 Center St., Auburn at 229 Elm St., Biddeford and at a Hannaford supermarket, 35 Elm St., Brunswick.

    In a statement emailed Monday to Mainebiz, a TD Bank spokeswoman confirmed the closures and said they are among 81 being made by April 23 throughout TD Banks Maine-to-Florida territory. That number represents 7% of its 1,223 branches.

    In addition to three branches in Maine, 20 others are closing in New England: six each in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and two in Vermont.

    The bank did not provide information about the number of workers who may be affected by the closures, or how many might be redeployed. TD Bank employs 3,200 people in Maine, and has the largest market share of any bank in the state, 14%. Maine assets are about $5.2 billion, according to the 2021 Mainebiz Book of Lists.

    Like many industries, banking has made big changes in its brick-and-mortar businesses because of the pandemic.

    Some banks, including several in Maine, have found opportunities to expand. But many have closed physical locations as the public health crisis has spurred customers to bank online, a trend that was growing even before that.

    Td Bank Contact Information

    TDs help portal offers a few ways to contact the bank:

    • Phone: TDs general help line is 1-888-751-9000.
    • Facebook messenger: TD recommends as one of its methods of contact.
    • : You can also slide into TDs DMs on Twitter.
    • Social media: TD Bank keeps profiles on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, although these accounts arent explicitly recommended by TD as points of contact.
    • Branch: Some people find face-to-face visits are effective. Be sure to call your branch to double-check its hours or to set up an appointment.

    Information is accurate as of Dec. 24, 2021.

    More From TD Bank

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are some popular services for banks & credit unions?

    Some popular services for banks & credit unions include:

    What are people saying about banks & credit unions services near Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL?

    This is a review for a banks & credit unions business near Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL:

    “The newest TD Bank, is now in Lake Nona! Here, the staff is what makes this great bank a “home”. When you walk in, instead of the stuffy plexi-glass tellers area, what you immediately notice is relationship teller desks with seats to the left and a a welcoming sitting room to the right. For more private interactions, there are privacy offices to the right, just beyond the sitting area. At this bank, there is bilingual staff, therefore, they are able to serve you in the spanish language and portuguese.”

    Td Bank Hours Near Me

    If youve found the closest branch in your city, you will see information like the business hours of each location, and whether the bank is open now or not.

    If youre using a moblie device, visit the locator at and enter your address and you will see a list of the banks near you.

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    What To Do Before Closing Your Td Bank Account

  • Transfer the money in your bank account to another bank or withdraw the money from your account.
  • Clear any negative balance that you may have in your bank account because. the bank will not allow you to close the account while you owe them money.
  • If you have a passbook account type, you need to return it to the bank before closing the account.
  • There are different methods that you can use to close your TD Bank account. They are explained below.

    Closing your TD Bank Account Online

    You will require your TD bank username and password. Follow the steps below to close your account online:

  • Open the official TD Bank website.
  • Log in to your account using your login credentials.
  • When you are logged in, you will find the official TD Bank email address on the website.
  • Write an email to this email address with the subject heading “Request to Close Bank Account.
  • The details that you must include in this email include your full name, your account number, and the reason why you want to close your account.
  • Confirm that you have indicated the correct information in the email.
  • You can now send the email and wait for a response from TD Bank.
  • Find Out What’s Happening In Across Connecticutwith Free Real

    • Winsted, 200 New Hartford Road
    • New Canaan, 272 Elm St.
    • West Haven, 636 Campbell Ave.
    • Woodbridge, 128 Amity Road

    TD Bank said it considered many factors in the closure decision:

    • The number of customers visiting the branches
    • Transaction volumes
    • The locations’ proximity to other TD Bank branches
    • The number of customers who use multiple locations

    The last factor certainly applies to Hartford, where there is also a branch on Trumbull Street. A staffer at the Broad Street branch said there is an April 23 target date for the closures.

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    Closest Td Bank Near Me

    If you are thinking about going to this Closest Td Bank located near you then you can click on the reviews it will take you to their Google My Business listing. While in the listing you will see other valuable information about them like their website, phone number, photos and you can read their reviews to see what others are saying about them before you go and then after you go you can leave them a review of how well they did.

    Quick Facts About Td Banks

    Officer, where abouts is the closest bank?
    Bank Name

    Below we share some frequently asked questions

    What time does TD Bank open today?

    If today is not any federal holiday, then most of the banks open morning at 8:00 AM.

    What time does TD Bank close?

    On regular days TD Bank closes evening at 6:00 PM

    How many Hours do most TD Bank operate?

    On regular days most of the TD Bank branches operate 10 hours a day.

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    Cherry Hill New Jersey

    Township of Cherry Hill
    The , one of the largest in New Jersey, at 72,000 square feet
    You couldn’t pick a better place
    Location of Cherry Hill in Camden County.
    Census Bureau map of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.Interactive map of Cherry Hill, New Jersey
    Cherry HillShow map of Camden County, New JerseyCherry HillShow map of New JerseyCherry HillLocation in the United StatesShow map of the United States
    24.20 sq mi
    Land 24.07 sq mi
    Water 0.12 sq mi 0.51%
    Area rank 114th of 565 in state3rd of 37 in county
    14th of 566 in state2nd of 37 in county
    217th of 566 in state24th of 37 in county

    Cherry Hill is a within , in the of . As of the , the township had a population of 74,553, reflecting an increase of 3,508 from the 71,045 counted in the , which had in turn increased by 1,080 from the 69,965 counted in the . As of 2020, the township was and the largest in Camden County, after having been the state’s 13th most populous municipality in the 2000 Census. Cherry Hill is a suburb of and with the decline of downtown has become an and one of the region’s main commercial centers. Cherry Hill is situated on the , approximately eight miles southeast of .

    Where Is The Closest Td Bank Branch Or Atm

    If you live along the East Coast and youre interested in TD Bank, you probably want to find the Closest TD Bank Branch or ATM. Luckily, TD has 1,300 locations in every state along the East Coast. For those of you who need to find the nearest TD Bank location, Ive put together this guide on How to Find the Closest TD Bank Branch or ATM.

    If youre wondering, How do I open a TD Bank account? you can read my guide to learn about the three ways to open an account.

    Eligibility: TD Bank accounts are only available to residents of CT, DC, DE, FL, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, and VT.

  • Head to the TD Bank Locations page.
  • Type in your zip code or city and state in the search box at the top of the page.
  • OR you can use the map on the right side of the page to search for a TD branch in your state
  • If you used the search bar, you will arrive at a page that shows you the nearest TD Bank locations. The page will have a map on the right side and a list of the nearest locations on the left.
  • You can also narrow down the results with filters.
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