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Which Bank Is Best For Overdraft

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What is an overdraft? | Banking Products | HSBC UK

Overdrafts show up on your .

However, lenders treat overdrafts in different ways when deciding whether to lend to you.

If youre applying for a mortgage, lenders will ask to see your bank statements .

Using an arranged overdraft sparingly shouldnt cause any problems, unless you’ve applied for more finance or demonstrated poor money management in other ways.

However, living in your overdraft from month to month or having missed payments could scupper your chances.

Use Cash For All Purchases

Its not the most convenient thing to go to the bank and withdraw cash whenever you need to spend money.

To get around doing this, take out as much money as you can and leave just enough in to pay your mortgage, car payment, and any monthly bills you have. Leave your debit card and credit card at home, and only take just enough cash with you when you go out.

This way, your budget is a very real one. If you go over, you cant pay for what youre trying to purchase. Its not stressful its practical. Use your phone as a calculator, know your states sales tax, and youll be just fine.

Groceries are what really get people into a bind when using this system. For cash to work when grocery shopping, you need to have a list with every item on it before you go out.

Stick to the list, know how much your bill will be before you even get to the register, and buy nothing else. Over time, you can save buckets of money doing this.

Banks With Cheap Or Free Overdrafts

Banks and building societies changed their overdraft structure to comply with new Financial Conduct Authority rules on overdrafts from April 2020.

Many lenders are charging customers as much as 39.9% AER, but there are still better deals available if you think you’ll need to use an overdraft from time to time.

This table lists the current accounts with the cheapest overdrafts based on a scenario of borrowing £500 for seven days .


Data correct as of August 2022

Which? customer score: our rating for customer satisfaction, based on feedback from real customers. The score is made up of customer’s overall satisfaction with the brand, and how likely they are to recommend that brand to a friend. We surveyed 4,438 members of the general public in September to October 2021. Our full table includes scores and star ratings for all banks.

Some banks offer interest-free ‘buffers’, which means you don’t face any charges if you borrow up to this amount:

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Only Use It Occasionally

Using an overdraft occasionally can help people out of a short-term financial problem. But anyone finding themselves using an overdraft regularly or even every month could be facing a long-term financial problem.

If that is the case, its essential to deal with the problem before it grows and becomes a debt disaster.

Keeping an eye on the account balance will help ensure going overdrawn is avoided.

A good tip is to download a mobile banking app and set up alerts for when the balance starts to get low.

If budgets are too tight to clear the overdraft, it may make sense to switch the borrowing to a cheaper method and have a plan to pay it off as soon as possible.

What Cutting Overdraft Fees Means For You


Some banks that have eliminated overdraft fees now simply decline any transaction that otherwise would have overdrawn your account. If youd rather avoid having a transaction declined, an alternative may be to set up overdraft protection. This service can allow funds to be transferred automatically from your savings account to your checking to keep it from being overdrawn.

If your bank currently charges overdraft fees and you want to avoid them, its easy to find another bank that doesnt charge them, thanks to the growing list of institutions that have eliminated such fees.

Other factors consumers commonly consider when shopping for a new bank include savings account rates and whether a free checking account is offered. Various banks such as Varo Bank and Chime also offer perks like access to your direct deposit up to two days earlier than many traditional banks.

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Understanding Your Overdraft Protection Agreement

Financial institutions require your consent to add overdraft protection to your bank account.

Many financial institutions reserve the right to decide if they will allow a transaction to be completed when you go into overdraft.

Many financial institutions also reserve the right to cancel your overdraft protection without notice if you dont follow the terms of your bank account agreement. For example, if you dont pay off your overdraft balance by the deadline in your agreement.

Each financial institutions overdraft protection may have different terms and conditions. Review the terms and conditions in your bank account agreement carefully.

Ask your financial institution about anything you dont understand.

S To Take To Minimize Overdraft Charges

Reducing overdraft fees is a matter of both which account you choose and how you use it. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Look at both overdraft fees and daily fee capsTake a cue from the methodology of this study. Its important to look at both the size of the overdraft fee and the maximum number of those fees you could be charged on one day. Banks with no overdraft fees are very rare, but they are a great place to start your search.
  • Choose an account that matches up well with how youll use itSome accounts waive various charges if you maintain a certain account balance. Others allow free balance transfers from savings accounts at the same bank to cover overdrafts.

    Also, how often you overdraft your account could affect which account is best for you.

  • Know the timing of automatic transactionsIf you have direct deposit and/or automatic bill-pay set up, your account balance may change without your being aware of it. This could cause you to inadvertently overdraft your account.

    If available, sign up for text notifications of any transactions in your account. At the very least, be aware of the timing of those automatic transactions so you can anticipate when your balance will change.

  • Use online tools for the most up-to-date informationBeing able to view your account online is a big improvement over-relying on monthly statements to check your account balance. If you can, check your balance regularly to avoid accidental overdrafts.
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    Discover Cashback Debit Account

    The Discover Cashback Debit Account does not charge for its overdraft protection that you can opt in to money is taken from your Discover savings account to cover an overdraft. There are no monthly maintenance fees, and account holders don’t need to make a minimum deposit or maintain a minimum balance. With this checking account, you can also get rewards for your spending: Earn 1% cash back on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases each month. Discover’s free ATM network includes 60,000+ Allpoint® and MoneyPass® ATMs.

    Checkless Accounts Cannot Overdraw

    What is an Overdraft? | Bank Overdraft | Comparision of Overdraft With Personal Loan

    Checkless bank accounts are a relatively new phenomenon but they’re catching on at big banks.

    These accounts are usually structured so that any transactions that would push your account into the negative are automatically declined, which means you won’t have to worry about paying any additional overdraft fees.

    Customers who sign up for these accounts are giving up check-writing privileges.

    A checkless account is a good choice if you don’t normally write checks and you’re not keen on the idea of paying the interest that goes along with having an overdraft line of credit.

    There are, however, some drawbacks to keep in mind.

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    Overdraft Has Generated Major Revenue For Banks

    The banks originally created overdraft programs to help consumers cover small, incidental charges that occurred before an account holders next deposit because paper checks could be slow to clear, but the fees had become a major profit center for many depository institutions.

    Today, most overdrafts occur for debit card transactions and electronic payments. More than half of overdrafters surveyed by Pew in 2013 did not recall agreeing in advance to have debit card transactions go through in exchange for paying overdraft penalty fees. In addition, about 3 in 4 overdrafters said they were unaware of their right to have transactions declined free of charge if the account did not have sufficient funds to cover a debit purchase.

    The CFPB estimates that consumers paid $15.5 billion in overdraft and nonsufficient funds fees in 2019 alone. Overdraft penalties and NSF fees had averaged $35 per transaction in recent years, with repeated overdrafts causing some consumers to become unbanked, which means they are no longer served by a bank. High or unpredictable fees were one of the major reasons cited for not having a bank account in a 2019 survey of unbanked households by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

    Eastern Bank Premier Checking



    The Eastern Bank Premier Checking account doesnt charge overdraft fees but does have a $10 monthly maintenance fee unless you maintain a combined balance of $25,000 in related accounts.


    Eastern Bank is based in Boston, MA and has 90 locations. Customer deposits total over $11 billion.

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    What Is The Average Overdraft Fee Now

    According to the latest MoneyRates update on bank fees, as of August of 2020, the average overdraft fee dipped by 19 cents to $32.11.

    Overdraft fees have declined over the past two and a half years since reaching a peak of $32.84. However, they remain very costly, at more than twice the amount of the average monthly maintenance fee.

    The cost of overdrafts is especially high because you can be charged multiple fees in a single day if you have several transactions while your account is overdrawn.

    Link Your Checking And Savings Accounts

    Overdraft Line of Credit

    Linking your checking account to your savings account gives you an easy way to transfer money if you think youre in danger of overdraft. You could also link a checking account to a credit card if your credit card company allows you to do so as a form of overdraft protection. But remember, this could mean paying fees and interest.

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    Other Measures To Improve Overdrafts

    As well as forcing banks to ditch unarranged overdraft fees from April 2020, the FCA has identified and implemented other measures to increase customers’ engagement with their overdraft use and charges.

    Led by the retail banking market investigation of the Competition and Market Authority in 2016, the FCA wants banks to improve understanding and management of overdrafts through:

    • text messages or push notification alerts warning of potential overdraft charges – the CMA announced in May 2020 that five current account providers have refunded £47m in two years for breaching this rule
    • online and in-app tools to assess eligibility for overdrafts without it appearing on credit reports
    • online calculators to show the cost of overdrafts for different patterns of use
    • banning showing overdrafts as ‘available funds’ to ensure that overdrafts are presented clearly as debt.

    Read more in the FCA’s final report into overdrafts and other forms of high-cost credit.

    Which Bank Has The Best Overdraft Limit

    A close-up look at how overdraft fees work, why banks charge them, and which bank has the best overdraft limit.

    Rebecca LakeApril 14, 2021

    In This Article

  • The verdict: Consider switching to a fee-friendly bank account
  • Having a bank account is convenient for spending and paying bills. But, if you get hit with sneaky overdraft fees, it can turn into quite the headache.

    Good news: There are some ways to get around them. Heres a closer look at how overdraft fees work, why banks charge them, and which bank has the best overdraft limit.

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    What Is An Overdraft Fee

    When a transaction drops your checking account balance below zero, a financial institution will choose to either reject the transaction or approve it and provide the funds to cover the transaction. You may be charged fees in either case. The charge for a rejected transaction or check is known as a nonsufficient funds fee, while the charge for an approved transaction is called an overdraft fee. Some providers charge multiple nonsufficient funds or overdraft fees per day if you make many transactions with a negative balance, meaning you could owe hundreds of dollars in penalties.

    You can read our explainer on how to avoid overdraft fees. As a rule, its best to opt out of overdraft coverage for ATM or one-time debit card transactions if you think you will have issues with overdrafts. When you opt out, the negative debit or ATM transaction will be declined and you wont be charged a fee.

    If not paying your overdraft fees has gotten you placed into Chexsystems, you may want to look into opening a second chance checking account. These accounts are designed to help consumers qualify for a new checking account even with marks on their banking record.

    » Need a fresh start? Take a look at second-chance checking accounts across the U.S.

    Bank Of America Advantage Safebalance

    HDFC Bank SalaryPlus âAn instant overdraft on your Salary Account!

    However, your account may fall into a negative balance if:

    • Your card is authorized for one amount but the final amount ends up being higher
    • A scheduled bill payment is deducted from your account but you have insufficient funds
    • When you get charged a fee and your balance is less than the fee

    The Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance account charges a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95, but is waived if you enroll in its Preferred Rewards program or if you are a student under the age of 24.

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    Which Banks Charge $0 Or Low Overdraft Fees

    There are a few checking accounts out there that dont charge overdraft fees. Luckily, the list seems likely to grow even more in the years ahead. Why? A recent FICO survey found that Millennials are two to three times more likely to close all accounts and switch banks completely.

    Their reason?

    It should really come as no surprise expensive fees.

    Millennials will occupy half of the American workforce in the upcoming years, so expect more and more banks to be added to this list in the years ahead. But, until then, here are current banks offering consumer-friendly overdraft services.

    Axos Bank offers no monthly fees, full reimbursement for fees incurred while using any ATM in the US, and some pretty competitive cash back rewards.

    As you might have guessed, Axos has zero overdraft fees for people who spend more than what is in their checking account. There are two ways for users to accomplish this. Option one involves not signing up for any protection and letting your card simply be declined.

    The second option is to sign up for a line of credit with them. The APR is not great a somewhat high 18% and interest begins to accrue the day of the transaction.

    If you are looking for a checking account with no fees, Axos Bank is a strong choice.

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    What’s The Best Bank Account For An Overdraft

    Like other loans, your provider will likely charge interest in return for lending you money. The interest will be charged as a percentage of the money you borrow.

    This means that the best bank account for an overdraft will potentially be the one with the lowest interest rates, though this depends on your own financial situation and the overdraft’s other terms. 0% interest rates are very hard to find unless you’re a student, but you may be able to look around for interest rates lower than the top rate of 40%.

    You can work out how much interest youll pay from an account’s APR or EAR . APR includes all charges, whereas EAR only includes interest payments. The higher the rate, the more interest youll pay.

    Previously, if you went into your overdraft unarranged or didnt repay within sufficient time, youd be liable to significant bank charges. However, as of April 2020, the FCA prevents banks from charging fees for unarranged overdrafts or late payments. And banks can no longer charge different interest rates for arranged and unarranged overdrafts.

    To make up for lost revenue, most banks have since increased their overdraft interest rates to around 39.9%. Santander, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC all have a 39.9% overdraft interest rate as of October 2021. This is double the rate of most credit cards.

    If youre a student, you may be able to access a 0% overdraft. This means you won’t pay any interest on the money you borrow .

    How To Check What Overdraft Protection You Have

    What is Overdraft Facility in Banks?

    You can check directly with your bank about whether youve set up overdraft protection on your account, by giving them a quick call.

    Be sure to get your bank to run through the details of your overdraft protection, including the associated overdraft and NSF fees, so you can see if its suitable for your needs.

    *The above facts and figures are correct at the time of publishing.

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