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Which Us Bank Can Open Account For Non Us Resident

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How Do I Set Up A Us Paypal Account

How to Open A US Bank Account as a Tourist or Non-Resident (Without SSN) – December 2019

To create a Business PayPal account, you’ll need:

  • An LLC
  • An EIN Number
  • A Social Security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

To read more in full about how to open a US PayPal Account as well as learn more about their exact requirements check out:

Do I Have To Pay A Professional Cpa To File Any Needed Forms

No you are not required to do so. But folks sometimes find these forms confusing, or stressful to fill out so working with a professional is always an option to remove some stress here. To read about this in more detail + see an option for professional help check out this guide here:

Caprock Federal Credit Union

  • Hispanic American-owned credit union
  • 2 branches in Texas
  • To become a member, you or a family member need to live in Borden County, Dawson County, Lynn County, Gaines County, or Garza County
  • Tiered interest rate: Earn 0.02% APY if you maintain up to $4,999.99 in your account Earn up to 0.05% APY if you maintain $5,000 to $9,999.99 in your account Earn 0.06% APY if you maintain $10,000 to $24,999.99 in your account Earn 0.07% APY if you maintain $25,000 to $49,999.99 in your account Earn 0.08% APY if you maintain $50,000 to $99,999.99 in your account Earn 0.09% APy for $100,000 or more in your account
  • Interest compounded and deposited monthly
  • Federally insured by the NCUA

Branch and ATM locations: 2 branches in Texas

Alternative identification forms you can use: As a Juntos Avanzamos designated credit union, you can use a permanent resident card, foreign passport, or Matricula Consular as a photo ID. Plus, you’ll need to provide an ITIN number and proof of address.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Us Bank Account

Lets start with the pros

With the US dollar being the worlds banking currency, and the land of the free being a credible country worldwide, it brings a lot of international leverage. Since there is a high degree of trust for transfers coming from US accounts, US banking is very smooth and efficient and will not receive the same amount of scrutiny as bank accounts from some countries.

In addition, the US does not provide any info to other countries about their taxpayers, meaning you can enjoy a great deal of privacy with a US bank account. The funny thing is, the US expects other countries to share this information regarding US taxpayers abroad – thats the kind of negotiation power the US dollar has.

On the other hand

Remember 2008? Their higher risk tolerance is what makes the US a convenient place to bank, yet it also means the US has the highest rate of bank failures in the developed world. Its just something to bear in mind if you are thinking of putting all your life savings in a US bank account.

On top of that, it is very US dollar-centric and the fees for foreign transactions can sometimes be rather exorbitant if you are not careful. If you are going to be dealing with different currencies often, it is best to try out the fintech options instead

Payoneer Us Bank Account

Open a US Bank Account as a Non

You can open a US bank account online as a non resident using Payoneer. You can use the account to receive payments from your clients and to pay suppliers. You can apply for a Payoneer account online and your account will be account in a few minutes. Payoneer is supported in over 200 countries and supports many currencies.

Payoneer allows you to open a US bank account with local receiving numbers that function just like bank account numbers. You can get a local receiving account from Payoneer in the US, EU, UK, Japan and Mexico. You can get paid while in these countries like a local. You can withdraw funds from your Payoneer account through your local bank.

The following are benefits of having a Payoneer account:

  • Easy to set up the account
  • Receive and send money from around the world
  • No hidden fees
  • Also read:Payoneer Virtual Bank Account

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What You Need To Open A Bank Account As A Non

If you are a non-U.S. citizen who wants to open a bank account, financial institutions require you to present one or more of the following forms of identification:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • A passport number or an alien identification card number
  • A government-issued ID issued by a foreign country

In addition, both non-U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens need to present the following information to open a bank account:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Proof of your physical address, such as a lease or utility bill

U.S. law requires financial institutions to know who their customers are and trace each of their transactions. That means banks and credit unions must verify the identity of a customer when they open a new deposit account, such as a checking account, a savings account or a certificate of deposit .

In addition to the materials above, U.S. citizens need to present their Social Security number to open a bank account.

Why do non-U.S. citizens need extra information to open a bank account?

Not all non-U.S. citizens have Social Security numbers. That makes verifying the identity of a non-U.S. citizen challenging, and thats why banks and credit unions need a foreign nationals passport number or some other government identification document to verify their identity.

Understanding Your Us Bank Account As A Non

The most common US bank accounts are checking and savings accounts, and youre likely to open one of these as your first bank account in the US as a foreign national.

Checking accounts work like current personal accounts in other countries and provide services like:

  • Debit card for ATM withdrawals and merchant purchases
  • Online banking
  • Direct deposits from your employer
  • Ability to send money with ACH transfers and wires
  • Bill-pay and recurring payments

Savings accounts are designed for saving money as opposed to day-to-day transactions. They allow you to put some cash away for later, earning interest on your savings. However, savings account usually have limitations such as how often or how much you can withdraw at any one time.

Checking Account vs. Savings Account

Checking Account
Earn interest on your savings
Able to make direct payments with checks, debit cards, and account informationAble to make direct payments with your account information, subject to your withdrawal limits

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Frequent Account Opening Denials

US banks are not afraid to deny an application. Especially non-residents. If information is missing, your identity cant be verified, or if something is submitted incorrectly, you may be denied. And, banks wont even take a second look at your application. For this reason, its important to be prepared with the right documents, ensure youre providing the proper information and nothing is missing the first time.

How To Open Bank Account In Us As Foreigner

How To open a US bank account as Non-US Resident without a SSN | Ben Analyst

Now, we strongly recommend contacting a branch from your bank of preference before flying into the US.

Let them know youre a foreign entrepreneur.

Im coming to the States to open a bank account, a business bank account. What do I specifically require?

Although all banks should unify in their requirements to open up an account, different branches of the same bank, believe it or not, sometimes will require different things.

It shouldnt be that way

But weve come to find over the years that its true.

So it would save yourself some trouble contacting the bank beforehand to get a list of the documents they want.

That way you may come prepared.

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How To Open A Bank Account Without A Social Security Number

Resident aliens with a Social Security number can usually finish the bank account application process online just like any other American citizen, because they are considered U.S. residents for tax purposes.

For example, at Bank of America, resident aliens can open an account at a BofA branch by presenting a Permanent Resident Card, INS Employment Card, Non-immigrant Visa, Border Crossing Card or a foreign passport, along with an additional form of identification. According to Don Vecchiarello, Jr., BofAs senior vice president and communications manager for consumer products and small business, the options for the required secondary ID include a major credit card or retailer card, student ID, employment work badge or foreign drivers license.

However, nonresident aliens wont be able to do that. Typically, an error message would likely tell the person to visit a local branch or call for assistance. For this reason, it may be better for nonresident aliens to stick to banks that have physical locations. Large banks are less likely to have roadblocks for noncitizens than smaller local banks, said Ken Tumin, founder and editor of

If you are a nonresident alien, you will most likely have to visit a bank branch to get a checking or savings account with the assistance of a bank clerk. Some banks may ask for immigration documents in lieu of other identification, but it can still be tricky.

Opening A Us Llc Bank Account Online

In most cases, youll need to actually visit the US bank in person to open your LLC account. You may be able to start your application online, but youll have to present yourself at a US branch of the bank to hand in your documents. For people not already living in the US, this means a special trip – just for an appointment at the bank.

However, there are some US banks that will let foreigners open an LLC account online. For example, Mercury, a relatively new company which offers bank accounts just for startups, lets you open an account online without having to visit in person².

Theres another potential option too. If you already have a personal bank account with a US bank, it may be possible to open a new LLC account remotely as an existing customer.

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What Is The Best State To Form My Llc In

The best state to form your limited liability company in is nearly always your home state. This is because your company is doing business primarily in that state, whether it is a physical business or an online business.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • You are a non-US resident
  • Or if you have a real estate LLC essentially the “home state rule” doesn’t apply here)

Some people may also want anonymity in which case Delaware, which does not require owners to list their names, and Wyoming, which allows a “nominee” to list their name as the owner, are what we recommend.

Here is a full blog post which dives in to this topic in much more detail:

What Is The Process For Opening A Us Business Bank Account

How To Open a US Bank Account as a Non Resident? Setting up US Bank ...

First off, you should discuss your needs with a range of banks to get a better understanding of their services and fees. After youve selected a bank, you can start the process of opening the account by going online or heading into a local branch. The specifics differ from bank to bank, but new customers are normally asked to come to the bank for an in-person visit and hand in their paperwork. Generally speaking, U.S. business bank account requirements mean that youll need to provide the following documents before the account can be opened:

  • Articles of incorporation/organisation

  • EIN confirmation letter

  • Proof of personal address for the director

  • Proof of business address

Its also worth remembering that many banks will require a minimum deposit to open the account. Before you visit the bank to hand in your documents, you should check exactly what documents are required, as well as the minimum deposit amount.

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What Documents Will I Need

The requirements can vary from bank to bank, but generally youll need the following documents to open a US LLC bank account as a non-resident¹:

  • LLC approval documents, such as your Certificate and Articles of Organization
  • Your EIN verification or confirmation letter from the IRS
  • Two forms of identification, such as your UK passport and UK driving licence
  • Your LLC Operating Agreement
  • Proof of address for your LLC – such as a lease agreement or utility bill
  • A US phone number for your LLC .

At this point, a quick note on the Employer Identification Number . As a non resident, you may struggle to get an EIN without first having a Social Security Number .

If this is the case but you still need a business bank account, youll need to get in touch with your shortlist of banks to see if they will accept applications from foreigners without either an SSN or EIN.

How Can A Non

Foreign Nationals who are US Residents and have a valid SSN can usually finish the bank account application process online with most major U.S. Banks, just like any other American citizen.

This is because they are considered US residents for tax purposes. Therefore, resident foreign nationals might not need financial institutions focused on immigrants or US Newcomers however, you might still find it beneficial to work with financial institutions specializing in international customers financial needs.

As a resident foreign national, you might need the following documents to open your bank account:

  • SSN or ITIN
  • Passport
  • Proof of your physical address, such as a lease or utility bill

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What Are The Documents Required To Open A Bank Account In Poland

2022 – How To Open A US Bank Account & US LLC For A Non Resident (Without SSN)

You will need the following documents when creating a Poland bank account:

  • A passport or national identity card may also be accepted as a form of identification.
  • If you dont have a rental agreement or residence card, you can use a service document as proof of address.
  • Employment history and pay stubs are required for credit cards or overdraft accounts.

Its best to research with banks what their individual requirements are. Some have foreigner-friendly policies and only require proof of identity, and a passport, and may also require proof of residence in the country where you live.

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How To Open Us Bank Accounts For Non

If you are a Foreign National who will be moving to the US on a temporary work visa such as H1B or L1 visa, will be studying in a university as an international student, or a US non-resident who plans to open a US bank account without living here , this blog is just for you!

Many US Newcomers are unaware that some US banks and credit unions allow Non-Citizens to open US bank accounts without Social Security Number or remotely before arriving in the US.

After reading this article, you will know how to open a US Bank account as a non-citizen US resident or a non-resident even without a Social Security Number or physically setting up your foot in America. You will also understand how bank accounts work in the US and some key things to keep in mind for day-to-day banking in the US.

Can Us Bank Accounts For Non

Although most US banks require you to show up in person for account opening, there are certain banks that will accept non-residents remotely.

Of course, if youre planning on physically traveling to the US and visiting the bank in person, the number of US banking options available to you will increase.

That said, a visit to the US is not required.

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Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account

  • Monthly fee: $0
  • Debit card foreign transaction fee: none
  • FDIC insured: yes

This checking account is a fine choice for those who travel often. You wont be charged any ATM fees, even if youre in a country outside the U.S. Plus, youll be reimbursed for all out-of-network ATM fees.

The downside is that you cant deposit cash, since Charles Schwab is primarily an investment brokerage. That means you can set up electronic money transfers, direct deposits, and checks via mail. In other words, this account is better suited as a secondary account.

To apply, youll need to show up in person to fill out an application form. You also must open a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, but theres no requirement saying you need to fund it.

Open Personal Account Online

How to Open a US Bank Account as a Non

As of the last update of this article there are no retail banks that will remotely open personal bank accounts in the US for non-residents without a SSN. The reason are the enhanced know-your-customer requirements demanded by the US patriot act.

There are three solutions:

Zenus Bank

Zenus Bank is marketing itself to be the first US bank for global citizens. They want to make it possible to open a multi-currency account remotely. The project has been going on for a while however and the launch date has been postponed multiple times. They are now targeting a date in early 2021.


Transferwise will give you US banking details if you register as a resident of one of the following countries:

  • All EEA countries
  • American Samoa
  • Jersey
  • Åland Islands

You will receive personal US banking details, the account is held at Community Federal Savings Bank in New York.


Payoneer will also provide you with US banking details, and even a physical debit card. At least a share of their accounts are placed at First Century Bank, and directly in the name of the Payoneer account holder.

There is one significant limitation however:

Payments must be made from registered businesses only payments from personal accounts or from company accounts you own will be declined.

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